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TITLE - Supercontinental

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10-16-2021 07:28 AM

The black lens of the security camera was like the fathomless depths of a shark’s eye, all the more reminding him that he was entering a predator’s cove. Corey leaned out the window of his rental car (there was no way he was going to drive here in a car actually licensed to his name) as the intercom crackled.


It’s me. Let me in.

Without reply, the gates before him swung open, bidding him entry into the grounds of a sandstone bungalow, prime real estate that must have cost a couple million easily. A couple million in blood money. Corey mused as he pulled the car around a loop in front of an expansive granite staircase. To his surprise, Jace Mingla was already descending the steps, arms open invitingly as Corey pulled himself out of the car.

Corey, you won’t regret this.

Hm. Corey replied noncommittally.

I was thinking we could discuss matters poolside. It’s a beautiful day.

He doesn’t want me in his home. He’s playing it safe too.

I’m fine with that.

Jace bid Corey to follow him around to the side of the house, where a side deck flowed out into a little slice of heaven. The pool was surrounded by foliage, and a mini waterfall poured from a stone wall at the far end. Deck chairs were already arrayed at poolside. I’d ask if you fancy a swim but I assume you didn’t bring suitable attire.

Was he serious? I would actually just like to get to the point of me being here.

Jace sighed, body marginally deflating into his seat. He rolled his head with an expression of…bemusement? Annoyance? It was hard to tell. Nevertheless, he continued. Alright. I want to enlist in your help to destroy Madison Dyson for good. I assume, despite your moral proclivities, this is not something you would take issue with. You know as well as I do that a world without Madison is a better world for all of us.

I still don't understand how she’s still alive. Corey cast a precautionary glance at the surroundings, looking for others. There was no one else that he could see.

We’re alone. Jace intoned flatly.

I was just admiring the beauty of your home. He lied.

This isn’t my home. It’s one of many fronts for my operations. With respect, you haven’t earned my trust enough to warrant coming to my home.

There is a LOT to unpack there, Jace. Corey bit. First off, your “operations”? Second off, I haven’t earned YOUR trust?

Jace shut his eyes. This expression was definitely one of annoyance. Could we not do this? The longer we dither…

Fine. Shoot. What’s the deal? Corey rolled a hand impatiently, the universal sign for “get on with it”.

Something sparked in the depths of Jace’s eyes, and he shifted in his seat. A tiny filigree of rage writ in the capillaries of his eyes, betraying the fact that he was unused to being spoken to this way, and that under any other circumstances this disrespect would not be broached kindly. Fine, Corey, you want to talk trust? Then I will give you the entire unfiltered truth. My name is Jace Mingla. For going on two decades I have run a narcotics empire. I used to be a professional wrestler as well, which is where I first met Madison Dyson. We didn’t….work out….for long. Which is why I was shocked when she sent one of her associates to bring me into the fold. I was promised much. An outlet for my son’s anger. Safety for him, too. I was promised a cure for myself.

Corey’s eyes narrowed. A cure…?

I am slowly dying of leukemia. The revelation hung in the air for a moment. Corey opened his mouth to speak but Jace pressed on. Naturally I was also skeptical because last I heard, Madison had been shot in the head by her former bodyguard Mercy….

Corey roiled inwardly. It had been a plan he had played no small part in. He and Doctor Louis D’Ville. But he tamped it down, hoping this keen-eyed monster wouldn’t be able to suss out his discomfort.

But Corey, she’s alive. I’m telling you, she’s alive. But just barely.


My son and I and two others, one associate of mine and one hand chosen by Madison’s followers….


You presume correctly. A perverted little one armed trog. He said disgustedly. We four stormed DRW.

The same company that produced The Engineer.

Also, correct. It turned out their advances in nanotechnology surpassed genocidal alter egos. The jab didn’t quite land, Corey agreed with Jace’s assessment of who and what The Engineer was, and left the barb untouched. They had also invested heavily in nanotech designed to heal. Now, this was not exactly something new. Nanotechnology has been in use for years, albeit largely in laboratory settings. I too had researched it as a possible curative for my own condition. But DRW’s regenerative nanotech was….remarkable. Utterly remarkable.

You stole it and brought it back to Madison’s little cult.

Jace nodded. Effectively, yes. But by that point I was beginning to have my doubts. My friend Arvid had been killed during the operation. And I started to have concerns about Madison’s designs for my son.

Corey scrunched his face up in disgust. Do I want to know?

Not like that.

Then how?

She wants to….bring him more fully into the fold.

He was leaving something out. But Corey decided to let it go for the time being. So what is Madison now?

A revenant. Not quite alive, but not quite dead either. The nanotech was able to rejuvenate some of her organs, but by that point she had been dead for two weeks. Some of the damage could not be undone. Which has, of course, only further stoked her rage. Corey… Jace’s voice turned insistent, she is more dangerous now than I’ve ever seen her. She wants my son. I know it. And I don’t trust her with his fate.

