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09-16-2020 11:25 AM

[Image: xwftemp-1.png]
part one

[Image: xwfdiv.png]


The scene opens to the rhythm of rain upon an umbrella, as a blueish hue from the storm carpets the sky this morning. An elderly, black lady stands over a man who sits against a building with his head tuck between his knees. With only the top of his head showing; bald spots scatter the surface of his scalp and a few long hairs dangle to the side as the rain drips down them. Holding the umbrella, the old lady leans over some more so the two can stay somewhat dry on this hellish day in Detroit, Michigan.

"Are you alright, Sweetheart?" The old lady gently asks, tapping his shoulder with her free hand to get his attention.

"Do you need help?" She asks once again, shaking his shoulder a bit.

People pass by without a single glance at the two, as the rain begins to pour; with the droplets now cascading down the sides of the umbrella and onto the head of the man. The man, broken and wearing a brown suit that is deteriorating by every drop, doesn't even flinch at the feel of cold water rushing down his back. The lady sighs, "Here.." She plants the umbrella between his head and right arm to keep him dry, "I'll be back with some food for you, honey." She mentions and walks away with the rain saturating her clothing now without an umbrella.

The man lifts his head to reveal a beaten Johnny Legend, with his eyes bloodshot; like spider webbing across an ocean of milk. Bruises and scratches on his face, unknown from where they came from, Johnny turns his eyes to a puddle settling next to him. A puddle safe from the rain thanks to the umbrella that still rests on his shoulder. As it reflects the world around him, the buildings shimmer from the rain, the cars speed by, and people stroll with thoughts of tomorrow in their heads.


The future for Johnny Legend feels like a haze filling crazy cake of anger and forgetfulness, as he is the only one that isn't moving in the reflection. He sniffs and swipes his hand across the surface of the puddle; distorting the reflection into something unrecognizable.

His face ripples away in the puddle, "Goodbye, stranger." Johnny mutters to himself, his voice drowning in the sounds of a city finally waking up in the morning.

Johnny gradually gets to his feet, "Thanks." He mumbles, setting the umbrella upside down and gently on the puddle; the rain begins to fill it little by little. Now, inside the umbrella forms a new puddle. And in that new puddle, a reflection of the world around it with a few ripples here and there from random rain drops smacking the surface. The scene slowly fades away with the back of Johnny Legend walking away, aimlessly into the city.

[Image: inbetween.png]

The scene opens to the outside of Andrew Barnes apartment building in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The golden sunset casts an orange glow across the city- accompanying with a light sprinkle from the tail-end of a storm early today. Andrew Barnes, who has been tearing up Alpha Pro Wrestling lately, watches the traffic build up from the comforts of his luxuries apartment. Adoring a plush gray robe, he smirks at the peons below him, sipping from a glass of fine whiskey. So fine.. We aren't even allowed to mention it on here. Andrew chuckles as he can hear some honks and yelling below his building,

"Oh man, those lumpish idiots are ripping themselves apart down there. Love it." Andrew jokes to himself while swirling the glass of whiskey in his hand, "Idiots and their dumb jobs. Pathetic."

Suddenly, the bell rings from the other side, catching Andrew off-guard and spills some whiskey on himself. "Wha.. God dammit! WHO IS THAT!?" Andrew yells, holding the dripping glass away from him and his expensive Salvatore Ferragamo loafers. Passing by the open kitchen next to the living room, Andrew sets the glass on the counter and makes his way towards the door.

Andrew open the door, revealing Johnny Legend with his caretaker and friend of Andrew, Jessie Schilling. A dishevel look upon her, "Hi." Jessie says with a hint of exhaustion and hair every which way, she stands next to Johnny Legend with her hand squeezing his arm to keep him in place; "Stand still!" Jessie orders Johnny, who wiggles for a second only to return to his trance by fixating his eyes on the squeaky clean wall before him. The pearly white texture of the wall shines with the glow from lights in the hallway. Johnny stares into a shadowy figure in the wall. In his eyes, a monster.. But it's really just their outlines from the light above reflecting into the wall.

"Don't touch!" Jessie slaps Johnny Legend's hand as he reaches for the wall. "Here.. Take him. The old man was wondering around the city in this weather and bothering people for Cheetos."

"Cheetos?" Andrew questions, squinting his eyes in disbelief- follow by a chuckle. "Why?"

Jessie shrugs, still containing Johnny Legend with one hand. "I don't know, but I have to deal with this thing and I can't handle him right now. So... Bye!" Jessie walks Johnny over with some force, but still gentle enough not to hurt him as he shuffles into Andrew Barnes' apartment. "No. No. NO!" Andrew pops his head out into the hallway to scream at Jessie as she runs away.

A sigh exits out of Andrew Barnes, "Fucking bitch." He mutters under his breath and slams the door shut. "Alright.. John.." Andrew says and turns around, "John.." Like a puff of air, Johnny Legend has left Andrew's sights and is somewhere in his apartment.

"Motherfucker!" Andrew spits out, "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!"

Andrew stomps around his apartment. The kitchen. Nope. What if he's hiding behind that fancy leather couch in the living room!?


"How about the.. CLOSET!" Andrew swings open the closet doors and rummages through the clothes hanging up, thinking Johnny is hiding behind them... But nope. He's not. "Where the fuck did you go?" Andrew questions, standing there with clothing on the ground next to him.

