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Chapter 6: The Rock
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Chapter 6: The Rock.

The scene opens as the sounds of waves crashing against a Ferry is heard like a shot of Alcatraz enters us into the scene.

[Image: alcatraz-island-tour-san-francisco-via-m...aces,edges]

The camera draws back revealing the front of the Ferry properly entitled the USS Distler #2 where we see Chris Page and Adam Barker looking at Alcatraz vastly approaching.

” This is a suicide, we narrowly escaped The Omega and now you’re bringing me to a fucking island!”

“Some call might call it stupid while others might call it smart.”

Chris inhales deeply breathing in the air before he states.

” On the island, there’s not any collateral damage. The Omega isn’t anything nice to play with and had he had the chance he would have gutted us both and not thought twice about it. You said Robert and I have split personalities; we know we do. What separates them is when we’re not around each other… it takes a lot for me not to shift into The Beast when in his presence.”

” Again I ask if this is indeed the case, why are we coming to a fucking island!?!? You’re all but guaranteed to shift into your alter ego the moment he steps foot on this island because you have to think he already knows where we’ve come.”

” I did say I couldn’t resist the urge to shift, I said it takes a lot. If you’re going to survive this you’re going to have to trust me. This isn’t my first rodeo with The Omega…”

The Ferry pulls into a dock as waves crash on to the rocky shores below while Adam sarcastically spouts out towards Chris.

” Yeah, how did those instances turn out?”

” I’m still here, aren’t I?”

Chris is the first to step off the Ferry and on to the dock that leads to the infamous Rock. He looks up the hill at the front of the massive jail that once housed the worst of the worst as it brings a sly smirk to his face while Adam steps off the Ferry and on to the dock.

” This place is creepy as fuck.”

” It’s also the place that’s going to set you free.”

Chris and Adam walk to the end of the dock and start making the walk up the drive to Alcatraz.

” So what’s the plan?”

” The plan? Well, that’s simple, stay alive.”

” No I’m serious, what the fuck are we going to do?”

” You are going to find a hiding place and I’m going to prepare for battle.”

Some dark ominous clouds begin to roll in as thunder is heard in the distance.

” He’s on his way.”

Adam breaks out into a full-blown run towards the open gates of Alcatraz as he screams back at Chris.


Chris muffles under his breath.

” This fuckin’ guy.”

Chris catches up with Adam before they walk through the front doors of the empty prison. It’s dingy, dark, and smells awful. Rat squeaking in the distances can be heard as Adam states.

” Where should I go?”

” How the fuck should I know, it’s not like I’ve ever been here.”

Another loud clasp of thunder is heard that seemingly rumbles the prison causing Adam to jump out of fear.

” I’m open to suggestions.”

” I shouldn’t know. What I know The Beast knows.”

Adam starts to sprint down one of the long corridors when suddenly what lights were on suddenly shut off.


The voice belonging to The Omega calls out from the darkness as the pattering of Adam’s feet jogging is no longer heard.

” I knew you’d come…”

Several lights kick back on to reveal at the end of the corridor in which Adam was running down…

[Image: 5104b325bc1529a384604c21e3cf24ec1ca9c2bb.gifv]

The Omega gazes into the eyes of Adam Barker as he points directly at him.

” Last chance to confess…”

Fear has overcome Adam Barker as he hears a whisper in his ear.

” Or face the consequences.”

Adam gulps as he takes several steps forward before slowly turning around….

[Image: 1a011bd0f5a67ade4986134b99ba714d_1080_1080.webp]

The Omega is heard laughing from behind Adam as Adam is face to face with The Beast.

” Surely you didn’t think I was through with you?”

Suddenly Adam swings with a right hand connecting to the jaw of The Beast but does not affect other than a sinister smile.

” Oh yes Adam, this was all a ploy to get you here for we have a special send-off for you as you prepare to leave this world for new journeys on new horizons.”

The Beast starts to take a step towards Adam which causes Adam to take a step back from The Beast.

