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Kill The Head, The Body Will Die.
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04-23-2021 09:31 PM


“Kill The Head, The Body Will Die.”


Even the mighty king's fall...
Champions perish...
Flame suffocated...
And memories...

” You seem tense homie, what’s up with you?”

” I’m not sure man, something about tonight seems off, different…” My mind performs mental gymnastics through several scenarios, but none make sense… ”I’ve got this unsettling feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach that something…” I sigh placing my hands on my hips in frustration. ” That something is wrong… I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.”

Page chuckles under his breath, as his yellow rimmed eyes narrowed releasing a suffocating cloud of cannabis into the locker room…

” Rob, listen, you’ve been down this road before, all that shit you have swarming around in that head of yours, needs to stop right now… Stop kicking the mental hornet nest and get focused, tonight is the night you breathe new life into the Universal Championship… That championship has been on life-support for months, floundering away, held by numbskull scabs… Just look at how many times that prestigious championship has switched hands.” Page begins pacing, as the blood begins pumping through his veins like a gasoline engine… He smoldered with resentment as his brain began firing on all cylinders. Page abruptly stops right in front of Robert… ” Bob, where’s the exhilaration, the adrenaline surging through your system? Tonight, the world changes forever!” Robert remains poker-faced as Page gives Robert a gentle shove drawing his attention… You are Robert fucking Main… Do I have to remind you of all the accolades you have held?” Robert shrugs his broad shoulders leering off in the distance. ” You’re an asshole, but I’ll stroke that ego for ya…” Page holds up an index finger.

” Longest reigning Hart Champion in modern history… A belt you held twice, and no one can hold a candle to what you did, and never will …” Chris, rolls his eyes holding up his index finger and middle finger. ” Longest reigning Tag Team Champion… Your name by the way…” Page pauses for a moment. ” Is in the one and two spots, dick… Your welcome by the way…” Page gives Robert the finger before holding up a third… ” Second longest Universal Champion in modern history. That list right there is nothing to sneeze at, there are guys out there walking those halls, right now…” Page points towards the locker room door as anger stirred within him. ” That will never even get the opportunity to get in the ring with a former champion, let alone carry the crown for themselves… You’ve clinched what so many have dreamed of when we would wake up on a Saturday morning laying on the floor watching the television… Robert Main turned a childhood dream into reality…”

Page lowers his head softly whispering… ” I know I haven’t… And I’ve been around for a long damn time. Twenty years, the things you have done for this business and this company are Hall of Legends worthy… And that right there is honesty my man… You carried this company on your back when no one else would… You broke your back when everyone else hid in the shadows judging from afar…” Chris becomes unnerved pointing towards the arena.[/i] ” You stepped up and the rest of these cowards stepped out… You’ve held every major title this company has to offer besides the Television Championship… And who in the hell needs that headache, am I right? Every single Wargames you’ve competed in you’ve been victorious… Robert this is a cakewalk… That championship is sitting out there on a silver platter for you to take… Hell, if you never got screwed out of it in the first place, you’d probably have that number one spot and still be champion today… But that’s water under the bridge, I guess…” Page leans in slapping Robert on his shoulder… ” Now if you’ll excuse the shit out of me I’ll take the tip of your dick out of my mouth.”

Robert focused on the empty space in the air between them wondering to himself why Page would bring up the debacle that happened in 2019. In his mind, Robert quietly cross-examined Page’s words… Was Chris just trying to get Robert fired up for the altercation that was about to take place? Or was there something else laced in, something just underneath the surface scratching away that Robert couldn’t see or feel… Just because something isn’t tangible, doesn’t mean it isn’t there, but something was off about Chris tonight…

” Chris, what I’ve done in the past doesn’t mean a damn thing and you know that… Look around the XWF right now, it’s evolving, and if people like you and I don’t get with the times…” Robert points to Page them himself… ” Then we are left behind… Forgotten relics of the past, we become dusty old dinosaurs… Searching for the limelight one more time… This isn’t the time for a rocking chair and blanket on our knees… We stay relevant or we are finished… You of all people should know that better than anyone else on this roster.” Robert takes a step back as his face hardened in concentration. ” I don’t want to be Aidan Collins or Zach Rizza and wonder what might have been…” Roberts his fury sprang to life as he lashed out at Page. ” And tell me this why in the hell are you bringing up that cash in? Are you trying to press my buttons, or is there something else that you need to say Chris?”

