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When Doves Die
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10-19-2021 04:11 PM


A FLASH of brilliant light...

You're sure you wanna do this Jimmy?

I'm sure. Amazing the spell works so well suddenly...

It's your own timeline hun. That tends to make it easier.

Jim turns the doorknob to his grandmother's room and pulls the door open, he and Arcana stepping through into the living room.

An older woman- brunette though nearly devoid of hair atop her head -lay motionless on an insurance provided hospital bed clad in a loose fitting hospital gown, the only movement seen being the minimal rise and fall of her chest in each weakly shallow intake of breath and exhale. The TV is on but her eyes are closed, lost in a haze of painkillers, clutching the control to her morphine drip.

Jim, a decade younger, enters the living room from the kitchen. 41 year old Jim flinches.

It's ok babe. No one can see us or hear us.

31 year old Jim approaches the older woman who shows no reaction nor awareness to his presence and kneels beside her, leaning in close to her ear.


Her eyes open. 31 year old Jim's eyes instantly well with tears. 41 year old Jim's eyes narrow ever so slightly, his shoulders dip fractionally, at the name he'd called her since he could speak.

She doesn't answer. She can't. But she tries. A miniscule movement of twitched lips. Her breathing picks up a bit as she stares helplessly up at the ceiling.

Hold on a little longer...please. It'll work and you'll be back on your feet. can't leave me too... He holds her hand and lies his head next to hers.

The chemo?

CBD. Sativex pills from Canada. There was a shitload of research and testing done, evidence CBD potentially kills cancer cells, proof it prevents further spread. Metastasis. Government's done a fine job of underminin' all that now. Then too...and my mom's brother and sisters threw everything away 'cause they refused to believe the government would lie.

I'm sorry hun.

41 year old Jim doesn't respond, just stares silently at himself ten years younger believing he has control of the situation...until-

Take us a day forward. Please.


Same room.

Different day.

No hospital bed.

No mother.

But we do see John Caedus. His eyes turn to the arrival of future Jim and Arcana.

Horrified. JESUS! You said they can't-

They can't babe. He's looking past us.

Jim waves his hands in John's direction. There is no reaction.

A second later, 31 year old Jim walks swiftly into the room, his uncle in tow.

Shattered. Where is she??

I never got to say goodbye.

I'm so sorry Jimmy...

She's gone Jim. She passed early this morning. I thought John called you?

The elder Caedus backs into grandma's room and quietly shuts the door.

Breaking down, tears cascading down his cheeks. I don't understand, the CBD should've helped 'er! Were you giving 'er the right dosage!?

She was stage four, there's nothing you could've done Jim. We threw all that garbage awa-


From inside the kitchen, the voice of an aunt. Jaaaaames... Calm down please.

Don't FUCKING tell me to calm down!! Why the FUCK did you do that!? You throw it all away!? That would've HELPED 'er!! You let her KILL HERSELF with that MORPHINE DRIP!!

You just wanted a smoking buddy Jim. I wasn't about to let you embarrass my sister anymore than you already h-

31 year old Jim lays Uncle Glenn out with a single punch.

Bellowing down at his uncle, tears and rage. YOU KILLED MY MOM YOU FUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT!!

We're calling the police James!

Jim dashes through the living room, passing through future Jim and Arcana, to yank the sliding glass back door open and sprint out across the backyard lawn, hopping the back fence.

Looking on, trembling, his fists and jaw clenched in anger. Get us outta here.





My father calls out to me.

---North Long Beach, CA. October 30, 2009---

Revisiting events as seen in:

Baby what're you doing? Arcana has a hand on Jim's chest as he attempts to enter his father's room. You told me you weren't in there yet. You're down the hall right n-

"Ten more minutes, I'll be right in!" 29 year old full-time caregiver for his father Jimmy spits out from his room on cue.

Gazing angrily down the hall to his room 12 years ago. Stupid fuckin' bastard- Move, Arc'.

Tapering off sadly, as he enters. There's nothing you can do..

Moments later Jim walks slowly back out, his eyes red rimmed. Take us back a couple minutes.

What? Jimmy-

He grabs her hand. Please Kaiya. I need to see.

...why? Why do that yourself?

......Because I deserve it.

Against her better judgment she does as he asks.



Jim wastes no time entering the room, Arcana stays behind with us.

::sharp, choked inhale:: Dad- Dad wake up. WAKE U- Frustration. WHY can't I touch him, Kaiya!?

A tear falls from her left eye. It doesn't work that way with this.

Walking back out into the hallway. That makes no sense WHATsoever! There HAS to be some way, like a fuckin' poltergeist- Take us back again, every fuckin' second past the attack is wasted time!


Eyes glistening. DON'T!! I'll FIGURE it out!! Just take me back again...


COME _ON_!! Swings at the wall, his fist passing through like a specter. FUCK!!

Calmly, tears running from both eyes. This isn't why you're here Jimmy. Remember? I told you before we did this, you can't alter your own past, despite how easy it is to access once you know the key and where to find the lock. We should go now hun.

