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bWo Sin After Sin 09/12/2021
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09-13-2021 06:23 PM

[Image: CD4-E48-C7-A280-49-D2-876-F-9-DE6-B169-BD89.png]


Bama T: "A fool and his money baby! Let's get to the action!"

Centurion - vs - Shorty The Shocker - Muscle Midget - BABY GRAVY
One CD RP Unlimited Words

This isn’t much of a match from the offset! The three mini’s gang up and Centurion, but Cent is like a giant to these men and as so explodes out of the beatdown sending mini’s flying all over the ring. Before Centurion can capitalize Mini Morbid and the Hellions hit the ring as a full-scale mini brawl breaks out in the middle of this match! Centurion looks around in disgust before exiting the ring and heading to the back as the mini's continue to brawl until only MORBID MINI stands in the ring!

Tommy Slavino: "Looks like our opening contest has been thrown out due to excessive interference!"

Bama T: "Does that count as a loss for Centurion!? It damn sure isn't a win baby!"

Winner - NO CONTEST!

Tommy Slavino: "No, it isn't, and this match may have just cost Centurion on his quest to capture the bWo title!"

Bama T: "It's a fool's quest anyway, baby!"


The following was pre-recorded and approved by Theo Pryce. The scenery fades in to show Tara Fenix sitting at a table with a logo at the bottom-right of your screen; she is wearing a pair of sunglasses, and a plain black shirt with a fitted faux leather jacket over it, with her hands folded together on top of the table. On top of the table is a plaque with her name, along with several logos representing the number of companies that she is currently employed at, as well as the same logo in the bottom-right of the screen sitting above all of them.

TARA FENIX: Good evening, everyone! It is my absolute pleasure to announce to you, and to announce to the world, that this October there will be an event taking place… hosted by… yours truly.

Tara gives a small gesture as if to present herself.

TARA FENIX: It sparked as an idea to celebrate my birthday on October 30, but grew into something that has been taking the industry by storm. I have reserved a cruise ship to take us on a voyage for THREE DAYS, and THREE NIGHTS through the Caribbean while there will also be WRESTLING and other forms of entertainment on board! All of the proceeds from the cruise will go to a good cause, and I will be booking a number of matches in which I will let the winners of each match decide which approved charity is going to receive a lump sum of cash.

TARA FENIX: The event begins on my birthday… OCTOBER 30, and will run October 31… we will be having a costume party to celebrate Halloween! Be sure you bring your costumes with you! And the final night will be November 01. To any competitor in the industry: you are more than welcome to bring your dream matches to me, and I will give you the stage to finally get your hands on whoever it is you want to! If you do not have anyone in particular you want to fight, but would still love to compete, then you just have to get in touch with myself or my agent, and we will do our best to accommodate you. To the fans: tickets are selling out quite fast, but don’t fret… There will be local contests to get remaining seats that will include packages of meet and greet with a number of your favorite stars.[/color]

TARA FENIX: The main event will consist of a five-on-five elimination tag match which will set the team created by James Raven to take on a team created by Atara Themis! There are still spots open for your own matches if you would like to participate! So what we’re looking forward to is three days and nights of fun, adventures, comedy shows, live music, exquisite cuisine, and of course: WRESTLING. Get your tickets before they sell out! And I look forward to seeing all of you on board! Especially you Theo Pryce. Bon voyage![/color]

The commercial fades into a final image.


*Only one team will be selected. DM for details if you have any questions.

Tommy Slavino: "Up next, Who will answer the challenge of the bastards!"

Bama T: "The question is, will the challengers come from XWF, OCW, bWo, or somewhere else entirely!?"

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles. Bobby relinquishes his pose and motions for the microphone. The ring announcer tosses the microphone to Bobby, who in turn, hot potatoes it over to TK.

HA HA!! Can you believe this horse shit, Bobby? Open fucking challenge! Anyone could have gotten in the ring with us and not one goddamn “team” even showed up.

What can I say, TK? They’re all scared. For fucks sake, Betsy still hasn’t named her teammate for Relentless. Where’s the hustle?

Nah, she’s hustling the fans out of a great match by scraping the bottom of the barrel for a partner. I mean, Christ’s dining room table! If she hasn't named said person, this late into the promotion, that means literally no one has taken her up on the offer. Goddamn, Raven’s probably off fucking his sock puppet’s ego somewhere, Noah Jackson was hit by a car, so, there goes that, Jackson Hart hit’s like a bitch in XWF, Main and Ceadus already have shit to do. Literally, no one in this fucking company, or any for that fucking matter, has what it takes to take these!

Them No Good Bastards hold up their XWF Tag Team Championships with pride. Then they lift up their OCW Tag Team Championships with their other arms. The crowd eats up Them No Good bastards posturing. They put down their belts and Bobby begins speaking to the crowd once more.

Now, we do apologize to the BWO fans, who came out here tonight.

Yeah, it’s not our fault we work with a bunch of soft-ass pussies. Our fucking bad, man.

The crowd begins booing XWF’s tag team divisions' effort and drive. TK motioning his hand reigning in the boos, because he's with them on this.

You will be rewarded, however! We may be Some No Good Bastards but we’re not in the market of screwing over fans like you. Oh-No! Not our style.

TK leans in and says, Can I tell’em?

Sure, TK.

Look under your seats, go the fuck on, do it!

The camera pans around ringside. People are now finding an envelope duct-taped to their chairs.

