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Boiling points part 2: Sucker punch
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09-15-2020 06:03 PM

It was early evening, the sun was just starting to set, the temperature was cooling down and Griffin MacAlister was fixing to close up shop and head home for the day. After completing several tasks, Griffin locked up, lit a cigarette and carried a large trash bag, down the alley to the dumpster. Ordinarily Griffin was far more aware of his surroundings but it had been a long, hectic day and his mind was on other things, also there weren't any alarming or questionable activities going on around him when he walked to the dumpster. Business as usual and nothing more. Or so the mechanic thought.

Heavy footsteps would soon greet his ears, right before he closed the lid on the dumpster and turned around. WHAM! Griffin should have hesitated and braced for impact cause that mechanic was met with a mighty blow to the jaw. The impact was enough to send him stumbling back too and when he saw who was standing there, the man that was responsible for punching him, well it was a real reason for shock. Griffin would have never assumed something like this would occur but now that it did, he immediately went on the defense.

"bRiaN! What the fuck!?!?"

"My thoughts exactly. What the fuck???"

These words were followed by bRiaN taking an aggressive step forward causing Griffin to take a surprising, step backwards as he raised his hands. Except this was not done in the form of fists. Instead this was done the same way someone might do when they didn't want to encourage an attack.

"Dude. Chill. You don't want to do this man."

"You're right but you left me no choice. Man. I want answers and I'm going to get them. One way or another."

Before Griffin could speak another word, bRiaN charged at Griffin and slammed him against the wall. Eye to eye, Griffin narrowed his and sent bRiaN back with a headbutt. This began a brawl, worthy of being called a street fight. The way that brothers might be driven to blows over a dispute. With neither man gaining the upper hand for long. Till bRiaN caught Griffin with a spear into the dumpster. Griffin dropped to his knees, looking up at bRiaN, he received a boot to the face that knocked him onto his back and bRiaN mounted him, in order to give one last epic punch that would surely be a knock out.

Seconds before impact though, something odd happened. bRiaN pounded his fist into the pavement instead. Very close to Griffin's head. Then he fell off to the side, next to Griffin. The two laid on the concrete, for several seconds and then both burst out laughing, at the same time. Long, hearty laughter. Sighing, Griffin rose to his feet, shook his head and fired up a cigarette. Offering a hand up to bRiaN, that our hometown hero accepted.

"Fuck it. You wanna know who the masked man is.....I'll tell ya. The masked man is someone from my past, a guy I owe a hefty debt of gratitude. His name is..."

[Image: eSXKFMS.png]
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