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09-10-2021 10:50 PM

"Bro... What a predictable disappointment you turned out to be. It's really fucking pathetic that I nailed exactly what you were going to say, damn near word for bloody word.

Whatever, guy. I'm not even going to bother wasting time putting you on blast because you've made it clear that you don't find me worth the effort. I'll show you just how much you'll live to regret that tomorrow night."

Betsy Granger runs her fingers through her thick blonde hair as she considers the camera.

"You're all bark and no bite, Evans, and I'm willing to bet that tomorrow night, I'll prove that you completely lack your manhood too. Another big guy thinking he can come up here and act like a bully; sit the fuck down, you uppity little bitch. This may have been your yard once, but I've pissed all over this piece; there isn't a place you can go where you won't find my scent.

The best you can hope to be is the loud dog barking in his yard as he pulls against his chain in a futile attempt to get at his would-be prey.

Come get me, big boy, but you should know that I'm much more than a pretty face."

She smirks as she runs a finger over the gilded chair she sits in. As the camera pans back a bit, one could almost accuse her of sitting atop a throne. She's dressed to the dimes in a tight, curve-hugging blue gown that's embroidered with glittering gems. A choker of diamonds rests around her neck, a scarf of blue material matching the gown trailing down her bare back.

"You want to come into this and hurt me, James? Big shock, I have all of BoB and several others outside of the XWF gunning for me, too. What makes you think you stand out from the rest of the names lining up for a shot at the Impossible Traveler?"

She rises from the chair regally, the sneer on her face matching the contempt dripping from every syllable.

"You pathetic piece of shit, I'll bet you can't even rise to the occasion when you pay the hooker down the road to snort coke off your perpetually shriveled dick.

You're as generic as they come and you should have stayed in the shadows of mediocrity where you could have maintained what little of your reputation that you have left. You might have been a burgeoning name in the halls of yesteryear; but when you enter the ring with me, you'll be staring into the face of the future.

Consider it a mercy that it's me pointing out the facts; there are others around here who wouldn't be so nice about it."

Sticking her hand in the camera, she ends the brief transmission.

FORMER [Image: 8pr1Az7.png]
[Image: 4kPKNss.gif]
[Image: 2WKryJ5.png]
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