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Anarchy - 09/10/20
Author Message
"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane Online now or has been in the last 30 mins
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09-12-2020 12:17 PM




Big D
- vs -
"Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves
Internet Rules!

Money Oswald
- vs -
Tula Keali'i
- vs -
Scarlet "The Hunteress"
Elimination Triple Threat!


"The Face of Anarchy" Kenzi Grey
- vs -
Tiger King Match!

[Image: tenor.gif]

A cage within a cage, with tigers who haven't been fed in weeks roaming in between. Competitors will be sprayed down with enticing meat scents before the match.You must escape BOTH cages!


- vs -
Miss Fury


Anarchy starts off with a bang as fireworks and pyro explode in the Oklahoma air alongside the Anarchotron showing various pictures of the twin towers, American flags, and for some reason Aidan Collins. "Never Forget" appears on the Tron before the camera careens around the socially distanced audience until landing on "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane sitting ringside at his Anarchy announce booth.

Vinnie Lane: "FOLKS! Have we got a doozy for you here tonight! Micheal Graves challenges for the Internet Championship, we have an elimination triple threat, the VERY FIRST of its kind, a double cage TIGER KING match pitting the alleged face of Anarchy Kenzi Grey against the Slav Superman Boris, and then a HUGE main event pitting Anarchy Champion Ruby against her biggest challenge to date, the leader of B.O.B., Miss Fury!"[/color

The crowd pops as graphics showing Ruby appear on the Tron, then boo when Miss Fury is shown.

Vinnie Lane: "This show is POPPIN', and I don't want to slow it down any further... let's take it to the ring!"


Big D
- vs -
"Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves
Internet Rules!

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as "C'mon And Ride It (The Train)" by Quad City DJ'S blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash, Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. He stands there for a moment, before making his way down the aisle.

Vinnie Lane: "Well, after a bunch of whining, Michael Graves is finally getting the Internet Title shot he's been demanding since losing to Big D at Leap of Faith."

At the bottom of the ramp, the Dark Warrior takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. He then stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross before slowly lifting his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade back in.

Vinnie Lane: "It's time for Graves to put up or shut up. If he doesn't leave here with the Internet Championship, all that talk would've been for nothing."

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system as the fans begin to cheer. Pyro falls from the X-Tron and fireworks shoot from the stage as Big D walks out onto the ramp, the Internet Championship strapped around his waist. He makes the shape of a 'D' with his hands before walking down the aisle and over to the steel steps.

Vinnie Lane: "Michael Graves gave Big D a run for his money in their first encounter, I don't expect any less in this one!"

Big D climbs up the steps and onto the apron, where he leans against the ropes with his arms in the air. He then climbs into the ring and takes off his belt, showing it off to Graves, who flips D off. Both men then look around, only to realize there isn't a referee in sight.

Vinnie Lane: "I'm as confused as Graves and D, where the hell IS the ref?!"

Everyone in the arena looks around, trying to find an official, without any luck. Finally, to the shock of everyone in attendance......................................................................​................................................................................​................................................................................​.................................................. ................................................................................​................................................................................​................................................................................​................................................................. ...............................

"Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake begins to play!

Vinnie Lane: "Oh God, what does MeFisto want NOW?!"

MeFisto comes out with flash of light, his muscles rippling and flexing. He has black and white face paint and spins around revealing the signature 'Powerade' tassels but in the same black and white colors as his face.

Vinnie Lane: "That black and white can only mean one of two things: either Powerade has a new flavor, or they're sponsoring our referee for this match!"

As a flexing MeFisto casually enters the ring, both Big D AND Graves turn towards Vinnie and voice their displeasure with his involvement.

Vinnie Lane: "I don't know what they want me to do about it, I didn't make this call................. but I'm certainly not gonna stop it, afterall, this is Anarchy!!! "

Despite Graves and D's protests, Vinnie motions for the match to continue, receiving a positive reaction from the live crowd. Both men roll their eyes as they take their respective places in the corners, with MeFisto standing between them. He then makes his way over to Big D, asking him for his Title, but the Champion refuses.


MeFisto puts his hand out and a reluctant Big D places his Championship in it. MeFisto gazes over it, longingly, running his other hand over the gold plate and holding it close to his chest with his eyes closed.

Vinnie Lane: "If he ever wrestled a match, he'd know he's supposed to hold it up and give it to the time keeper!"

Finally, MeFisto does as Vinnie said(moreso holding up the belt like HE was Champion, as opposed to signaling a Championship match), before taking it over to the time keeper and calling for the bell.

Big D and Michael Graves lock up in the center of the ring, with D overpowering the Dark Warrior, backing him into the corner. The Internet Champion delivers a right, followed by another one, but before he connect with a third, MeFisto catches his hand and scolds him.


Big D yanks his arm away before turning around, and berating MeFisto....................only to be Clotheslined from behind by Graves!

Vinnie Lane: "If Big D doesn't focus on the task at hand, we could have a new Internet Champion here tonight."

Graves goes to cover, but Big D kicks out before MeFisto can even get down to count. MeFisto lets out a deep exhale as he stands back up, while the Dark Warrior brings the Internet Champion to his feet and Whips him towards the ropes. On the rebound, Graves bends over to flip D over his head, but Big D manages to stop himself and Kick his opponent in the face. He then drops back for the ropes but, somehow, MeFisto's foot gets in the way, tripping him.

Vinnie Lane: "That LOOKED awfully intentional, but I'm gonna give MeFisto the benefit of the doubt. As someone who's never refereed before, he doesn't necessarily know where he is and isn't supposed to be!"

Big D gets up to bitch MeFisto out, but he never gets the chance as he's immediately met with a Superkick that sends him through the ropes to the outside.

MEFISTO: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6........."

Michael Graves panics, realizing he can't win the Title by countout, so he climbs out after his opponent. Rather than restart the count like he's supposed to, MeFisto just lets them fight, choosing to pose for the live crowd instead of doing his job.

Vinnie Lane: "MeFisto went from a fast count, to no count in a matter of seconds. Maybe if he wrestled a match, he'd know what the referees are responsible for!"

As Big D tries to get up, Graves puts him right back down with a Neckbreaker. The Dark Warrior quickly gets back up and reaches out for the Internet Champion, who fights back with multiple rights to the challenger's midsection.

Vinnie Lane: "It's a good thing MeFisto's too full of himself to see the closed fists Big D's throwing!"

Big D stands up and swings at his opponent's head, but Graves blocks it and responses with a thumb to the eye. The Dark Warrior then looks back at MeFisto, who's still too busy distracting himself, before dropping to a knee and hitting D with a Low Blow, receiving an earful of boos for his trouble.

Vinnie Lane: "I'm starting to think having MeFisto as ref was a bad idea..................good thing it wasn't mine!"

