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PlaceMarker Organ Donor...The Unwilling Kind
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10-27-2021, 11:54 PM

The scene opens up to the near bankrupt town of Morbidonia. Morbid Angel is see sitting on top of Peck Mountain where his primary residence is at this current moment in time.
The year is 2017 and he just got done working out. His finances were failing, and he needed to come up with a new plan to retain what he owns.
Morbidonia was his life’s work ever since he bought the rundown town on eBay back in early 2000.
He pulls out a shot glass filled with his glorious Godshot juice and slams it down like it was nothing more than water. And for those who know what Godshots are know it was not something that can be bought from a store but made with the human hands.

“What the fuck can I do? Everything is going to shit…” Morbid said out loud as he wiped a little spermatic ejaculate from his upper lip.

The problem with running out of money is losing everything and this was the moment when Morbid’s lavish lifestyle was catching up to him in the biggest way.

His cellphone starts to vibrate in his pocket as he sat there. “Who the fuck is calling” he thought to himself.
He jams his hand into his pocket and jerks out his phone and looks at it…fucking scam likely. He slams his pointer finger down on the answer button.

“FUCK!” he yells into the phone.

“Sorry to disturb you sir but are you an organ donor?”

He pauses and his angry face slowly turns into one of great wonder as an idea poured over him like warm urine.
He quickly hangs up the phone and looks off at the wall while his mind turns and concocts this new plan that could save his town.

“I am going to harvest organs!” he said aloud with a large smile on his face.

Being a mortician and having a medical background was in his favor. It would be easy for him to actually harvest the organs and sell them to the highest bidder.

He just needed some fresh meat that he could take them from.

But whom would he choose?

He opens up his contact list on his phone. He figured it would be easiest to lure someone here that he already knew versus getting someone he didn’t know to come into this fucked up little shithole of a town.

He stops scrolling for a moment and looks at his phone like he was in a trance.

“Gator!” he grumbled.

Gator had been Morbid Angel’s archrival for years
Gator, the man that defeated Morbid Angel half a dozen times…He shall be the first to die!

The scene fades to Black!

The scene opens to Morbid standing outside of his mansion awaiting Gator to arrive. He had explained on the phone that he wanted to have a truce of sorts so he can get on with his life. He knew Gator would come for this truce. The two of them were forever locked in some form of battle that will go on until the end of time…not a physical fight but more of a mental one with a spattering of real violence.

In the distance you can hear a car…there is only one reason that a car will be coming down the street in this motherfucking town and that’s to come to the Morbid Mansion on the fucking mountain…because Morbid Angel is a fucking villain!
The car pulls in and the one and only Gator gets out of the vehicle. Morbid starts to approach Gator with his arms outstretched like he wanted to hug. Gator was kind of hesitant of such an act. After all this is Morbid Angel, and you never know where he’s been…or what he was drinking.
But one cannot simply resist Morbid Angel and all his buffness and Morbid force-hugs Gator with a firm squeeze. Gator grunts as Morbid clings to the hug before releasing and giving his mask a good long sniff.

“OK, that wasn’t weird at all…Let’s never do that again.” Gator said causing Morbid Angel’s tone to change.
He quickly heads to the house and gator curiously follows.

Morbid knew he had to get him inside before he could attack and get what he wanted. He wanted them sweet, sweet organs.

Morbid opens the large door to his mansion and walks in and Gator follows with his fists clenched and ready for some fuckery.
The second Gator enters the house Morbid goes on the attack!
He grabs Gator and slams him into the wall then quickly lifts him up and tried to throw him headfirst onto the floor, but gator was on top of shit and latched on as Morbid flailed around trying to regain control of the situation. Morbid started slamming himself into the walls causing more damage to himself than to Gator.
Gator grabbed his hair and straddled his neck and treated it like some fucked up bull ride as Morbid couldn’t reach him with his massive arms trying frantically to grab him to crush the smaller Gator.
After a while Morbid Angel got tired and fell to his knees gasping for air and Gator stepped off and walked over to the bar that was in the parlor room adjacent to the foyer they were fighting in.

“Nice try Morbid, you can never beat me!” Gator said with a smile as he pulled out a bottle from the bar. It was an older bottle, hard to see through and for sure well aged. He pours two shots, one for himself and one for Morbid.

Morbid hobbles over to Gator and grabs a McDonalds bag off the bar and pulls out a double cheeseburger and rips into it like a savage.

“Drink with me, Morbid. This is our truce.”

“Before you do, just know that I don’t give a fuck” Morbid Angel said in his gruff and a matter-of-fact tone.

Gator looks perplexed by this.

“In fact, here is a bag full of all the fucks I give!” Morbid tosses the McDonalds bag to Gator and he looks inside.

“It’s empty” Gator said unamused

“OH NO! I guess you know now how much of a fuck I actually give.” Morbid said as he slammed down the shot.

Gator drank his as well and made a horrible face.

“What the fuck is this shit? It tastes so bad…” Gator throws up a little in his mouth.

“Aged Godshots.”

“You mean…”


“This is from your…”

“It is.”

“You sick fuck!”

“You have no fucking idea.”

The scene fades to a Blood Red

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