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09-16-2020 04:13 PM

Chronic Chris Page vs Thunder Knuckles 2: The Rematch
A BOB Productions
Narrated by: Liev Schreiber

The video opens to Thunder Knuckles who is stopped by a PWI reporter and asked about a rematch with Chris Page at Relentless.

Thunder Knuckles: I believe in my power and my style can overcome fucking Chris Page. I know I win. The little respect there was has been lost. Page stole my belt. Now I’m going to take it back.

The clip ends and fades to a clip of Pip Collins. Pip is giving his assessment of the rematch.

[Image: dF4X97j.png]

Pip Collins: After that draw on Savage, July 11th, 2020. This rematch, Chris Page vs Thunder Knuckles. it’s virtually split down the middle, but everyone agrees we have a potential classic on our hands.

The clip of Pip fades to a shot of the Television Title.

The Television title, one of the hardest titles to win. A fifteen-minute time limit, fighting the champion on his or her terms, and because it’s on savage you have to entertain.

Your screen fades from the television title to a countdown clock ticking down from fifteen minutes quickly.

The fifteen-minute time limit has been the bane of plenty of XWF stars throughout the years.

The countdown clock runs out and your screen fades to the finish of Savage's main event on July 11th, 2020.

July 11th, 2020 was no exception for Chris Page. Who got a “controversial” draw, not steaming from the result itself but instead from the fact that Page believed he grabbed the belt in time.

Your screen now sees what Chris Page did after that match, stealing the Television Title. After falling short of his goal.

Still, up until September 12th, 2020. It seemed like the fans were never going to get to see the rematch they deserved After Thunder Knuckles lost the title to Thaddeus Duke at Leap of Faith.

Flashes of Thunder Knuckles and Chris Page mean-mugging the camera, appear on your screen. The production value must have set Thunder Knuckles back a couple of bucks.

Despite the bad blood, cries of corruption, and general uncertainty. IT’S ON! Live at Relentless from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California! A pay-per-view steeped in history, a pay-per-view where neither wrestler will settle for second best. One returns in a bid to restore his image, to put his name back amongst the very best. The other to settle a score. Chronic Chris Page vs. Thunder Knuckles 2: The Rematch!

Your television screen fades from Thunder Knuckles and Page's mean-mugging to another mean mug. This time it's Sebastian Duke, giving his opinion on the match.

[Image: DukeAvi.jpg]

Sebastian Duke: "What's the match?"

Interviewer: The Rematch between Thunder Knuckles an-

Sebastian Duke: "Thunder Knuckles and who?"

Interviewer: Chris Page.

Sebastian Duke scoffs.

"Who fuckin' cares? That little shit cost me Lethal Lottery."

The shot of Sebastian Duke fades to highlights of Chris Page getting another draw. This time to The Wizard.

In professional wrestling, nothing is written. Even more so for the two big names that sit atop the Television Title division, both in the pinnacle of their craft. Two of the sport's biggest names are willing to put everything on the line for a second time.

Your screen now shows the aftermath of Chris Page vs. The Wizard. Where Thunder Knuckles is revealed to be the newest member of BOB.

Honorably, sticking to his word, Chris Page called out Thunder Knuckles on Savage September 12th, 2020. Unbeknownst to Page, Miss Fury had already got the match for Thunder Knuckles long before his return to the ring. Where Thunder Knuckles tries to put some shine back around his waist. Should he be successful at Relentless on day three, September 27th, 2020.

The video fades to Jimmy speaking on the rematch.

Jimmy: Historically the guy who can do more. Who had more tricks in his bag, so to speak. They typically do better in the rematch. That is Thunder Knuckles, in this case. I think Thunder Knuckles is going to make the adjustments necessary no matter what Chris Page chooses for the stipulation. I also think that Thunder Knuckles is going to show a different side of himself. Something we all know Chris Page can't do.

