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PlaceMarker Monsters are real... They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.
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09-11-2020 11:39 PM

His head was pounding…


Like toothache in his brain, dead center, right between his weary eyes, visual disturbances, unbearable, incapacitating misery.
” My head…” A wave of overwhelming pain seared on one side of his head that came and went with his heartbeat. It made Robert want to pace as the gnawing discomfort felt like someone had taken a tomahawk to his skull. The world became detached, all he could concentrate on was the suffering rooted deep in his head. He could barely hear the chattering around him when an elder approach.


Robert leers upward as the glow of his campfire danced across his face… He notices the elder has his shotgun in hand then speaks like an asshole.

” Do… You… Speak… English...?”


Robert scratches his head not understanding entirely what was being said…

” I… Don’t… Understand…? Do… You… Speak… English…”

The elder grins…

COMANCHE ELDER: I do… Before we continue, tell me why you are on our reservation? Choose your words carefully white man, federal laws do not apply here. You can disappear on this sacred land rather quickly…

” The Omega” hesitates as the elder crosses his arms waiting for an answer.

” I'm here to find your tribe… To find you. I… I have a problem… One I believe only you can solve… I’ve got something inside me, something treacherous, I need to know what it is and why its haunting me...”

The elder raises his eyebrows, then nods.

COMANCHE ELDER: The spirits told me you would come; I’ve had many visions of you in my dreams and what torments you… Anamaqkiu, an underworld apparition has interlocked itself with you…

The elder places the palm of his hand gently on Robert’s shoulder.

COMANCHE ELDER: I can feel its presence within you… We must get rid of this manifestation at once.

” Not before I know what it wants, is there a way to communicate with it?”

The elder removes his hand from Robert’s shoulder leering towards the heavens for guidance.

COMANCHE ELDER: There is a way… A way to send you to the spirit realm… But there is no reasoning with nefarious spirits… It would be a lost cause… It wants to be set free to wreak havoc in our world…

” Send me to the spirit realm… I have to know.”

The elder turns his back shaking his head.


” Why….?”

The elder turns to Robert.

COMANCHE ELDER: These spirits can mislead even the sharpest mind, they can take the form of animals, memories and ever dear friends… If the two of you connect in the spirit realm, you will bring the demon back with you… I will not be responsible for releasing malicious upon the world…

” That won’t happen… Please! I've got to know why... What if this were you? Or your child? What would you do?"

The elder stops with his back still turned to Robert…

COMANCHE ELDER: I would leave well enough alone, I would ask for guidance from my ancestors, take the advice of an elder, I would unbind myself of this malignant spirit before things become out of control.

” My life has completely fallen apart since this thing has come into my life, I’ve been living in hell and I need to know why… I don’t know how much more of this I can take; I’ve thought about putting a bullet between my eyes… I’m desperate… Hanging on by a thread… Please I’m begging you… I’m suffering.”

The elder lowers his head.

COMANCHE ELDER: Very well, I’ll send you to the spirit realm… But I will not be responsible for what comes back with you…

” Nothing will come back with me…”

COMANCHE ELDER: For your sake, I pray that you are right. Now let’s go to my tipi…

” Really a tipi?”

COMANCHE ELDER: No… Not really… This isn’t an old western movie… It was a joke to lighten the mood… We are civilized people dickhead… Unlike you who pointed a loaded shotgun at my daughter…

” Yeah… I’m… Sorry about that… Just wanted to get your attention…”

COMANCHE ELDER: Attention? You had my attention long before you even arrived. We have a casino a mile up the road… We could have discussed all of this there… Instead, I’m standing here, next to a possessed white man in the middle of nowhere… Lay down on the ground while I gather a few things…

Robert watches on while the elder lights a pipe.

” What am I about to smoke?”

COMANCHE ELDER: Rattlesnake venom, powered falcon talons, among other things I won’t say. We don’t need a bunch of assholes like you walking around the spirit realm causing problems… Now, remember Robert you cannot be conned. Everyone sees the spirit realm differently, remember there is a monster waiting for you on the other side… Now take a hit and open your mind.

Robert listens drawing in deeply staring at the moon…

[Image: giphy.gif]

Spirit Realm

” The nightmare makes no sense…”

“It’s a place I’ve never been, I can hear a language I don’t understand…”


“Something about it feels familiar…”

“Like it belongs to me…?”

“And then I realize…”

“This purgatory… It’s not mine… It belongs to the hellion. It belongs to him…”

“Up until this juncture, I’ve been able to control my other just enough to get around.”



“It’s been extremely demanding, I can feel it tugging just underneath the surface, waiting for me to slip up and be unleashed… Got to hang on… Fight!”

“And just like that I become a passenger, my body no longer belongs to me…”

Robert’s eyesight became scrambled. Everything became fuzzy; then he saw nothing at all. His consciousness was floating through a space filled with static. Throughout the murky jet-black space, his heartbeats hammered against his chest cavity vigorously, echoing in his ears, lumping up in his throat. The gloom suffocating his body like a waterlogged blanket, clinging to every inch of his skin. Holding him in place like a prisoner.