With Big D hunched over, Michael Graves puts his head between his arm and plants him with a DDT onto the floor. Graves wastes little time, getting back up and bringing D with him. The Dark Warrior then lifts Big D onto his shoulders in Powerbomb position, before slamming him down onto the steel steps. MeFisto turns around just in time to see D's back crash against the unforgiving steel, causing him to cringe.

Vinnie Lane: "A normal ref would've counted them out by now, but we all know MeFisto's anything BUT normal!

Michael Graves drags Big D to his feet and rolls him into the ring, but instead of following him, the Dark Warrior turns his attention under the ring.

Vinnie Lane: "Something tells me MeFisto has no intention of stopping Graves from using whatever the hell he finds under there........"

Graves comes back up with a chair and slides into the ring with it. He raises it above his head, but before he can hit Big D with it, MeFisto yanks it out of his hands.


Vinnie Lane: "Oh wow, he's actually doing his job for once!"

MeFisto reaches into his tights and pulls out a Powerade sticker, slapping it on the seat of the chair and handing it back to the Dark Warrior.


Vinnie Lane: "Oh for crying out loud!"

Michael Graves looks at the logo for a second, before shrugging and bringing it down across the Internet Champion's back. Big D writhes in pain on the ground as Graves tosses the chair aside and rolls him over for a cover. MeFisto gets down and does a fast count.


Vinnie Lane: "At this point, I'm surprised he didn't count the three!"

Graves slaps the mat in frustration before getting up, pulling Big D with him. The Dark Warrior puts D's head between his legs and signals for the Grave Consequences. He lifts the Internet Champion into position, but D manages to slip out beside him. Graves swings a conveniently ignored closed fist at his opponent, who catches it and drags him to the ground. Big D wrestles with Graves' arm for a moment, but managed to put it between his legs after a few convincing elbows. D then wraps his arms around the challenger's face, pulling back as hard as he can.

Vinnie Lane: "The second worst named submission after Mastermind's, the Big D Face Cruncher!!!"

Just as Graves is about ready to give up, MeFisto notices a giant cardboard cutout of himself in the audience. With his back to the competitors, MeFisto gazes out into the crowd, admiring the sign his adoring fan had made. Michael Graves begins to tap out furiously, but the "ref" isn't there to see it. Big D punishes his opponent by nearly bending him in half, causing his taps to quicken, but it's not enough to pull the giddy MeFisto away from himself. Finally, a pissed off Big D gets up and turns the "ref" around, yelling in his face.

D: "Is this a fuckin' joke?! Are you seriously gonna fuck me out of my Title?!"

A disrespected MeFisto's mouth drops open, before abruptly reaching into his tights and pulling out a yellow piece of paper, holding it in the air.


Vinnie Lane: "Now he's handing out yellow cards?!? MeFisto's gotta be one of the worst referee's since Richard Wang!"

Big D takes a step towards MeFisto, grabs the card and rips it to shreds, flipping him off after.


The Internet Champion rolls his eyes and turns around............................................. only to get hoisted onto The Dark Warrior's shoulders and driven into the mat with a Grave Digger! Graves then lays across his opponent as MeFisto gets down to deliver another fast count.


Vinnie Lane: "Even WITH the fast count, Big D manages to kick out of one of Graves' signature moves!"

Despite receiving what most refs would've called a 'one count', Graves sits up and complains about it.

"GRAVES: "Can you even count to three?"


To prove it, MeFisto strikes up three different poses, counting each one aloud.

MEFISTO: "ONE............ TWO................ THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Michael Graves gets up and drags Big D over to one of the corners and sets him up on the top rope. The Dark Warrior then climbs to the second rope and grabs at his opponent, who fights back with a right hook to the jaw.


Vinnie Lane: "And now a baseball reference?! They aren't even refs, they're umpires!"

Big D obliges by MeFisto's request, slapping the shit out of Graves with his left hand, following it up with one from his right. This dazes the challenger, allowing the Internet Champion to shove him off. A nimble Dark Warrior manages to land on his feet............................................................................​..... but Big D's right there with a very sloppy, yet effective, Hurricanrana off the top rope!!!!!!

Vinnie Lane: "Not a staple of Big D's arsenal anymore, but when he DOES pull it out, it's a sight to behold! Even MeFisto looks impressed!"

MeFisto certainly DOES look impressed, but not enough to count the fall for Big D. The Internet Champion orders him to get down, so he does............ VERY slowly. By the time he goes to put his hand down for a 'ONE', Graves kicks out.

Vinnie Lane: "You gotta wonder if this is the last time we'll see Big D as Internet Champion. The decks stacked against him and there doesn't seem to be anything he can do to pull it off!"

Big D stomps over to MeFisto and begins berating him some more, but the cocky, fake referee ignores him. Fed up, D grabs MeFisto in a blind rage, as he shouts "RED CARD! RED CARD!!!!!"

Vinnie Lane: "Big D's done! He's not gonna let MeFisto boss him around anymore!"

MeFisto screams like a girl before getting laid out, ironically, with a closed fist. He flops to the mat and oversells the severity of the punch.

Vinnie Lane: "This match has gotten completely out of hand!.......... not that it wasn't from the beginning."

Big D wipes his hands together before turning around and getting kicked in the stomach. He bends over and Graves puts his head between his legs and signals for the Grave Consequences. Before he can do anything, though, Big D flips him over his back. The Dark Warrior hurries back up and swings at D, who catches his arm and tries to drag him down. Michael Graves blocks his opponent's take-down attempt and swings with his free hand. Big D ducks the Clothesline and finds himself behind Graves, where he lifts him up and brings him down for a Dan Slam to a roar from the crowd!

Vinnie Lane: "That could be it! MeFisto's coming to, but will he count it?!"

Big D taps the mat three times as the fans count along, but MeFisto is just barely to his feet. He then turns around and sees the Internet Champion laying over his opponent, triumphantly. Rather than count the fall, MeFisto walks over and calls for the bell.

Vinnie Lane: "Is MeFisto saying Graves is knocked out?"

Big D celebrates as his theme music plays, but MeFisto motions for them to cut it. D looks up at him in confusion as MeFisto pulls a microphone out of nowhere and addresses the issue.


Winner by Disqualification - "The Dark Warrior" Michael Graves

Vinnie Lane: "Well, it should come as no surprise that Big D's been disqualified for putting his hands on MeFisto; but with the way this one was going, it's not the worst possible outcome, as he'll be able to walk away with his Internet Championship still intact."

A pompous MeFisto struts his way over to the ropes and exits the ring, ignoring the screams from Big D. Before MeFisto can leave, the Internet Champion walks over and requests a mic from the time keeper, calling out for his longtime foe once he gets one.

D: "Hey, MeFisto............ MEFISTO!!!!!!! I've got some news that you might be VERY interested in hearing............."