Everyone in the bleachers' seats is getting those too, don't worry! Those are tickets to XWF’s Relentless night one tickets!

That’s right mother fuckers! You’re all going to Relentless! Soldier Field! Pro BOB crowd! The Cry of the CIty will be the cry of fucking joy! As we triumph over Legacy's queen and reject number 22.

Everyone, go out, and thank Ozzy for the tickets!

He’s the fucking man!

TK and Bobby both have cheese-eating grins plastered on their faces, they clink their XWF tag titles together, before placing them over their OCW titles.

But don’t tell’em we sent ya. He'll probably think it's some kind of clerical error or something. Anyway, enjoy Relentless and the rest of this evening's events, Them No Good Bastards, out.

Them No Good Bastards’ music hits and they pose for the crowd again, waving goodbye to the great BWO crowd. The crowd is going wild for TNGB. TNGB, themselves, know that no team will interfere with them because they’re the hottest, most god-gifted, talents the tag team division has ever seen, as they strut confidently to the back.

Tommy Slavino: "I've got to say that I'm shocked that NOBODY in the wrestling world was willing to accept this open challenge!"

Bama T: "Me too baby! I can't believe that after a year, these fools have finally figured out that they need to stay the hell out of BOBs way unless they want a free hospital stay!"

One CD RP Unlimited Words

Tommy Slavino: "At Scorch the Earth, Juni and Doctor Spleenripper had a heated confrontation! Tonight, they look to settle their differences in BLOODY, GORY, NASTY!"

Bama T: "That's right baby! The object of tonight's contest is for one of these two fine ass honey's to get the other one all wet baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Um, yes, but the liquid in question ISN'T water!"

Danny Lome walks Juni! to the ring, keeping her tamed on a leash and collar. He unhooks the leash and quickly gets out of the ring as Juni! takes a swipe at him.

Bama T: "WHOA! She nearly took his head off! I wouldn't want to be Doctor Spleenripper tonight, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Doctor Spleenripper's rumored association with Atara Themis is to blame for what's about to happen here tonight!"

The arena lights dim to red in time with music and the crowd immediately showers the ramp with boos and catcalls. The stadium strobes red and white while the stage fills with red smoke and at the first "Body & Blood" Doctor Spleenripper struts out, hands on her hips. Pausing on the ramp, she gives the crowd the once over and licks glistening crimson lips eyeing the ring.

Smug grin on her face, Doctor Spleenripper makes the throat slice gesture at her throat, and immediately the arena sprinkler system showers the crowd with fake blood while she finishes her descent to the ring.

Bama T: "These fans are LOVING what what their seeing Tommy!"

Tommy Slavino: " Yeah, well they shouldn't be! I for one am hoping to see the Doctor get formally embarrassed tonight!"

Referee James Sampson struggles to keep JUNI contained in her corner as Dr. Spleenripper readies herself in the opposite.

Tommy Slavino: " This match is about to get underway in just a moment. Bama, how badly are you predicting Doctor Spleenrippers injuries are after tonight? I'm guessing she get's hurt so badly that Atara Themis feels it!"

Spleenripper has a focused look as she refuses to take her eyes off of Juni.

Bama T: "I'm saying Doctor Spleenripper takes it in the opening moments baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Are you kidding me!? How, praytell, do you think she's going to counter the sheer savagery of JUNI!?!"

Sampson finding himself unable to contain Juni any longer, moves the fuck out of the way and calls for the bell!


JUNI rushes out of the corner and straight for Doctor Spleenripper, who waits patiently in the corner as JUNI rushes in only to catch her by surprise with The Vasectomy!

Tommy Slavino: "OOHHH! A cheap shot by The Doctor prolongs her fate, but it won't change the outcome! We've been going through a lot of Juni tape lately, and there's no denying the fact that she is one of the most resilant wrestlers on the bWo roster!"

JUNI stumbles back from the kick to the box, but it only serves as a momentary distraction as JUNI lets off a wild scream and runds in again! Doctor Spleenripper tries for The Vasectomy again, but JUNI catches the leg with a big smile she wags her finger and says "NO! NO! NO!" but before she can capitalize, she catches a thumb to the eye!

Bama T: "Oh! That Eye Exam looked painful, baby!"

Doctor Spleenripper comes to life, firing out of the corner and grabbing JUNI up into her arms before bringing her midsection down hard across her knee!

Bama T: "The Spleen Ripper, baby!"

Danny Lome is beside himself! He jumps up on the apron and tries to enter the ring, but Doctor Spleenripper is on him already as he steps through the ropes and catches a thumb to the eye! Danny stumbles around the ring blinded, right into THE VASECTOMY!!! Doctor Speenripper grabs Lome by thelittle bit of hair he has in the back and tosses him back out of the ring!

Tommy Slavino: "What is that! Danny Lome isn't in this fight! She had no reason laying hands on him!"

Bama T: "Hey Tommy, he entered the Warzone, baby! He knew what he was asking for!"

Tommy Slavino: "What is up with you tonight Bama!?"

Doctor Spleenripper dumps Juni out of the ring where she falls hard on her head!

Tommy Slavino: “JUNI is out of it! I… I don’t know what’s happening! I don’t think that we’ve ever seen Juni take a beating like this!”

Doctor Spleenripper drags Juni towards one of the vats of blood and lifts her up by the waist, looking for a German suplex!

