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Soft Deadline You don’t mean shit to me, let it bleed!
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10-07-2021 08:24 PM

A few nights after the Saturday Savage card went up

Marf sits on the side of the bed. Their bed. Her bed before he came along. Damien and Reika were at some magic camp sleepover. Lycana was off, doing Lycana things somewhere. Possibly with the time travelling twat Betsy again. Whatever it was, it wasn’t with him. A lot of what she had done did not seem to include him lately. He sat alone on the bed thinking all about it. Their paths had intersected so abruptly in the beginning but now they seemed to be moving in slightly different directions.

Marf runs his meaty, rough hands through his short, shaggy hair while shifting and laying back on the bed. He stares up at the dark ceiling and let’s out a long sigh. The nights were much harder to sleep through without her beside him. He had struggled to get more than a handful of hours worth of sleep over the last few nights and it was starting to get to him. He had hoped tonight could be different due to his exhaustion but it wasn’t feeling like it. He shakes his head slowly and closes his eyes.

Hope you’re safe, wherever the hell you are…

Marf presses his hands to his head as if he’s trying to remove the annoying thoughts swimming around in his mind. Thoughts of her no longer wanting anything to do with him. Thoughts of her giving up on everything they had worked so hard to achieve together. Thoughts of her taking his undeniable loyalty and placing it in the fucking trash. He tried to convince himself of simply being far too over dramatic but the thoughts buzzed around his brain like angry wasps on a muggy September day. He whips his head back and forth trying to be rid of all this nonsense.

…why? Why is this happening?

Marf tosses and turns for a moment and then rolls off the bed and hits the floor. Marf starts to get back to his knees before stopping and looking around slowly. The floor of the room was covered in short, dew-soaked grass. The walls and ceiling were gone, replaced by the dark, night sky. The bed was now a large oak tree. The rest of the furniture was long gone and all Marf could spot were tombstones sprinkled amongst the grass. He had somehow fallen into a graveyard.

Oh great, this looks pleasant!

Marf slowly gets to his feet and looks around the creepy graveyard. A strange rustling noise breaks the silence and Marf immediately makes his way over to the source. He approaches an unmarked grave and jumps back as an arm shoots out of the dirt. Marf watches in confusion as a person climbs their way out of dirt. The earth covered man looks at Marf and growls, baring a pair of nasty fangs. Marf draws back slowly as the undead monster lunges towards him.

Willow: Marfy! Look out!

Marf ducks and rolls as the beast just misses him. Marf looks over to the oak tree and Willow tosses him a sharp, wooden stake. Marf turns back and the vampire comes running at him once more. Marf spins and then stabs the stake perfectly into the chest of the monster. It cries out with an awful howl before turning to dust and blowing away. Marf looks at the wooden stake and himself and then back over to the tree where Willow and Xander both pop out from behind.

Thanks guys!

Xander: Thank Willow for the big save. I was more of the big supervisor. But yeah, go team!

Willow: You did all the work Marfy. We just, ya know, show up for morale support.

Don’t be so modest! Team effort guys!

But deep down Marfy knew, only his powers as the Slayer kept them all alive. Without him, this town would have been overrun by the vampires long ago. That did not mean he didn’t appreciate the support of his friends. They made a pretty solid Scoobi gang in these strange times. He was going to need all the support he could get if Marfy was going to be able to defeat the master of the vampires, Vita. The big bad, as his friends liked to refer to her as.

Xander: So what next? Where do we find the big bad?

Willow: We need to find the nest!

Something tells me we’re not far. We need to go check out that crypt in the middle of the graveyard.

The three of them join up and begin making their way towards the conveniently large crypt now sitting a few dozen yards away. As they near the entrance, the door bursts open and three nasty looking vampires come marching out to attack them. Xander and Willow back off while Marfy goes to work, fighting off the three, fanged demons. He hits a jumping spin kick to knock down one of the beasts. The other two grab his arms and Marfy uses his strength to swing them into one another. One falls down while the other stumbles back into Marfy as he stakes it, dusting the vile creature of the night.

Marfy turns and the first vampire slams a tombstone into his head, knocking him to the ground. The other vampire grabs hold of Marfy’s arms and keeps him pinned to the ground. He tries to struggle free as Xander and Willow hide behind an old cypress tree and blow on an odd sounding whistle they brought. The standing vampire grabs hold of the wooden stake and looks at the trapped Marfy with a smile. Suddenly two powerful hands reach from behind the vampire and pulls the stake into the beast’s chest. It turns to dust and standing behind is a smirking Angel.

Angel: Sorry I’m late!

The last vampire let’s go of Marfy and attacks Angel. They grapple for a moment until Marfy hops up and stakes the monster in the back, killing it and turning it to dust. Willow and Xander scuttle over to stand with their friends. Everyone seems to be looking at Angel.

Xander: Angel, great, thanks for showing up.

Willow: Umm what he means is thanks for the help!

Angel: Don’t worry about it, we’re running out of time, Marfy. We need to get to the Master before it’s too late!

