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10-22-2021 11:23 AM

[Image: OTP_2-984x554.jpg]

We are on the tarmac of Henri Coanda International Airport, the main airport within the country of Romania - a formerly Communist state that is now the sixth most populous country within the European Union. In six days, the XWF will host a special Halloween-themed show roughly 2 and a half hours away in the town of Arefu, home to Poenari Castle. One of the participants on the card is Elijah Martin, who we see standing about 50 feet away from a private jet that just deboarded a few minutes ago.

::deep inhale:: Ah yes, a true breath of fresh European air, no longer populated by Soviet Communists since the early 1990's. It really is quite amazing where this crazy sport can take someone, but this is particularly special for a few reasons. To start off, this is my first trip of any kind outside of the continental United States as part of the XWF roster, so that alone I view as a special honor. As someone who has been busting their ass and taking any booking they could for nearly two decades to get to this moment in time... it's a bit surreal to be standing here right now.

Another reason this is a special moment for me is because it will allow me to stay out of my own head and emotions for a time of the year that I have grown to loathe with every fiber of my being over the last ten years. Back when I was still getting in my work around the Independent scene in the northeast U.S. in 2013, I had a core group of two or three guys that I traveled with regularly, depending on how many of us were booked on a certain show. One of those guys was named Tom... a kind and gentle soul who had battled so many personal demons, including addiction and depression and a gut wrenching divorce. On Halloween Night of that year, Tom took his little daughter trick or treating, dropped her off at her mother's house, kissed her goodbye... and then Tom was never seen again, until he was found dead having hung himself not too far off into the woods on his own mother's property. The following year right before Halloween, a personal friend of mine not involved in the wrestling business committed suicide, leaving behind his girlfriend and a one-year-old daughter.

You can ask anybody that's been close to me since then, family and friends alike... things tend to get very dark for me around this time of year, especially in 2015 when I refused to take any bookings and kept finding myself on the other end of several empty bottles of liquor. I've been to rehab, I'm diagnosed with depression, I continue to speak with a therapist regularly to keep my mental state in check, the medications I'm on do just enough to keep me out of my own head so I don't go down that rabbit hole all over again like I did in the past... and I like to think I have finally cleared a hurdle of sort. One thing that I have done in the course of my therapy is allowed myself to learn the true roots of Halloween and its pure intentions, which means throw away the costumes and the candy and the childish pranks involving eggs or toilet paper. It's a special time of the year to remember and honor the dead... so when I was approached by Marf and Charlie Nickels to take part in next week's show at Poenari Castle... I jumped at the opportunity.

I've noted my early struggles when I first arrived in XWF, but I have been strapped to a rocket ship going full throttle towards the top of Anarchy, including becoming Number One contender for the Anarchy Championship currently held by Latina Submission Machina. But before I take the time to focus on any potential championship matches, I've gotta make sure I take care of business here in Romania. I've gotta handle myself against Morbid Angel and Rampage - two competitors that I have respect for and I will not be underestimating for a single second when we compete in our special Castle of One Thousand Corpses Match. It's a match concept that actually is the reverse of what I've been doing in recent weeks: I started from the bottom and have been working my way to the top, but here in Romania, I'm gonna have to start from the very top of the castle and work my way down to walk out the front door.

Let's start with Rampage, or should I call him Charlie? He has made a mark during 2021 in XWF, but he's essentially Big Preesh with less weight but even uglier looks. While you have been doing your thing to maintain your spot, I'm one of those hungry talents like LSM to grab the bull by the horns and never accept no as answer, never accept failure as a permanent option, continuously fighting against all comers in order to show our worth in this company! You may feel good about your 2021 right now, but after this trip to Romania, you're going to return to the United States with nothing but broken bones, lacerations all over your body and a list of excuses for why I beat your sorry ass all over Poenari Castle.

As for Morbid Angel, I know you probably see this as a bit of a homecoming for your suspicious Russian ass, but I don't give a fuck if you came from outer space... you'll fall just the same as the Berlin Wall and Communism did over twenty years ago. Let's keep it real, Kyril... your best days in this business are as outdated as a month-old jug of milk, just trying to hold onto the memories of your glory days and hope there's one last run in your arthritic body. Dude... get over yourself, it's done, s-a terminat!

Out of the blue, a beautiful woman walks into the camera shot... and it's OCW superstar LEXI GOLD!

Elijah, our car just pulled up. You ready?

Yes I am, just give me one moment.

Lexi gives a huge smile and a hug to Elijah, before walking back out of the shot.

I live in peace with my colleagues in this business, but when that bell rings... I ALWAYS WIN THE WAR... see you on top of the castle, boys!

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