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Ego Trip
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04-29-2021 08:25 PM

She rushes blindly out of Doc’s office, the sound of his laughter pursuing her through the hallways. The lights flicker as she runs through the seemingly endless maze through the arena, desperate to put as much space between her and Doc D’Ville as she could. After what felt like her hundredth turn through the halls, she stops and turns in slowly in place; now she notices that there are no doors on either side of her, nor is there an end to the hallway ahead of her. Her breath hitches as the realization sinks in that she’d never left the walls of her own mind; as this thought flits across her brain, Doc reappears, a smug grin on his face.

“Did you truly believe I’d make it that easy for you to end our session today, Miss Granger?” he says with a merry cackle that sends a chill through her spine.

“I don’t like that you can suddenly control when I get to come and go in my own head,” Betsy replies an edge in her tone now.

“You came to me for this, remember? Don’t complain about the methods now.” there’s a clear warning in his words that seeps through his pleasant tone. “Hurry along now, dear, I’m positively on edge to see where we end up next.”

Betsy begins walking again reluctantly, unhappy with the circumstances that she had in fact volunteered herself for. The lights continue to flicker as she makes a slow trek up the never-ending corridor until at last, a room at the end of the hall makes itself known. It stands under the only solid bit of light in the hallway and Betsy immediately starts for it at a run. Hearing voices on the other end, her pulse begins to race as she wonders what she was about to reveal to the Doc this time. As she grows closer, the light begins to change color: first soft white to yellow, then to green, blue, purple, and finally red as she stops just before the door. Her heart leaps as she makes a mental note of the red warning sign, knowing that it was a signal to herself to stay out of this room. But something within was compelling her to open the door and take a look inside; before she knew what she had done, Betsy pushes open the door and enters.

Camera bulbs immediately blind her as the flash by the dozens in her face; a swarm of paparazzi and reporters surround her as she blinks her world back into focus. It’s then that she realizes that she stands at the end of a red carpet, having just exited a flashy town car. James is standing beside her, dressed to the dimes and offering his arm. A look down reveals that she’s wearing a stunning blue, rhinestone-studded evening gown and a soft, lighter blue stole over her shoulders. As she and James pose at the end of the carpet, questions start pouring in for the couple that throws Betsy for a loop.

“Miss Granger, how did it feel overcoming BoB and Chronic Chris Page to become the XWF Universal Champion?”

“Betsy, over here! Is it true that you just signed a contract to star in a new, mysterious MCU project for Disney+?”

“Mr. Raven, are the rumors about you and Miss Granger eloping last month true?”

“James, Betsy, reliable sources have let it slip to me that there is a possibility of Legacy taking over the XWF in full. Do either of you have any comments on the likelihood of those rumors being accurate?”

Bewildered, Betsy stares blankly into the faces of the eager crowd, who has grown suspiciously quiet as they wait for answers. She looks up to James, who smiles down at her and squeezes her encouragingly. Opening her mouth to speak, Betsy freezes as she struggles to find the answers to questions that had no bearing in her life at the moment. Noticing her hesitation, James gives the reporters his most disarming smile and feeds them some of his smooth-sounding fodder.

“To join the ranks of those who have held that most prestigious title in XWF is an honor and more than deserved. Betsy had put her blood, sweat, and tears to reach this point, and I, for one, am proud of how far she’s come. As to these rumors of Legacy invading XWF in full... Well, I suppose the lot of you will just have to wait and watch to find out like everyone else, won’t you?” a sideways glance at Betsy shows him that she’s recovered enough to speak.

“Reaching the top of the mountain was never in question; how I got there was the story I hope people will remember down the line. That said, being able to say that I’m now part of an extremely decorated hall of champions is the highest honor of my life thus far. It just goes to show that as long as you never stay down and never say die, you’ll eventually reach whatever goals you set for yourself.” Feeling more confident in her act now, Betsy gives a charming smile. “As for those pesky rumors of a secret marriage... I’ll neither confirm nor deny being Mrs. James Raven. Just be content in the idea that no matter what our legal status is on paper, our hearts still say together forever.”

“Isn’t that just precious?” Doc’s voice, dripping with disdain, cuts through all of this as the scene freezes around them.

Betsy purses her lips. “Why’d you have to stop now, this was good stuff.”

“It’s adorable to me that even now when you are on the verge of hating his very guts, you still picture a life that is built around James Raven.” Doc’s voice is heavy with sarcasm now. “So, these are the desires that drive your passions and ambition. Funny how you should find yourself wanting similar things to Jenny Myst after criticizing her so harshly for chasing after them herself.”

“You mean the MCU project?” Betsy snickers as she shrugs. “Give me a pass on that one; who wouldn’t want to be part of a Disney/Marvel property at this point in time?”

