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Reggie's Bizarre Tape (RP3)
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04-29-2021 09:03 PM

[It rolls into images of all the people that are partaking in this battle royal. We see all the highlights, wins, and almost everything anyone can imagine. Then we see cut up diatribes from their pieces that they have recorded for this event, after that montages where over, it switches to people in the streets of Downtown San Diego, going about their lives, and we see this Helms looking guy with a cheap suit on with a mic in his hand going around the town, and asking questions.]

[We see him come up to this group of elderly women in their mid sixties, at the sidewalk having their tea on a mid summer day. Then the man comes up to the ladies, and he greets them all, after all that, he then starts to ask some questions.]

Questions Guy: Hello ladies, my name is Buttercup Jones from the Smark Arse Podcast, which is a dirtsheet kinda thing. Are you ladies interested in wrestling by any chances?

[Then he see’s about four of them not answering, but one of them held her hand up. Buttercup then puts the mic at her direction, so they can speak.]

Buttercup: Hello there, I would like to know your name.

???: I’m Gracie

Buttercup: Well hey there Gracie, I want to ask you a few questions. First off, you know anything about this thing called Ol’ Communie in Florida?

Gracie: No, I haven’t heard of that at all.

Buttercup: Oh, it’s this event that’s taking place in Florida, I think it’s on PPV this coming Saturday from now. So do you know anything about a guy named Reggie Estrada, he’s a guy who’s involved with this battle royal that’s taking place soon.

Gracie: I’ve heard about him, not much I can say on him.

Buttercup: Do you think he has a shot to win the battle royal, be honest!

Gracie: Well, if he knows how to work in the ring, then I guess he can. But, since I don’t watch the product, my flat response will be a no to be honest.

Buttercup: Okay thank you for your comment ma’am, you all have a great day!

[Then Buttercup leaves them be, and finds his next questioners, this time he manages to see this one homeless who looked like Big Poppa Pump man on the street, who’s lives in a tent somewhere in the park area. He goes up to the man, who then tries to mug Buttercup for some money in the process.]

Homeless Man: Hey you, yeah you… gimme your fucking money!

Buttercup: I don’t have any money on me, sir. I swear I don’t have much on me!

Homeless Man: You lying sack of shit, I know you have something to give me… or else I will rip your head off your neck!

[Buttercup then pulls out his wallet, and hands the man about two dollars, as the homeless man counts the money, he tries to escape but he catches him by the arm. Since the homeless man was swole as shit, Buttercup got yanked back to his position.]

Homeless Man: Give me more money!... I need it for more drugs, two dollars isn’t enough to buy some meth.

Buttercup: Well uh, if you can answer some questions for me, I can give some more money sooner. Do you know anything about Coreytopia?

Homeless Man: Oh I know about that place, it’s down fifteen blocks away in some abandoned apartments, that’s where I score all my meth at. I know that sounds odd, but that’s where I usually go to get a fix.

Buttercup: Uh no, it’s not that… I mean this is a place for this XWF show I’m reporting on.

[Homeless Man then tosses his arms in the air out of frustration, and tries to strangle Buttercup, which he does. Then it immediately cuts into something else better then this…]

[Image: tumblr_mpy79tL83g1stawqpo1_400.gif]

[…then we cut back to Buttercup, all bruised up and sad, and he walks with a slight limp that implied he gotten a little “TLC” from the homeless man in his tent. Then he manages to walk up to a lady who’s wearing a MAYDAY! Shirt from the XWF merchline, who was simply minding her own business reading her daily gossip mag, until he comes up towards her lunging the mic at her face, with slight exhaustion.]

Buttercup: Oh…uh my bad, I didn’t mean to put the mic in your face.

???: Oh that’s okay, what do you want me to talk to you about?

Buttercup: I notice you are uh, rocking a MAYDAY! XWF shirt, by any chance you are aware of that event that is taking place in Florida soon?

???: I guess so, yeah.

Buttercup: Well I wanted to ask you some few questions, is that alright with you?

???: Yeah sure, what do you want to ask me?

Buttercup: Alright then, you know the show’s stacked card and all, but I want to know who’s your pick for the King Doc’s invitational Battle Royal?

???: WEL—

[Then it abruptly cuts to a meeting with Reggie and Space Ghost late night tv show out of nowhere. We see clips of Moltar jacking off to pictures of Jenny, Fury, and rest of the female combatants in the battle royal on his monitor, while ignoring to cut the camera on Space Ghost, while Zorak kept playing trucker horns on his keyboard stand. Then we see Reggie in a room on the tv monitor looking bored as fuck, as Space Ghost tries to remember his one line.]

Space Ghost: Oh shit, I forgot my line.. Zorak, do you know my line?

[Zorak ignores him, and kept playing trucker horns.]

Space Ghost: Moltar, you got my line I need to say?

Moltar: What…Line?... I’m in a middle of something here.

