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And the highway is alive tonight, nobody’s fooling nobody as to where it goes
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09-03-2021 05:58 PM

He pulls his prayer book out of a sleepin' bag,
The preacher lights up a bud and takes a drag.
He's waitin' for the time when the "last shall be first, and the first shall be last"
In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass.
With a one-way ticket to the promised land,
With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand.
Lookin' for a pillow of solid rock,
Bathin' in the city's aqueducts.

Marf knew he was dreaming, but was enjoying it too much to worry. He was curled up with Lycana in a comfy hammock. They were in the backyard of their lake house, watching Reika and Damien skip rocks along the shoreline. For Marf, it was perfection. A house on the lake, surrounded by trees and beautiful nature. Marf frowns as he notices it getting dark. A large cloud began to cover the sun up but Marf raises an eyebrow and it quickly disappears, letting the sun shine down brightly. He looks back down towards the shore to continue watching Damien and Reika.

One day, this will be a reality...

Lycana opens her eyes to the sound of his voice and looks up at him.

What do you mean? This is our reality.

Marf shifts his gaze to her now.

No, not really. This is just a dream. A really great dream. We’re just here to enjoy.

Lycana sits up sharply while Marf looks at her in surprise.

And what do you think you know about dreams?

Marf frowns again and sits up beside Lycana. He looks at her closely and shakes his head.

Why would you ask me that? Why would you ask anything at all?

Lycana hops out of the hammock and shoves him back. Marf struggles to get up but Lycana holds him in place with surprising strength.

I will do as I please. And will watch your friends die...

Marf struggles to get free but feels frozen to the hammock at this point. He looks around and notices the sun is once again blocked out by dark clouds. A light snow begins to fall as a wind picks up and brings an immediate chill throughout the air. Lycana let’s go of Marf and turns to face the lake, which is rapidly freezing over. Marf can’t move and can only watch as Reika and Damien continue to obliviously skip rocks.

Who the hell are you? How are you controlling everything?

Marf strains enough that he begins to pull himself up from the hammock finally. The snow has thickened and with the wind getting stronger, a blizzard begins to swell around them all. A sudden surge brings a massive pile of snow to drop on top of Marf, burying him up to the neck as trapping him.

How about you shut up and watch!

Marf turns his attention towards a loud, cracking noise. The lake that is now frozen over breaks open as a huge beast rises from the cold water. The strange creature has the body of a polar bear but it’s head is hideous like a warthog. It towers dozens of feet over Damien and Reika who have fallen down and are screaming.


The giant monster from the frozen lake brings one of it’s paws down with a brutal ferocity. Damien shoves Reika out of the way before the school bus sized paw splatters him into nothing but crushed bones and red, wet flesh. Reika screams out unbearably loud before the beast grabs hold of her and squeezes, popping her tiny body into a mess of blood and guts. Marf hollers out in anger and agony while struggling to get out of the massive snow pile.

Should’ve paid more attention last time...did you this time?

Marf can’t answer as the snow is flying down at a blinding pace. He slowly sinks into the deepening snow pile until he’s completely buried alive. He tries to scream but can’t as everything goes dark. He tosses and turns in his sleep while trying to escape the nightmare.

The world jolted just for a moment, pulling Lycana from a deep sleep, leaving her hovering on the edge of consciousness. She floats, comfortable, relaxed, ready to let go and slip back as a noise slowly invades her awareness. She focuses on it as she feels sleepiness slipping away, her mind slowly wrapping around just what it was that had awoken her. Her eyes fly open, blinking back the blurriness as she reaches out, her hands hitting his sweaty, trembling flesh... His breathing sounding even harsher now that she was awake.


Her voice was rough with sleep, filled with concern as she scoots closer, leaning over to peer into his face, to see if he was awake or still locked in the embrace of the nightmare...

Marf! Are you alright?

Marf’s eyes finally focus and he looks over at Lycana, his body still rippling all over with little earthquakes.

Y-yeah...just a little chilly...


Any semblance of sleepiness flees as she wraps her arms around his body, laying across his chest despite the fact he felt like he was burning up. Her palm comes up to caress the side of his face, cupping his cheek sweetly as she tries to soothe him.

It’s okay love, it was... was it a nightmare?! It's been so long...

Her voice trails off as the realization hits her. It HAD been a really long time since he had awoken next to her, tormented by the bad dreams. How long had it been? was a nightmare. I don’t think it was the’s dead, I felt it...