Page arched an eyebrow as the crow’s feet radiated from corners of his eyes ” Robert, I’m not sure what you are getting at, or where you are going with this, but remember one thing…” Page’s jaw tightened as raw animosity shot through him.[/i] ” You were not the only one screwed over when Soldier cashed in with that dusty ass case… We had something going that this federation had never seen before… The ratings were sky high and right when we were about to blow the roof off, the plug was pulled… Call it what you want, backstage politics, envy or straight-up bitch made bull shit… Someone didn’t like what we were doing and stuck their nose in our business at the pinnacle …” Page’s aquamarine eyes spread as wide as silver dollars. ” They pulled their strings and got everyone to believe it was a good idea… They didn’t like the fact that we were at the top of the marquee and the federation wasn’t revolving around them. Now, look at the Universal Championship, being tossed around like a hot potato… So, take everything down a few decibels and chill out brother… I’m on your side and have been since we started this whole thing.” Page points to the monitor. ” Chaos is making the walk now and as soon as things are finished up, you challenge the winner to a match at Snow Job… Where you’ll become the two time Universal Champion…”

I stood in a moment of solidarity with both feet firmly pressed against the unforgiving concrete floor. My hands were trembling as I nodded making my intentions crystal clear… Eyes glued to the monitor as I crossed my arms, waiting on what was supposed to be my future, my ascension back to the apex… Just beyond reach, stood my Tag Team partner “Chronic” Chris Page… We both take a moment and watch as Duke passed by to make the walk... Thaddeus then halted, turning around and stopping at the threshold of our locker room, he remained motionless for a few seconds before adjusting his newly won Universal Championship… Duke didn’t waste a second before leering in my direction with a shit-eating grin. An “I told you so” rolled off his tongue, followed by Cheshire smile. He eyed me, like his bull shit meter was about to explode, as a cold gaze became fixed on the anxious young man. We saw into each other's souls. Was the young buck just too much, Duke was everything I could have asked for in a champion. Ambitious, hungry, eager, and willing to put it all on the line…Thaddeus knew what was about to unfold as he mouthed… “I’ve gotta go!” Patting the Universal Championship Duke blew a kiss and made his walk to the ring…

[Image: giphy.gif]

” Asshole! Kids got to rub every bodies nose in it…”

Page quickly responds…

” Yup… Try feuding with the guy for six months… He kissed me…”

A nauseating look appears on Robert’s face as he responds shaking his head.

” No thanks…”

The world was about to change forever just not in the way that I had envisioned it... "Here we go, Duke - vs - Chaos for the Universal Championship." Rubbing my battered hands together as I watched from afar salivating over the opportunity before me... The referee took Duke's Universal Championship to the center of the squared circle, holding it high above his head for the world to see. Nodding along as the camera panned in, leering at the brilliant glimmer of the treasure I once held over my shoulder. The glow alone was awe-inspiring as that old familiar feeling climbed up my spine, digging in, wrapping its tendrils around my soul. " There it is." I uttered to myself as the fire began raging in the pit of my stomach once more... " I've missed that feeling... Envy has kept me awake for more than a year now..." For a moment I glanced at the shoulder where it was once draped for two hundred and sixty-nine days... Jaw clenched tight as my teeth uncontrollably ground, suddenly... I remembered what it was like to hold the brass ring and stand atop the mountain called the XWF. The hair on my neck stood on end as goosebumps ran down my arms. Then I whispered... " I'm coming home…" At that moment something shifted in the universe, something felt different as the glimmer in my eyes was reborn...

[Image: JggTqeU.png]

- vs -

Memories are often invoked by a fragrance, for Robert it had always been the aroma of pyrotechnics filling the arena, fresh popcorn, and the roar of the crowd. Negative memories often come with a cost, as addictive as they feel, once lessons are learned there is nothing in them of true value. The brain has little concept of time, and so the painful memory is experienced as a current event. Real-time... Therefore, once we have come to terms with them and gained new perspectives on what happened, it is important to move on and recall the happy times instead. This way you deal with them, disarm them, and choose real health for yourself. This way you love yourself and set yourself free. The positive memories come as a friend with a picnic basket, they are good and nourishing, supportive and kind. This is how Robert choose to build himself, letting the bad ones wander off on their own and encouraging the good ones to blossom and grow. This way he became confident, well balanced and in control of himself, able to appreciate each moment as a gift and to see a positive future.