Big D's words cause MeFisto to stop at the top of the ramp and turn around, an intrigued look on his face.

D: "You know that GoFundMe I started to raise the million dollars you so arrogantly demanded for a match with ME?!............"


Vinnie Lane: "He's right, at last count the funds raised was only at $412,000 and that was mostly MeFisto's original contract offer from us, a few hundred fan donations, and a chunk D himself put in hoping to attract bigger donations............. it didn't work."

D: "You're right, MeFisto, it WASN'T enough.................. but things have changed!"


D: "Before my match, I was approached backstage by an individual who said he would be willing to pay the remaining $600, 000 IF I represented his company at Relentless.................. do you wanna know what that company is, MeFisto?!?"

Big D points to the X-Tron where a large GATORADE logo flashes across as the fans go crazy. MeFisto looks up at it and absolutely loses his mind.

Vinnie Lane: "What a turn of events! Big D not only raised the money to pay MeFisto for a match at Relentless, he did it thanks to the rival of MeFisto's favorite thirst quencher!!!"

Big D points and laughs at MeFisto, who stomps around in an outrage. D then grabs his Internet Title, hops the barricade, and leaves the arena as his foe continues to shake his head and grab his hair in utter disbelief.

[Image: gR8affl.png]
Kenzi is seen walking out of the makeshift locker room as she readies herself for her match against Boris. She is hyping herself up, shadowboxing and walking towards the gorilla position. Out of nowhere we see Charlie Nickles burst onto the scene! He has his heavymetalweight championship belt in his hands as he charges at Kenzi from behind! He brings the heavy championship belt to the back of Kenzi's skull, cracking her in the head! She falls to the ground, her hands reflexively gripping the back of her skull. Charlie takes the opportunity to deliver some rough kicks to the woman's sides and stomach. She rolls over from the pain.

Charlie Nickles drops his championship belt onto the ground, silver up. He picks Kenzi up by her hair, spitting in her eyes as he brings her up to her feet. He punches her in the gut one time, forcing her to curl over in pain. Charlie brings his arms underneath Kenzi's shoulder blades. He locks in the Devil Hook Drop! He kicks Kenzi's wobbly feet out from under her as he brings her head slamming down onto the championship belt! Kenzi rolls over, her face and abdomen bruised from the assault. She moans in pain on the ground as Charlie retrieves his championship. The camera zooms in on Charlie as he puts the belt around his waist. He looks to the camera with a smirk and a wink before walking off into the horizon.
[Image: gR8affl.png]

Money Oswald
- vs -
Tula Keali'i
- vs -
Scarlet "The Hunteress"
Elimination Triple Threat!

Vinnie Lane: “Here’s a big match that could see some real implications! One of these competitors could be in line for a title shot soon!”

The crowd lights up as Tula Keali’i emerges from backstage. Boris is in tow, but after they speak for a moment at the top of the ramp, she sends him off to the back again. Boris nods and gives her a pat on the shoulder before heading off, and then Tula marches to the ring looking determined.

Vinnie Lane: “Keali’i wants to make sure everyone knows she got this done on her own. Can’t blame her! She’s a serious talent and a fierce warrior inside that ring!”

As this happens, Oswald starts coming up from the center of the stage, green smoke billowing from where he is emerging. He walks out with an ornate cane, with images of skulls in gold and silver, as money falls from the rafters. The money having faces of himself. He walks forward with his cane, not even really needing it, simply using it as a prop just to show his "status" to the world. His hair tied into a tight bun laid against the back of his skull. He flips his cane in his hand, holding the base and swinging the topper from left to right as the crowd chants "MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! MAY-HEM, B. O. B.! " The topper of the cane is shown to reveal a platinum skull with horns literally made of onyx attached to the forehead of it. As he walks to the steps he smirks and says to the crowd ""You've got it! SING IT LOUD! SING IT PROUD!" They continue to chant MAY-HEM, B. O. B. until he gets in the ring. Once to his corner, he takes off all of the top portion of his suit, from jacket to dress shirt leaving only his pants, including his tie before placing full attention onto his opponent.

Vinnie Lane: “This is a guy quickly making himself known on Anarchy. No stranger to the XWF, everyone knows he has the spirit of a war machine. Last Anarchy we saw him come SUPER close to picking up a strong win, and he’s got another chance here tonight!”

Eye of the Tiger plays and from the back steps Scarlet The Hunteress Donaldson. She kneels down at the top of the stage, and acts like she is looking for footprints of her opponents. Then the Misfits Manager Antony The Jerk joins her, and they both head to the ring. On special occasions like Main Events and title matches she could be joined by the rest of the Misfits. Kris The Hammer Valentine and Melanie Crayzee Childs.

Vinnie Lane: “A relative newcomer, Scarlet is making waves on Anarchy. Let’s see if she can turn momentum into victory here!”

All three competitors stand in the ring, and referee Virginia Hymen calls for the bell.


Right off the bat, Money Oswald clobbers both Scarlet and Tula with a huge double clothesline. Tula rolls out of harm’s way, escaping under the bottom rope and landing on the ground with a thud as she cradles her head, but Scarlet got the brunt of the move anyway.

Scarlet is flat on her back and Money has her by the hair. He pulls her up into a crucifix and then runs across the ring, launching her in an Outsider’s Edge into the buckles! Scarlet collapses, sliding down in the corner as Money takes a quick lap and then runs in at her at top speed… he hits nothing but turnbuckle as Scarlet is yanked out of the ring by Tula!

Vinnie Lane: “Tula dragging Scarlet away so that Oswald would crash and burn! Smart thinking!”

Keali’i looks to take advantage, hopping up from the apron onto the top turnbuckle and lining up for a high risk move… but now Scarlet returns the favor by shoving Tula off the top turnbuckle! Tula crashes down to ringside into a row of chairs as the ring announcer and other crewmen scatter!

Scarlet then takes Tula’s cue and climbs up to the top to finish off Oswald, who’s still recovering from hitting the corner at high velocity. She gets to the top and leaps off in a splash… CAUGHT BY OSWALD!!!

Vinnie Lane: “The cameras missed it I think, but Oswald nipped up off his back like a luchadore and caught Scarlet in midair!”

Oswald spins around, dropping Scarlet with a massive deep six! Scarlet is in la la land! Oswald scoops her up again and drives her down hard with a black hole slam! She’s out!



Oswald pulls Scarlet up! He broke his own three count!

Vinnie Lane: “That’s a pretty crappy move, dude, just end it! Oswald just wants to inflict punishment here!”

Dragging Scarlet up on wobbly legs, Oswald looks to set up a powerbomb… but as he pulls Scarlet up, she wiggles her body and ends up coming down hard, pulling Oswald’s face into the mat with a face buster!