Stabbing a finger down towards 29 year old Jim's room. That fuckin' cocksucker is gonna let my dad die and sit for fifteen minutes and MORE before he calls 911! Not his dad. Mine. I'd NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO MY OWN FATHER!!!

Sweetheart you didn't. You had no idea.

HE. CALLED. OUT. ...and I ignored him. I let my own dad die. I killed my own father. How the fuck can you see anything in me. "Sweetheart"? I'm a piece 'a shit, Kaiya. Don't tell me any different. Take us back home, k.

Arcana remains gazing at Jim, the latter staring down the hallway at the open doorway leading into the room of his 12 years younger self, a live WWE Smackdown can be heard playing on TV.

Jim doesn't blink. The glisten glossing his eyes dissipates. His emotion drains away...


There's tons of information about me out there too, Atty. All ya gotta do is look. Oh...


I'm sorry for your loss.

And I'm sorry to sound a way I don't intend...

...but you ain't showin' me nothin' new.

My mother wasn't a dancer of esteem with a legacy left behind. She was just a pest control secretary, prob'ly only around a hundred people at the funeral. And my dad, well, he wasn't around to share in that pain. I had no father figure to suffer with, got to face it on my own as a 31 year old orphan with an older brother who describes life after death as "rotting in the ground". Beautiful image for my mother. My brother, John, is a waste of a heartbeat.

And oh, my dad. Yeah. He's dead 'cause 'a me. I'm a fuckin' hero. Dipped in goddamn gold.

What happened to him and my mom are why I am how I am now, Atty... Focused. Determined. Ruthless. The kinda guy who ain't gonna let somethin' as pathetic as a substance get in the way 'a my advancement in the XWF. Hey, I'm sorry that had to be brought up girl, but you ARE the one who appeared inebriated in your own promo. It ain't like I aired sum'in secret, it was titled "Pft ...what. idk", and in this ten minute long rant in which I won't waste much of my own airtime, you said at the conclusion:

Atty Said:Fuck it..I'm done. Yoh bitches can handle me drink sober clothes naked, Warfare Savage Fury's dumb ass shit...

[Image: zhEK4IJ.gif]

Nah, you weren't trippin' over your own panties pissed. K, I didn't do _shit_. If that's what you or anyone else thought, "Jimmy bullyin' Atty", you were all mistaken, as people tend to be about me simply because they themselves fail to



...and that ain't my fault nor my responsibility. My responsibility is to tear my opponent apart with viable shells 'a hellacious dickhead ammo before I physically do it in the ring. Of course, if by that "off-camera" remark of yours ya meant anything else, allow me to remind you as I've had to remind others since my return and back before I ever left...

[Image: tG2zcnl.jpg]

Get the picture? Stupid card's based on our actual situation here in the XWF, this ain't some dipshit flop factory fed and you ain't catchin' shade, girl. You gettin' shade-free Jimmy, Atts'.

'Cause I like you. I wasn't makin' fun 'a you and I ain't gonna talk about that anymore, I don't need to... You already proved my point with your own cold open snippet you repackaged for use on Savage.

Blamin' the brass and the time clock for your own mistake, Atty?

[Image: zhEK4IJ.gif]


Please don't do that. Don't sink to the level 'a so many others around here who refuse to fess up over a simple mistake. I mean, yeah, that simple mistake made you look like a complete idiot I'm sorry to say, but why be like Charlie and scapegoat someone else as opposed to "I fucked up, you're lucky Jim, yadda yadda yadda". That really too hard?

For the _boner queen_ that's too hard?

Well, I guess that explains your valiant effort to deliver _now_.

Thanks for joinin' in, 'ppreciate it.

Ante up with the simp points on top 'a pussy points...shit, I got my work cut out for me with this crowd. Never been more unpopular than facin' you, Atty, that make you happy? Lol.

Y'know, all I been is honest with you on my opinion. I'm sorry, "mansplanation" is what you called it, right? Right before y'offered your _nutsplanation_, the oft heard pig-headed female view 'a things.

[Image: NjoFNVi.gif]

Oh I'm just fuckin' with you girl, tryna rile you up for our match. Don't act like we all don't know how hardcore you can come in the ring. I can too though...gotta gimme that. I treat shit like it means somethin'. I mean, I AM the one who's been showin' YOU the respect I believe you deserve since my cold start. You're the one who handed me an IOU on a promo. Hell, maybe it was an IUD the way you insist on stickin' to fuckstickin'. That's fine, Atty, if y'wanna be the chick who's eventually gonna be droppin' an "I was pregnant!?" cryin' turd toddler in the shitter and wonderin' which one of us cumtributors is the lucky court order recipient, you do that. Just don't act all surprised about it though; you ain't no virgin and the way you carry on can make John Black blush.

Maybe you are a wood goddess...

Anyway, to continue, y'seem to think my puttin' focus on your over-the-top twat show was, what, a mistake? A trap you set and I walked into? You're "on my mind", Atty?

No shit, you're my next opponent. The fuck.

Y'didn't prove any point there Atty, you said I spent so much time on that as opposed to other tidbits like your record here.

Hey Atty?

I did bring up your record. That's exactly what led into the OTHER main point. How you flat out gave up for months here and handed over your only title.

