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The Rebirth Saga #2: Phoenix
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TITLE - Universal Champion

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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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06-10-2021 03:42 PM

2A: Theocracy

“Should we address the elephant in the room?

It’s not just your boy here versus Chris Chaos on Warfare, is it? No. It’s Chris Chaos, with Theo Pryce.

Interesting choice.

Up until Leap of Faith, I feel like I had kind of occupied my own little corner of the XWF… universe. Sure I had the X-Treme Championship, and I’m sure Theo had his eyes across that; his fingers in the pot even. Hell, maybe he’s the one who even gave the opportunity to begin with? I don’t know, but I do know that I fucking ran the 24/725/8 hallways - and I use the plural there intentionally. The children can bicker and fight over the Freestyle Championship as much as they want, but until they can swat away challenger after challenger for six-plus weeks, completely deflate anybody’s interest in even trying to compete for the championship because of the certainty of the outcome, and only hand it over because they thought having Buffy the Vampire Slayer laying on top of them sounded like a good idea on a whim… well… they’re all just placeholders. Shit, kind of like me until I actually defend this big gold here, right?

But it’s interesting to think about. Those 24/725/8 hallways were my place. So now that I’m uh… out of my place? Is that the way to describe it? I wonder… what does Theo Pryce think about that? Am I the Universal Champion he dreamed of? Am I the guy he pictured on the marquee? Shit, does he even care? Knowing what little I know about the guy, as long as his pockets are getting lined, he’s probably pretty happy. And after the reception that my little moment at Leap of Faith got… I’m sure he’ll be fine on that front. If not, I could just make up stats like I’m Chris Page and pretend ratings are up without providing any kind of supporting evidence.

You know… under some metrics, views are actually down.

But you’d have to finger bang the fourth wall’s booty hole a little to understand that.

Where, oh where, then, does that leave Chris Chaos? See, Theo just wants to make more money, right? It’s why he struck a deal with the Brotherhood to get their semi-regular autofellation of a promotional piece on the XWF airwaves. But here’s the question that I’m struggling to answer… is Chris Chaos a good investment for Theo? By now, we all know Chris’s track record. Leap of Faith. Thaddeus Duke. The whole four fucking years before that. Going into Leap of Faith, Chris spoke about how Theo had ‘woken him up’ and now he has a new perspective. Then he shit the bed. Again.

Chris asked the question: ‘do we think that Theo would risk his investment?’ I think the better question is: ‘just what in the blue hell is Theo even getting out of this?’ Best case? A wet fart in church. Worst case? Well… ladies and gentlemen, I give you Chris Chaos!

How’s that investment working out for you, Theo? Are you getting everything you hoped you’d get? I’m not trying to be rude, ‘boss’. I’m not even criticising you for your choices here. I’m criticising him. I can actually see what you’d get out of trying to milk whatever name value you can from Chris’s ailing body - that’s just business, and business, well… that’s what you do. But goddamn, man, is there really anything left in that horse to beat? I can count on one (middle) finger the number of people who are actually interested in Chris Chaos being in this match, and that one person is Chris himself.

Wait… shit! I figured it out, Theo! You’re playing the long con here, aren’t you? This isn’t about making Chris your ‘corporate champion’, you’re fucking juicing the poor sonofabitch! You’re trying to grind that cunt into a pulp until even he doesn’t want to see himself in the main event. Jesus testicle-tickling Christ! You’re a genius!

That is it, right? It has to be! You’re a businessman, for crying out loud! And a spy, or secret agent, or Charlie to a bunch of performance enhancing Angels, or… something? But a businessman, first and foremost! You’re not in this to lose money, and you know - surely you fucking know! - that Chris Chaos is the wrong horse to bet on in any derby.

Especially against me.

Unless you plan on getting involved.

Are you actually going to be there, Theo? On the White House lawn? That’s what it looks like to me. So if you are… just what exactly do you plan on doing? Allegedly, we’ve got Big Joe and the VEEP, live and in living colour, acting as referees. Not sure I trust the advertising after you and The Vin Man tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and tell the people that we weren’t actually on the moon…

Like anyone would believe that!

...but hey, let’s pretend that’s what’s really going to happen, just for fun. You’re a billionaire, right, Theo? And we have politicians as the referees. American politicians, at that. American politicians who haven’t overturned Citizens United.

Chris Chaos cannot win this on his own, so I ask again, Theo… what are you going to do?

And you should ask me… what will I do?”

2B: Cosmic Pathways II

The void.





A cold rock materialises on the edge of reality.

It streaks through the emptiness.

No atmosphere; no gravity; but…

Life has returned.

The rock itself is changing. At its core.

Its innards churn.

Cold warms.