So why can’t you two just bail?

Jace sputtered out a coarse laugh. …really?

Alright, fine. So what the hell do you want ME to do in all this?

Help me stop her. And in return, we both use the nanotechnology we stole to heal what ails us. Quite frankly, I’m not 100% certain that I’m not in the same boat as Madison. I may be too far gone. Corey couldn’t unsee it now. The man had a quality about him that was haggard and life weary. It was unlikely he was lying about his condition.

But you think it could work for me?

I do. Your injuries are not so severe. Relatively speaking.

Corey leaned back in his seat, giving Jace an appraising look. You’ll forgive me if I have some hesitation given that the last time I had nanotech in me it turned me into Hitler part deux. How do I know this isn’t some trap to ensnare me and make me The Engineer again?

Because she doesn’t want you. He said with finality. You fought The Engineer’s presence fist tooth and nail. Why select a subject like that when she has so many willing volunteers?

He put it together, and his blood ran cold. Are you saying.,..?

Jace closed his eyes. She has possession of another Engineer.

Corey realized he had stopped breathing, and drew in some air, trying to allow his pulse to settle. Somehow he had always known it would be this way. Jesus Christ.... Is your son one of those willing volunteers?

Jace canted his head to look off into the distance, wincing visibly. Perhaps.

I see. And you don’t want him to…

He’s not a monster. Jace spoke, not meeting Corey’s gaze. The world would thrust that title upon him. But that’s not what he is. Then, looking at Corey again. He’s hurt. He deserves better.

Corey had to admit, he was impressed by Jace’s sincerity. Sitting before him was another uncomfortable reminder that the world was messier than blacks and whites. Of course, that didn’t mean Corey trusted him completely. But just enough to….

So what precisely will I be doing?

Jace smiled. I’m glad you asked…..


Corey energetically leaps into the shot, holding his title on his shoulder.

I bet you guys are all wondering, “Is today the day he explains why he’s suddenly all better? Is today the day he peels back the lid on all the mystery and subterfuge?!” Corey chuckles. Nope! I know, I’m such a tease.

But! I have something for you that’s almost as good. Long time viewers of yours truly know that I have a near Aspergian love for lists! I even have a master list of things that I can make lists of. It’s insane! But tonight, I’m busting out one that I reserved for a moment just like this. Because tonight, I bring you….

The Top 5 Biggest Placeholders!

Ah, the placeholder. Where would we be without them? Up shit’s creek, that’s where! So in honor of a certain someone, let’s kick this pig off right with number 5….

[Image: 4160SWksD5L._SX208_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

This novelty kitten bookmark! Look! The kitten has librarian glasses! He’s saying “Bookmarks are for quitters!” Get it? Probably not, because I know most of you don’t read anything that’s not High Times or a titty book, but for the uninformed sometimes when you’re reading a BIG BIG book with LOTS of words, you need to take a break. And you use a bookmark like this to remember where you left off. A literal placeholder. Thanks librarian kitten!

Number 4….

[Image: imgp53381.jpg?w=584]

…KIM! Who is Kim, you ask? Well, she was the placeholder for you when you were rebounding from Jessica. Kim didn’t have very high self esteem, was an inappropriately huge fan of Schlitz and liked to party hearty. So you, an emotional cripple, parked your tackle in her spackle until something better came along. And by “better” I mean, “Hotter” and “Easier yet.” She was the gap girl to end all gap girls.

You ASSHOLE! Kim has feelings too! She may prefer to keep them nice and deadened with cheap booze and casual hookups, but they’re there! And you took advantage of them. Shameful!

Corey shakes his head reproachfully before flashing three fingers up.

[Image: killingjd250x250.jpg]

Yeesh. Some might call this the ultimate placeholder. Red rover red rover send John Doe on over! Oh, we can’t, he’s dead. Corey makes a show of tugging at his collar uncomfortably. This post mortem stop gap has quite a bit in common with Kieran Overton’s career. Obviously, they’re both dead. But did you also know that they both have a penchant for murderous crime sprees based on the inerrant word of God?

Actually, on second thought I think I’m getting this confused with another John Doe.

Just then, Corey’s phone starts to chime repeatedly. He pulls it from his pocket and takes a look. Oh come on, guys! Corey scowls. Twitter is cancelling me because I included JOHN Doe and not JANE Doe like I’m some kind of ghoulish chauvinist. You should know me better than that folks! Don’t lump me in with Chappelle! Jeez!

But because I’m a yellow belly who caves to peer pressure like Thad Dukes caves to his inner homo every time a pert ass in a military uniform enters his field of vision, I will include JANE Doe at number two.

[Image: MV5BMTg2NzcxMjUyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjU5...@._V1_.jpg]

Every year I write in and request it get added to the Criterion Collection and every year I am ignored. RUDE.

