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A tour of LA!?
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09-15-2020 10:06 AM

An XWF cameraman has begun following Vincent Van Rose around trying to get a feel for the newest guy on the block. So far he has seen Vinny break into his ex-bandmate's house to steal back a couple of gold records he says he earned for the band not the " Gutter pussy sniffing cocaine brain donkey fucker". After a Lil B and E, the cameraman followed VVR to a strip club in Cali and watched him slide a few hundred dollar bills toward one particular dancer who just happened to look like Jenny Myst. Something noted by the cameraman and shrugged off by the superstar. Lastly, Van Rose pulls the camera jockey into a bar on the Sunset Strip.

"Hey, Vin long time no see. What brings your sack of shit back to the strip," the bartender, obviously familiar with our guy sneers as he purs Vinnie a shot of Jack, leaving the bottle.

"Well I just got done doing AVO's sister and I figured I would stop in and see your ugly ass before I lay the pipe to your old saggy ball and chain," VVR chuckles as the bartender smiles and shakes his head,

The camera sweeps the bar and we hear the camera operator ask Vinnie, "Why this bar and not like the Whiskey??" referring to the Whiskey a-go-go, where bands like the Doors and the Crue took off.

"This particular bar is where my old band, Steel Badger, had it's the very first gig of our short but illustrious and notorious career. This bar, The Horny Toad, is where I met Axl Van Osbourne, known then as Adam Van Vermeer, but I digress youngin'." He proceeds to pull a thick cigar out of his vest pocket, lighting it off the bar and inhaling deeply.

"So this is where Vinnie Long, became you, Vincent Van Rose, bassist for the aforementioned Steel Badger then?"

Vince looks around the bar wistfully.....

"Exactly and I fucked dipshit's"... Pointing to the bartender... " girl in that bathroom right there, high on 8 balls, most definitely"

We hear a shout off-camera and Vinnie spins around to hear a voice echo across the bar...

"Vinnie you piece of shit," A long hair skinny leather-clad guy yells from a few tables over. "Where the fuck are my records??"

"Adam you know where the hell they are sit your drunk ass down before I do it for you"

A beer bottle is hurled through the air, narrowly missing Vinnie's head and smashing against the glass behind the bar...

"Vin, watch your ass remember the last time he got you riled up, he ended up in the hospital and you ended up in cuffs." The bartender chuckled grabbing VVR's arm...

"What!?" the camera operator practically dropped the camera...

"That's a long one for another time bud," the man shook his head as VVR wrenched himself free, Making his way across the bar red-faced and determined, the camera locked on his progress, pushing a few bystanders out of the man glaring at the thinner man now inches away from him.

"What is gonna come out of that dried up has been mouth of yours now you little goat fuckin' knob gobbler?" Vinnie growls.

"I'm right here...."

Vinnie throws a punch and a chair at his one-time friend and bandmate. After that, the bar erupts into fistfights here and there, thrown bottles and glasses and the sound of splintering wood. An honest to God barfight!! The cameraman is jostled the camera falling to the floor, our view turned sideways as Vinnie helps Axl to his feet hugging him before the camera goes black.....
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