” I try pleading with my other half, trying to calm it down… The only reply is screaming and sadistic laughter…”

“With each second that passes by, my breathing becomes burdensome … Like… I’m drowning, falling deeper and deeper inside of this… Thing… This bogeyman clawing his way towards the surface…”


“Can’t think…”

“My mind feels like shattered glass…”

Robert comes to leering into the murkiness as a wolf steps out from the shadows, this wolf though was different, not the ordinary APEX predator... His fur uniform and shiny, short over his body and longer at the neck. His stance is unwavering, body muscular, his movements are fluid and without apparent effort… Robert tries taking a step back as the vicious creature shows its teeth.

[Image: giphy.gif]

” Time crawls by, I’ve never felt so exposed… So… Small… Instinctually I scream out… I realize I’m screaming into a void…”

“I feel it coming this time… The darkness sliding up my spine taking control… The fiend is trying to take over... It's infecting me…”

Robert watched the hellhound transform before his eyes… The wolfs fur became polished as the wiry grey hairs sprouted. His once kindly brown eyes melted into a heavier color. The bones moved under his skin like mechanical snakes; audible cracks sliced through Robert and he felt like his feet were cemented to the ground. The only sound Robert could hear was the mythical creatures breathing, his nostrils flaring out as he takes in Robert’s scent. The gums curl up revealing yellow stained teeth and then lets out a low thunderous growl. Robert already knows his fate, in seconds his throat will be ripped out, his flesh consumed… Then it pounced… Robert covers up…

[Image: giphy.gif]

” Losing ground… Darkness… Seeping in… Around the edges… Stay strong…”

Robert opened his eyes and stared as the sparks in his brain, desperately trying to connect the dots, instead what had just happened causing a short circuit. Robert took a step back bumping into Drew Archyle…

Drew….? I… I don’t understand… I thought you were sailing the seven seas. I’ve… Missed you, man… I’ve been lost without you by my side…

Drew shrugs...

[Image: giphy.gif]

Bob, it doesn’t look like you’ve missed me… You got Page now… You know the guy who put me in the hospital several times… But, hey it’s cool… I was travelling the seven seas then everything went black, now I'm here with you... Spoiler alert… COVID masks are no defense against sperm eggs… Trust me I know…

” Wait, what…? No, No, No... This is a trick... I can't trust you... You are not Drew...

Robert backs away as Drew reaches out.

Bob, it's me... I banged your sister Kayla... Made Christmas cookies bare ass naked in front of your entire family… We brought Jim Caedus back and he went off the reservation... Like cuckoo for cocoa puffs nuts. You, me and Raven became the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in XWF history. It's me... Bobby, I can't get out of here unless you help me... I've been stuck here for some time now, that's why I haven't been back by your side...

Robert steps forward.

" Drew are you saying that you want to come back?"

Drew nods.

I do… Bob, we ride together, we die together...

" A shitty movie reference, it is you."

Just take my hand, Bob... Let’s go, home brother…

As Robert reached out taking Drews hand a series of images etched his mind.

[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]
[Image: giphy.gif]

” A part of me I don’t like to think about is I knew this was coming eventually… You just can’t wrap yourself up in liquid black malice and not have a reckoning waiting for you somewhere down the line…”

“I’m lost…”

“Imprisoned inside the mind of my other”

"Then he shows himself in his truest form."

[Image: lxmXbKg.jpg]

Let’s go home Robert.

The miscreant grinned revealing his razor-sharp teeth…

” Have you ever had a moment when something that seemed so complicated … Suddenly… Made perfect sense? When you just got it? True happiness is when you become the person that you were always meant to be… When you stop fighting and just… Accept it… When you throw off the illusions, the mask… And just become yourself. A nightmare built upon the truth…”

Robert comes too quickly looking around noticing he is alone.

” I can feel “him” here with me… But I’m in control…”

Robert gawks in the direction the camera.

” I used to be the type of guy who saw the world through rose-colored glasses. Now though I see things for what they truly are. An utter disaster… I often thought to myself what kind of twisted experiment am I involved in? Because honestly, I never thought I belonged in a world filled with so much gloom. I always assumed I could be the shining light and lead this company through the hell it allowed to slither back through its revolving doors. I thought I was the white knight… Then I saw the unmitigated truth, since that moment in time I’ve been defying authority, flying off the handle and wrecking anyone or anything that stepped in my lane… This fucking company, this business blitzed the mountain top, dragging me down to the pits of hell, leaving me there to rot… The Universal Championship bound me to the system I never had confidence in, breaking me, fragmenting my mind into two separate entities… Sure there was the trailblazer the maverick the trendsetter known as “The Omega”…”

Robert pauses.

