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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

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09-09-2020 11:59 PM

The interdimensional camera began to go fly around the Sephtis Compound, giving shots of the factory and the mansion before slowly flying down to the entrance, heading its way down to the doors. While they're close, the camera phases through the door, and makes its way through and music begins to blast throughout the mansion. The camera began to float through home, and after about 20 minutes, and many phases through walls, it found what it was looking for: Oswald.

Oswald could be seen with his wife, right hand upon her side, left hand gently holding her right hand as the melody from the song gave them something to slow dance to while enjoying the lyrics. He was dressed in a typical tuxedo, and her wearing a tight sapphire silk dress, showing off her curves. The sight of the two of them together would be comical. Alysia, being the smaller of the two, around 5'7, and him, almost seven feet. When Watsky begins to go "la la la la" after the halfway point in the song, he spins her slowly, dipping her and then spinning her once more and lifting her. Their eyes locking and smiling to each other before kissing one another with passion. The song ends, and as he holds her he speaks to her.

"I told you, whatever I've got to do. You'd be what you wanted. Giving up my Broken powers for you to become what you wanted, no, needed to feel whole, was the easiest decision I ever made."

She nodded and gave him a quick kiss

"I thank you for that, Oz. Though, that version, that piece of your Broken self exists, I know it will leave some day."

He nodded

"Maybe with a few sessions with Doc D'Ville will change that. Who knows, though."

He noticed the camera spying on them, then looked back to her, placing her down gently.

"It is time for me to get ready for my match, Alleycat. See you soon."

He grinned and winked, giving her a swat on the ass as she walks away as he follows the camera, placing a hand upon the wall of his mansion, sliding it around as the camera turns around, not showing how he opens his secret pathways. Once it's opened, it turns around, they both begin to descend into a stairway, heading down underneath the mansion, only for the door to close after and the camera fades to black.

Oswald is standing there, yawning slightly, looking at the camera, which then brought up holograms of both Scarlet and Tula. He rolled his eyes after looking at them both.

"So, let me begin with Scarlet.

Scarlet, you've been on quite the roll. You're such on a roll, I might as well nickname you butter. Yes, dad jokes, I'VE GOT THEM!"

A hologram of Fuzen appeared in front of him, then it disappeared

"After all, I am one. Now, I want to tell you this. This isn't going to be easy. You're not leaving this match without a scar for the future. I am the Devil dressed to the nines in the most exquisite fabrics. You, however, dress like you're trying to cosplay as the MCU's Scarlet Witch. The worst version of Scarlet Witch, by the way. The comic book Wanda would fuck everybody here up. I think she was touched by the Seven Deities themselves. You, would not exist if she felt like making you not exist. You may play as if you're a true hunter, but we all know what you really are. A woman, playing at mercenary types. You're no huntress. You're a farce and I will ruin you. I will break you apart. I will pull you apart like soft bread. I'm going to punch you in the tits and destroy you.

After I royally destroy you, I'm going to go onto my next target."

He walks over to Tula

"Hey there, Tula. Remember me? Remember that loss you suffered? Remember how you an Boris lost? That match didn't go as you planned, did it? Nah. It didn't. It was as if you two were flies, thinking you mattered. Thinking you weren't going to get your ass beat. Thinking that everything we say, everything we do, is just a joke?

Want to hear one a joke?

What do you get when you cross mediocrity, and being a goody two-shoes?


Funny joke, isn't it? Took me two seconds. Your career is more of a joke than several wrestlers here can claim. Have I lost? Yes. Know what I do when I lose? I beat the fuck out of the next person that decides they can run their mouth. I destroy them, I wreck their shit and make them never want to face me again. So many of the wrestlers I've fought, have known how hard I can hit. How much pain and anguish I put them through. When I face these people, they're never the same AH-GEEN!"

His head jerked backwards as he said 'geen', and as he does so he grabs his head, growling loudly as he begins shaking his head as he does so.


He began to breathe heavily, growls slowly changed to grumbling as he straightens himself and tie, looking at the camera.

"Back to my original point. You and Scarlet are going to be changed by this match. You will change. You will learn what it means to feel as if you were slaughtered like a calf. You will hate yourself for getting into this match. You will hate me. Both of you will.

Once I finish you both off, I will celebrate by counting every dollar I made in the time it took for me to beat you both with ease.

Your suffering?

It. Will. Continue.

Join. B. O. B."

[Image: HTm77i9.png]
[Image: cPcGfqx.jpg]
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