It spreads. A fire in the basement that devours the entire building from the inside out.

The timber burns.

Everything is aflame.

A burning rock streaks through the emptiness.

A fiery tail splits. The flames fold upon themselves, peeling back to the rock’s surface and splitting into wings.

A phoenix.

It soars past cosmic remnants.

Stellar collisions and supernovas.

The burning rock ignores it all.

It rockets forward, as if propelled, leaving naught but ash in its wake.

That which was, is again.

Life destroyed.

Life emergent.



2C: Abolition

Kieran awakes from his dreams. He was dreaming of the universe. It was an ancient and chaotic mess and he preferred it that way. Instead, he awakes to an order within which he has such limited scope to play. Still, he did what he could. As he looked out across the room, a carpet of bodies strewn across the concrete floor, he saw what chaos he could still inflict.

Movement drew his eye to the barred door. Three figures appeared on the other side, two large and faceless hulks flanking a rounder, plump figure. As the central woman adjusts her footing, the moonlight piercing through from the window high above his bunk strikes the side of her cheek. The white hat upon her head reflects it back, overshadowing what little light her yellow grin could also give. A tiny sliver of lunar promise.

“Fuck…” Kieran mutters under his breath, as he swings his legs off the side of his straw mattress. His bare feet search along the cold ground for his sandals. Wriggling his toes in to pull the footwear over his soles, he pushes up from the bed with a creak. He steps across the bodies towards the door, which groans as one of the bulky men in featureless black suits silently opens it.

“I think we need to talk,” the doctor says, presenting an instruction as a mere comment.

“K.” Kieran shrugs. A small wrinkle forms on the bridge of the doctor’s nose in the face of his indifference.

“Not here,” her voice lowers to just above a growl. Kieran looks from her to both the goons that stand just behind her. He licks his lips.

“Lead the way then,” he commands. The doctor’s ire raises as the men take their post at the rear. The doctor takes half a step, and Kieran sends one last look behind him to his kingdom of the past five years. Something told him that this would be the last time that he sat upon that throne. One way or the other.

Neither of the options bothered him.

2D: Streak of Fire

The burning rock speeds on.

It gathers itself.

In the distance - the coming conflict.


The universe conspires against it. Hands, both left and right, reach out to push against it.

Many hands. One rock.

An equal and opposite reaction.

They link. A brotherhood.

The rock pushes past.

Along its continuum.

A legacy of fire.

It reaches an apex above the world.

[Image: aWkrS0o.jpg]

Nothing will stand before it.

It falls to the moon. No matter what anybody else says.

2E: Mission

“The asset got away,” the doctor says from her side of the governor’s desk. She drummed upon the desk with her fingers as she leered at Kieran. The two large suited men stand guard behind me at the door, sunglasses unnecessarily wrapped around their eyes in the middle of the night.

“Yeah he did…” Kieran agrees. “Magic telephone box. And I wasn’t even tripping! Crazy fucking deal, right?”

“You can see how this is a problem for us,” she suggests, opening her palms.

“Wait…” something triggers in Kieran’s mind. “You’re not trying to pin this on me, are you?”

“We were promised something that we didn’t receive,” the doctor states. “That wasn’t the deal.”

“You can’t be fucking serious!” Kieran exclaims. “If you’ve got a problem with how all of that unfolded, take it up with the governor! This is his prison.”

“Where do you think we are?” There’s a menace in her voice that wasn’t there before, said at a tone so quiet it draws Kieran in closer. “The governor has been dealt with. This is not the first time that he has let us down. However, I happen to recall a statement about whom the rats in this cage answer to. I don’t suppose you know what I’m talking about.”

He can. Kieran’s mind goes back to that day that the asset escaped from the prison’s courtyard in the most impossible of circumstances. A fucking spaceship! Or timeship! Or both! But before that, before the doctor and the tall man burst the door off its hinges, Kieran had made a statement that Governor Tonny Nainggolan had then ratified. He knows what might happen here if he repeats it, but his jaw stiffens in defiance nonetheless.

“I said that they answer to me.” Unblinking, his eyes lock into battle with the doctor’s.

She breaks. She’s not here for that.

“You have one thing that works in your favour that our dear Governor didn’t,” she grants. “You’ve brought him to us once before. We need you to do it again.”

“Great idea! Let me get started on that right away!” Kieran feigns enthusiasm. “Oh… wait… kind of in fucking prison here!”

Without speaking, the doctor nods to the door to the governor’s office. One of the large suited guards bangs upon it, and it swings open with a hefty clang as it smacks against the outside wall.