” Look at this shit…”

” Look at the kid go; he’s got a mean streak a mile wide…”

” Bro, its Chaos…”

Shaking my head allowing a smile to form on my face as the beginning of the end appears to be taking shape before my very eyes... " Here it is..." Chaos turned a brilliant shade of lavender as Duke tightened the cord... Chris tries valiantly to keep his airway open, clawing at the cord... Desperately trying to get some leverage, to get his finger in between the cord and his neck so he could take a breath, keeping his Universal Championship dreams alive… Then it happened Chaos uttered those two damming words... "I QUIT!" I shake my head once more for good measure... " Duke forced Chaos to concede by choking the living shit out of him..." I pause for a moment of reflection nodding while chuckling under my breath... "Nice... Can't say this isn't what I expected though..." I roll my eyes as the anxiety and nervousness abruptly creep in.

” Chaos gets Universal Championships like he is on welfare…”


" Duke grabbed a microphone... Now what?" Irritated I place my hands on my hips tapping my foot... " What the hell is this?" My ears perk up as I listen to Duke force-feeding Chris Chaos a healthy dose of unmitigated truth... "Damn the truth hurts..." Rolls off my tongue as my mind continues processing what’s unfolding in front of me... " Why am I nervous?" I stuttered as butterflies filled my stomach...

Nerves are an exceptional indication; they show that you are at the start of a new frontier and that is intoxicating. Only through these travels can we unravel our legitimate talents and gifts. Uneasiness is a signal of validity, what you value, of what you need and cherish... Often of what you desire so much that the conceptualization of not winning brings on those telltale tremors and late-night sweats. Always ask yourself what the butterflies are telling you... It is one fundamental way your body speaks. Robert wonders to himself if he is truly worthy of escaping this hurricane of thoughts running ramped through his head... The positive and negative analysis of the actions and words of others. Is he deserving of another Universal Championship run and a better life? [i] Robert is uncomfortable because what he is about to do matters, not only to him but to those who supported him during his record-setting reign. He knows that he needs to get it right this time around. That thought is the motivation he needs to conquer it and move onwards with his decision.

” So, you ready to make the walk, and get back what’s rightfully yours?”

I nod as Page grins…

” Okay then let’s go brother.” Page makes his way towards the locker room door, when I speak up… ” Chris…” I hesitate for a moment… ” Chris, I need to go down there alone.” Page throws his hands up… ” What’s going on? You don’t want me down there with ya in case something goes south?” I shake my head no, popping my neck from side to side… ” It’s not that I don’t want you there, I just don’t want to give Duke any excuses… You can understand, that right?” Page nods with a slight grin. ” No, no, I get it… If there is a way-out Duke, the dick weasel will try to find it… Good luck out there… I’ll be watching…” I watch as the light fades from Page’s eyes until they are dark and empty… Page extends his fist; we fist bump as I walk past him… But just as I’m leaving the locker room, I notice Page on his phone texting away, I find it odd because there is one thing that Chris Page cannot do. And that’s use technology…

Walking like a man on a mission I reach the navy double-doors with their plastic band fastened midway and their dull chrome handles, pulling my eyes from the highly polished concrete floor to catch a glimpse of the hallway that stretched beyond, cut into tiny squares by the thin wire in the window panels. Without pause I extend my arms exploding forward with all my body weight; as the door, swings open soundlessly and with ease. A draft of air hits my face, warm and with a tincture of pyrogenetic. Ahead of me to the right was gorilla, to my left the loading docks… I could fit at least two of me with arms outstretched across the hallway’s width. Instead of straight walls, the hallway has a curve, disappearing in a hundred meters or so. Every few seconds I pass a different set of doors as I make a b line towards the ring.

I breathe with a sense of gratitude and true serenity as I awaited my cue. It is as if the storms traveling through my mind have dissipated, becoming silent, as if I was in the eye…

And I dream broken dreams...
I make them come true...
I make them for you...
I make them for you...

