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PlaceMarker There's a Storm Comin'
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09-01-2020 11:56 PM

OOC: Sorry this is late. work killed me this weekend and had no time to put up anything. so here's half assed promo. good luck brian.

We are mere hours away from another edition of WARFARE and the superstars are getting read to deliver another great performance for the fans in Germany as the World Tour continues.

On the show, we will see a great match between two brutal athletes, Brian Storm and Peter Gilmour. This is their first one on one match, if we recall and it should be a good one. Can Peter get back on the winning track after getting so close to winning the Universal Title in Paris? Or will Brian Storm stop Peter's momentum towards a title shot and put him down for good? We shall see as WARFARE comes your way tomorrow night from Germany.

The scene now shifts to Peter Gilmour standing outside of his hotel wearing a black shirt and pants. His hair is down to his massive shoulders. It is a rainy day in the city as we dont see many people coming in and out of the hotel. Valerie Sky is back in their hotel room reading her book of spells. Peter looks up as the rain hits his face. It feels good as he opens his arms like Jesus Christ and continues to get drenched in rain. He then looks into the camera and is ready to speak.

Peter: So Brian Storm, tomorrow night we go one on one. Should be a good match but I assure you that you will NOT beat me. I am going to do whatever it takes to beat you and get back to my winning ways.

You said in your last promo that the last time we met, I barely touched you. I believe that was at WAR GAMES, though I could be wrong. I could care less to be honest with you. So what I didn't touch you. You were too pussy to get into the ring with the GOD of Xtreme. And no, Shane Carver did NOT give us the order to not beat the shit out of you. We were all ready to beat the shit out of you and your team. But go ahead and be a pussy see if I care.

I will get my hands on you tomorrow night and when I do, it's all over for you. I'm going to destroy you inside my ring and when I'm done beating you up, I'm gonna look at you, kick you in the dick and then hit the most devastating move in all of wrestling, the GILMOUR CUTTER! You won't be getting up from that my friend I assure you.

I hope you're ok after that attack by me and Chaos INC on Savage. I didn't want to hurt you too much because I want you at your best. I want to see what you got Brian. Show me why you deserve to be here. But I assure you this.. YOU WILL LOSE!

I don't complain after my matches by the way since you brought it up in your promo. I never have complained unless I got royally fucked over and believe me, I've been fucked over many times in this company either by Vinnie Lane, Theo Pryce, John Madison or even Shane Carver. I know they don't like me, though Shane has been a good friend lately. But I digress.

The point is Brian, I'm coming for blood and I'm coming to defeat you and start my road to glory. My road to getting gold around my sexy waist once again. It's been too long since I've held a title and I need this win to get me up that mountain again.

I would answer Sarah's open challenge but I'll let her take care of those IDIOTS who have already answered it. I want Sarah at her best when I get my rematch that I deserve. IF it wasn't for Greggo I would be champion by now. But alas, that's not the case. Story of my fuckin' life.

But like I said Brian, I am going to beat you to a pulp and after that I'm going to go out on the town, maybe find a hot German skank, fuck the shit out of her and then go back to my hotel and be with my demon assassin Valerie Sky. Then I'll worry about RELENTLESS where I assure you all I will get a title shot and I WILL WIN!

So Brian, get ready for a war tomorrow night. Get ready to bleed and get ready to be taken.. TO THE XTREEEEEEEEEEEME!! See you tomorrow night.. BITCH!

Peter laughs wickedly as the rain comes down harder and continues to drench Peter. Peter once again looks up and stretches his arms out like Jesus Christ. We then hear his phone ring. Peter goes into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He looks at the number and smiles. He then swipes left to answer the phone.

Peter: Yes my demon.. Just finished my promo for tomorrow night. I'll be up in a few. Yes, we can get room service. I'm kind of hungry myself. Ok, I'll be right up darlin'.

Peter hangs up the phone and smiles wickedly into the camera. What plans does he have with Valerie when he goes into his hotel room? We will have to wait on that as the scene begins to fade with Peter entering the hotel. The scene then begins to slowly FADE TO BLACK!


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