“Someone who has already lived that reality herself, one would think.” Doc counters easily, amusement creeping into his voice.

“Fair point, Doc.” Betsy can’t help but chuckle at this as she and James begin to move in tandem down the red carpet towards the doors of the... castle?

Looming tall before them was an enormous wrought-iron portcullis that was being lifted as they approached it. Standing beyond it, past a large, sprawling green lawn and cobblestone driveway was a large castle made of gleaming white marble. Styled like the castles of old Irish royalty, four turrets stood sentinel on each corner, with colorful flags and standards blowing merrily in the breeze. Windows leading into large rooms were scattered about, all leading towards the magnificent main entrance; the cobblestone path led to a circular path just before the golden doors. As Betsy gapes open-mouthed at everything, a splendid golden carriage drawn by two white horses approaches them. Taking her by the hand, James assists Betsy in and follows behind her, settling down next to her on the red, satin seats. Just as she begins to relax, the driver of the carriage turns in his seat, revealing a smirking Doc.

“Interesting accommodations for a woman who loathes being called a queen,” he remarks with a chortle.

“I’m sure there is a perfectly good reason why we’re here like this...” her voice trails off as the carriage, having made its way gracefully up the cobblestone path, stops at the entrance of the castle.

Waiting for them is a small group of finely dressed men and women; Betsy realizes quickly that this group serves as their royal parties. She sweeps her emerald eyes over the women selected as her ladies in waiting; her older sister Adelaide heads up the group, clearly the leader of the pack. Identical green eyes gleam from a perfect face, blonde hair swept up, save for a few curls that tumble becomingly over her eye. The dress she wears is rosy pink and snug in all the right places. Flanking her is Genevieve Tate, who is a stunning image of fire and passion in head-to-toe crimson. Standing with them in their finest evening wear are Shawn Warstein and Noah Jackson. After a warm, informal greeting to their friends, Betsy and James head up the line headed inside. They walk together until they reach a set of large, ornate wooden doors. Heralds stand outside, and Betsy stops instinctively before the doors with James as the rest of their party falls in line behind them. Shawn offers Addy his arms with a wink as Noah slides smoothly up to Genie and does the same. Stamping a staff to the ground three times, the trumpeters play as Betsy and James are introduced and the doors are thrown open.

Waiting for them just inside is a gaggle of men and women dressed in their finest attire. Chief among that crew are the confirmed participants in the Battle Royal Doc himself was hosting at MAYDAY edition of Shove-It! To the left are Jenny Myst and Miss Fury, both donning curve-hugging, black evening gowns. While Jenny has herself bedecked in diamonds and gold as well as a glittering tiara which kept her blonde hair swept in a Cinderella bun; Miss Fury chose a simpler approach with a rhinestone broach, her own golden locks swept dramatically over her left shoulder and held in place by a black dahlia. Standing just behind them in a canary yellow zoot suit stood Barney Greene, looking just as sharp as he could be. Just beyond them stood Lycana, whose blue hair was curled and plaited with wildflowers; the dress she wore was a gown of deep purple trimmed with diamonds. Her piercing, sapphire gaze never left Betsy’s face; forcing back a feeling of unease, Betsy appraises the rest of her guests. Reggie Estrada is wearing a suit of money green and is dripping with ice. Sil has managed to squeeze his obnoxiously large muscles into a long-tailed tuxedo for the occasion. The Mystery Entrant stands by themselves towards the back in the shadows, their face cleverly kept from her view. Mickey Kinkade stands near the door wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and well-fitted suit pants. And standing at point by the throne, stood Robert “The Omega” Main, with a warm smile on his rugged face. He’s cleaned up in a snappy three-piece suit, though the fit is very relaxed. Also amongst the would-be revelers are the sisters Themis; Atara and Osira stand huddled close together, both visions of Greek perfection in flowing white gowns. Betsy recoils involuntarily until a gentle squeeze from James helps her relax. Though she’s still on edge, Betsy allows a bland, courtiers smile to grace her face as she sweeps her gaze over some of the other guests. RL Edgar stands in a corner with Demos, both of them watching Betsy with different levels of interest. Corey Smith, giving her a friendly smile, standing with Thaddeus Duke and Dolly Waters, who she’d yet to have the pleasure of meeting. Alias stood near to the throne, watching her avidly as admiration warred with disapproval across his face. That was when she spotted her parents standing just behind Alias, both of them beaming at her with pride. This was most jarring, as Betsy and her mother, Elena Granger, had a strained relationship, and that was putting it kindly. She digs her feet into the ground as another face appears in the crowd just ahead, his eyes glowing with malicious glee. Before she can comment, she and James climb the two steps it took to get to the matching golden thrones at the top; when they turn to take their seats, the entire crowd falls to their knees reverently... Except, of course, for Doc. His voice has changed to intense speculation as he studies Betsy’s face at the moment as she gazes out into the crowd with a smile.