" Here we go..." I release one last breath turning towards gorilla... Just as my fingertips graze the cloth, I feel something unexpected... Searing pain... Slowly, his senses started sending reports back to his brain. The excruciation takes over a portion of my brain, without the effort of new thoughts. It misappropriates the part of me I most want to share with others, my light and laughter, my generous heart. It is the sort of anguish that burns as if some invisible flame were held against my head. The emotions of loss are that way, right? Death, abandonment, or betrayal, they all lead here. I stagger towards the curtain as my legs stop working falling to my knees I struggle to get up, my vision becoming blurry I fall face-first to the concrete floor.

[Image: IUZe.gif]

Fading in and out I reach for my head and felt the warm liquid run between each of my fingers… ” I’m bleeding…” I said to myself, as I continue to weaken … Blood gushed with sickening determination from the back of my head as if my own heart sought to pump every drop from my body. My fingers clamped over the wound for a few moments trying to stop the life-threatening wound. I pull my hand back still trying to push myself off the floor…The bloodshed was as barbaric as it was stupid; it was as evil and cruel. Part of me will always be in that moment after the malignant flow of blood seeped from the back of my skull. It lives there as my skin became greyer and the eyes that had sparked every day of my life became opaque. Bloodshed is the devil’s ink, and he had come to collect…[/i]


Trainer- “We don’t know, we came across him just like this.”

Chris finally hears Robert’s entrance music playing out in the stadium.

” Fuck.”

Chris releases his grip on the trainer’s shirt as he starts towards Gorilla while yelling back towards the trainer.

” I want answers when I get back.”

My music abruptly comes to a halt… ” No…” I hear Chris’s music and realize; my moment was just stolen from me… My eyesight blurred, as tears were welling up because I knew deep down in my heart this was the end… Everything became fuzzy; then I saw nothing at all as I tried to crawl towards the ring… My consciousness was floating through a space filled with a thick static. Throughout the inky space, my heartbeats pounded loudly, echoing in my ears, alongside fading pleas for help. Feeling my body drained away until finally, all was black.

Never depend too much on anyone in this world…
Even your shadow leaves you…
When you’re in darkness…


” They say that walnuts are rich in antioxidants, may decrease inflammation and help lower blood pressure…”

Robert holds a walnut up, grinning from ear to ear before popping it into his mouth.

[Image: JqikkF7.jpg]

” And damn tasty too.”

He tosses the bag over his shoulder giving the finger at all B.o.B members.

" Cracked head or one hand tied behind my back, I run through any member of B.o.B like a hot knife through butter and twice on Sunday. Now I'm going to start this thing off, different from any other promo that I've ever cut in the past. There isn't going to be an exquisite backdrop for your eyes to drink in or a dramatic story keeping you on the edge of your seats... This doesn’t deserve that time or effort… So, what I need is for all of you to drop whatever you’re doing and to pay attention to every word that is about to roll off my tongue… Because the world you used to inhabit is about to go up in smoke… The warning I’m about to give will affect you listening, directly… So, pull up a seat and let’s not get disoriented somewhere in the middle of this conversation. Open those lucid minds and listen closely... Heed my premonition, I've never been a man that will piss on your back and tell you it's raining, and that my friends, is straight-up honesty... What I'm doing here, might come as a surprise to some... Other's will continue to be the killjoys that they’ve always been known for turning up their noses... The idea assassins of the XWF are formidable… And that’s fine… Those same men and women have always chosen to listen, only when they are involved directly… If the world isn’t revolving around them, well… You get the picture… They tune out… Or try to make it about them… I'm going to tell you all the validity of the situation that’s about to unfold here in the XWF... Not a watered-down version either, no bull shit, the legitimate authenticity of the reality we all are about to reside in...”