” Your indiscretions are going to be brought to light and you’re going to be judged for your actions.”

” Consider this… Game over.”

… To Be Continued.

Words from the Stoned One:

” When you hear the name Thunder Knuckles what’s the first word that comes to your mind?” The scene opens as an unknown male voice is heard asking Chris Page about Thunder Knuckles as we get a shot of Chris standing in front of the Main Entrance to the Rose Bowl.

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTbbhz76WMObS_UtEKhZ...p;usqp=CAU]

” Overrated.” Chris simply states as he takes a pull off a joint as he deeply inhales.

” I mean if you’re okay with ripping off an HBO program and calling it Thunder Knuckles; fucking makes no sense. The dude is a bigger joke than Peter Gilmour ever thought about being; on top of all that he’s one of those cunts that are keyboard warriors that love talking a lot of shit from a distance only to fail with flying colors when put to the challenge or the test.” There’s a short-lived pause from Chris before he states.

” Hell, of all three of my Relentless bookings this one is the least appealing but happens to be in the biggest venue of the weekend.”

” But didn’t you issue this challenge? If so how can you say it’s the least appealing of the weekend?”

” Simple, Night One equals Main Event, Night Two equals Main Event and Night Three is Thunder Knuckles and coincidentally not the Main Event; so you tell me? Now, yes you’re correct I issued this challenge under the pretense of getting back something that I never should have given up… a win. Track this fucker back to the final show before Leap of Faith where he retained his then TV Title based off a draw and much like others he had a draw with he didn’t bother to try and make it right; oh yeah, he lost it the next show.” Chris exhales some smoke as he starts to slowly pace back and forth under the stadium sign.

” He owes me a victory attached to my record and thus this challenge has been thrown down and the gauntlet has been issued because I refuse to have my record tainted by lesser talents who strive for attention…” Chris stares into the camera as he softly states.

” But hey, at least he accepted his number was called and now he has the chance to step to the plate and show the world that he’s not a joke along with his hetero life-mate; which we all know is code for…” Chris throws up some air quotes as he says.

” Fuckbuddy.” Chris ends the air quotes.

” It’s not even the lack of creativity this chode brings to the table that pisses me off; it’s the sheer notion that he seriously thinks he’s on my level. He plays the constant short game and does a piss poor job of it. I’m the guy that is making everything I touch relevant.” Chris winks at the camera as he continues.

” Look at this entire weekend event and the one common denominator rests with one man; me.” Chris states with sheer seriousness as he continues with the same tone.

” I’m headlining two-thirds of Relentless weekend, and yet people will try to tell me with a straight face I’m not good enough? They’ll try to convince whoever will listen that I need to ride Robert’s coattails to get the success I’ve gotten throughout 2020. What this weekend means to me is it affords me the chance to shut the mouths of all the haters and all the sideline hoes within one fail swoop. This is going to be one of my crowning moments to be able to walk out on television and say that I went three and zero at one of the biggest events of the year. We’ve said since day one that we are what makes this company go around; I mean no disrespect to Sarah Lacklan, someone I happen to have a shit load of respect for, but if she or anyone else thinks Relentless weekend is going to be remembered by her Universal Title defense she and the rest of the free world can consider themselves delusional as fuck!” Chris pulls on his joint as he inhales deeply.

” It’s not her fault, she didn’t ask for someone like Charlie Nichols to defend against; the guy just lost what little credibility he’s managed to attain at the hands of Robert Main on Savage… and if Chaos gets by Pryce on Day One her next Pay-Per-View isn’t looking promising either. What this entire event is going to be remembered for is ALL WEEKEND PAGE.” Chris exhales the smoke and thumps the roach to the ground.