” But there was always something heavier sitting on my shoulders, something crawling just beneath the surface, another personality… Another me… I’ve always been infested with “him”. That miscreant infiltrated my mind long ago, scratching at the door, pleading to be released upon the world. I never once realized “he” was there until I obtained the Hart Championship many years ago. I attempted to keep “my other” imprisoned, ensnared under lock and key in the innermost recesses my mind… The “creatures” voice became deafening, “his” rhetoric began to make more sense… So, I made an extraordinary choice and handed over the keys… Now that the “monstrosity” has taken over, all the control I once had, became misplaced… “He” rears his ugly head when I must take things to the next level… Charlie don’t you worry though, you won’t be facing “him” there isn’t a need for “him”, you’ll be facing Robert Main.”

The egotistical smile beams off the cameras lens.

” I honestly had high hopes when I tuned in, I prayed you’d kill it, I was being an optimist, I wanted this to be different, I yearned for something I hadn’t seen or heard before… Then you opened your mouth and showed the entire world just how unintelligent you are… Rehashing the same bull shit that’s been attempted since I walked into the XWF. You displayed that you are no iconoclast Charlie and when it comes to facing me, average just won’t do… You, just like every other member on this roster cannot see the forest from the trees… Charlie, you don’t see the big picture, the underlying plan, what’s next in this book Chris Page and I are penning in blood… That’s obvious seeing how you decided to carpet bomb what you thought was a chink in my armor my Achilles heel, right? I’m nothing without a helping hand, I’m not a lionhearted individual unless someone is filling my ear with encouragement. So, you ripped a page out of the worn-out playbook hoping that no one would notice your incapacity. You went to the same well that everyone else did and guess what there still isn’t a fucking drop of water to be found.”

Robert watches a spider move in towards the campfire.

” Unlike most, I’ve never needed to hype myself in the mirror, I don’t need rehearsals and never will. What I do is shame and embarrass little pricked clowns like yourself, for thinking that you are on the same playing field as I am… You’re not, nor will you or ninety-nine percent of this pitiful roster. What I’ve accomplished on my own is something that you will never see… Success… You might believe Chris Page and Sarah are feeding me those crumbs… You can compare me to any insect that you’d like... In the end Charlie I squash you like I do everyone else in this business… This entire fucking thing revolves around me and has for years now. I leave the XWF for greener pastures the entire place folds like a cheap suit. You went head-on with a narrative Chris Page and I have proven incorrect every time that we are on a card. We are dangerous individually, together we are unstoppable… Tell me who offered me a hand when I won the Xtreme title? There wasn’t a soul there when I won. I did that on my own… Yet I’m not fit to wear either of these belts? Charlie you are not fit to grace a ring with me or our Universal Champion either, but here we are. You’re a pest.”

Robert stands eyeballing the spider.

” You know what we do with a pest?”

Robert stomps the spider with his boot grinning.

” We’ve defended the Tag Team Titles countless times now and going into Super Relentless we defend them again against a legend in this business… Yet I’m not worthy to wear these Championships, because I haven’t been defending the Xtreme Championship? Wake up dummy, I defend that son of a bitch twenty-four hours a day… I’ve kicked out more than any other Champion has had to in recent history. After I smear you and I will, I move on to The Wizard, Thunder Knuckles, Graves, the list goes on and on. I’ve got a line out the door begging to get into the ring with me. The same cannot be said for you now, can it? I’m what you are jealous of, everything that I have ever accomplished is homegrown… I’m the code that hasn’t been cracked… That’s why you go after Chris Page and Sarah because there is nothing else to go after. These fools mention my name in their promos because they don’t get views, no one cares about a bunch of underachieving losers… You say my name and people click it. I make people like Graves who is hiding in another federation right now fucking relevant again. I put people’s asses in seats, and I’ve been doing it for years. Because of me Charlie the entire fucking world is going to know who you are…

Unlike you, I don’t need any clout because I’ve done everything that there is to do in this business… Record-setting runs, Championships, major pay-per-view victories… It’s all there… So, for you to say that I’m a coward hiding in the shadows is a complete misconception. The X-title has attracted all the critics, attacking me with disses while I laugh at their predictions, surpassing everything the pervious Champion did… Most of the people on this roster are butt hurt over the fact that I’ve made it… Whatever Championship I gain… I’ve brought it back from the brink of utter disaster… Savage I’ll be right there just you and me. There will be no outside help from Chris Page and for you, that means no excuses after I beat you… Charlie, you are a fake an imposter… A phony, on the outside you seem strong, but deep down you just a bleeder, and come, Savage, I’ll bleed you dry. Once we each step through those ropes there will be no going back… We will lock eyes; the bell will ring and for a moment time will stand still…”

“Then silence…”

“That terrible silence…”

[Image: giphy.gif]

It's good to be home...

[Image: WPoUWuI.png]
[Image: fMJwa5h.png]
W- "Chronic" Chris Page

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