A seriousness took control of Robert's voice for the first time in a long time... “The Omega “could see the writing on the wall and in times like these, it would be certifiably bananas to take it all on the chin and smirk. He could see that here in the XWF there was a crossroad coming, each member of this roster hanging on the edge of a cliff, about to fall and never return... A power struggle for the ages was brewing just beneath the surface and about to boil over… This was nothing like The Kings and their dominance, they were four legends who came together and wrecked shop… Once their fun was over, and their point proven, they left… This was something more, something that could dismantle us all as alliances were being created in the murkiness of night… Avalanche, The Left Hand, B.o.B to name a few… Battle lines were being drawn in the sand the question going forward was which side would you be standing on… Chris Page thought by having Thunder Knuckles bash Robert’s walnut brain in from behind like the bitch made chicken shit he is, would have taken Robert off the chessboard… Their powerplay fell flat… They chose to play checkers while Robert, was playing three-dimensional chess. Page. was warned a long time ago, not to cross Robert, and that he would be on a short leash, blinded by greed Page, chose the ladder… Robert, remerged at March Madness with longtime friend Drew, at his side, both ready and willing to right all the wrongs… B.o.B has gained a stranglehold on multiple championships and their numbers continue to grow by the day… And with the Left-Hand lurking and Avalanche expanding, Robert expeditiously realized he was hopelessly outnumbered…

” Once this entire thing pops off, there won’t be a bridge back to the way things were… You see I’m going to burn the bridge down with everyone on it… Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… And for those of you who are spineless out there doubting everything I’m about to do, this is a verbal middle finger to every one of you... If you are not with me, then you are against me, and given my proven track record I suggest you choose wisely… See I’ve never given much thought about the notion of respect before, I simply poured myself into the ring, giving fans exactly what they paid to see… Because of people like me, the management of this company has become bloated, as I lined their pockets to the max… There was never, not once, a thank you while I was providing pay-per-view buy numbers they’ve often dreamed about… They asked and I delivered every single time… Countless times I’ve tried to set examples for those up and coming mavericks, those trendsetters that will one day replace people like me. I’ve shown them the ropes and how to survive in this jungle known as the XWF… I shook hands and kissed babies, for what? Foolishly hoping that one day to get something back in return, for everything that I had done not only for this company but for this business. But I guess you cannot get blood from a turnip…”

The roster is entangled in a gigantic web of deceit, stuck in the middle trying to appease management, while at the same time trying to make something of their careers pretending they can’t see the devastation being inflicted… Suddenly the revolving door of mishandled careers has seemed to stop and now the XWF is thriving, but off in the distance, a storm is coming, and soon you’ll have to choose a side… Now isn’t the time to show apprehension, each member on this roster is going to have to stand for what they believe in. Dislodge the propaganda they were fed and prepare for war… This fridge logic alone is going to bring inhuman choices, then again, the greatest rationally is rendered moronic in the worst ways imaginable.

” The very second Snow Job went off the air, I could feel the air getting sucked out of the arena… I was back and for some that was bad for business… The whispers from the shadows began shortly after, questioning why I deserved a Universal Championship match… The target once again painted on my back, this time the color was bolder than ever before… It’s funny to me, in this vanilla world, most of you empty-headed simpletons thrive in, I dared to be different... I choose to step outside of the box and walk a path most of you halfwits on this roster wouldn't dare... Not because you couldn't, no, because you are too unambitious to go out and get the relevance that you desperately yearn for... Too afraid of others perception, every solitary member on this roster including management from top to bottom has all committed their selves to floundering in the middle, doing just enough to keep their heads above water and never enough to swim to shore… Convinced you're ecstatic when you're just caught up in a monumental game… I’ve always challenged myself to be something more, grabbing the brass ring and never looking back... Time and time again I’ve shown the entire world what the XWF could be… Hell, what it should be... And make no mistake about it, no matter where The Universal Championship currently resides, we all know where it belongs... You've all become terrified of viewpoints you don't agree with by becoming intolerant narrow-minded fools... Dare I say, hypocrites..."

Robert threw his head back scoffing at the word shaking his head in disgust... He dove deep inside his subconscious mind with all its elevated ideas wondering where everything went so wrong... The train has been off the rails for some time now and not a single soul has the balls to call it out besides Robert Main... He sighed clenching his fist watching his knuckles turn snow white. Robert honestly felt sorry for those hypocrites he was surrounded by... All he ever heard was the constant screaming of their conscious mind’s day and night... They didn't have a range of principles, morals, or standards to fall back on... The armed struggle that was about to unfold would consume them all, they were just too blind to see it. Unable to read in-between the lines, but soon, these feeble-minded men and women will have no choice in the matter… Choose a side, or become demolished on the battlefield… Robert just needed, able-bodied men and women to stand at his side… But the question was, who?