Marfy knows his friend don’t trust Angel because he’s a vampire as well but there was something about him that was different. Marfy knew the risk but trusted him anyway.

Lead the way…

Angel makes a beeline for the crypt in the middle of the graveyard and Marfy is quick to follow. Willow starts to go along but Xander hesitates.

Xander: Sorry can somebody please explain to me again why we’re trusting the vampire dude to help us beat the other vampire dudes?

Willow: Because Angel is on our side! He’s one of the good guys!

Xander: He has killed people in his lifetime, he’s hardly a good guy.

Stop it! We don’t have time for this! You can follow us and help defeat the master or you can go hide somewhere! I’m going in!

Marfy runs to catch up with Angel while Willow and Xander look at each other. They shrug and also follow Marfy towards the big crypt. The clouds break up and the full moon shines across the massive graveyard, illuminating a creepy scene. The four make their way to the giant crypt as we begin to fade out of this dream for now…

To be continued…

Speak up, you know what is up, code of silence, who set you up?
Some shit so wrong in this world, It's all fucked up, now you're gone.
Speak up, you know what went on, how could you let it go?
It's murder you covered up,
Stained blood on your soul!

It's your day, it's your day, it's your day, it's your day...

Down on my knees, hands stretched to heaven above.
Christ this pain is hard to live with, don't fill my heart with love.
Engulf my heart with vengeance, you need to see our pain.
Don't fill this heart with love, the truth needs to be told.

You can't mask pain…my pain, our pain!

Sometime earlier in the day, before the dreams…

And of course we open up to the beautiful, albeit disheveled lately, face of our hero Marf. He shares a brief smirk before getting started.

Well how about that, Relentless was a helluva fun time I’d say! And yours truly, well he went out there and did exactly what he damn well said he’d do and beat silly little Talia’s ass. She came at me with her all and even I can admit she put up a great damn fight. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to put ole Marf down. I dropped the smart mouth bitch on her head as I promised. I walked away with the big victory on the biggest pay per view of the year. And the icing on the cake is I’m now the number one contender to the Super Continental title.

Marf turns and gives a sly smile into the camera now with a bit of a deranged look on his face.

Oh, hi Corey…

Marf takes a completely normal deep, slow breath and then closes his eyes and breathes out even slower. Maybe only a little on the creepy side.

Anyyyyyway! All that will come with time. But the time right now is centered around the upcoming Saturday night Savage. A Television title, makeover and all, standing before me. An opportunity to go up against the current television champion and test myself once again in this tough division. It’s so tough the title has changed hands about eighty times since I last held it at the start of this year. I managed to take it from Charlie and then defend it against Fatwood before getting stumped by that fuck Andre Dixon.

Marf stops and cocks his head mockingly for a second.

Whatever happened to that dude anyway?

He chuckles and goes back to normal.

Andre immediately dropped the Television title right after winning it and so did everyone else who held it after him. Just a sad parade of twits and twats grabbing at the belt for a split second but never able to defend it. That pathetic parade of pussies includes my opponent, current television champion, Vita Valenteen. No sooner did she win the belt she turned around and lost it to that ogre fuckhead Rampage. She somehow managed to snatch it right back from him but now has to defend against me.

Which means Vita, you will be once again dropping the television title right after winning it. I can’t wait to drop you on your undead head and rip the championship out of your rigor mortis grasp. You just barely slayed the beast known as Rampage only to step into the ring with the man that’s going to slay you, vampire girl. I’m sure you feel good about getting your vengeance but I’ve already got a victory over that giant Neanderthal so colour me unimpressed.

Marf shrugs as though he doesn’t really care.

Do you even realize what is coming for you? Lady of the god damn evening. I will step into that ring with you Vita, and I will do whatever it takes to put you down and take that Television title. Whether I need to stake your worm infested ass or just break all your limbs, I’m open to suggestions too. Either way, I will slam your carcass around that ring come Savage until you beg to crawl back into whatever moldy crypt you climbed out of. I’ll beat on you all night and then drag you outside in the morning for fun, just to see how crispy you get.

Marf feigns taking a deep whiff of something delicious cooking under his nose. He smiles with satisfaction before continuing.

If you’d like to prove you’re not just another one hit wonder in the Television division Vita, this is your big chance. Find a way to lay me to rest for a three count. Try to put a stop to my momentum. Try to stop the former Television champion from reclaiming his title. An opportunity several months in the making while you useless fucks played hot potato with the belt. What makes you think you can survive the tsunami of brutality I’m about to crash upon you, Vita? Dead or undead I am going to frickin’ rip you apart.

Your pale ass is the only thing in the way of me becoming a two time Television champion. If you think for a second I’m going to overlook you or take it easy, I’ll happily prove you wrong. Take a good look at what I did to Talia at Relentless. That is your soon to be future, Vita. So go ahead and pick whatever fucking stipulation you want. Absolutely nothing you select will prevent me from crushing your body as well as your soul. Enjoy these last few days of your underwhelming Television title run. It won’t be long now until I turn your shitty run to dust.

And with that Marf aggressively dusts off his hands while we fade out.

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