Bama T: “This could be it! All she has to do is throw her into the blood to take this one home, baby!

Atara snaps back, but Juni locks her leg around DSP’s! Juni connects with a hard elbow to the side of Spleenrippers head, causing her grip to loosen. Juni slips out and runs towards The Doctor!


Somehow, Juni lands on her feet, balancing on the rim of the vat of blood! Doctor Spleenripper swipes at Juni’s feet, but she jumps up, avoiding the attack, and fires off with a quick kick to the chin that staggers Doctor Spleenripper.


Juni looks to be lining up a flying attack on Doctor Spleenripper when suddenly a figure emerges from the blood and grabs hold of her! Juni looks terrified just before she is snatched down into the blood! Lome runs over yelling into the blood for Juni as James Sampson calls for the bell!


Winner by bloodening - DOCTOR SPLEENRIPPER!

Bama T: “Hell yeah baby! That’s EXACTLY what I wanted to see!”

Tommy Slavino: “Okay Bama, what’s the deal here!? You know BOB is at odds of Atty!”

Bama T: “Yeah sure baby, but that isn’t Atty, it’s Doctor Spleenripper, and she just had a hell of an impressive showing here tonight baby!”

Lome continues yelling into the vat of blood to no avail before finally climbing into the vat himself only to find it empty!

Tommy Slavino: “Just who was that, that pulled Juni into the blood, and where in the hell did they go!?”

Bama T: “No idea baby, but it’s wrestling, so you know, she could be anywhere!”


The camera opens to Big D standing in a dark room in an undisclosed location, bWo World Title slung over his shoulder.

"The time is nigh, Fury. You can feel it in the air. Relentless is fastly approaching and yet, THIS is the big night. THIS is the match everyone has been waiting for. THIS is my opportunity to shut you up once and for all! I've been quiet, ohhhhhhhh, I've been keeping my distance and letting you stew. I didn't NEED to say anything..............."

D holds his Title up.

"This says it all! Your desperate attempt to discredit my reign and sweep it out from under my feet, tells me all I need to know. You're scared. You're intimidated. And not just of me, but XWF as a whole. BOB's been scared for a long time, now, as you're finally starting to see just how beatable you are! You saw it when Lycana rolled up Page, you saw it Wednesday night when Betsy pinned one of your Champions, and you're about to see it TONIGHT!"

"Have you forgotten who one of BOB's original recruits was? Do you not remember one of the FIRST people Graves went around asking to join?! Well, if not, allow me to remind you: IT WAS ME!!!!! Now, you can argue you guys were desperate back then, which you were, I won't deny it; but that doesn't change the fact that Big D could've been BOB before being BOB was 'cool.' But I'm not a sellout. I ain't a bastard, and my name doesn't have Bob in it."

"Do you know why I'm here? It's not because I HAVE to be, I can tell you that! I've already got your belt, just because you THINK I have to defend it doesn't mean I ACTUALLY do. But I've got a point to prove. I gotta show you, and the rest of your flock, that the XWF will NOT be bullied! That you can't just walk into one of our shows and take it over as your own! I'm here to stomp all over your turf and claim it as MY own!!! I'm gonna end, not only Miss Fury, but BOB as a whole! And it all starts by walking into enemy territory and taking out the leader as her inferiors look on, helplessly. If you think you've experienced hell before, you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!!!"

Big D exits camera right as the scene fades to black.



An old man suddenly appears from behind the curtains to the stage. Microphone in hand he begins his ramblings.

"You know I’ve been doing this shit for over three decades. What is this MUD SHOW WRESTLING BULLSHIT? I love this great sport and I really hate to see it tarnished this way. My god these kids are so sloppy and they can never seem to understand what the pioneers of this great sport has done for them. Can any of you kids even name a wrestler that has come before you? A true pioneer in the world of professional wrestling. No? Well then I’ll tell ya something. AH HAHAHAHA!!!!!! My name is Bo Hawkings and I’m here to show all of you kids what a man with thirty-five years of experience can do.”

Bo slowly towards the ring. Like really slow! Picture a snail and a turtle racing and that’s what you get.

5 Minutes Later

Finally after getting to the ring. He continues to ramble on.

“ Now, now. I’m about to prove to you little millennial twats; that a man of my age and experience is a very hot commodity these days. I mean just look at me. I'm so buff.”

Bo starts undressing, reminiscent of a Ric Flair temper tantrum (let's face it that’s exactly what it is) to reveal what he calls buff..It isn’t though,it’s a beer gut from hell. But he continues to flex his flabby arms and chest much to the crowd's horror.

“ I’ve done shows all across the good ol US of A and quite frankly I’m a little underwhelmed at how the state of professional wrestling is. How can any of you sheeple even understand what these mud show clowns are even doing? Oh Jesus Christ. Let's just look at this roster. Who are even half of these people? There’s no pure wrestling talent and I’ve come here to this dump, to prove that wrestling can be great again.”

As the crowd boos the vein in his forehead starts to appear and his face turns blood red.

“ Goddammit you damn sheeple! I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I don’t know why I’ve been forced to come to this shit show. There’s no good talent, everyones sloppy, and to boot I can’t seem to find anyone on my level; because again I’ll tell you time and time again I’ve been doing this for three decades I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!”

The crowd is starting to get restless. Just hoping that somebody will shut this moron up.

Bo keeps going.

