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Drugs are bad, M'kay?
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06-09-2021 11:05 PM

I was minding my own damn business. I had just won a good pot of money from a poker game. I knew it was time to stop. Kenny Rogers said it best. So I go, cash out my chips and make my way to my car. As soon as I unlock my door. I hear a voice and turn around to see three dudes looking at me. I knew right then and there this was going to be a pain in my ass. I didn't feel like getting into a fight tonight but here I am. The three people who stood in front of me looked like a bunch of crack heads. I guess they didn't listen to D.A.R.E. Oh well. What can you do?

"Listen, fellas. I don't know what you think I have but I'm broke as fuck. I just lost all my money in the casino. So you would be robbing me for nothing."

One of the crack heads spoke up. I'm guessing the leader.

"No no no no, we know you won money, we had someone watching you. Now give up the money or you'll be sorry."

The balls on this guy. I have to give him credit for that but I wasn't going to deal with this shit tonight.

"Okay okay, ya got me. I'll give you the money."

I reached into my jacket and with a quick action, pulled my gun from it's holster and pointed it right at the leader. The other two goons stepped back.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean if you want to. Just take one step forwards and I can end this. Just give me a reason to shoot you and then I can go on my way. I'm very hungry and I'd like a glass of whiskey. I think I still have that Johnnie Walker that Theo Pryce gave me. So you can either get going or, well. You know. Not go anywhere but on the ground."

The druggies looked at one another and I was hoping that they were at least smart enough to just walk away. To my shock they started to back off. Which was good because I didn't want to kill anyone tonight.

"Go on, get going. You guys are sick, so go get help and clean up. I don't ever want to see you fuckers again because next time. I might not be in the best of moods."

I cocked the hammer of my pistol and that made them turn and book it. I sighed deeply and got into my car, locked the door and drove off. I was glad I didn't have to end their lives. Drugs do some fucked up stuff to people. Me ending their lives wouldn't help anyone. So I was grateful I didn't have to do that, Now I could go home, enjoy a nice glass of whiskey and go to bed. I have match coming up and I want to get some good sleep before getting on a plane.

"Well I had to come back. Every since I fucked up my shoulder. I had to heal up for a bit but now I'm back and ready to get down and have a blast. My last match I think I came back to early, which was my bad but I should be good now. We'll see but my opponent is a man I rather respect. A cool cat who is holding a 24/7 Case. I know Corey Smith won't be easy to beat and that's okay. We aren't in this business for the ease of it but I know I'm going to have fun. Plus I know He'll help me get this ring rust off. I have nothing but respect for this man and I hope we can shake hands afterwards regardless of the out come. I know I should be talking shit on this man but truth be told. I can't and I don't want to."

"So Corey, I do hope we can have a great match, put on a show for the fans and come out of t his better then we came in. I'm ready for this. Win or lose. It doesn't matter to me. I'll care about that stuff later when I start to get my juice back and get full time in the ring. I think I'm going to go now. I need a drink, eat a steak and have Ben and Jerry's Phish food. Which I highly recommend that one. The little chocolate fishes are bomb as fuck."

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