That wasn't enough? That's legit the most recent shit you did other than kick JB's ass for this opportunity you IMMEDIATELY SQUANDERED then blamed the time clock for.

I managed to have my promo ready, did I not?

Know why?

This match matters to me.

The X-Treme Championship matters to me.

The XWF and the fans matters to me.

My CAREER matters to me. Oh I'm sorry, that one you won't relate to, you're so successful in so many other places aren't you Atty?


I'm super fuckin' impressed.

I wonder if it's 'cause you parade the pussy around and essentially trib every fedhead's face to a fishy snailtrail heaven.

Said it yourself, it works. And you're a ten.

Thought you were gonna mic drop on me?

Not at least without a promo fulla complete sentences in spoken dialogue Atty, goddammit...thanks for keepin' up the spotty speech.

Hate to break it to you but the reason you ain't AS big and successful HERE as you are ELSEWHERE is because 'a them titties and that attitude.

Period. See why I spent any time whatsoever on your sexuality? Happy you pushed that?

You may pick up some stalkers here but ultimately the XWF ain't tarnishin' it's fuckin' legacy by lettin' cunny juice rust it all up. Here you EARN your status and other than the now defunct Internet Title, it ain't on Twitter.

And fuck your pal Denzel Porter btw. Someone tell that lyin' scumbag he's number one on MY list for assholes I'm gonna gape. Name drop that prick Atty? Really? With his precious list 'a trash talkers EXCLUSIVELY also on Twitter? Couldn't get ahold 'a me he says. That's about the limp-dickiest copout I've ever heard in this the era of smartphones and email...and TWITTER... Listin' anyone in the XWF below anyone else on that list is an insult, I'll fuck every single name above TNGB into a paralytic bowel control loss hell, send 'em my way Atty. You name-drop Porter, that nutless nipplehead, like it's s'posed to mean somethin' 'round here?

Atty you been here since late 2019, where the fuck was your head this whole time?

Your pheromone-fueled accolades elsewhere mean literally nothing to me and to the majority of the fed. If you can't do it HERE, you ain't one 'a the best and brightest. That's exactly why OUR people snatch straps in other promotions. WE...are that good.

Listenin', OCW?

Atty, YOU essentially walked out on the XWF when you threw a spazz fest over the SS and 'Net titles then allowed someone else to take your third strap without a struggle.

You fucked up OUR hype cycle for YOUR shot at the X-Treme strap, a belt that leads to the Universe itself. And there you are stumblin' all over yourself to what, prove me wrong? Prove me right? Atty I don't think you know what the fuck you're doin' anymore and I hope when I kick off in that pretty pussy you finally understand what you've gotten yourself into, 'cause I'll boot a boss bitch butt first to the moon, Missy, titties on the horizon, this is alpha MALE you're talkin' to.

Yeah, you ain't gonna bring up my tally and my accolades, Atty, I know you aren't. They prob'ly make your mass 'a jag-off gesture awards look pretty pathetic by comparison in context with what you've done here as well. Formerly Atty 3 Belts, meet formerly Caedus 3 Titles, none 'a which was earned by diarrhea Tweeting or gender-specific divisions.

Big fuckin' deal, right? It ain't my mound on Clit magazine or whatever the fuck it is.

That's ok, I did dabble in very very VERY low budget pornography when I was on meth way way back. So I had my taste 'a "stardom" too. I doubt you know what either of those is like, prob'ly as much as that bullshittin' Charlie Nickles with 'is "meth cigarettes". It seems, tragedy aside, you were brought up with a whole helluva lot. Must be that sense of entitlement that lends to you pullin' shit like lettin' someone walk away with your gold or torpedoing this hype cycle and blamin' others.

Not me. That's why I don't phone in on an opportunity. I close in for the kill. Yeah, maybe I target what others frown at me for.

That's why they ain't holdin' this title.

And I am.

Don't fuckin' hate me for doin' my job.

Or that I'm good at it.

Just get better.

You're adorable Atty, really you are, with your lil' snide remarks and sass-back. You crack me up in fact, you do. You really are one 'a my favorites.

But there comes a time when that shit just don't cut it and one 'a those times is now.

I'm tellin' you you can be more than the sex.

You spit back with sarcasm.



You know that commercial made you laugh btw, girl, don't lie.

Tellin' me I spent so much time on that, that's legit almost all YOU spoke about, sweets.

Because sex is what dominates so much 'a YOUR mental. It's how you get your way with so many others.

I told you, I warned you, it wouldn't work with me.

You ARE Atara Themis but that's just pussy.

This is status and success with the promise of MORE should I put in the proper effort and will.

You said _I_ am lucky you like me Atty.


YOU'RE lucky you like me, Atty.

It prevented you from goin' overboard with me and pissin' me off and I appreciate that. That doesn't need to always happen. It can be civil for fucksake, I'm not a monster.

You're also lucky _I_ like you too Atty.

But it ain't gonna prevent me from doin' what I need to do in the ring on Warfare tomorrow night. Want a legit ankle alibi? I'll snap that foot off and stab the Stiletto heel up your piss hole for the win.


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