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9/11 Savage: Prideful & Shamefully Indifference.
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09-11-2021 08:49 PM

After the show went off the air, we see the THUGS in the stadium suites with some fans around them. As they sign autographs and the like, they decide to let the world know what’s on their minds after their hellacious tag team title match.

“Listen up world, we might not have won the titles. We might have lost a shot at being the ones to lead the tag team belts into the thug-a-nomics era. But we aren’t pressed about it, since we told these fans in this stadium what time it was.”

“Pretty much the truth we peached… I am not mad about it either, in fact I am proud to say we got our asses handed by the longest reigning tag team champions this company has produced in years. Bastards, I can say is that you both make us proud that you still run things here, even if you both talk too much shit for your own good. Also, TK… thanks for the recipe for them omelets, i’m gonna make some tonight in our motel.”

Tommy then laughs and signs off a female’s feet with a red marker, as JB speaks.

“We aren’t in the harsh mode either with Marf and Lycana, I know I know… we are sworn enemies in the ring, and maybe in the backstage… but you both brought your all also in this match. I can’t say we’ve seen you both push yourselves to the limit of what you are capable of. I know for me, I like that kinda shit from you both, and I wish you all the best for now… until we meet again, solo or as a team.”

“Hey JB, let’s just say we did our best in the match… I think this is our turning point for ourselves beyond… we might still be hated, but we take it… but hearing these fans chanting our names…”

Then a couple of the fans in the suite started chanting “FUCK THUGS” in a positive way, that made them smile.

“Makes my dick hard…yes homo… so at this point, we don’t need to be the champions of the division that knows we are too hardcore, too raw to market out to the shareholders and the like… we’ll forever be the THUGS of the people, and to the society.”

“We’ll stand tall and be proud no matter what is in our way, can y’all dig it…now, please fuck off before we stomp you and your camera on the floor.”

Then JB gets up from the chair to “threaten” the camera man, but laughs as the scene fades into the Savage Logo.
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