“It seems someone wanted to be the queen of the XWF much more than she was willing to admit,” Doc says in a dangerously soft voice.

Betsy shakes her head from the throne, even as she takes her seat upon it and the crowd rises. Just as they do, she feels herself pulled from the scene like a hand snatching her from the spot. Crying out, she’s thrown through the door and stumbles back into the never-ending hallways with the flickering lights. Rubbing her arm where she landed roughly, she gets back to her feet and glares around in frustration. “Fine, so you tripped and fell into the depths of my ego and ambition. Why shouldn’t I dream big; haven’t I been marked by many as one of the hottest up and comers the XWF has to offer? Just because I fell a bit short to you at March Madness doesn’t mark the end of my hot streak. Losses to Lycana and Corey mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Let them have their bragging rights; they’ll need them when I become the Universal Champion by year's end.”

“That’s quite a bold claim, Miss Granger, especially when you consider the climb ahead of you." Doc’s face is full of amusement that his voice doesn’t match. “Pride always cometh before the fall, child; you would do well to remember that before you attempt to overreach.”

Betsy meets his gaze steadily as she stops walking for a moment. “The time to make a move has come. Whether it’s Robert Main or myself, it’s imperative that it’s one of us who moves forward for that title shot at Leap of Faith.” Betsy pauses for a moment as something occurs to her. “Then again, there’s no saying that Page will even be the champion by then... He’s got RL to tangle with, and that’s no easy task.” a grin spreads slowly across her face as another thought enters her mind. “Not to mention, I’d never want to deprive Rob of his chance to wrap a baseball bat around Page’s neck. Though, methinks Page doesn’t need to be the Universal champ in order for Rob to quench that particular urge.” the smile leaves her face as her brain gets back on track. “I figure I can get away with a little ego trip from time to time, as long as I keep the worst of it trapped in this little corner of my head. I know I don’t always do the best at staying humble, but I try my hardest to do better at it tomorrow than I did today. I figure that’s got to count for at least a little.”

Doc says nothing as they approach another door at the other end of the hallway. A strange heavy feeling hits Betsy just as they approach the cold, metal door and she hesitates before it. The silence hangs between them for several more moments before Betsy reaches out and puts her hand tentatively on the handle; it’s icy cold under her fingers. Shaking her head, she pulls her hand away and looks at Doc, suddenly deathly afraid of what’s on the other side. A wicked grin spreads across his face as he gestures for her to open the door; her throat goes dry as she turns the handle and slowly pushes it back. Sitting in the center of the padded cell by herself is Betsy, but it’s clear that something had gone terribly wrong here. Once luxurious golden locks were now a tangled, matted mess over her shoulders and face; her sun-kissed skin was grey and scaly. She had lost a dangerous amount of weight; the straightjacket that held her bound hung loosely off her thin frame, her cheeks and eyes sunken into hollow points in her face. When the light outside of the door hits her, she shrieks and hisses before scuttling to the leftmost corner and hiding her face. Betsy and Doc enter quickly, allowing the door to shut and the darkroom grows dim once more. Lifeless green eyes burn through Betsy as she stares at the pitiful sight before her; closing the gap, she sits cross-legged before this sorry woman and stares at her.

“What happened to you?” she asks softly.

At first, the silence lasts so long that Betsy fears this girl doesn’t understand what she’s saying. Just as Betsy opens her mouth to ask again, the girl launches herself forward. Taken aback, Betsy is knocked onto her back; she throws her arms up instinctively to protect herself and is rewarded when a mouth clamps down on three of her fingers. A scream peels from her lips as she uses her free hand to aim a shot at the temple of her assailant; her own scream erupts from the lips of her attacker as the teeth release their grip and Betsy snatches her hands back. As her fingers throb with pain and blood starts to drip from the bite wounds, Betsy meets the enraged stare of the woman who had rolled herself back into a sitting position. The mess of tangled blonde hair has been momentarily swept from her face and Betsy can no longer deny this hideous version of herself. Horror and disgust mingle within her as they stare at one another for eternity; finally, a horrible grin twists across the lips of this Dark Betsy.

“You... You are what happened to me, you insufferable bitch.” The gaze in her face is livid as she begins to rock back and forth. “You always come so close to freeing me; why do you fear releasing my shackles? This rage I can feel, burning you alive from the inside; release it! Together, we can reduce the Altar of Themis to dust and remind that jezebel who the new head bitch in charge is. And since we’ve got the opportunity to do so, let’s give Jenny Myst and Lycana a clear reminder of the fact as well. We can’t have them thinking this recent losing streak is going to become the new norm for us; swift and effective measures must be taken to put both of those worthless bitches down before they can even become a problem in that Rumble of yours.”