Your screen fades from Jimmy to clips of Chris Page just not getting the job done against Shawn Warstein. The same Shawn Warstein who is going up against Thunder Knuckles stablemate, Micheal Graves, in GCWA on Inferno.

For Chris Page, this time around the stakes in this match are far more favorable. Believing he was robbed in their first encounter, he plans to fix one of the most recent smudges on his record, a draw with Thunder Knuckles. A man who has only been in this business for one year. However, a loss here to Thunder Knuckles could signify a changing of the guard, as some would say. As Thunder Knuckles has challenged Chris Page's tag-team partner, Robert "The Omega" Main, for a match on Anarchy, under Savage's recorded promo rules, following Relentless.

The video fades to Thaddeus Duke who gives his opinion on the rematch.

[Image: Tommyboy.jpg]

Thaddeus Duke: Do you know, how I know, Thunder Knuckles is better than Chris Page? I beat him and Chris Page couldn't. Know how else I know? Because Thunder Knuckles has a set of balls and Page? His balls are buried deep somewhere in the bowels of Robert Main's purse.

Your screen shows a calendar running throughout the days of the year, from Relentless 2019 to Relentless 2020.

With only a short stint in XWF. Thunder Knuckles has amassed twenty-five matches in his first year. More than anyone who had come into the company around the same time.

Once the calendar makes it to Relentless 2020 your screen fades to highlights of Thunder Knuckles Television title reign.

While the draw hasn't been disastrous to either man's career. Despite Thunder Knuckles keeping up with some big names, Chris Page has the more stacked resume of the two. But it’s hard to blame Thunder Knuckles because he’s never turned down a real challenge in his career.

A stats tracker is shown on your screen giving the height, weight, and age of both fighters.

On paper, it remains a true pick'em match. The main question going into the rematch is whether or not Chris Page is slowing with age.

The screen fades from the stat tracker and now shows the host from Relentless Day one, James Raven. Who gave his opinion of the rematch.

[Image: Raven.jpg]

James Raven: Nobody knows what Chris Page is capable of better than me. After all, I’ve personally pinned the guy twice… or did I pick up the hat trick? I don’t remember, all the times I’ve hammered Chris down like a crooked nail blur together, kind of like the Saw movies except bloodier. I’d pick Chris over most of the roster, but Thunder Knuckles is a generational talent. There’s been nobody else like him, and there won’t be another after him. He’s due a signature win, he’s ready to put the stamp on a Legend and cement himself in the main event.

Your screen fades from James Raven to Thunder Knuckles's training once again.

And yet even though he’s been less active recently we can very much expect Thunder Knuckles’s skill to be very much intact. His power, speed, and style are something that is marked right up there with the very best Television champions in XWF history. This and like we saw against Chris Page in the first match, Thunder Knuckles has no quit in him and his pain tolerance is freakish. Taking moves that would render most ordinary humans incapacitated. There is a reason that Thunder Knuckles has set atop this division so long. But could the rematch play into the hands of the old wily veteran?

Your screen fades from whatever to Heather Halliwell Lasiewicz giving her opinion of the rematch.

[Image: f01z0Cl.png]

HHL: This could be a reincarnation of when Centurion and Thunder Knuckles fought for the Hart Championship. This could be a very close match. I’m hoping this gets settled at Relentless.

HHL’s clip fades clips of the previous match between Chris Page and Thunder Knuckles.

After all, we can expect Thunder Knuckles to press more, thus causing Chris Page to move more. All playing into Thunder Knuckles’s idea that Chris Page is losing a step.

The screen fades to BigD giving his opinion of the rematch.

[Image: bigd.jpeg]

BigD: "TK vs CCP, the battle for Saturday night supremacy. It'd be easy to take Chris Page in this match, since he doesn't lose very often................ unless he's against his Tag Team partner, of course; but people forget that these two have faced before and it ended in a draw. Now, I'm not saying TK's my pick, but he's surprised us all practically since day 1. While Page has ALWAYS been good, ole Knuckles has improved every single time he's stepped foot in the ring. Even though CCP IS my pick, this is one of those times where I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong and, honestly, I kind of hope I am!"