Oswald bounces to his knees, but Scarlet hits him with some vicious kicks across his chest and back as he does. Oswald looks stunned, and Scarlet hits the ropes for added impact…


Oswald got up and sent Scarlet popping into the air, then slammed her face-first into the canvas with that massive spike DDT! Oswald with the cover!




Eliminated by Pinfall - Scarlet the Hunteress

Vinnie Lane: “WOW! Just like that, Oswald has dismantled Donaldson and turned this into a one on one! I don’t think Tula even knows there’s been an elimination!”

Oswald heads out of the ring as Scarlet exits, walking towards where Tula still lies in a pile of mangled chairs with a smirk on his face.

Grabbing Tula with both hands by the ears, Oswald pulls her up… and then gets force fed a chair coming upward into his chin! Oswald crumples to the floor and Tula just hammers him with chair shot after chair shot, a small trickle of blood oozing down from a cut in her hairline from her collision with the steel chairs.

Climbing onto the guardrail separating the wrestling area and the fans in attendance, Tula patiently waits while Oswald gets to his hands and knees, then leaps up and comes crashing down on the back of his head with a double-foot stomp that sends his visage right back into the pile of steel beneath him.

Tula senses she’s got Oswald right where she wants him, and she goes back into the ring, climbing the corner once more. Again, she waits it out while Oswald recovers, and she watches as he gets to his feet and turns in her direction before leaping off!


Oswald’s immense strength snatches Tula right out the air as easily as catching a paper airplane. He runs her spine into the ring post repeatedly, then tosses her back into the ring like a rolled up carpet with a dead body in it. Oswald enters after her, then grabs her and holds her across his chest before dropping down in a high-impact falling powerslam, laying Keali’i out. Oswald then scales the ropes.

Vinnie Lane: “Uh oh, Oswald is looking for that scientifically improbable corkscrew moonsault! If he hits this he might end Tula’s career!”

Oswald stands and begins the motion to descend into his You Are Now Obsolete red arrow… but coincidentally just as his feet leave the top turnbuckle the cameraman at ringside slips in the scattered chairs and all we see is the ceiling as we hear a thunderous boom in the ring.

Vinnie Lane: “OH MY GOD!”

The cameraman fixes himself and gets his shot back on the ring, where Oswald is flat on his back and Tula is dropping on top of him in exhaustion.

Vinnie Lane: “He totally missed!”




Tula is shot upwards from the kickout, and luckily lands on her feet, sliding into a shining wizard as Oswald sits up. Tula makes with the kicks then, and Oswald retreats into a corner, sitting with his back against the buckles and covering his face. Tula goes full MAUNA KEA and attacks Oswald with rapid knee strikes in a Volcanic Eruption!

Tula winds up to finish Oswald off with one last knee, but he catches her! Oswald has Tula by the leg, leaving her hopping as he stands up. He then traps her leg over his arm and executes a perfect leg trap suplex right into those buckles. Tula slumps to the mat, and Oswald drops a huge leg across her chest.

Oswald drags Tula to the center of the ring and then hits the corner again, climbing to the top. He doesn’t waste any time this time around, jumping off and flying high, landing with a HUGE flying headbutt… no wait! Tula ensnared him in her legs as he landed! Tula has a triangle choke fully locked in!

Vinnie Lane: “Big trouble for Oswald right now, that choke is sunk in DEEP!”

Oswald’s face reddens and he starts to move slower… he gets his feet under him and angles up, but Tula refuses to release the choke. It looks like Oswals is going to powerbomb his way out of Tula’s triangle, but she’s got it scouted! Tula uses the downward momentum to roll Oswald over her, trapping his shoulders under her knees with the choke still applied!




Vinnie Lane: “Tula’s done it! Oswald kicked out just a hair too late!”

Winner by Pinfall - Tula Keali’i

Vinnie Lane: “What a match! I thought Oswald had Tula done for, but she used that MMA background perfectly!”

Tula celebrates momentarily but Oswald has begun assaulting the official behind her. Tula makes haste as the ring fills with security personnel armed with shock sticks, and they begin to subdue Oswald as best they can. It’s kinda like this.

[Image: gR8affl.png]


"The Face of Anarchy" Kenzi Grey
- vs -
Tiger King Match!

[Image: tenor.gif]

A cage within a cage, with tigers who haven't been fed in weeks roaming in between. Competitors will be sprayed down with enticing meat scents before the match.You must escape BOTH cages!

Vinnie Lane: “Here comes Boris, the squatting Slav King of Anarchy! He looks ready to go!”

Boris squats and kicks his way down to the ring, entering the dual cages with a nod toward the tiger pen. He appears to be wearing a “Do Not Eat Boris” tee shirt, which, who knows, maybe that will help?

The moment had come and everyone was on edge for XWF’s first ever Tiger King Match. Boris had already made his way into the cage within a cage, but Kenzi Grey had yet to show up, leaving everyone to wonder if Vinnie’s ‘X-treme Evolution’ had already broken the temperamental star. The fans were ready to turn, but theme music filled the park, but not the music they expected.

“I Saw a Tiger” by Joe Exotic played and for a moment everyone froze as it appeared as though the man himself had stepped back into Wynnewood.

[Image: Exotic-Ken.jpg]

[color=#FF1493]Vinnie Lane: “Dude! That’s not Joe, that’s Kenzi Grey dressed as the Tiger King!”

Kenzi, or as she was now known, Ken Exotic, made her way to the cages singing along with the lyrics to the song, doing all that she could to appear at home in the exotic animal park. As Exotic Ken passed by Vinnie, she paused and opened her brown tasseled leather jacket to flash him a view of HIS 30 Second Promo Title. Vinnie nearly came out of his seat.

Vinnie Lane: “THAT’S MY TITLE!!”

Exotic Ken wagged her finger at him and made her way into the interior cage, finally standing across from Boris. She made a big production of seeming nonchalant as the doors were secured. After a few moments the ring workers cleared out and suddenly an ambush of tigers poured into the enclosure. Boris seemed unnerved by the large roaring cats, but Exotic Ken was right at home, after absorbing the very essence of the Tiger King himself. She brazenly stuck her hand outside and patted the passing tigers, all the while letting Boris know that he had no chance of escaping and beating her…until.

Vinnie Lane: “OH MY GOD, DUDE!!”

Exotic Ken quickly turned into terrified Kenzi as two tigers clamped down and began tearing at her through the cage. Her horrified screams were drowned out by the roaring of the starving tigers. She was saved when Boris ran over and pulled her free as the savage cats made off with the tattered sleeve of her leather jacket. Kenzi’s tone immediately changed as she ran around the cage screaming for her life and begging to be let out, shoving Boris out of the way. Kenzi banged on the inside of the cage, screaming hysterically.




The bell sounds and Boris and Kenzi look at each other, realizing they have no choice but to battle their way out of the tiger cages. They shake hands, which gets boos from the Oklahoma crowd. Clearly they want to see some aggression!