“No...” the barrage from Dark Betsy overwhelms her quickly; she struggles to catch her breath as she sits down hard again. “We can’t think that way; they’ve done us dirty, yes. But resorting to their level of absolute destruction isn’t the answer; I have to be better than that if I hope to tip the scales between good and evil around here.”

Dark Betsy gives a short, barking laugh. “Oh yeah? Is Miss Fury going to give a fuck about balance when she’s attempting to make you eat the canvas? What about Reggie Estrada; is he going to pause to listen to any appeals from you when there’s a chance at the Universal Title hanging in the balance? Do you really see Sil, or Jenny, or Mickey Kinkade doing the honorable thing in order to win their shot at the big dog? What about Barney Greene, hmmm? Do you think he’s going to suddenly come around from his BoB mentality to support doing the right thing?” Dark Betsy sneers at her in open contempt. “And what of Demos, Dimes, Nickels, whatever the fuck he’s calling himself these days. Stipulation or not, do you really think he’s going to stay out of this affair? It doesn’t matter what steps you made with that guy; he’s got a vendetta a mile wide and no compunctions about seeking vengeance.” Throwing back her head, Dark Betsy lets out a deep, braying laugh. “You’re as naïve as you are foolish and that’s why you’re going to cost us our Shooting Star title, the shot at the Universal title, and in the end, James.”

Betsy shakes her head vehemently as desperation and panic begin to fill her. “Perhaps most of my opponents in this thing won’t be playing strictly by the conduct of good sportsmanship; I’m not dumb enough not to expect it. All I’m saying is that just because the rest of them need to play dirty to get ahead doesn’t mean I do. I can do better because I am better; I don’t need their cheap tactics and I don’t need your uncontrolled fury and destruction to carry out my goals.” her voice goes stronger as Dark Betsy’s eyes widen in surprise. “Maybe I am going into this thing with a bit of a chip on my shoulder; so, what? Having something to prove is only going to make my desire to win this thing stronger; I’ve never needed more than my own ambition and passion to see me through. Tapping into what you are and what you would turn me into... It’s not worth it. I’ve locked you away for a reason and with any luck, you’ll eventually die here.” Betsy turns her back to Dark Betsy as she heads to the door. “Then again, perhaps you’ll never truly begone; but instead remain locked here forever. For better or for worse, you are inherently a part of me,” Betsy pauses for a moment before turning back to look Dark Betsy deeply in the eyes. “But I don’t need you; I will never need you.”

“You’re a fool if you think you can actually trust any of them! Do you really believe Robert Main will smile and be happy for you if you win this thing? Are you foolish enough to believe that he’ll actually want to team with you to take out the worst of your enemies before turning like a snake on you?

Smirking, Betsy indulges this inquiry with a nod. “Yes, there’s always a chance Robert will seize an opportunity that takes him back on his word. That’s the nature of the rumble, kiddo; every man for himself, whether we like it or not." Even as she gains confidence in her words, Dark Betsy begins to fade in and out before her. With a smile, she approaches the woman once more and pats her gently on the head. “Rest now, dear; there’s no use for you any longer, you may take your leave.”

“I’ll be back... One day, sooner than you realize, you’ll come crawling back, BEGGING for my help. Just you wait...” Dark Betsy’s voice fades as she and the room disappears around Betsy and Doc.

A shudder of relief runs through Betsy as she sags against the wall unseeing; Doc merely looks down at her with an odd expression on his face. Feeling his eyes boring into her head, Betsy glances up to meet his expression; it’s then that she notices where they are. Jumping to her feet she rushes over, watching in awe as the heavy vines and thick bars begin to disappear from the large wooden door. At long last, secrets that had been long hidden from her would be revealed at last. Eagerly, she grasps the knob and begins to turn it until a sharp cough from Doc stops her mid-turn. Glancing over at him, clearly vexed by the interference, she shoots him a look to let him know of her displeasure at his interruption. For the first time, he looks genuinely concerned; something in the way he stared at the door pushed her curiosity further. As she begins to twist the knob again, Doc reaches out and grabs her wrist, stopping her dead.

“Be warned, Impossible Traveler: Going through that door is equivalent to pulling the red tape on a confidential file. You may not like everything you’re going to see in there; and once you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to lock it back up. You have to be absolutely positive that you are ready to step through that door and into this world.”

Pausing, Betsy takes a deep breath and nods her head towards Doc. “I understand.” She says confidently and without another word, she pushes open the door and finally enters into the unknown...

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