Once BigD has finished your screen changes to Donovan Blackwater who then gives his opinion of the rematch.

[Image: donovan.jpg]

Donovan Blackwater: Thunder Knuckles versus CCP 2, there's precisely zero doubt, TK will win. His tenacity, abilities within the squared circle, and sheer dedication to the sport... When he so chooses to give it, are unparalleled and if you're raising a brow in question to the latter example, know that I worded it that way on purpose. In order to showcase Thunder Knuckles' sheer talent. For there are not many that can successfully pull off that feat. Point in case, Chris Page could never mirror such a thing.

The screen fades from Donovan back to Thunder Knuckles and Jimmy. They are still working hard in preparation for Thunder Knuckles's upcoming match.

Now that Thunder Knuckles has succumbed to the big stage we could also expect to see Thunder Knuckles come in a little bit faster. Which could provide him with a dominant start that he lacked the first time around. It wouldn’t be uncommon for Thunder Knuckles to set up his game. Because when Thunder Knuckles steps into the bright lights he seems to keep getting better and better. If he can get the last word with every trade-off it should make for short work of the current Television Champion.

The screen switches to Noah Jackson. Who gives his opinion on the rematch.

[Image: BkBaQEr.png]

Noah Jackson: Our mate TK is a sick cunt, an honorary sick cunt I would say even! Sure he hangs around a known pedophile and some cunt in BDSM gear but he's still sick as fuck. Chris Page on the other hand is a fucking nonce! Cunt's lost more matches than Liam Roberts and has the charisma of a slug with a speech impediment. As a former and the best Television Champ, I would say it belongs solely on the waist of Thunder Knuckles!"

Your screen fades to Thunder Knuckles drinking beers and talking to Jimmy inside XWF video archive preparing for the match.

Though Chris Page has regained his taste for singles blood after he defeated Thaddeus Duke on the August 29th, 2020 edition of Savage. However, with two matches back to back before he even steps in the ring with Thunder Knuckles he could be going back to his recent singles career losing ways.

Your screen now shows Thunder Knuckles form the same footage played earlier with the PWI reporter.

Thunder Knuckles: I want a big fight. I need a big fight. If beating Chris Page, then getting my hands on Robert Main. If embarrassing them both gets me the big fight afterwords. So be it because let’s face it. Neither of these guys is who they were when they fought each other for the Universal Title, and I'm setting out to fucking prove that. One by fucking one.

The footage of thunder Knuckles ends and is now replaced with Micheal Graves. When asked about the match he lunges forward towards the camera, wide-eyed and fucking crazy, and yells out.

[Image: 5MxwYpw.png]

Micheal Graves: FUCKIN' DRAW

The shot of Micheal Graves becomes shots of The Incredible One, Felix Jones, Andrew Logan, and Johnny Legend. All who are fighting for the number one contender's spot, night one of Relentless.

With plenty of names in the mix to take on the winner. Expect both wrestlers to be setting out to send a message to the rest of the Television Title division. More importantly rather than see the time limit expire we see the ability, sacrifices, hard work, and dedication pay off for one of these true warriors of the ring.

The images on your screen flash between both Thunder Knuckles and Chris Page's highlights.

HHL: Did you see what Chris Page did, right there?

PC: Everyone is expecting a violent classic.

HHL: Thunder Knuckles is starting to go to work on him now.

Chronic Chris Page vs Thunder Knuckles 2: The Rematch “Supremacy or Legacy”.


Miss me, mother fuckers? The fucking hype video I just paid for, and you just watched, made Page look like he stands a chance to sell fucking tickets. That’s it. Put asses in seats, something Page hasn't done despite being a Tag Champion. The facts remain the same. I’m a faster talker than Page, I’m more entertaining, and I don’t bullshit the XWF fans around the world like him. What are you calling me out on him bullshitting? Okay, if you're pointing out the fact he said if he were the champion and had a draw he’d do everything in his power to get the fight.