Vinnie Lane: “One thing you can always count on in OK… they want BLOOD!”

Kenzi starts shadowboxing, and Boris slav squats with extra vigor, both of them clearly stalling yet wanting to convey a sense of activity. They lock up tentatively, and Boris reverses a whip to the ropes. Kenzi hits the ropes right in front of a tiger that’s looking up at her all crosseyed, and she screams like crazy before dropping to her hands and knees and crawling away.

Vinnie Lane: “Oh, hey, that’s Tony! Me and Roxy gave that tiger to Angie Vaughn as a gift a few months back! Hey Tony!”

Tony shits on the floor.

Vinnie Lane: “Aw.”

Boris takes a running start and steps up off of Kenzi’s back leaping onto the cage wall and starting to ascend. This seems to snap Kenzi out of her tiger-induced terror, and she runs to a corner, scales it, and then flies off! She grabs Boris around his balaclava and drops him back to the mat with a big bulldog headlock.

Kenzi grabs Boris by his tracksuit pants and wheelbarrows him, lifting him up into the air in front of her before slamming him back down in a facebuster. Boris is up quick enough, and as Kenzi comes at him with a spinning back fist, Boris slav squats under it! Boris then sends his foot up high with a squatting kick, but Kenzi Matrix-dodges and the two come face to face in a staaaaaaaaaaaalemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.

Vinnie Lane: “Two completely evenly matched competitors here inside the tiger cage in Wynnewood! Who will be the XWF’s own TIGER KING?”

The two trade jabs and then Boris stuns Kenzi with a headbutt right into her face. Kenzi is staggered, and she falls into the ropes. Boris celebrates with his best prisyádka before running to the ropes and driving a boot into Kenzi’s chin with a helluva kick that flips Kenzi over the ropes and onto the ring apron. One bounce off the opposite ropes later and Boris collides with Kenzi with a forearm, sending her crashing into the unforgiving steel cage and leaving her face to face with a hungry tiger.

Boris once again starts to scale the cage, and Kenzi only manages to come to her senses and grab him by the ankle right before he gets in grabbing distance of the top!

Kenzi pulls hard and manages to drag Boris back down, but as he comes off the cage he does so with a double ax handle that sends Kenzi down onto all fours. Boris looks to deliver a devastating piledriver next, lifting Kenzi upside down, but then Grey kicks her legs and manages to fall back to her feet, then shows incredible flexibility by driving a scorpion kick over her own head and into the face of Boris!

Vinnie Lane: “Impressive! Who knew Kenzi could get her keet over her head like that? I mean, besides Sarah.”

Boris drops to his backside and Kenzi follows up with a basement dropkick to the face. Boris lands flat, and Kenzi lines him up. She waits while Boris gets into position… WALK OF FAME!!!

Kenzi drives the stomp into Boris and leaves him motionless. She hurries to the turnbuckles and climbs up, using them to get to the top of the cage more quickly. Then she ascends all the way, and sees the five foot jump between the two cages, as well as the tigers swirling beneath her.

Vinnie Lane: “Don’t look down, dude! That’s, like, rule number one!”

We see the lump in Kenzi’s throat bob up and down, and then she gets ready and jumps to the other cage wall… and misses!

The crowd gasps as Kenzi slips from the top of the cage and falls, managing to catch herself with one hand just feet from the growling tigers, jumping and clawing at her. Kenzi screams as she tries to hang on, but her grip continues to slip. Any moment she’ll be torn to shreds by ravenous tigers.

Sarah Lacklan, the XWF Universal Champion runs down to the enclosure, banging on the side to get the attention of the hungry tigers, but it’s no use. She frantically runs to the control area and raises the gate where the tigers were set loose, hoping to get them to return there, but they ignore her. Sarah pulls at her own hair, terrified for her wife’s well-being. Finally she starts to ascend the outer cage herself and security to forced to run down and stop her, pulling her off as she kicks and screams.

Vinnie Lane: “We can’t have our Universal Champion turned into kibbles and bits, dude!”

As chaos reigns outside the cage, a new threat appears inside the cage. An even larger tiger emerges from the door Sarah had just opened and it makes a beeline for the dangling starlet.

Vinnie Lane: “Oh man! You might want to cover your eyes!”

Suddenly the large tiger stands up on two legs, lifting one of the growling tigers and tosses it into the side of the cage, sending the startled cat running for the safe area. Moments later, a second tiger is hurled out of the way and it also makes a run for it to escape. The other tigers immediately turn and square off with the strange new aggressor, only for it to drop to all fours again and snarl, before responding in a familiar Aussie tone.

[Image: rebel-wilson-tiger.jpg]

Bobbi ‘The Tiger’ London: “FUCK OFF YOUS BLEEDING PUSSIES!!”

Bobbi screams as the remaining tigers leap onto her, tearing into her tiger costume as she attempts to fight them off. With the coast clear, Kenzi hops down and makes a run for it, hoping to outrun any stray tigers or Boris.

Vinnie Lane: “Aw what the heck? That’s Bobbi London! And she’s only wearing tiger striped body paint! Why is this happening?”

Boris has started to come to. He sees the mayhem happening with Bobbi and the tigers, and actually seems a bit mesmerized by the ferocity London displays while engaging in hand to claw combat with the savage beasts. Except Tony, of course. Tony is facing the wrong direction and licking himself. Damn it, Tony.

Boris shakes his head and hurries up the cage, knowing he has to race Kenzi for time. He hops onto the top of the inner cage and then jumps as far as he can, landing in a straddle on top of the outer cage just as Kenzi gets to the top of it herself! The audience groans as Boris holds his pierogies in pain from that awkward landing.

Vinnie Lane: “Dang. RIP Borises Junior.”

Kenzi wastes no time getting over the top of the cage and starting to climb down the outside, but Boris finds the wherewithal to grabs two hands full of her braids, keeping her from going down. Kenzi screeches and even lets go of the cage to try and get free, dangling by her hair while Boris holds on tight.

Vinnie Lane: “Roxy told me VERY specifically that nothing makes Kenz madder than touching her hair. This is a mistake by Boris!”

Kenzi has no choice but to climb back up and perch on the cage top with Boris, but as soon as she does she unleashes a flurry of punches that leave the slav reeling. Kenzi then grabs him by the back of the head and slams his face right into the bar of the cage top! Boris’ limbs go limp after the impact, which sounded an awful lot like cracking an egg open on the side of a frying pan.

Kenzi then starts to carefully climb down the outside of the cage, and it looks like she’s going to easily get to the bottom first… she even takes a moment to enjoy watching Bobbi London as she grounds and pounds a bengal tiger, which whimpers and struggles but to no avail.

Vinnie Lane: “Oh crap! Boris is awake! And I think he’s going to jump off! It’s his only hope at this point!”

