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Wednesday Warfare: Bi-Weekly Show Dorian Graves
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Drug addicts, rebels, weirdos

(the villain you love to hate; has cult following; may deal drugs on side)

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09-11-2021 08:52 PM


In-Ring Name: Dorian Graves

Wrestler's Real Name: Dorian Graves

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New

Wrestler Date of Birth: April 30, 2000

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 260 lbs.

Hometown: Hobb's End

Personality: Dorian is a werido plain and simple. He prefers a dark aesthetic and speaks cryptically at times. His focus is mentally unsettling his opponents and will go to any length to do so.

Looks Description: Long black hair, round sunglasses, dresses goth-punk both out of the ring and in-ring. He has a wiry frame, but is in good shape. Wears white contacts in-ring and loose black ring pants with “Graves” written vertically down each leg in dripping blood red letters with combat boots.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pic Base, if any: Jyrky 69

Strengths: Brawling and high-risk maneuvers. Dorian has no regard for his body.

Weaknesses: Technical wrestling and takes too many chances. Dorian is not classically trained and will do anything to put his opponent down; even to his own expense.

Entrance Theme Music: Black Celebration by Crematory

Special Entrance (if any): "The arena goes dark. Red and blacklight strobes flicker throughout the arena illuminating the darkness with garish shadows like the stuff of nightmares. As "Black Celebration" echoes through the arena, the tron awakens to life with bleeding letters spelling out "Dorian Graves". Behind the letters, black and white images of funerals, weird science experiments, and freak shows flicker. Dorian walks out of the gloom illuminated by the flickering lights and the images on the screen. Smoke rises around him further enhancing the surreality of the scene. He slowly makes his way to the ring paying little to no attention to the crowd around him. His face is a focused mask. He rolls under the bottom coming up on his knees. He slowly raises his arms in benediction as red sparks shower down around the ring and the lights slowly come up."

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Forearm smash, knee strike, superkick, leaping senton, lariat, top rope knee smash, dropkick, top rope drop kick, choke, oriental spike, spinning heel kick, uranagi, 450 splash, sit-out powerbomb, suicide drive, leaping corkscrew splash, mafia kick, claymore kick, shining wizard, spinning elbow smash, headbutt, choke, eye gouge, biting, scratching, flying headbutt, leg drop, elbow drop, top rope swanton bomb, top rope lariat, slingblade, impact DDT, tornado DDT, reverse DDT

Trademark Move(s): Possession
Description(s): Crossroads (reverse swinging DDT)

Finishing Move(s): Ressurection
Description(s): Dorian lifts his opponent into a reverse Razor's Edge position over his shoulders. He then drops them into a Diamond Cutter.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Breaking the cross-beam off a steel chair and driving it into opponents forehead, eyes, etc.

Additional notes: Dorian grew up hard. His hometown of Hobb's End was a weird place and the people there were even weirder. His father was abusive and the only solace Dorian had was the martial arts classes he took from a local dojo that he paid for through labor. He discovered the occult and wrestling at almost the same time in his early teens. He embraced both with gusto as they gave him a feeling of power he'd never had before. At 16, he ran away from home and made his way to New York City. He got involved in underground fights to make money and lost as often as he won. A local promoter found him at one of the fights and gave him a chance. His learning was sporadic, but he didn't care; he was living the life he'd always dreamed. All he cared about was winning so he could get paid and eat. XWF is his first real opportunity at stardom and will do anything to make it successful.
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