Now, naturally, number one is the man of the hour, Kieran Overton.

Corey claps his hands together and then throws his arms up and “jazz hands”.

But to say I’m less than thrilled with this is an understatement. I know, I know, y’all don’t have to remind me that I accepted this challenge. That’s because I will never turn down a challenge from ANYONE. But do I feel Kieran DESERVES this shot? Absolutely not. Let’s go to the scoreboard.

May 5, 2021: Lost to Dick Powers

March 28th, 2021: Lost to Doc D’Ville

March 13,2021: Beat Noah Jackson….’hol up….LOL!!!! *Ahem* Anyway….

February 27, 2021: Lost to Miss Fury. But admittedly, you got hosed over, I’ll give you that

November 29 2020: Lost to Marf

November 11, 2020: Lost to Bobby Bourbon

Granted, there is some solid talent in that list. And also Marf. But, that is the extent of this man’s XWF showings for the past year. So, I dare say, I would have been more than justified in telling you to sod off. But I didn’t. I did you a solid.

And you’re going to squander it.

It’s crystal clear that you can’t hold your own against the top of the card. And that’s okay, I guess. Not everyone can. But it also means there is no way you’re coming out of this with the Super-SUPER-SUPER-Continental Championship (fuck that is STILL so fun to say!).

Now, I’m not one of those shit bricks who equates not cutting a promo with losing a match like it’s some kind of magic formula that transcends the fourth wall (a-HEM). For all I know you’re training ‘till you puke. Good work, Kieran. But it’s still not going to be enough. It’ll never be enough. And I think you know that.

So why do you bother?

Is it the paycheck?

Is it just getting your name out there?

Are you a masochist?

I mean…what? Because whatever it is, it doesn’t show that you have any pride in yourself. Think about it, man. You’re a placeholder. For my match with MARF in two weeks. Holy SHIT that’s sadder than drinking alone at the bar at Applebees, draining $5 Spooky Sips until you fail to muster up the courage to talk to the single mom screaming at her ex over the phone about missed alimony payments. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Me on the other hand? I do nothing but take pride in my work. Every time I book myself in a match, I'm not there to fill a hole, I'm there to offer up the best "me" that I possibly can. I'm there to WIN.

Kieran, do you realize that I have now come back from two supposedly career ending injuries? Christ man, I've been poisoned, electrocuted, had a stroke, been stabbed in the back by my former best friend and then immediately dumped on my head by Jim Caedus and yet HERE I STAND. This heart pumps true! And I only know how to “whole ass” everything I do. Which is why you get under my skin, Kieran. You just don’t seem to care. You don’t want to put the work in to actually achieve something here. And I just can’t fathom that. I can’t. You’re wasting your time and worst of all, you’re wasting the time of everyone on this roster who could actually be doing something with the space you take up and the money you sponge off the company.

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this. But I have a sinking feeling you can be arsed to say anything at all.

Corey shrugs as if to say “whatever”, before proceeding.

So, because my opponent has a case of selective mutism, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss some other folks on my mind.

OCW! Well if it isn’t the kids from the developmental ranks. Hey guys. I notice you’ve gotten your licks in. I wasn’t on your list of targets, which shows you have a modicum of intelligence. But, if one of you does so happen to interfere in this match or any of my other matches, well, suffice it to say it’ll end poorly for you. Because like squealing children in the backseat of an SUV, I will “come back there” if you piss me off. You feel me?

Corey points at the camera.

Let’s jump the gun a bit and say hello to Marf, everyone. So, buddy, pal, rectal leech…I notice you’ve got a TV title match tonight. Now, unless management just has ZERO confidence in you winning tonight (a distinct possibility!), there is the chance you could be walking into our match already a champion. Which, based on XWF bylaw, is a no-no. Right Theo? Vinnie? Whoops, how did this one slip past your radar? Corey chuckles. But I have an idea. Let’s say Marf does pull this off. Let’s say we’re both singles champions for our match in two weeks. I don’t want this match to be made non-title. Instead, how about it be for all the candy? Whoever wins this match becomes double champion. Now, maybe you’ll have the winner (me) vacate a title of our (my) choosing immediately. Hey, I’m fine with that. Gotta spread the wealth around. But think of what a main event that would be. And yeah, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind humiliating the hell out of Marf who, despite something of a surge in popularity, is still guilty of a great many sins that I have not forgotten. Corey looks determined as he says this. Marf, you game? I sure as hell am.

But until then, later days. And Kieran the next time you’re in the can doing your business, take a look down. Nope, further. Further still! Ahhh, there you go.

Did you find your balls?

Corey shoots the camera an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Great job! Now if you’ll just find your mouth we’ll be all set.

[Image: CoreySig6A.png?width=270&height=406]
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