“Wait… why would that door open to the outside like that?” Kieran snarks. “That doesn’t make any sense. The hinges should go the other way”

“Make your jokes on the outside, Mr. King,” the doctor advises. “But make sure you bring us what’s ours.”

Kieran’s chair scratches upon the floorboards as he pushes it back. He rises to his feet. And he walks to freedom.

2F: Phoenix Fall

The burning rock crashes down, making a new path.

It rips apart. Flesh torn and shredded.

What remains?

As it was deconstructed, it grew. Its immature casing fell to the side, allowing all of its pieces to find their way home.

The goal is clear.

It doesn’t fall, it charges!

Down and forward. Targeted and Deliberate.



Ever forward.


[Image: NZYRvyP.jpg]

[Image: BE7XoqA.jpg]

[Image: CJBTJlS.jpg]

A man stands upon a burning rock.

A wall of fire stands in front of him.

Behind him, a voice.

“What may come to be.”

Gripping his hand, he sees the future.

He sees the end.

And he steps into the fire.

[Image: NV4FM3Y.jpg]

[Image: uFAZDB9.jpg]

[Image: zVoLaS1.jpg]

Que será, será.

2G: Corporatocracy

“Some might construe my words to Theo as threats. They’re not. They’re just things for him to consider, said innocently and in passing by somebody who works for the company that he co-owns.

Don’t read too much into it.

So, Theo, you can chill, bud!

Don’t do anything rash.

I just naturally lean towards skepticism. It’s my default mode. And when somebody starts meddling in my affairs, it really puts a bee in my bonnet. Especially if it means I don’t get to control my own future.

That’s been the story of my time back here. From day fucking one, I just wanted to have a say in how I was treated. People like me, we don’t usually get invited to the fucking White House. Shit, I wouldn’t even be able to get to D.C. on most days - what with no I.D. and all. I viewed the Universal Championship as a means to change all that. to make sure that nobody could ever control me again, and to open doors that slammed shut on me before I even tried to pass through them.

For ten fucking years I’ve had people controlling me! Then, along came The Left Hand, and they tried to do the same. But I fought back. I scratched, I clawed, I quite literally burned the fucking house down, and here I fucking am! The Universal Champion. And just like I predicted… now I’m in control.

I can’t let that change. I can’t let somebody try to take my control away. Even if it is you, Theo.

It won’t be you, Chris.

See, it’s when I think too big and let my mind get clouded that I fall. When I fight for survival, I win. Every single time. Chris, you don’t. And even though it’s you, of all people, that I’m up against, I’m still here feeling like I’ve got my back against the wall. Like I’m fighting… for survival. You see the position that puts you in, don’t it? I have everything to prove. I want this more than I want to eat, sleep, and breathe. Just like you did when you faced Louis. And you remember how much that helped you, don’t you?

You know you’ve got to go through Louis again before you get to me, right? It’s almost poetic. You spoke so fondly about him, and how ‘stealing’ one from him really cemented who you were. I can relate, it had a similar effect for me. No stealing necessary.

Happy to debate that any time, Louis.

You see, Chris, it may have been Theo that showed you what Louis was really like, but I’m the one who showed the entire world. Just ask Jim Caedus next time he’s got you bent over the barrel while running the train on your little tooshie. That scarred… thing… that you’re going to have to try and get past on Savage… I did that. I slayed the fucking king. You’re busy trying to compare yourself to him, hoping to be on his level and hanging your hat on something that happened five fucking years ago, but me? I’m already on the other side.

I say this with absolutely no respect, Chris…

‘Don’t hate the game, hate the player.’

Not me.


Fucking hate yourself, Chris. Look yourself in the mirror, stare into those buggy, dead eyes of yours, and tell yourself the fucking truth. Tell yourself that you’re worthless; that you’re a piece of shit; that no matter how much you relish in being the ‘bad guy’, the reality is that you’re just bad. At everything. Wrestling. Being a stooge. Being an asshole - yep, you can actually suck at that and you nail it, buddy!

My man… you’re just bad at life. Full stop. Were you always like this, though? I’ve got to wonder if the reason you live in the past so much - you know, like talking about beating Louis five years ago, or even about being a former Universal Champion - is because once upon a time you actually had something going for you. Today? Fuck man, you’ve got nadda. The proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? People are out here wondering what sort of brain trauma Theo Pryce has suffered to link up with you, instead of focusing on what you can actually bring to the table. Because you ain’t bringing shit!

I’m focusing on myself.

I am fighting to prove that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m standing up so that I can never be caged again. And every single day that I have this championship, I’m going to be swinging for the fences to show that people like you don’t win.

They get eaten.

Eat Chris Chaos.”

Today we dream.
Que serà, serà.

Eat 'Em All

[Image: SC7mNUv.jpg]
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