“ There isn’t a single person in that back that can even compare to me. I’ve got more skill in what's left of my right foot than these goddamned mud show wrestling wannabes, but that’s a story for another day. God I just wish that there was just even someone that could even hang with good ol Bo Hawkings. However there isn’t a man, woman, or anything that can hang with me. If any of you think differently. Well I’m standing right here!

Crowd starts chanting.

Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!
Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!
Clap! Clap! Clap clap clap!

“ I don’t know why you guys are yelling at me. All I’m trying to do is my job. My job is to show up day after day and show why I am still good at what I do.”

Bo takes the mic away from his face as his eyes begin to water. He starts muttering things under his breath.



Johnny Miami casually walks to the ring as Bo Hawkings paces the ring muttering to himself and looking a strange combination of frightenedly pissed off!

Tommy Slavino: “Jesus Christ Bama, lay off the coke!”

Miami casually rolls into the ring, hands in pockets, and straight to his feet. He walks up, standing toe to toe with Bo Hawking’s who continues to shy away as Miami slowly pushes forward.

Bama T: “For all the damned talk about how better this clown THINKS he is, he sure is looking pretty damned yella right now baby!”

With the crowd chanting his name, Johnny Miami throws a series of weak play kicks at Bo Hawkings legs. These kicks devastate Bo who immediately drops to the mat and begins to frantically roll around the canvas selling the shin kicks like they came from Jean Claude Van Damme in Kickboxer. You know, after he made his shins tough by kicking trees and was able to kick through a solid 3x3 pillar of cement?

Johnny Miami can’t help but to laugh at the ridiculous sight before him as Bo rolls out of the ring and wobbles back up the ramp muttering to himself with an evil scowl!

Tommy Slavino: “Well that was… Something!”

Bama T: “Bo Hawkings! I’m sure he’ll become a standout in the XWF baby!”

[Image: FURYvsD.png]
One 500 word or less promo segment for the show

We cut to the ring where we see the Cell being lowered from the ceiling as the fans begin to cheer.

Tommy Slavino: "Well, folks, as you can see, they're lowering the Cell, which means it's time for our Main Event!"

Bama T: "That's right, baby, we're just moments away from seeing Miss Fury take back what's her: the bWo World Heavyweight Championship!"

Tommy Slavino: "I certainly hope so, Bama! Not-so-Big D stole it after pretending to win a match, unofficially, I might add."

Bama T: "Baby, that's the ONLY way The Man Called Dung can 'win' Championships! Remember when he handed himself the Title back before it became a part of the glorious BOB organization?!"

Tommy Slavino: "Unfortunately, I do!"

The lights go out, shrouding the arena in complete darkness as Big D's theme starts to play, sending the crowd into a chorus of boos.

Bama T: "Listen to THAT, baby! They hate him, they really hate him!!!"

A variety of different colored searchlights in the shape of a 'D' look around the arena, searching for the self proclaimed Champion. Eventually, they converge at the top of the Cell, where we see the Man Called D standing with the bWo Championship slung over his shoulder. Despite it being a hot BOB crowd, a couple fans can't help but cheer the sheer awesomeness of seeing Big D atop the steel structure.

Tommy Slavino: "Listen to those traitors!"

Bama T: "Baby, WHAT traitors?!? All I hear is the sound of sweet boosic!"

Big D stands atop the fencing, taking in the pure hatred towards him for a moment before raising the Title high above his head. This only garners more boos, an almost unprecedented amount for ANY pro wrestling event in history.

Tommy Slavino: "Have you ever seen a wrestler more hated than Big D is here tonight?"

Bama T: "No, baby, I can't say I have! These fans know who the REAL Champion is and, baby, they're not gonna give the fake one an ounce of respect!"

The Man Called D takes "his" Title and walks over to the side of the Cell, where he begins climbing down. As he does so, the crowd hurls their soda, beer, and half-eaten hot dogs at him.

Tommy Slavino: "Come on, guys, not the beer! How else are you gonna get through this match?!"

Bama T: "By focusing on the beauty that is Miss Fury, baby! If anyone can make a Big D match worth watching, it's her!!!"

Despite almost slipping on the, now wet, chain link multiple times, Big D makes it safely to ringside, where he's pelted with more concessions. He doesn't let the rowdy crowd break his focus, though(even when a tomato connects perfectly with his cheek), instead continuing over to the door of the Cell. The referee opens it for him and he, very anxiously, enters the structure.

Tommy Slavino: "This is exactly why Miss Fury called for a Hell in a Cell.................. to protect Big D from her fans!"

Bama T: "Our Champion is so generous, Slav; Big Doofus should be kissing her feet!"

Big D slides into the ring and poses with the belt, once more, as his music cuts off.

We cut to a close-up shot of Miss Fury's serious glare. The camera slowly pulls away to reveal that she's standing just behind the curtain in the Gorilla position.

"Tonight I enter this match without my championship, but not because I lost it, but because it was stolen! It was stolen, and when it was, the XWF cheered! They cheered because what they thought that they saw was retribution! Finally, the rules had been twisted to MY disadvantage, and every one of them thought it was exactly what I deserved!"

Fury thinks on it for a moment before nodding in agreement.

"Maybe so, and I can accept that, but Big D, ask yourself, are you ready to accept the consequences of your actions as quickly as I have mine? Because stealing from BOB is not a crime that can be allowed to go unpunished, and tonight, you WILL pay for your sins in that ring one pound of flesh at a time! So again, are you ready to accept the consequences? Because ready or not..."