Marf continues to look at her while trying to gather his own thoughts. He doesn’t want her to worry but he also doesn’t want her to be left in the dark.

Wait, what?

The djinn! After her death, they had stopped. Why were they starting again. Her heart begins to thump erratically in her chest as she moves just enough to be able to lock eyes with him, steely gray awash with fear colliding with troubles ones of the boldest blue. They stare at each other in silence for a long moment, until Lycana finally opens her mouth and breaks the stillness.

You don’t.... think?

It emerges a quiet croak. The thought of the djinn being alive again, returning to plague them sends her heart galloping like a racehorse.

So much for him not worrying her.

This felt...different. Something else was there though...I don’t know how serious...

Marf does his best to downplay the whole situation but even he can hear the lack of conviction in his words. Lycana’s forehead wrinkles as concern melds with confusion. Something else did not sound much better, if she was being honest with herself, especially if he couldn’t judge how much power it had.With him coming into his own, and being able to control his own dreams, the fac that this... whatever it was... could sneak in and cause something that Marf had conquered months ago, did not bode well for the duo of the Dissentients. She clears her throat lightly, as she lays her head back down on his chest, listening to the steady thudding of his heart.

Maybe you should tell me everything that’s going on Marf... All of it.

Marf takes a long, deep breath and then let’s out a sigh. He wasn’t prepared to drop this on her already.

I’m still putting it together...but it could be someone or something from my past. Must have some power if it’s breaking through my own dreams...

Dreams? As in more than one?

Her hand, that had been idly trailing along his thickly haired chest comes to a stop, as she processes this. Had it just been a slip of the tongue? Or had he been hiding this from her?

This isn't the first time?

Marf places his hand, massive in comparison, over Lycana’s as he quickly soothes her.

This was the second time it happened. The first one was much more vague. I thought, and hoped, it was a one off. Looks like I was wrong...

Looks like...

Lycana stares at Marf’s hand, her completely hidden under it. She slowly turns it, so their palms are pressed together, her fingers entwining with his and she gives it a squeeze, a silent statement that they were in this together, as they always had been... and always would be.

What was the first one? Was there anything in particular that stood out to you? About your past?

His eyebrows push in for a moment while he tries to recall the older dream but struggles.

There was something to do with the Left Hand...but the group wasn’t normal in the dream. I highly doubt it has anything to do with them. You and I both know Baph’s biggest accomplishment was winning a bid on eBay for a life size Shawn Wylde cardboard cutout. Hopefully it’s easy for him to wash off the cum each night...

A snort is her answer to him.

No... None of them have enough power to do something like this, especially not now that you have so much control. I’m not even sure what is going on with that, now that the Baphomet’s body has disappeared. I’ve lost all contact now that we cut our ties. Although, they are from our past, do you think that’s what you're feeling with that?

As he goes to answer, she presses forward, a thought crossing her mind.

So what can it be? What happened in your past that some..... thing is invading your dreams?

I’m not sure...yet. I can feel it...on the tip of my tongue. The answer is hiding right now...I might need to wait for the next dream turned nightmare to get a better understanding...

He winces a bit, knowing she won’t like the idea.

The... next... MARF!

She jerks up, glaring into his face with a look of horror.

You can’t be serious?

He stares back at her and doesn’t break her gaze.

I am. What else can I do? I need more information to figure out why this is even happening...

Lycana’s mouth opens, then snaps shut, her retort dying in her throat. She feels her resistance subsiding unwillingly as she acknowledges that he had a point. Something was going on, that neither of them could explain... Something had enough strength to get through his barriers. She expels a long, low sigh of defeat.

You’re right. But you need to at least let me be there...

Marf allows a smile to form upon his face while feeling her ease into him.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Their lips meet in a gentle kiss before Lycana settles down, curled up on Marf’s broad chest, his arms wrapping snuggly around her holding her close. They let the peace surround them once more, each lost in their own thoughts as we fade out.

Sometime earlier that day...

We open up to that lovely ole face of our good pal Marf. He’s already grinning which is nice to see him in such good spirits.

Well now what do we have here? A triple threat with the bastards and the boneheads, outstanding! Guess Tommy and Johnny haven’t had enough punishment from Lycana and yours fuckin truly. But now we get another chance to throw fists with Bobby and cock knuckles at the same time. The Dissentients have waited very patiently to tangle once more with those fucks. Hot damn, we are well on pace to have ourselves a good old fashioned blood bath.

