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Why Wake Up?
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06-13-2021 08:27 PM

The large creature sits upon his ornate throne inside the barely lit dark dimension, once in a while a creature snarling, then summarily being put down out of their misery by one of his servants. What he was watching, was not the dimension he sat inside, but rather, the world as a whole, then spanning out to different galaxies, and then different dimensions. He saw every version of himself, sitting here in this moment, doing the same exact thing.

"Why do humans live, when all that happens, is that they die?"

He multiplied the interdimensional camera many times and scattered them to each dimension that held a Godly Oswald. Soon, the image of his massive image would be multiplied to television screens in all realms before focusing on Godly Oswald Prime.

"Why do you people fight to exist, when all that happens in the end, is the same? You live, but in seventy years, your memory will no longer be your friends, nor your family's."

The screen split apart, showing each version slowly stood up from their thrones, one after another, but then the images became overlayed over Oz Prime's body, making him seem even more eery to watch. The images with the sound of stone and wood crackling from the force of him get up off his chair getting amplified 50 fold. Each image trailing behind him. Once they all caught up to Prime, he tore a rip into the mortal realm, stepping through it.

He slowly stepped through the tear, landing upon the grass outside his estate, his left hand moving, and the images mimicking him a second later, as he brought forth several trees to cover the grounds, to make his land look even more wondrous, more beautiful.

"Soon, this world will know my power. You will know my name and despair. You know my mortal shell as Big Money Oswald. I, however, go by a different name. This Godly visage has had many, but the one it enjoys the most, is from a different world, many galaxies apart from this place. Maybe I'll tell you... next time."

He sighed, as he felt the drain of existing in this mortal plane wear him down, he would have to keep training if he wanted to fulfill his futures. His form began to crumble, piece by piece, until Oswald was left standing, in his suit and tie, the after images remaining for a minute, as each one started to disappear.

"You people have no imaginations. You people don't understand the machinations of what will become of this universe and the ones beyond. I plan on ruling this planet. I plan on destroying those in my way.

You see, Ruby. We've gone toe to toe before. Those were the days when I wasn't ready for you. I thought I was, but, no. Since then, I've become stronger. I've become more important. Become more than just the Billion Dollar Benefactor of BOB. I have shown just what a threat I am, when I am prepared. When I want something.

You think you're going to beat me again? Do you think you will keep ruling Anarchy as champion? You're an insect in comparison to the men and women I've faced in my past. Solace, as stupid in business as she is, is still a better wrestler than you.

You have bested some of us in BOB, but at this Anarchy... you will not be facing an Oswald who was not willing to become champion. He was not hungry enough to become champion.

You will be facing an Oswald who has his eyes dead set upon that title. I will rule Anarchy, wearing both my Billion Dollar Championship and the Anarchy championship. I will become the Billion Dollar Anarchy Champion.

I will become Ozzy Two Belts.

I will end your career and make a mockery out of you.

You realize what you will do when that happens?

You will see the benefits of becoming part of BOB. Did you not see what the lives of others have been like before I joined them? Before I started giving money and backing the group? They couldn't hold a title to save their lives. I come in, and their lives become better than fucking ever. Them No Good Bastards become the Gods of the Tag Division. Page was the God of the Universal, and it took a cash-in in order to take his title away from his waist. Know what I gained from being with these people?

I gained a new family. I gained great friends. I stopped losing as often as I did, and I started to win, and I won more when they achieved their victories.

What do you think is going to happen when you come against the God of Fates and Destruction? The man who set these people upon paths to glory. To victory.

What makes you wake up from your pitiful life? What keeps you from just giving in to the darkness? Darkness is cold, sure, but it also is accepting, comforting. Why do you think this group is as diverse as it is? We exude darkness. We are the dark, yet we have all types of people of varying races and sexual preferences and gender identifications.

Why not just die in your sleep? One day it will happen, no one will remember you. No one will remember your good deeds. No one will remember your existence except those close to you. So why not just die?

All you mortals will do that, some day.

So why not make it tomorrow night? After all, do you really want to wake up to face me? Do you really want to go through the pain and humiliation, just for me to snatch that title from your battered, broken and bleeding body? Do you really want this, Ruby?

Look at the people I've destroyed on my way here. Look at your accomplishments in comparison to theirs.

This match..."

He chuckles softly before smirking

"All that will remain is the distant memory of someone named after a gemstone, who got slaughtered by a God. You know what you must do, Ruby...

Join BOB."

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