The audience goes crazy at the mere sound of Miss Fury's theme, and as she storms out to the stage and down the ramp, they get even louder, giving her what could easily be the biggest pop of her career!

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury has arrived and this crowd has lost their mind!"

Bama T: "Now THAT'S a reaction, baby!!!!!"

Miss Fury charges down the ramp, but about halfway she takes pause to acknowledge the overwhelmingly positive reaction from the bWo faithful!

Tommy Slavino: "She is just glowing with confidence, Bama!"

Bama T: "And why shouldn't she be, baby? She had Big Dipshit beat well before the cattle decided to stampede!"

Tommy Slavino: "Absolutely! She, just like the rest of us, knows that belt belongs to HER, not the impostor standing in the middle of that ring!"

Bama T: "And, baby, tonight she's gonna remind him of that!"

Fury heads down the aisle, giving fives to the BOB faithful as she does so. Eventually, she makes it to ringside where she enters the Cell door and climbs up onto the apron. From there, she points in to Big D and the Title over his shoulder, which he holds up and motions for her to come get. She angrily enters the ring and stomps towards him, only for the referee to step in her way, receiving an earful from her AND the crowd for it.

Bama T: "Baby, get out of the way! Let her have him!!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "I'm with you, Bama, we've waited long enough, let's get it on!"

The referee insists Fury wait, before heading over and taking the Title from Big D. He holds it up in the air and offers it to each of them, with D refusing to touch it. Miss Fury, on the other hand, snatches it from the ref, having been forever since she last got to hold it. She cradles it close to her chest and closes her eyes............................... which proves to be a mistake, as Big D charges forward and drops her with a Clothesline from out of nowhere!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "I don't believe it! What a cheap shot!!!!"

Bama T: "And here I thought the XWFers were supposed to be the good guys! Baby, I guess I was wrong!"

The fans let Big D know exactly how they feel about his blatant cheating, as the referee picks up the belt Fury dropped and hands it to the ref outside the door. That ref takes it and locks the competitors inside, as the other one calls for the bell.


Big D brings Miss Fury to a vertical base, where he delivers a hard right that sends her back into the corner. He strikes her with a few more, following those up with multiple Elbows to the side of the head. D bends down and grabs the second rope, using the momentum from it to drive his shoulder into Miss Fury's gut over and over again.

Tommy Slavino: "Not exactly the start we were hoping for!"

Bama T: "No, baby, it's not; but if anyone can fight their way back from this, it's Miss Fury!"

The Man Called D backs away to the opposite corner, before charging forward and connecting with a Stinger Splash that nearly flattens Miss Fury between himself and the turnbuckles. D doesn't stop there, though, as he turns and heads back for the opposing corner before doing it again!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "I'm not sure Miss Fury can take another one of those!"

Big D retreats to the corner for a third time, where he waits a second before charging at his opponent for one last Splash. This time, however, Miss Fury is able to drop to the mat and roll out of the ring as D flies, helplessly, for the top turnbuckle. He smashes his face against it, stunning him, which allows Miss Fury to drag him, by the ankle, under the bottom rope and out of the ring.

Bama T: "Luckily she didn't have to, baby!!!"

Miss Fury goes to Irish Whip D into the side of the Cell, only for him to reverse it and send her into it, back first, instead. He goes to follow it up with the third Stinger Splash he missed before bit, once again, Fury is able to dodge it!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Did you see the way his face bounced off that steel fencing?! He could be knocked out!"

Miss Fury quickly grabs a chair from under the ring and uses it to smash Big D's head between it and the side of the Cage!

Bama T: "Ooooo, baby! If he wasn't before, he is NOW!!!"

D slowly slides down the side of the Cell, collapsing to the floor. Miss Fury wastes little time picking him up and rolling him back into the ring, immediately covering afterwards.




Bama T: "Baby, last I checked, that was a bWo ref! He needs to start counting like one, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "It DID seem a little slow, didn't it?

Miss Fury complains to the ref, who holds up two fingers, only for her to slap them away. She then turns back to her opponent and washes his face with the bottom of her boot, before running to the ropes and connecting with a Leg Drop on the way back. Fury lays across him for another cover.



D TOSSES FURY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

Bama T: "Baby, that was another slow count!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "No doubt about it! Maybe you should get in there and show the ref how it's done!"

Bama T: "I'd be more than happy to, baby!"

Big D tries to sit up, but Miss Fury puts him back down with a swift Kick to the back of the head. She then turns her attention back outside the ring, where she climbs through the ropes and begins searching under the ring for a weapon. Eventually, she comes back up with a trash can, with the lid inside it, which she tosses in the ring before going back under. This time, she comes out with a table, which she begins setting up on the outside. She starts by unfolding the legs on one side and flips it over, using the leg to hold up that side, and the ring apron to hold up the other.

Tommy Slavino: "You knew BOB was gonna put a few goodies under the ring in anticipation of this one!"

Miss Fury rolls back into the ring and gets up, only to have the trash can lid smashed over her head by a recovered Big D. The shot drops Fury to a knee, allowing D to set her up for a Powerbomb. He hoists her up and begins heading towards the side of the ring where the table is set up, receiving a roar of boos for his trouble.

Bama T: "That's not YOUR table, baby!"