Indeed, Boris is setting himself up to fly from the cage top. Willing to sacrifice his body for a big victory here in Oklahoma, Boris pushes himself off of the steel just as Kenzi climbs down to within a food or two of the floor!

Vinnie Lane: “Wait! Someone just hopped the railing! Is that… IT’S THAT BITCH CAROLE BASKINS!!!”

[Image: tenorb8kni.gif]

Carole Baskin catches Boris as he falls! She’s REALLY strong! She’s got him cradled like a baby as Kenzi drops to the floor… Boris never touched the ground!

Winner by Cage Escape - “The Face of Anarchy” Kenzi Grey

Vinnie Lane: “What the heck is Baskin going to do with Boris??? WHERE’S YOUR HUSBAND, LADY!? DON’T YOU DARE MURDER MY SLAV!!!”

Carole starts covering Boris with kisses. She’s enamored by the handsome blotnik! Security and Tula Keali’i arrive to assist, but it’s too late! Carole Baskin hurdles the barricade and disappears through the crowd carrying Boris in her arms!!

[Image: gR8affl.png]


- vs -
Miss Fury

The second the music hits, the crowd starts booing like crazy. As Money Oswald, Micheal Graves, and finally Missy Fury step out from behind the curtain, the boos only intensify. Oswald and Graves clap for their leader, giving her encouraging words as Graves pulls out a stool and a water bottle. Fury sits down and Graves squirts the water into her mouth as Oswald pulls out a bucket for her to spit it into. Fury then gets up and starts walking with purpose toward the ring.

Vinnie Lane: “Well Fury certainly looks fired up! Her lackeys have done a good job getting her ready too. I heard Graves took a crash course in reflexology just to massage the stress out of Miss Fury’s feet before every match!”

Miss Fury gets to the ring and stares down both Tig O’Bitties as she’s being announced as well as referee Chaz Bobo as he checks her boots and gear for any contraband.

The camera then pans to a nearby stage area where we see the band members from the Kaiser Chiefs LIVE setting up to play for the Oklahoma crowd.

Vinnie Lane: “What a treat we have tonight! The Kaiser Chiefs are here to play the champ to the ring line and in living color!”

The audience goes ballistic as the Chiefs fire up the instruments and hit the tune. They go a whole ‘nother level of wild when the Anarchy Champion, Ruby, emerges from the back, holding the Anarchy Title held high.

Vinnie Lane: “And here she is! The most popular and perhaps most dominant champion in the XWF, the Banana-Lime Blur, the Super Dear-O, the Two-time Anarchy Champion, RUBY!”

Ruby heads over to the band and headbangs along as they play her name. She even gets behind the drumkit and plays a little as the fans rage on. She then heads to the ring as the Kaiser Chiefs continue lighting the entire place up with sweet riffs.

Vinnie Lane: “Ruby has not only defended this title against any comers, but she’s setting up to face the tag team champions at Relentless along with XWF legend Centurion! She’s got wins over the current XWF Universal Champion Sarah Lacklan on her resume as well as having held the UGWC Cross-Hemisphere Championship recently as a representative of the XWF! Ruby is everyone’s favorite… except B.O.B.’s.”

Ruby enters the ring and attempts to give a handshake to her opponent but is rebuffed when Fury turns away from her. Chaz Bobo takes the Anarchy Championship and holds it high over head as Ruby is introduced by Tig, and the crowd roars in approval.

Then, Money Oswald and Micheal Graves jump into the ring and attack Ruby! They drop her from behind with a forearm to the back of the head as the crowd’s cheers turn to boos, then start stomping on her as Miss Fury looks on, laughing.

Vinnie Lane: “The match hasn’t even started yet, so the official can’t really DQ B.O.B. for this cowardly and dastardly attack! This is DISGUSTING! Get some security out here!”

In the ring, Money shoves Bobo aside as he tries to restore order, then lifts Ruby high overhead and plows her down to the canvas with a spirit bomb, assisted by Graves who pushes down on the champion for added momentum towards the mat.

Security personnel finally hit the ring, breaking things up while extra referees jump around and point like referees always do. Oswald and Graves leave the ring and are escorted up the walkway, leaving Fury and Ruby in the ring with Chaz Bobo checking on Ruby’s well-being.

Vinnie Lane: “The referee should call this off! Ruby’s been decimated by that attack, she’s in no shape to perform!”

Bobo looks prepared to do just that, turning towards the timekeeper’s area, but Ruby grabs him by the arm and shakes her head, mouthing that she’s okay. The referee looks skeptical, but Ruby struggles to her feet and limps into her corner, insisting on continuing the match.

Vinnie Lane: “A true champion, Ruby is not going to back down from a challenge of any kind… but I think sometimes she should let discretion be the better part of valor.”

Ruby slumps in the corner but nods when Bobo checks on her again. Bobo calls for the bell.


Miss Fury sprints across the ring and drives a knee into Ruby at top speed in the corner before Ruby can even react. Fury then begins pummeling Ruby in the corner with vicious right hands until the champ is on her butt. Fury sticks her foot into Ruby’s throat and grabs the ropes, using her leverage to choke Ruby with all her weight, ignoring a five count until the official physically pulls her off of the champion.

Vinnie Lane: “Good for Chaz! He needs to make sure this match is controlled. Miss Fury better watch herself!”

Fury rears a fist back at Bobo but restrains herself from striking him. She turns her attention back to Ruby, but Ruby pulls Fury by the waistband into the turnbuckles, giving herself a moment of respite from Fury’s assault.

Ruby crawls out of the corner, coughing. She pulls herself to her feet and turns just in time to see Miss Fury racing toward her with a lariat, and she ducks down and manages a backdrop that sends Fury over the ropes and crashing to the outside! Fury hits her knee hard on the floor and wails in agony as Ruby drops back down onto her back, breathing in deep gulps.

Chaz Bobo starts a count…







Miss Fury gets up, favoring her injured leg. Ruby also gets up, and she sees Fury getting to her feet on the outside. Ruby takes a deep breath and hits the ropes, running back over with a Tope Con Hero! But Fury sidesteps! Ruby crashes into the guard rail and crumples to the floor while Fury continues to limp around, trying to get the blood flowing to her leg again.

Fury rolls into the ring and then back out again, forcing the official to restart his count. She grabs Ruby and sends her spilling into the ring steps, which break apart into two pieces as Ruby falls lifelessly into them.

Miss Fury rolls Ruby onto her stomach and climbs onto the ring apron. She follows her methodically as she crawls across the floor, and then leaps off looking for a big knee drop to Ruby’s back… but Ruby rolls away! Fury lands hard on her already damaged knee, and rolls around clutching it as Ruby manages to drag herself into the ring

Chaz Bobo gets all the way to an eight count before Fury rolls back into the ring, and when she stands up she is immediately sent back down by a big dropkick from the champion. The process repeats itself twice more, each time with Fury standing up slower than the previous. Ruby continues getting a second wind, dropping Miss Fury a fourth time with a running bulldog before giving the signal for the Rubycutter to the crowd!

