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It's Miller Time Jim!
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10-11-2021 08:32 AM

Hello, Jim and XWF scum that occupies the locker-rooms around here. Last night you came to the OCW PPV Event Masters of Macabre and made one hell of a statement. Now I applaud you all for finally showing some form of balls by getting retaliation for putting you all down at Relentless like the dogs you are.

Now, why I do compliment your efforts, I can't let you get away with putting me through an announcement table. You see, I'm not built to be anybody's whipping boy Jim and why your name may hold weight here in XWF and strikes fear deep into the souls of many, I am. not one of them. On the contrary, I came here to create beautiful, chaotic destruction personally.

You see, Jim, after sitting on my flight wondering how I was going to return the favor you did to me, how I was going to embarrass you as you did me. So many thoughts were circulating at one time on my head until a bit of birdie came to be and song to me the formula that was needed. You see Jim, instead of just beating you in a crimson mess and leaving your body as a lasting image for the rest of the XWF roster to see. I'm going to take your X-treme Championship and take it back to OCW. So buckle up, Jim, and hold on tight because this will be a bumpy ride on the way to Miller Time!


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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

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10-11-2021 08:07 PM

Jim calmly glances down at the finger he has buried in his chest ('cause that's how Bam pinned Jim, a finger to the chest, both standing, at the end of his rant. A ballsy move to say the least) and slightly steps back, Bam's finger no longer making contact.

Which I suppose counts as a-


The ref rolls his eyes and walks away.

Weeeeeeell, if it ain't Bam Bam Big-ol'-hoe. 'Sup, dick?

I wanted to interrupt you earlier but you seemed so on a roll I decided to see where you were goin' with it. Glad I did, 'cause there's a few things I wanna point out-
Steps up to- and puts an arm around -Bam, leading him down the hallway. Number one, Ma'am, I guess y'forgot ya put me through a table after my win at Relentless night 2. What jus' happened to you at the Masters Of Macabre Mastered By Macock pay per view, that's what we in the realm 'a logic refer to as revenge. So if you're sayin' you want revenge on me for gettin' revenge on YOU, well, you're an idiot.

Second, that there-

Jim gestures toward a custodian mopping the floor.

-that's Charlie Nickles, my BEST friend in the whole world. So, fuck with me and my X Title all ya want, just please don't fuck with Charlie Nickles. Y'wanna REALLY piss me off? Fuck with Charlie Nickles. He called you a dipshit before you got here too by the way. He said "If Bam Miller ever steps to me I'll beat the everliving shit outta that dipshit whore". I apologize, Charlie is a terrible person and hates women but he IS my best bud so I have to insist you leave him alone.

Do you hear me Bam?






And third, this is Arcana-

Jim gestures to his Pyromancer Sorceress G-F.

-she's got some pretty amazing powers. You're gonna love this one, she calls it the NK Special.

Much to Bam's bewilderment, Jim produces a packed parachute and slides it onto Bam's back, making sure to secure the restraining straps extra tight.

Make sure to pull the cord. Oh and tell everyone down at OCW, "TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!" ...Baby?


Bam appears ten thousand feet above OCW headquarters in free fall.

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