As D goes to Powerbomb Fury over the top rope, she falls backwards and grabs onto the rope, hitting a Frankensteiner that sends him through the table instead!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Ha! Serves him right!!!"

Bama T: "Now THAT'S what I like to see, baby!"

The fans go crazy as Miss Fury climbs down off the apron and rolls Big D into the ring, following close behind for the cover.




Bama T: "Baby, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that's an undercover XWF ref in there!"

Tommy Slavino: "I'm beginning to suspect the same, Bama!"

A furious Miss Fury slaps the mat and argues with the referee some more, threatening to get him fired. He just shrugs, knowing he can get paid the same(if not MORE) to get yelled at by angry customers at a McDonalds. Fury turns her attention back to her opponent, giving him some room to get up while she slaps her elbow in anticipation of her next move.

Tommy Slavino: "Could be looking for that Chris Page-esque Judas Effect!"

Bama T: "Good luck kicking out of this, baby! Crooked ref or not!!!"

Once D makes it to his feet, Miss Fury spins and swings her Elbow at him but he ducks under it! Upon doing a full 360, Fury finds herself in Big D's arms, before getting tossed over his head for a textbook Belly to Belly Suplex that sends her flying across the ring. Unfortunately for D, he's unable to follow it up immediately.

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury's already taken alot out of the fake Champion, he can barely get up!"

Bama T: "Baby, I don't even think he meant to dodge her shot! Pretty sure he passed out and came to on the way down!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "Well, they say it's better to be lucky than good; and, considering D isn't good, all he has is luck!"

Big D works his way to his feet, but Miss Fury's already made it to her's! She goes for the Judas Effect, again, only for D to take a step backwards, grab her from behind, and hit a Dan Slam out of nowhere!!!!!! Despite taking quite a beating already, he's still able to keep a hand across Fury's chest for the cover.



THRE---SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury just kicked out of Big D's finishing move!!!"

Bama T: "Ain't much of a finisher then, baby!"

The fans pop at the sight of Miss Fury's arm in the air and continue to stay loud as D drags his opponent to her feet. He Whips Fury into the corner and runs towards her with a Clothesline, only to eat a boot in the face! He backs up, nearly tripping on the trash can behind him, as Miss Fury perches herself up on the top rope. D runs back towards her and catches an attempted second boot, flinging it over the top rope and Elbowing Fury in the face. The shot dazes her, allowing Big D to climb out onto the apron and up to the top. There, he reaches around her waist and lifts her up into the air. She tries to fight it, but the Man Called D is too strong and is able to connect with a Dan Slam off the top rope, onto the trash can!!!!!!!! To the joy of everyone in attendance, the move takes too much out of D to make an immediate cover.

Tommy Slavino: "I'm not so sure that one didn't finish it, Bama."

Bama T: "A weak finish off the top rope is just a weak finish off the top rope, baby! Add a trash can to it, and it stinks twice as much!!!"

Big D winces as he crawls over to Miss Fury, who's shoulders are prevented from being on the mat thanks to the flattened can. This forces D to roll her off of it before struggling to hook a leg, half-assed, for the pin.




Tommy Slavino: "I don't believe it! Miss Fury's kicked out of TWO Dan Slams!!!!!!"

Bama T: "Believe it, baby! She'll kick out of a hundred more if she has to, THAT'S how much the bWo Championship means to her!"

Big D bangs his head against the mat as the ref waits for him to complain. Rather than do that, he instead rolls Miss Fury onto her stomach and locks in the Big D Face Cruncher!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "I don't know what's worse, Bama: the move itself or the name?!"

Bama T: "They're both pretty horrible, Slavino!"

Big D applies pressure, but Miss Fury uses his momentum to her advantage, flipping him over into a pin!!!!!



Big D rolls out of it, inching closer to the ropes, while keeping the submission hold applied! Miss Fury tries to pull them forward, but his sheer size and strength prevent her from doing much. Eventually, she tries to roll him into a pin again, but he sees it coming and manages to flip them back into position on the adjacent side of the ring. This brings them close enough to the ropes for Fury to grab onto the bottom one, despite the fact it won't force a break!

Bama T: "Baby, what the hell?!? Why isn't the ref forcing Big Dingleberry to break the hold????"

Tommy Slavino: "Another one of those times where Fury's Rules are coming back to bite her in the ass, Bama!"

Big D continues to pull back on Miss Fury's neck as she tries to find a quick out. She somehow is able to slip her arm from between D's legs, and use it to wrap around the bottom rope with the other one. Despite losing his opponent's leg, Big D refuses to let go of her head, forcing her to find another way out. She uses all the strength she can muster to pull them both over the bottom rope and out to the floor, but it STILL doesn't cause Big D to let go!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "The good news is, she can't submit outside of the ring............... not that she would inside it!"

With D having less leverage, Miss Fury is able to get to her feet, bringing him with her while still barely managing to hold on. She then charges towards the corner of the Cell and dips down, suddenly, launching Big D, face first, into the ring post!!!!!

Bama T: "Ooooooo, baby, what a counter!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "You said it, Bama! Miss Fury showing us she's got just as much brains as she does beauty!"

Bama T: "She's gotta be a genius, then!!!"

Miss Fury lays out flat on her stomach as the camera gets a good shot of a likely concussed Big D leaning against the Cage, blood oozing all over his running face paint.

Tommy Slavino: "I'd say it's a sick sight, but it's actually quite delightful!"

Bama T: "I was thinking the same thing, baby!"

