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The New Face Of Madness
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10-18-2021 08:59 AM

The evening sun cast many shadows across the brick wall. Only one of them seems out of the ordinary. A shadow that bears resemblance to a skull. It's very defined, from the eyes to the nose and teeth. The shadows break into recognizable patterns of tree limbs and leaves. Following the shadows further down the wall, our eyes single out a lone figure sitting on a bench, leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees and his fingers interlocked. He looks up from his own thoughts to notice you. It's here that you first recognize his face. It's Micheal Graves. It has been so long since the world has seen his "true" face unmasked that it takes a moment for you to realize who it is.

"Hello there. I've been waiting for you." Micheal says with a wide-eyed grin from the comfort of a wooden bench.

"It has been so long since I've had the courage to face the world without a mask, perhaps reintroductions are in order?" His warm smile somehow seems unnerving. "My name is Micheal Graves, and I'm just happy to be here." Micheal tilts his head up and closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath of the fresh outdoor air.

"The fresh air. The warm sun on my face..."

Graves' smile widens as he looks directly into your soul.

"And the prospect of dealing with some business that had previously slipped through the cracks." Micheal gives pause as a wave of anger seems to wash over him, but surprisingly Micheal's anger somehow gives way to an unsettling grin of satisfaction.

"Marf Swayson has battled with Micheal Graves once before. The damage he inflicted both physically and emotionally was catastrophic. I do not over speak. Never before has the world witnessed someone beat Micheal Graves so badly, to the point where he can't even defend himself. Micheal Graves was utterly defeated that night, and left utterly embarrassed."

Micheal looks away from you and he dwells on the moment and what it meant to him.

"I'll admit that somewhere along the way, I quit caring about being competitive inside of that ring. A long time ago, I decided to find my fame through other means. The horrors that I could inflict. The punishment that I could withstand. The betrayals, the drama, the blood, the tears, the... love?" Graves seems to almost get choked up for a moment as he lets out a grunting sigh. With another deep breath, he turns his head back towards you and you lock eyes. "Love was not something that I ever expected to find." Graves breaks eye contact for a moment before adding, "Not true love."

Graves takes a pause as he calmly stands up and dusts himself off.

"Marf Swayson..." Graves adjusts his shirt before looking up into your eyes once more. "You've beaten this body and caused great harm to my reputation, but that's not why I'm here."

Graves reaches into his jacket pocket and retrieves a picture. He looks at it for a moment as sorrow washes over his eyes. He turns the picture towards you. It's him after his last match with Marf. His face is swollen and covered in blood. Deep gashes above his eye and near his hairline. The picture doesn't do the damage caused much justice, but Graves is going to fill you in.

"Three broken ribs. Two hairline fractures in my left foot. A torn rotator cuff. And many, many bumps, bruises, scrapes, and cuts. You really did a number on me Marf, but here in lies my problem. It wasn't me."

Graves gives the statement a moment to breathe, allowing you to think back to that match and realize that this match took place in the midst of Micheal Graves and Dolly Waters having a Freaky Friday moment between themselves.

"But you already knew that going in didn't you? You had to know something was off, and Dolly was screaming to the heavens that she wasn't me!" Micheal stops to reflect on his own actions that lead to this. Maybe if he had spoken up, told the truth, none of this would have ever happened. That's his cross to bear, and to him, this is how he makes it right.

"I came to learn a lot during this time. Both from my experiences, and from those of the woman that wore my skin. I came to learn that despite how fucked up I am, there are others out there just as fucked up as me, and as much as I may think that I don't deserve love to the point that I set out each day to make everyone hate me, there was one woman who did, and you know what? If she can find a way to love and understand me, God knowing that I don't deserve either, then maybe it's time that I change my wicked ways and start doing something to earn that love."

The brakes squeal as an old bus pulls up. Graves reaches down and grabs a black duffle bag, sitting it on the bench and unzipping it, pulling it open enough to give you a peek at its contents. Shivs, Brass Knuckles, and a variety of small weapons meant to inflict extreme damage. Gaves casually zips the bag up and throws it over his shoulder before looking at you one last time.

"You hurt the wrong person Marf, and that's fine because I'm going to bring that pain back onto you tenfold. This isn't about winning a match for me, it's about putting you in the same position that you put my friend, and making you feel as weak and powerless as you made her feel."

Graves steps past you and boards the bus, stopping at the driver to show his ticket. You notice it reads Capatineni, Romania. Micheal looks back to you.

"There is no puzzle. Pinfall or no, we're getting bloody."

Graves vanishes down the road not to be seen again until October 28th.

[Image: Gravessig.jpg]
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