” I guess that's why they have always seen me as simple, a target for aggression, a ready-made victim. In the past, the old Robert would have taken it on the chin and never thought twice about it… But that was then, and this is now… You've all become lamebrained posers dying for an opportunity to gain acceptance... Seeking clout when none should be given and damn sure not deserved... I've become the commander of the people you all despise openly and together we will crush the oppressive movements thriving in this company... Does anyone of you believe for a single second that you have killed an ounce of my confidence with all the negative comments from you supposed wrestlers that have become nothing more than keyboard warriors... When TK cracked my head you all sighed collectively, praying it would be the end of my career… While I was laid up in the hospital clinging to life, I read all the comments and recited them in my head… I remember each one of you, and when the time comes, I’ll make sure you eat those words by force… And when that time comes, you will fall like dominos, I’ll step over those broken bones and rebuild my throne… Let me break this to each of you fair-weathered sons of bitches, nothing that has happened to me has phased me one bit... I'm the one standing here alive and well, I'm everything that each one of you knows without a shadow of a doubt you'll never become... The browbeating over the past few months in this federation has become comedy gold, all of you are nothing more than lip service... Funny, how the talking seized the moment I stepped foot in that squared circle… It’s tough to talk big with a shotgun in your mouths, isn’t it? The reckoning is here ladies and gentlemen and if you are on that list, I’d watch your backs… Because when that moment comes and your leering across the ring at me, I'll bury you right where you stand, and you all know it...”

A legionary is not constructed of serenity but tribulation, and therefore they chose to assemble themselves to carry the suffering with them. They become the heroes, wishing they had been their own rescuers. They answer the call of the universe, a call Robert and Drew are yet again willing to make no matter the outcome as they each gain a kind of true deliverance others cannot fathom. The gladiator once felt all the discomfort of the cosmos and it forged both Robert and Drew into a soldier of fortune. These days these two revolutionists keep only the memory of the pain, not the feeling, and this frees them to become all the stronger, even more creative, in the ending of suffering. Those that are unaccustomed to Robert’s ways should not let his charming looks and mild manners fool them, he is as sharp-witted as they come and a warrior of some renown. “The Omega” has integrity that was once lost but now found from the swift strike of a baseball bat, courageousness, and nobility of heart. Main has always been chivalrous by nature and the XWF needs those who will exchange blows for those who cannot fight for themselves. XWF needs those who will guard creation from greed and plunder. In a field full of sheep, Robert and Drew were wolves in a federation filled with sheep…

” No questions asked it's just what I do... I'm not an asshole, that's my ego, that’s the years of winning everything I’ve ever decided to take part in…. None of the shit that has been said has bothered me for a second, in fact, the only thing that you have accomplished is, breathe more life into a man that was already determined to be one of the greatest to ever walk through the curtains. I can't be canceled, there's no way that anyone of you can stop me, once my mind is made up… So, go ahead and take my face or my name, paste it all over Twitter… I'm already famous and you'll never change it by hating or claiming you'll take away my career… It’s been tried several times and I’m still here standing tall. I’ve been exposing fakes for years now turning want to be wrestlers careers into ghost stories… And make no mistake about it once the bell sounds, those feeble bones will shatter underneath the crippling pressure as you are locked inside the ring with a wolf. I have stepped forward on a mission, speaking out against those of you starting drama, the funny thing is none of you wants any smoke, so you talk under your breath when no one is listening… You people are the snakes of this company and I’ve never eaten from that apple tree…”

The frustration builds on Robert's face to the point where he looks like he is about to explode... He takes a deep breath. Even though he wants to shout at the top of his lungs, and possibly even have a tantrum by destroying anything in his path. He needs to vent, let it out, to let off the steam of the boiling kettle... They tell Robert that underneath it all they are prodigies when they are arguing with a savant. Then Robert lets loose…

” I want to make this crystal clear, this battle royal, isn’t about winning the Universal Championship for the second time in my career. It’s about getting my hands on Page and wiping away the shame that should have never existed… Page is running scared, he knows the empire he built off my back all comes crumbling down as soon as I step foot in the ring with him… I’ve done it twice before, and I’ll do it again. Page wants me to have to run a marathon to get to him, sadly each of you who had the courage to opt-in is in my way… So, when I step through those ropes with a target painted on my back, you’ll each have the chance to stop me… But you won’t because you can’t. I’m truly sorry for what I’m going to have to do to some of you, but I must, because if I fail the end of this company will unfold in front of your eyes… I’m a grenade with the pin pulled and people I’m about to go off. There will be collateral damage…”

