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Wizard, The

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Kids, disabled people, casual fans

(fighting the odds; helps others; disliked by most adult male fans)

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09-08-2021 07:20 PM

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Released from Prison. Currently residing in Hell aka mentoring troubled teens.

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JimCaedus (09-09-2021)
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09-09-2021 07:17 AM

[Image: TqP5xRi.gif]

OH GOD!! OH GOD, Carl Jim exclaims!!

This wasn't out of the ordinary mind you, don't be stupid. This was happening on good ol' Earth-🜁🝂𝈥🜅 (which in English translates to "sofa-king, we Todd Ed") and was par for the course in this neck 'a the multiverse.

No, Carl Jim wasn't hollering outta shock, Carl Jim was hollering 'cause the penetration.

He KICKS OUT! and rolls slightly away. Considering the potassium packed musa beast before him (as well as the...well...the penetration he'd just experienced) Carl Jim responds to the words spoken before the pin. ...and the penetration.

[Image: TN2ZHD6.gif]

It'd been forever since a fruit mutant had shown Carl Jim a good time, he wasn't about to let this opportunity escape him. The two exchanged numbers, added eachother to their contacts and set a time.

Returning home to shower and shave his balls, Carl Jim then threw on his best set of exactly the same clothes and favorite "come hither" gaudy gold chain and headed down to the bar to have a drink and bask in the anticipation.

[Image: zz97W2s.gif]

Yes sir. It was gonna be a good evening.

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Shout out to Lycana for this kickass banner

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I fucking love you Dick Powers

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09-09-2021 09:40 AM


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