Vinnie Lane: “Ruby sees her chance! She’s fought through a vicious assault and been behind the eight ball this entire match, but here she is ready to get it done once again!”

Fury staggers to a vertical base and Ruby leaps in for the cutter, but Miss Fury starts biting the forehead of Ruby while digging her fingers into her eyes! Ruby flails and abandons the attempt and the referee admonishes Fury, warning her an vigorously pointing to the XWF patch on his striped shirt, which everyone knows is the ultimate display of authority from a pro wrestling official.

Ruby stumbles to the ropes, rubbing her eye. Miss Fury attacks with a big clubbing blow to her back, then drags Ruby’s face across the top rope, grinding her eyes into the high-tension strand. Ruby falls to her knees, grabbing at her face. Fury races across the ring and hits the far ropes, then dives knees-first into Ruby’s back! Fury then tangles Ruby through the ropes and cranks her backward in a Boston Crab, wrenching backwards to add as much torque as she can while Bobo counts for a break.

Vinnie Lane: “Miss Fury has been breaking the rules for this entire match! Grow some stones and DQ her, Bobo!”

Bobo gets to four and then reaches toward Fury to pull her away, but Fury drops the hold and screeches in his face.


Bobo backs off, and Fury turns to see Ruby dragging herself into a corner, using the ropes to get to her feet. Fury runs in with a clothesline, then, with her hands hidden behind Ruby’s head, she begins untying the strings holding the turnbuckle pad cover off of the top buckle. The pad falls off and Fury rushes across the ring before speeding back and flying at Ruby with a huge stinger splash!

Ruby evades!

Fury hits the exposed steel turnbuckle and drops backward stiff as a board, but Ruby can’t capitalize. She’s on her hands and knees huffing and puffing as Fury starts to stir on the mat. Finally, both competitors struggle back to their feet, and Fury has a big gash down the middle of her forehead from connecting with the exposed steel. Blood pours down her face, but she spots Ruby and winds up for a massive right hand!


Ruby lays Fury out with her trademark move, and drops onto her for a pin!




Vinnie Lane: “What the heck!? Graves and Oswald are back after being ejected! Chaz just got his head bounced on the floor after Graves dragged him out of the ring, and I think he’s unconscious! We need a new official! Send a referee down here!”

Ruby doesn’t waste any time abandoning the pinning combo and hitting the ropes… she flies over the top with a Tope Con Hero to Oswald, which sends him sprawling into the empty tiger pen from the earlier cage match! Don’t worry, the tigers are en route to Angie Vaughn’s Texas Cat Sanctuary as we speak, they aren’t roaming free or anything.

Ruby slams the pen door shut and locks it, trapping Oswald inside with nothing but a bunch of piles of tiger feces. He looks MAD, raging and pulling at the bars while getting doodoo all over him.

Ruby turns her attention to Graves then but he takes off running from her, reaching deep, deep, DEEP into the front of his tights and pulling out what appears to be a roll of silver dollars, which he slips into the outstretched palm of Miss Fury as she starts to come to her senses and drag herself up to her hands and knees.

Vinnie Lane: “Graves just handed his boss a foreign object! Ruby didn’t even see it! Can we PLEASE get a referee down here?”

From the back, finally, Ari Silverstein emerges wearing his wrinkled referee shirt. He sprints down to ringside just as Ruby sends Graves sprawling with a Rubycanrana into the guard rail. Silverstein slides into the ring and looks down to where Graves is moaning in pain, shouting for him to keep his distance. He also motions toward Oswald that he’s got his eyes on him. Oswald actually looks to have nearly detached the tiger pen door from the rest of the enclosure.

Ruby re-enters the ring as Miss Fury stands up and swings at Ruby with that packed fist, but Ruby ducks and sends a boot into Fury’s gut, causing Fury to drop the roll of silver dollars. The rolls, well, rolls across the ring until Ari grabs it, looking at it with curiosity. Ruby gathers Fury up and lifts her… Ruby Driver 2020!!! Fury’s skull bounces from the canvas and she falls limp, and then Ruby heads to the top rope!

Vinnie Lane: “This is it! Ruby’s about to put this one away with her Ruby in the Rough!”

Ruby points to the sky and then takes flight, on target to put an exclamation point on another successful defense.


Vinnie Lane: “WHAT THE HECK?!?! WHAT THE HECK!?!?!”

Silver dollars explode all over the ring as Ari’s fist connects with Ruby’s jaw on her descent from the top rope. Ruby falls to the mat as Miss Fury gathers enough strength to drape an arm over the fallen champion.



Vinnie Lane: “No! NO!!! Not like this!!!”


Winner by Pinfall and NEW Anarchy Champion - Miss Fury

Oswald breaks free from the pen and he and Graves rush the ring as Ari Silverstein hands the Anarchy belt to Miss Fury. They all gather in the middle of the ring and celebrate as Silverstein lifts his zebra shirt to reveal a B.O.B. tee shirt underneath! Ari joined B.O.B.!!!

Vinnie Lane: “This is BUPKIS! A bunch of malarkey! They got one of the referees on their side and stole the title! This is CRAP!”

Miss Fury demands that Ari hand her the belt and raise her arm. As he does, Miss Fury smiles and waves to the crowd. They of course respond with boos, but Fury chooses to pretend that they love her. Fury then points down to Graves, who pulls Ruby up into a full nelson.

Miss Fury slips her fingers into her brass knucks and looks to Graves.

"Hold her still!!!"

A sadistic smile forms on her face as she lines up the shot.

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane: "She's trying to end Ruby's career, SOMEBODY STOP THIS!

Fury draws back her fist and steps in!


"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane: "Vita Valenteen!!? Did we resign her already!??"

Miss Fury stops dead in her tracks and looks to the entranceway as Vitas music and pink laser light show play.

Suddenly Ruby stomps on Graves big toe that unbeknownst to he has a wicked ingrown nail that has been causing Graves some serious pain lately. As far as to why he didn't use his butt potato powers to heal his toe...

Graves releases Ruby as he stands there vibrating, eyes in the back of his head, wet trousers... oh yeah, Graves gets off on pain...

Fury turns her attention to Ruby and the two square up. Furry readies her brass covered fist before rushing in!


Eat Defeat from VV takes Miss Fury off of her feet! She quickly rolls through the bottom rope as Graves follows. Vita and Ruby stand shoulder to shoulder guards still up and ready to fight as miss Fury and Graves jaw jack and back peddle up the stage. Furry calls for a microphone.

"It's about time you showed up. I beat your hero friend. Now I have this."

Miss Fury holds the Anarchy Championship up high.

"This gives BOB... Me, this gives me the power, and with that power, I'm choosing you as my first defense at Relentless!"