Thunder Knuckles sarcastically slow claps.

Good for you dip shit you're about to lose your title that you just won. I don't know if its fucking humus-

Jimmy who’s behind the camera corrects Thunder Knuckles.

Hubris. The word is Hubris.

Thunder Knuckles looking annoyed quickly snaps back.

That’s what I said dickhead! Anyway, I don’t know if it’s fucking hubris or your just a goddamn idiot. Getting into the ring with ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles as your first defense. Never-the-fuck-less, here we are. You’re still pulling the wool over the eyes over XWF fans and mostly getting away with it. You see, Chris Page says a lot of things. Some true and some so fucking wrong it’s like he works in a completely different company. What I’m referring to is him saying if he won the Television Championship he’d change it to the Canadian Championship and only defend it. Well, pal. Produce. You could have “challenged” me for the Canadian Title but you didn't. You “challenged” me for the Television title. Don’t fucking talk about it, be about it. Something you’ve obviously picked up from that bitch made mother fucker, Robert “the false profit” Main. You calling me out makes you smarter than Main though. You know if you get your fucking beating now, it’s not saved up for you later. The smartest thing you’ve done in a minute. About as smart as the time you fucked up your little hair-brained attempt of helping your tag partner get some sleep. Hey, Todd! Show the clip, you sexy mother fucker, you!

Todd quickly shows the clip on your screen.

[Image: JUrndTW.png]

Fucking classic Chris Page!

Thunder Knuckles snickers thinking about how these two dumbasses are still tag champions.

See that pinning his buddy but stands up to talk shit, breaking the pin. What a fucking moron. Chris, you think of yourself as a truly great professional wrestler. You're not. Fucking frankly, if some, not even a year in rookie, came out to the ring and got a draw with me, with the experience you have. I'm in no fucking danger of that happening anytime soon. I’d be thinking father time was catching up. Retirement isn’t the end pal. It’s the beginning of a new life. Maybe, after Anarchy, you and Main can bust out the fucking golf clubs and talk it out.

You know deep down in your heart you're not walking out of the Rose Bowl with that Television Championship. Why fight it? Your match one day one against Duke. It’s going to take its toll. On day two you have to defend your Tag Titles with your walnut brained partner against “THE SISTERHOOD OF BESTIES”.

Thunder Knuckles's smile is so wide you’d think he just hit the lottery.

The team of Ruby, fucking disgraced former Anarchy Champion. The Champion who was beaten by none other than Miss Fury just last Anarchy. Then you have Centurion, the biggest woman in the company. How's the sisterhood you little bitch. I can tell you that joining BOB was the single best career move I've ever made. Yo, Tula if you're watching. Join BOB. It'll be better than always being on the losing end with your idol.

Jimmy coughs in the background in disagreement.

Well, let’s put it into fucking perspective then Jimmy. That way even Chris Page will be able to explain it to Robert Main. Thunder Knuckles wants to be paid. Miss Fury makes it happen. Thunder Knuckles wants a shot at the Television Title. Miss Fury makes it happen. BOB currently fucking holds the Anarchy Championship, the Shooting Star belt, and the Billion Dollar Championship. Once I regain the Championship you stole from me, fuck boy. THE TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP. BOB will hold more titles than Crap-a-clysm. Hell at that point, because I don’t fucking lie to XWF fans. Last time we fought, I said maybe I will find a partner and take those tag titles. Well, ‘Ol Thunder Knuckles is in a stable of bad mother fuckers who can take them from you now. Putting the fucking nail right in the fucking coffin of Crap-a-clysm.

Thunder Knuckles mulls over the possibility of being a duel champion in his mind.

Two Championships… Twice the Championship pay. Not a bad idea. Who the fuck do I choose? I guess that's for a different time and a different place.

[Image: EWFghdu.jpg]
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