The two of them struggle to move, with D turning over and resting his face up against the chain link as Miss Fury tries to pull herself to her feet with the ring skirt. She eventually succeeds, approaching her opponent and Kneeing him in the back of his head, smashing it against the Cell in the process. Fury then proceeds to Kick D over and over again, before grinding his face against the fencing like a cheese grater. She finally lets him drop to the floor, leaving a massive bloodstain dripping all over the Cage.

Bama T: "Baby, he's lost so much blood, he may never get an erection again!!!"

Tommy Slavino: ".................................."

Miss Fury pulls D to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Rather than follow him, though, she instead begins looking under the ring some more. Eventually, she comes back up with an elbow pad that appears to be wrapped in some kind of wiring.

Tommy Slavino: "It's a barbed wire elbow pad!!!!!"

Miss Fury carefully puts it on and climbs up onto the apron before ascending the turnbuckles all the way to the top. Once there, she holds steady for a moment, pointing all over the arena while each section cheers as she points to them. Upon finishing, she jumps off the top rope, her loaded Elbow aimed right at Big D's face.....................................

..............................only for him to move out of the way!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Dammit!"

The Man Called D stumbles to his feet and wraps his arms around Miss Fury's waist, delivering a German Suplex in the process. He doesn't let go, though, instead choosing to keep his fingers locked and deliver another one!

Bama T: "Dammit!"

Upon connecting with that one, Big D brings Miss Fury back to her feet for a third. However, as he tries to toss her over his head, Miss Fury is able to Kick backwards and connect with a Low Blow that distracts D long enough to drop him with a barbed wire Judas Effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino(simultaneously): "YES!!!"

Bama T(simultaneously): "YES!!!"

Miss Fury hits the mat the moment Big D does, allowing her to immediately roll him onto his back and hook both legs for the cover.





Tommy Slavino: "What the hell??? How on earth did he kick out of THAT?!?!!"

Bama T: "He's cheating, baby, just like the chickenshit he is!!!!!!"

Miss Fury immediately sits up, flips D onto his stomach, and digs the barbed wire into his lower back. Big D screams as she continues to grind it across his spine, causing blood to trickle out of the tiny holes left behind. Fury begins to go crazy, Elbowing him over and over again, before getting up and smacking the bent up trash can across his lower body.

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury is fired up and this crowd is going crazy!"

Bama T: "I think we're having an earthquake, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "That's just the fans, Bama."

Miss Fury wipes the sweat from her face before bending down and working Big D into an Octopus Stretch!

Tommy Slavino: "Black Widow!!!!! Big D's gonna have no choice but to tap!"

Miss Fury stretches Big D to unimaginable proportions, but the XWFer refuses to quit. He tries to crawl towards the rope, but Fury leans back enough that he's prevented from going anywhere.

Bama T: "Tap, baby, tap!"

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury is moments away from getting her Title back!"

Big D cries out, feeling his shoulder being separated from the rest of his body, as blood pours down his face. He tries to roll backwards in order to pin Fury as she had done to him, but she's smart enough to roll through it and trap him in the center as the crowd goes wild.

Bama T: "Baby, these fans are gonna blow the roof off this place!"

Tommy Slavino: "Imagine how they'll react once he gives up!"

In a last ditch effort, Big D slowly begins to work his way out of Miss Fury's grasp. He starts by slipping his arm out from under her leg, getting his head into a somewhat awkward position.

Bama T: "Baby, I never thought I'd say this, but Big D is one lucky man!"

Tommy Slavino: "Luck's what 'won' him the Title in the FIRST place, Bama!"

Rather than pleasure Miss Fury, Big D uses all the strength he can muster to pick his opponent up and Slam her down to the mat, forcing her to break the hold as the fans' cheers quickly shift to boos.

Tommy Slavino: "Gotta say, I share in the fans' sentiment, Bama."

Bama T: "Me too, baby, me too!"

Big D and Miss Fury manage to make it to their feet, simultaneously, with Fury swinging at D with another barbed-wire Judas Effect. The Man Called D ducks it and catches her with a surprise Belly to Belly that tosses her halfway across the ring. Upon connecting with the move, Big D rolls out of the ring and begins looking underneath it for something to finish his opponent off with.

Tommy Slavino: "And the coward's looking for a weapon!"

Bama T: "Doesn't surprise me, baby, he's gonna need a tank to keep Miss Fury down!"

Big D comes up from under the ring with a table, receiving more hate from the live crowd in the process. He slides it into the ring and follows close behind as Miss Fury slowly begins to stir. D pulls the legs out and sets the table up before turning around and getting a face full of Red Poison Mist!!!!!!!! He blindly turns and falls, chest first, into the top rope, slingshotting him back into Miss Fury's arms where she connects with a sloppy looking Dan Slam!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "Miss Fury hit the Dan Slam! She just drove Big D into the mat with his own move!!!!!"

Bama T: "And she did it alot better, baby!!!"

Miss Fury lands with an arm draped across D, causing the referee to drop down and count.





Tommy Slavino: "I don't believe it! Big D kicked out of his own finisher!!!!!"

Bama T: "Baby, I told you it was a shitty move! Miss Fury can't even win with it!!!!!"

An exhausted Fury rolls off D and out of the ring, where she drops to her knees and lifts up the ring skirt.

Bama T: "Find something to knock his head off, baby!"