The crowd pops at the thought of the match.

"You're on!"

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane: "Vita Valenteen challenges for the Anarchy Championship at Super Relentless!"

Back in the ring, Ruby is finally getting to her feet and realizing that she no longer holds her precious Anarchy Championship. She hangs her head but the crowd cheers her and chants her name, bringing a smile and perhaps even a tear to her eye as she mouths a thank you to the adoring crowd.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker before dimming out to darkness. There’s a loud clap of thunder that rumbles the entire building…

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane: "I don’t like how this feels, dude...”

The lights come back up revealing….

[Image: 340?cb=20180703131855]

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]


Ruby stands in the middle of the ring looking at Robert Main in front of her while being blasted from behind by Chris Page! Ruby is sent staggering towards Robert who drives a boot to the midsection doubling Ruby over. Page quickly steps out to the ring apron as Robert hoists Ruby up in the air before running towards a neutral corner where he delivers a Buckle Bomb while Page lands a Enzugiri to the back of the head completing the combination!


”Cataclysm is sending a message to Ruby!”

Page steps back through the ropes and into the ring as he and Robert make eyes contact before collectively giving a head nod as Page is shown reaching down picking Ruby up off the mat where he takes her back into the ropes shooting her across the ring with an Irish Whip, Ruby bounces off the ropes and into a pick up by Main which leads to the Shatter Machine!

All attention hits the top of the ramp as Centurion has arrived to Anarchy! He runs down to the ring wielding a three-foot lead pipe in his hand! Centurion dives under the ropes and gets back to his feet when suddenly the lights go pitch dark a second time. When they draw back up it reveals Cataclysm is gone and Centurion is standing over his partner for Relentless.

Anarchy leaves the air.


Kenzi Grey
Chris Page
Big D

And EVERYONE for being patient!

[Image: dR5ZguS.png]
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That bitch Carole Baskin robbed Boris!

[Image: qRPvsfj.gif]

[Image: RoBj51B.png]
9/27/2020 - ???
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09-12-2020 02:57 PM

"Everything that I've ever told you BOB would accomplish..."

"We have."

[Image: Fury-Anarchy-Champ.jpg]

"Now, tell me, what can BOB do for you?"

[Image: image0.png]
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"Mmmmm, yer cute Miss Fury. Lick lick."

Sarah Lacklan's official manager, hypeboi, marketing mentor & insurance policy, as established July 12th, 2020.

Greggo's promises to his client for 2020 Relentless season:
1) More "seen" and "liked" promos than any non-Greggo promoted PPV season in any fed
2) Less idiots spelling/pronouncing her name wrong
3) Access to free street drugs JUST in case they're needed (not saying they are!)
5) Free off-camera baby oil massage service (provided by Greggo)
8) Custodial service at a discounted rate (provided by Son of Greggo)
10) Victory, no matter the means

-Sarah singing with EXPEN$IVE holographic images of "the red hot chili peppers" in her first must-see big budget SFX RP (super friggin xtreme recorded promo):
(09-13-2020 01:46 PM)The "Red Hot Chili Peppers" w/ ACTUAL Sarah Lacklan Said:  
Beating jobbers, I'll be there
Lay down, get beat
Sit back, prone bone
This jobber’s...unknown
When they start and ring that bell
Charlie’s gonna run like hell
Charlie's jobbin’ to me
*BONUS: That ^ RP ^ (recorded promo) also contains a SHANE CARVER namedrop somewhere in it! But what's said about the XWF's resident inactive ghost/asshole? You'll laugh if you go find it... trust us. ;)

-Sarah definitely speaking to the whole roster and putting them in their place:
(08-06-2020 07:54 PM)Sarah Lacklan, Greggo's best client ever Said:  
YOUR best is losing again.

MY best is winning multiple championships and accolades at one event.

Then again, considering what all you have been doing while I was away, no one should be truly surprised.

-Robert Main, 2nd highest ranking champion in XWF, admitting his (and your) place:
(08-06-2020 03:45 PM)Robert "The Omega" Main, speaking honestly and totes not being sarcastic at all Said:  The Engineer... Shawn... Cent... You... We all fall to the real queen of the XWF and new Universal Champion...
Buy in to the hype. Never before has it been so obvious who the top talent is. Never before has everyone embraced the top draw. Never before has a champion already defeated the whole roster without even beating them in a match. Drink the chilled coffee type drink. Accept her, worship her, and stop taking your eyes off of her.

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Following Anarchy, a battered and bruised Kenzi Grey stands outside the cage, barely able to catch her breath. Steve Sayors runs out, microphone in hand.

Steve Sayors: Kenzi, that was…was…

Kenzi doesn’t allow him to finish as she snatches the microphone out of his hand.


She turns to the announce table where Vinnie Lane is still seated.


Steve Sayors: Well, to be fair…this is what you signed up for. This is Anarchy…this is X-Treme. If you are going to call yourself the Face of Anarchy, you have to be ready for-

Kenzi Grey: …anything? Like that piece of shit Charlie Nickles? HUH?!

Kenzi whirled back around, glaring at Vinnie. He jumped back as she pounded her fist on the announce table.


Kenzi glowered as Vinnie raised his hands and shook his head defensively. Kenzi absently touched the bruises on her face that were left from Charlie’s earlier assault. Kenzi tossed the microphone back to Steve, who fumbled with it as she stomped away.

Steve Sayors: Kenzi…wait! What about Bobbi London? The tigers?!

The camera panned over to the cage where the rotund Aussie was bloodied, but still holding her own against four large tigers…more or less…mostly less. Kenzi whistled and one of the tigers, not engaged in savaging Bobbi, trotted over to the cage, sticking his head through and licking her outstretched hand. She nodded and the tiger stalked off towards the enclosure.

Steve Sayors: Bobbi is still in there.

Kenzi ignored him as Sarah Lacklan ran to her side and helped her out of the arena.

Steve turned and watched as Maxine ran into the cage with a whip and a chair, doing all that she could to help her friend escape the starving tigers that had torn her tiger costume shreds.

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He's seen, freshly showered, cleaned of shit and sweat, being dressed by his servants, Once he's finished, he makes sure his tie is straightened, looking at the team coming up for a post-event word.

"Look, I have to say, she struggled. She barely pulled out that win. She should be happy. Until I destroy her the next time we face off. Until then, be grateful.

As for you, Scarlet. You were dispatched off. You ran roughshod over people not worth their salt or just didn't give a fuck about you. That is why you were the first elimination."

He hefts his Billion Dollar Championship onto his left shoulder.

"And why you'll never be a champion like myself.. Excuse me."

He says to the reporters as he leaves to join his B. O. B Brethren, celebrating with Miss Fury for the W.

[Image: HTm77i9.png]
[Image: cPcGfqx.jpg]
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