Space Ghost: Fine, I guess I’ll have to wing it… anyways Reginald, what made you call us back on your latest promo?

Reggie: It’s Reggie, and I wanted to let the world know that I am fan of yours. In fact, I got you three tickets for the MAYDAY event, first row at a some guys estate. I’m in this battle ro—

Space Ghost: Did you say three tickets to a wrestling show? I’m in!

[Then Moltar and Zorak also agrees too.]

Space Ghost: So Regina, how does it feel to know that you haven’t gotten the intergalactic planetary multiverse championship? I’ve had that belt since the late 70s, and I defended it against many many villainous characters.

Reggie: Sadly I didn’t have that time to be in space, I mean I know you managed to get dumped out of the ring like a bitch would, and I know that your last reign barely lasted a month. Last time I checked, you haven’t even gotten chapstick for your chapped lips.

Space Ghost: Listen up here Gino, you don’t talk like that to me, you better apologize or I will blast my arm ray thing at your face, pal!

[Then Reggie ducks as Space Ghost shot at him, but misses by like miles, and Reggie puts his hands up in surrender. Then Moltar and Zorak then laugh at Reggie, and Moltar puts up an image of a crying baby on the screen, and goes back to jerking it off. Then it just randomly cuts to the end credits of the show. Since there is no proper sign off, it just cuts to black… nah it shows static, then it pans out from a TV set, where we see Tommy and Reggie looking at one another.]

Tommy: Dude, no you can’t release this to the public. It’s fucking trash, and you know it!

Reggie: What do I have to lose? It’s not like going to want to watch this trainwreck of a taped promo like this. Hell, it might get me under these people’s radars for the time being. Plus, it was just an idea I had in my head, during my many manic stages.

Tommy: Well man, If you say so… do what you want, because I like it. It’s wired, stupid, and Avant garde that people either love or hate it down the line. So Reggie, put this shit out to the world, and good luck in your battle royal thing this Saturday, me and JB will be watchin from a far.

[Then Tommy leaves Reggie motel, as the scene truly fades to white out of nowhere.]

[Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_4lgq09mzcsqo...sed_v3.gif]

“Well, I just turned in the masterpiece promo that isn’t going to be viewed by anyone, since it contained absurd material some people would not find suitable. Viewer discretion is advised for the eyes and mind of the people. If you haven’t turned it off, then you are more braver than an average Karen or Ken’s whom roam around the XWF HQ’s due to the violent content that is shown on TV. Well, I know for me I am not content friendly enough to have the advertisers give me a sponsorship deal.

Shit, I even gotten some Fuzz approved Chapstick from the promoter of this event, I will use it in case If I’m on a date or something, since Fuzz has more sponsorship deals then Drew’s homeboy and Demos combined, but that’s all sweet and dandy. Why am I bringing this up?

Simple, it’s not the whole Fuzz branded Chapstick thing, it’s due to the fact that these people I am in this battle royal with, are bound to get sponsored by the higher ups in the company to market to those masses, which in turn funds the capitalistic nature of this business, there’s a reason why I am not shocked to see Demos asking Vinnie for his cut, since he tends to believe his own hype, which is fine for a diluted man like himself. People are struggling to get by, and nobody wants to give up the money, shit I still have yet to be owed royalties for those previous show I’ve been on.

I am not too pressed about this whole idea of, if you can turn the other cheek and let them slap you in the face to get by. Me, I don’t believe in that mindset at all, there’s a reason why I’ve been into so much trouble for all my life, that people can’t seem to know that I am more or less aware of all the politics that plagues this industry, there’s a better chance that you will see a Sil like merch then a t shirt from me, due to how the game is played. When I had to make the first strike, I had to make sure that nobody expected it and managed to set the course off the direction.

When I said when I was going to change the system, I meant that in a way of my course here in XWF. Since I’ve came back, I’ve seen all the changes for better or for worst, and now its time for me to tell you all the truth…

I can careless about being the last man standing, because it’s all just a tool to see who’s better at playing thier silly games to be the leader. The leader of what you ask?.... the leader of the company top ace as the Universal Champion, people like Main, Sil, Jenny and whole other list of people are dying to be the one to be the ace, to the dethrone the current title holder and cement their legacy in this place.

You all want that don’t you?... I can’t blame you all… you’ve been conditioned to think like that, and march in single file to the slaughterhouse of broken dreams and misery. Well, while guess what, you all in this royal can have a chance to dance like a monkey to get to the top, while I just watch in the sidelines. I know that Leap Of Faith is coming soon, so you all better be ready for a start of a revolution… by execution.

I will do my best to execute those who aren’t worthy enough to BE AT the top of the mountain tops of glory this Saturday coming… it will be chance to let the people in XWF know who I am, even if I don’t care to be the last sucker standing.

God Bless you all for what I will do to you in this battle royal…”

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