” I’m going to be building momentum all weekend which will lead me here where over ninety-thousand screaming jackasses will pack this stadium and watch as I am going to fucking humble that halfwit and make it look easy. Most situations you work your way to your hardest obstacle, Relentless for me it’s the polar opposite as I start with the hardest and work my way down to the easiest. There’s nothing I respect about Thunder Knuckles or his new affiliation with BoB or his love triangle with Michael Graves and his hetero life-mate; none of it is relevant because this issue is going to be me versus him; I like my odds.”

” Have you given any thoughts with what kind of stipulation you’re going to name?

” I’d imagine that’s why you’re here, you want to sell the scoop to the rest of the free world.” Chris states as he laughs under the breath.

” There are many different things that come to mind when it comes to how I want to beat Thunder Knuckles; but the more I thought about it the more I want this to be definitive, he will not have a fucking leg to stand on for coming out on the losing end of it all as he’s accustomed. I don’t just want to beat him, I’m going to pin him in the middle of the ring. “

” Pinfalls only match?” Chris quickly interjects.

” If you’d allow me to finish you wouldn’t have to ask a question that you’d have the answer for.”

” My apologies.”

” While it would be easy for me to book a Street Fight or dare I say… I Ladder match…. Or maybe an I Quit match… all of these kinds of matches leaves the backdoor wide open for any of the BoB rejects to legally get involved to skew the odds into Thunder Knuckles favor; unlike our previous battle it was a level playing field man to man. The only way I see this playing out is putting this strongly in my favor, that’s right ladies and gentlemen; I’m going to defend the Television Championship in a Pure Rules Wrestling Match with the loser having his head shaved bald!” Chris stares into the camera as if talking to Thunder Knuckles directly as he continues.

” Do I have your attention? I want you to take a look at the eyes and the last thing you’re going to see is fear. On Sunday Night, September twenty-seventh this stadium behind is me is going to be filled to the rafters, stuffed to the gills; and much like I said earlier All Weekend Page is going to be capped off by shaving that shit you call hair. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the public humiliation and shave it now, get ahead of that curve homie.” There’s a brief pause.

” Oh and Michael, I hope you’re paying close attention because your number is going to be called very, very soon. It appears that I’ll have one more defense to make based off the Day One Bookings; and I assure you I’ll trash the fuck out of them too, you’re number is going to be next. You don’t have to look far for the fight you’re itching to have, but be careful what you wish for… at times you bite off way more than you can fucking chew. I’m going to leave all of you in the dust for no other reason than because I can and none of you are talented enough to stop me.” Chris simply states

” There’s not a soul on this roster right now that deserves all the accolades that have come is way more than me. For the last sixteen months, I’ve captivated this entire organization, I’ve shot to the tippy top of the land of Xtreme and I’ve done at the expense of all of you. It’s one thing to come out on television and talk the talk but it’s something different to come out and walk the walk. Relentless 2020 is the weekend that I continue to solidify that I don’t need the Universal Championship to prove that I’m the best… all I have to do is show up and run the fucking table.” There’s another momentary pause from Chris before he closes this party out.

” It’s going to start with Thaddeus, it’s going to continue with Ruby and Centurion and it’s going to culminate with you; Thunder Knuckles. I’m looking forward to seeing what dribble comes out of that overgrown cock sucker of yours because the more you talk the easier you make things for me, and I suspect this instance isn’t going to be an exception for your sheer stupidity truly knows no bounds. I hope you want to keep this affair between the two of us; however, if your new-found “buddies” want to show up I’ve got just one person that will level that playing field; one thing for certain… You’re leaving Relentless 2020 bald as a baby's bottom and there are only two things you can do about it. Like it and Nothing. Thunder Knuckles you’re about to be introduced to a fundamentally simple line of thinking; losing to Chris Page doesn’t mean that you suck… it just means you’re like everyone else.” Chris intently gazes into the camera as he states.

” Fourteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds of your fifteen minutes of fame are up. Now your ass belongs to me, bitch.” Chris simply walks off camera as the scene fades to black.

[Image: ChrisPage1.png]
[Image: OZdvB4F.png]
[Image: fMJwa5h.png]
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