Robert pauses for a moment collecting his thoughts knowing he’s a target…

” So, here is that chance at the white whale, to say it to my face in the middle of that ring. To shut me up and prove I’m wrong… You mother fuckers have wanted me to walk away so badly you could taste it. Praying that you get one shot in that shit career to run your tongue over the sugar cube hoping to just get a taste... You each want a shot at all the diamonds and loot but don't have the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it. Page is just sitting there, and no one is asking to be next in line. Duke, cries on Twitter about how some are underserving and yet the man will not open his mouth for a challenge himself… Why? Duke, get shot down again against Page, crash and burn part dux… Did Duke opt into this match? Hell no, he tucked tail and ran, once there is real competition, he hides leaping feet first into a match with someone else… Duke has always needed someone else to do the heavy lifting because when the bright lights are on, he shits the bed… Each of you is sitting there with your tails tucked in between your legs scared to death of what Page might do to you… When you should be worried about what I will do to you in this battle royal… Because with people like me around, you'll never get the opportunity... So, you stick those penile necks in the sand... I own this fucking place and have so for years now and I don't owe anybody an apology for wrecking shop or being who I am... And while you may not like those uncomplicated facts, learn to live with them or die by my sword... This is what you get when Robert Main is in your company... When “The Omega” has revenge on the mind… You get dominance... And if you have a problem with my pistol like point of view, step up in this battle royal and do something about it... You all know where to find me... I’ll be waiting dead center with a target painted on my back, gladly waiting to grind you into dust before tossing your asses over the top rope…”

Drew abruptly steps into the frame

[Image: giphy.gif]

” So, Rob, I did something…”

Robert rolls his eyes.

” What is it this time? If it’s the Mountain Dew thing again, we’ve gone over this a million times. It isn’t tainted…”

Drew shakes his head for a moment taking a drink of dark chocolate almond milk leaving a milk mustache.

” No, no, I’m over that… Dew the Dew Bobby…” Drew whispers… It’s still tainted! Anyway, I did something else… Something you are going to be mad at and happy with at the same time…”

Drew pulls Robert’s AMEX card from his pocket, waving it around in Robert’s face…

” How in the hell did you get my card again and what did you buy? If it’s another year supply of chocolate almond milk I might kill you…”

Robert swipes his card out of Drew's hand.

” A gentlemen never tells… Plus its dark chocolate almond milk now… It’s healthier…”

” A gentlemen never kisses and tells has nothing to do with my credit card…”

” We’re splitting hairs here Bob, apples and oranges… I bought these…”

Drew shows Robert something just out of view of the camera as Robert nods with a grin…

” I like the way you think… But you couldn’t afford thirty bucks for these things? They are giving them away…”

” Robert, I have no money… Oh, and that dark chocolate almond milk will be delivered to your house monthly…”

[Image: uvIGd45.png]

[Image: 6x9xFnQ.png]
[Image: nLYNvyj.png] x2
[Image: fMJwa5h.png] x2
[Image: WPoUWuI.png]

Longest Reigning Tag Team Champions in modern history. W- Drew Archyle & James Raven
Longest Reigning Hart Champion in modern history:280 days
2nd longest reigning Universal Champion :269 days
Tag Team Champions W- "Chronic" Chris Page as Cataclysm
Trio's Champion W- AX3
2020 May Superstar Of The Month
Winning Team Wargames 2020
Winning Team War Games 2019 W- APEX PROPHECY
2019 Feud of the year W- "Chronic" Chris Page
2019 Tag Team of the Year W- Drew Archyle & James Raven as APEX
Roleplay of the Month February 2019 "Junkyard Dog"
Leap Of Faith Winner 2018
July 2018 Superstar Of The Month
December 2018 Superstar Of The Month
December 2017 Superstar Of The Month
Winning Team War Games 2017 W- APEX
Mr. 24/7
[Image: Qfgvjya.png]
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