Lycana quietly slides into the frame now.

First bath TK probably will have had in a long time...

Marf stops and turns to face Lycana.

Oh, are you wanting to jump in here?

Oh, no... I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist. You go right ahead!

Marf smiles and turns back to the camera.

The so-called Thugs are nothing more than a pair of bitches. You two stuttering fuckwads prove it every time you step foot into the ring. You proved it again at Savage as well. Tommy went to sleep like a bitch courtesy of my favorite vixen of violence. And then of course Johnny ran down to try and jump her like the wee little bitch he is. Naturally I had to come down and share with Lycana in the fun of slapping both Wish and Black around like the complete and utter bitches they are. And since we’re on the topic of bitches.

Lest we forget about Them no good Bastards, even if their tag title run has become completely forgettable. The fuck have these two pissants even done lately? No stunning victory at War Games despite the arrogant outlooks. Nobody is really talking about Bobby or TK much at all these days. You assholes have become redundant and flat out boring. The clock is running out on your time in the sun. It’s about time you motherfuckers feel the burn.

Light them on fire... and then roast marshmallows over the charred remains of their bodies.

Lycana's eyes get a slightly faraway look. Marf once again looks over to her.

Are you sure you don’t want in now?

She blinks at him for a second, before shaking her head no.

Oops! My bad... You finish.

Marf smiles and bows to her before turning back to the camera.

Last time I was wrestling on Savage I handed the current television champ a loss. And I beat the snot out of that Hunter loser, chasing him back to the lowly shadows he came from. This go ‘round though it is time to dethrone the boring ass champs. I will stop at nothing to rip those titles from their bloodied grasps. And the brain dead thugs will enjoy a front row seat to what will be known as the nastiest beatings of this year. The Bastards’ time is up.

Lycana can’t help herself at this point.

The THUGs aren't even a factor in this, they know they are outmatched, outclassed, and in way over their heads. If they're smart they'll just watch from the back... but nobody would ever put 'brains' and 'THUGs' in the same sentence. Guess that's why TK clings to Bourbons ass hair so desperately, it's the only way he even has a chance to be anything above mediocre. You ever think Bourb's arms get tired, cradling him like a baby through all these matches?

Well, why do you think his arms are so big? The floor is yours!

Marf bows and extends an arm to allow Lycana to take over.

Ah, its going to be fun isn't it? Tommy, how you feeling bud? You talking yourself into coming down that ramp to step in the ring with us? Or did your balls pack it up and hightail it to safer places? Don't think that just because you have JB by your side... and the Bastards to distract... that you have a chance in fucking hell of pinning either of the Dissentients. It was really adorable by the way, that you think Marf came out to aid me... when JB literally came out to check on your ass first. You want to make this personal? Bitch... it already was. There will never be enough revenge for me. I won't rest until I put you out for good... So you and your piece of shit partner can talk as much smack as you want, show up wherever you want, bring what little you have to offer... We will welcome it with open arms.

Right before we smash your teeth down your fuckin throats...sorry, go on!

Marf opens his arms and let’s her continue. Lycana side eyes him like she hadn't just been doing the same thing, before her lips quirk up.

My darling Bastards! Are you two looking forward to dancing again as much as I? I do love getting my hands on the both of you during our 'hellacious' matches. We got to dabble just a little at War Games, and boy oh boy... did something come clear to me during that. Bourbon, my dear, I know we had always accused you of carrying TK, but damn... to show to the world that you didn't think he could get the job done. You had to add your weight as he pinned me, just to be sure? What a compliment! To me.

And my sweet TK. Sweet, dumb as a pile of shit TK... who couldn't even get his own team members name right at War Games. Calling Oz, Bobby... silly. Is it because they are both fat as fuck? You didn't think I missed that, did you? Or all the other downright asinine things you tried to say... But don't worry, I'll be sure to list them all out for you. Just like 'she can't beat one Bastard, nevermind two'... Booboo! Stop dodging me and lets find out! Consider this your obligatory singles match challenge... You cowardly cunt.

Shots been fired...

Marf solemnly nods at Lycana and puts his hands up without saying another word. She flashes a wink, running her tongue over her teeth as a devious gleam fills her eyes.

And all four of these assholes are going down.

The pair of them smile and wave as we fade out.

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