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chicken nuggets with a side order of blood sauce.
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09-14-2020 04:18 PM

[The scene opens up someone dressed up as The OLD version of The Freak. Then we see the person walking down the hallway, and the room fills up with green smoke. The person then roams, and started to cough until the person is on the knees, and coughing up blood. Then the person looks up a person who dressed in a green and black half Kane mask, with a Hawaiian shirt and white pants with white dress shoes. He knocks him out with a crowbar, and drags him to a room.]

[About an hour later, we see person dressed up OLD Freak strapped on a chair, with music blasting in the room with the rendition of a Sarah’s Red Hot Chili Peppers song and some shitty recordings from Ash Quinn’s songs that never seen the light of day. Then we see the New Freak coming inside the room, drinking some rum in a cup. He circles around the strapped man, who kept fidgeting like a child.]

Old Freak: Why are you doing this to me?

Ruthless Freak: You have a better person to represent you, I can’t do it any longer.

Old Freak: You’ve been donning me for less than a month, and you switch up on me? This is some bullshit! Don’t make me tell on Culty on you!

Ruthless Freak: Tell on me, I don’t care… if you had to let him speak for you on behalf, you are a joke onto yourself. You had the chance finesse on two broads, but you ruined it amongst yourself.

[Old Freak then spits on Ruthless Freak, who wipes it off from his face, he then stood there while drinking some little rum and coke. As he shakes his cup, the Old Freak breaks himself free and tries to attack, but Ruthless Freak pulls out a pistol and shoots him in the chest. As the Old Freak staggers on the floor, Culty comes into the room and see’s what’s going on. Then Ruthless Freak aims the gun at his “old” manager, who then raises his had up.]

Culty James: What are you doing, Freak? You need to put the gun down!

Ruthless Freak: No, I won’t…I feel like a new man, a man who doesn’t give a fuck about harming others. This is the main reason why I sent that memo to Mr. Wiggins, now it’s slowly coming into reality, I can’t forgive you for making me burn my past.

Culty James: Listen here, you know I didn’t have to show up for your debut as the freak. YOU called me to reintroduce you, YOU made me influence how you are going to be here. I knew you had no direction, so I basically made you attack Charlie and Mastermind. I had to save you from crashing and burning against Ash and Myst, so now you want to kill me for what I have given you so far?

[Culty then slowly backs away to see a man with a bullet wound in the chest, he notices his old mask on his face. Then Culty back up to the door, and reaches to open it, but Ruthless Freak ended up shooting above his head to spook him. Culty then tries to calm him down.]


[Ruthless Freak eyes widen as he heard him call out his real name. Then he slowly puts the gun down to his hip, and remained with a blank stare. Then suddenly, he ended up on his knees starting to burst out into tears, realizing he’s becoming a monster. Then Culty comes up to him, and hits him with his pimp cane to toughen him up.]


[Ruthless Freak gets on his feet, and tries to hug James, but James wasn’t having it. Ruthless Freak then ended up pulling the gun up on James, and riddle him with bullets. As James is on the floor with a OLD Freak, the Ruthless Freak starts to laugh evilly. He then pulls out big lighter fluid and spreads it on their bodies and the room, he then pulls out big match and flickers with a light green flame, and tosses on their bodies setting them ablaze. The scene oddly cuts off into Greggo’s speeches about Sarah.]

Let's Get Durty-Redman

“It’s me… it’s me…it’s T.O.M.M.Y, the guy who once made some kind of dent in this place. SOTM Jan 2019, a two timin X-Tremeness Of Awesomeness, the foot fucking master blasta who rolls in deep with an ambition of a thug. You all already would know by this point on who I am, and I’m not afraid to admit, yes I had made sure to mind fuck everyone at home, AND to the higher ups. Maybe, this is just me trying to exploit what is on that Tunderdome thing with Rotunda’s child gimmick to put myself over for a hate factor.

Now, I decided to kill myself off with this stunt of ignorance, I even had to kill James for what he’s done to me. I pride myself on not being a totally violent bastard, but now… it’s slowly becoming a realization, that I am bounded by being a violent bastard to those around me. Before, I’d be shocked and applaud by it… but now, its kind of a whatever thing I have to accept for me to grow as a person.

This time, it’s for me to become ruthless and Ante Up on my M.O.B shit, and it doesn’t matter what I use to hide my ugly face… its all the same ass whipping I shall usher into this year and beyond. This is a new phase for me, and it’s time for The Freak to become either a household name, or a name that shall live in infamously in the history of XWF. Whatever shall be the trending thing, I am letting you all know that this coming Relentless will be one hell of brawl.

I’ve already aired my Trash piece, and I already gained the hate I need. Keep hating on me, you’re only making me stronger and hornier to my Freakiness mana. You’re hate brings me joy, and I want you to remember that you might be better than me, but doesn’t mean out Freak me in that ring, win or lose… I’ll STILL be standing. I’ll still be able to walk out of that ring, and continue to live my Freak persona until I can’t live no more.

In the words of the great Wu-Tang Clan…

You best Protect Ya Neck around me.”

[Image: thefreaknew123-1.png]

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