Suddenly, Andrew hears a clicking noise. He rushes over to the weight room, where Andrew Barnes keeps his awesome physique; to find Johnny pressing buttons on one of his expensive as shit Nordictrack treadmills. "WOAH! WOAH! Quit that!" Andrew grabs Johnny by the arms from behind and moves him away from the pricey machine.

Moving back into the living room, Andrew sets Johnny down on one of the leather couches. "Just.. Just sit there until I figure out what to do with you.. OK!?" Andrew wipes his forehead, "This is Jessie's job. Not mine! And I don't care if you raised me after my dad left and Trudy died, John! THIS ISN'T MY PROBLEM! I have a fucking WORLD TITLE match coming up in Alpha Pro! I can't waste my time looking after a vegetable."

A few seconds of silence go by, Andrew standing above Johnny- who continues sitting there with a blank emotion on his scruffy face.

Andrew sighs, "What happened to your face?" He walks out of the room and back with a wet hand towel in his hand. Washing away the grime and blood, Andrew holds Johnny's head still, "Stupid old man." A tear runs down the face of Andrew Barnes as he notices the emptiness in Legend's eyes.

"You're a good man, John. You.. You just need help." Andrew stands up to find another clean towel and soap to finish cleaning Johnny's cuts, but.. "Stop." Johnny grips Andrew's arm, stopping him from leaving the room. Andrew caught off guard, "Wha.." Andrew says, prying Johnny's hand off of his arm.

With some life, Johnny Legend's eyes start to regain some color, as Andrew sits on the wooden coffee table in front of Johnny. "So, you are there." Andrew gives off a nervous chuckle.

Johnny nods, "Yeah.. Sorry." He wipes the dry spit from the corner of his mouth. "Where am I? Where's that girl.. Sara?" Johnny Legend asks.

"Jessie? She had something to do and dropped you off here. My place, John. You do remember me, right? Andrew Barnes junior?" Andrew replies, hoping John remembers him.

A cloud of confusion hovers over Johnny Legend. Andrew's face seems like a television playing only static. Nothing left to remember. "Yeah.." Johnny says, but Andrew can tell he's lying; just can't bring himself to yell at Legend, anymore.

Andrew sulks for a second before replying with, "It's alright." He stands up and rests his hand on Legend's shoulder, "Let me get you something to eat. Just sit there and everything will be alright." Andrew walks away to make some food, leaving Johnny Legend alone in the living room.

"I gotta get out here. This guy thinks I'm gay or something." Johnny stands up and slowly walks past Andrew who is searching what to make while looking in the fridge.

The scene cuts away, as Johnny Legend silently shuts the door and out of Andrew Barnes' apartment. Johnny looks down each side of the hallway, wondering where to go from here. Left or right. West or East. He licks his finger and raises it to the air. Feeling an imaginary wind, "Ah, East!" Johnny lowers his hand and marches down the hallway.

"I got a match in XWF!" He utters to himself, the scene fades to black with Johnny turning the corner and out of sight.

[Image: xwfdiv.png]

The sound of crickets open the scene as we find Johnny Legend sitting on a picnic table in the middle of a park out in downtown Detroit, Michigan. The streetlights flicker on from above Johnny Legend, sitting with his chin resting on his hands, contemplating life and what to do with his.

"Days feel shorter. And not that it's just that time of the year. Life feels strange now. Almost alien. Faces from the past are fading away. Names are fuzzy and getting beaten up every XWF event isn't helping, either. People want to mock me for my last name... Saying I don't deserve to be a Legend." Johnny shakes his head that is still resting in his hands.

He lifts his head up and away from his hands, "Or, take the easy route like Andrew Gibson, and in our last bout, declare himself Legend killer after destroying my ass in Canada." Johnny mentions to himself.

"Beating an old man who can't even remember his mother's face? What an achievement for Andrew Gibson... Gibson.. No.. That's not right. What was his name? He had an annoying wife who hates rain.. Looo... LOGAN! ANDREW LOGAN!" Johnny yells in excitement for remembering something.

"Thank God. Thought I was... What's that smell?" Johnny quits talking to himself to enjoy the cool breeze on a fall night in Michigan. The sweet air smells like pumpkin, from people and their damn pumpkin spice coffee filling the atmosphere of this shitty planet.

A gurgling noise shakes from Johnny's belly, "Why am I so hungry?" He rubs his stomach.

"Ever since I joined XWF, I really thought I had it in me to compete with the big boys. Now... Now I see how foolish I have become. This new generation is way above my league." Johnny mentions with a certain lucidity.

He wipes his face, breaking open the cuts that just got dry, "Why, oh why did I return here if all there was is defeat in the future?" Johnny asks himself.

"I swear I was in a title match this pay-per-view? I guess I can chalk that up to.. Whatever I have." Johnny shrugs, "Now I'm told that I have a match against three others that I can't remember. Wait! YEAH! Andrew Logan is there. Yeah.. That's good. I know that. Who are the others, though?" Johnny rubs his forehead, strands of hair falling out every time he digs his palm into the scalp.

"I feel incredibly stupid for forgetting the other two... Or is it three?" Johnny grunts, "Fucking brain.. WORK!" He smacks his head, hoping to shake something lose up there.

"Fuck it. I'm going home to watch some Felix the Cat cartoons... Where do I live again?" Johnny sits there in confusion, the scene fades away with the sounds of grumbling coming from Johnny Legend's stomach.

[Image: bowdown.png]

[Image: lastlegend.png]
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