Miss Fury doesn't seem satisfied with the selection, crawling over a bit until she eventually finds a container of lighter fluid and a book of matches.

Tommy Slavino: "Even better!"

Bama T: "These fans are going nuts, baby, and so am I!"

Miss Fury struggles to climb back in, but manages, getting up and heading over to the table. She starts squirting lighter fluid onto it, as Big D stumbles to his feet behind her. Fury is too busy covering the table in liquid to notice her opponent come up and grab her arms. She drops the bottle of lighter fluid as Big D spins her around and connects with an Unprettier!!!!

Tommy Slavino: "He calls that one the Big D Drop and he hasn't used it in years!"

Rather than cover his opponent, The Man Called D gets up and grabs the lighter fluid, using it to finish the job Fury started.

Bama T: "I don't like the looks of this, baby, not one bit!"

Tommy Slavino: "I don't either, Bama, but LOOK!!!!!"

Big D tosses the fluid aside and picks up the matches as everyone's focus turns towards the aisle...........................................................................​.WHERE MR. BoB IS MAKING HIS WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bama T: "Mr. BoB, baby!!!"

Tommy Slavino: "But how's he going to get in the Cell?!"

Big D doesn't see him right away, striking a match and setting the table on fire before turning and dragging Miss Fury to her feet. It's only at that point he sees Mr. BoB approaching the door, causing him to throw his hand up. Mr. BoB pays no mind to D, grabbing the sides of the door and ripping it off it's hinges as of it was nothing.

Bama T: "Do it to his head next, baby!"

Mr. BoB enters the Cage, causing Big D to toss Miss Fury aside and turn his attention towards the robot. BoB climbs up onto the apron and into the ring, where D greets him with a flurry of rights. Mr. BoB easily pushes him off and delivers a loaded uppercut to the gut as Big D comes back. The shot hunches him over, allowing Mr. BoB to hoist D up and Slam him through the flaming table with a RoBobby Bomb SO hard, he goes through the center of the ring, as well!!!!!!!!!!! The fans start a "HOLY SHIT" chant as D lays motionless in the crater.

Tommy Slavino: "Holy shit is right! Mr. BoB might've just killed Big D!!!!!"

Bama T: "I hope so, baby; he'd be doing us all a favor!"

Mr. BoB stares at the hole without emotion as Miss Fury crawls over and locks in the Black Widow on her lifeless opponent. The referee barely has to touch D's arm to know he's already out, causing him to call for the bell!!!!!!!!!

Winner and ONCE AGAIN bWo World Heavyweight Champion, MISS FURY!!!!!!!!"

Bama T: "Big D gave up! Big D gave up!!! Oh, baby, everything is right with the world, once more!"

Tommy Slavino: "What a match! Big D gave put up quite a fight but, in the end, the bWo World Championship is coming back home!!!"

The fans go crazy as the Cell begins to rise, Miss Fury climbing out of the hole and taking her Title from the referee. Confetti falls from the ceiling as other members of BOB run out to congratulate their stablemate, but the celebration doesn’t last long before Theo walks out onto the stage with a microphone.

Theo: “Congratulations Miss Fury, that was a hard-fought match, and it leaves these fans without question of why that bWo championship is so important. Now I say we keep this train rolling and we continue to search out the toughest competitors in the world to challenge YOU for that championship. So, after speaking with James J. Dylan, we both agreed that the next challenger for the bWo World title will be none other than DOCTOR SPLEENRIPPER, and that match will take place at our next Pay Per View event in October titled, HALLOWEEN HELL, live on HALLOWEEN NIGHT!”

Miss Fury doesn't seem too bothered by the announcement as she continues to celebrate her victory tonight.

Bama T: "Doctor Spleenripper has earned the right to challenge for the bWo championship! This is going to be a good one, baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "Are you kidding me!? Easy-peasy! Atara doesn't stand a chance! Miss Fury doesn't seem concerned at all!"

Suddenly the lights go out!

Tommy Slavino: "What the Hell!?"

Bama T: "It's the challenger! THE DOCTOR IS IN BABY!!!"

Fury begins ordering her henchmen around as they exit the ring and form a protective circle around the ring as Doctor Spleenrippers music continues to play! Fury stands alone in the center of the ring, looking all over for Doctor Spleenripper!

Tommy Slavino: "Come on out Doctor, it'll be the biggest mistake of your life!"

Suddenly Doctor Spleenripper appears out from the hole in the center of the ring and creeps up on Fury without her noticing!

Tommy Slavino: "FURY, BEHIND YOU!"

Fury can't hear Tommy's warning though, and cluelessly turns around, seeing Spleenripper and freezing from the shock! Doctor Spleenripper smiles before punt kicking Fury in the box so hard that she lifts 3 whole feet off of the ground!

Bama T: "Oh baby, that got my pussy bleeding!"

Fury crumbles to the mat with tears in her eyes as the other BOB's take notice of what is going on inside of the ring. As the BOB's slide in, Doctor Spleenripper escapes back into the hole in the ring! Herschel Kiss's big ass tries to give chase, but just as he is about to enter the hole, a fountain of blood geysars out of the center of the ring, showering everyone as far back as the tenth row in some sort of blood!

Tommy Slavino: "What in the hell is that!"

Bama T: "A hell of a deterrent baby!"

Tommy Slavino: "It's a sick sight in the ring, but we're out of time! Goodnight folks!"

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Big D

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