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Layover in Detroit
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09-01-2020 10:11 PM

"A lot of people have been calling, texting, snapchatting and Insta-messaging me about what happened on Savage regarding me and Mandii Rider. They asked if I was okay, how I was feeling, if I needed anything. Semantics, really. Just something to make themselves feel better about themselves as human beings. What Mandii Rider is, nobody besides me will ever really know. What she is.....a disgusting, despicable slug of a human being who has been jealous of me since the moment she got here. That's right, I said it. Jealous. Since the day I got here, I have been a star. Since the day I got here, be it positively or negatively, I influenced every single show I've been on. Mandii has had to fight, scratch and claw her way to even be recognized, and she hates me for it. It's not my fault she looks like a bulldog. This is a business where, if you're female, talent only gets you so far. You have to look the part as well. Unfortunately for Mandii, Halloween only comes once a year. Face like an amish mother of four, body like a chubby 9 year old, and feet like Shaquille O’Neal. Chris has always liked basketball, he must be elated because he’s nailed a solid 3.

Mandii has never been able to put her hatred of me aside. She has never been able to swallow her pride and coexist with me on the same roster. Everything I had, she wanted it. She wanted me off this roster because I was the only one here that posed any legitimate threat to her. Athletically? She had me. She was a trained wrestler who had been in the ring for years and I was a former stripper whose only talent was being pretty. When I began training to enter the wrestling ring, she just couldn't take it. It ate away at her. The only brass ring she had was hanging over my head and I was about to reach up and grab it.

You felt like the alpha female around here. You'd been here, on and off, for years. You felt like your territory was being threatened. You couldn't handle the fact that this sizzling piece of steak was about to be served to what you thought was your table. What ate you up the most? That I was successful. You thought I was going to crash and burn, just like everyone else. That I was all silicone and no cerebral, all bleach and no fortitude. But like everyone else in my life, I proved you wrong. Was I perfect? Not by a long shot. But I have racked up an impressive win-loss record and have now been a multi time champion. Mandii, I've been wrestling for like three years total, you've been here since the Madness days. Hell, I was probably still in high school when you were humping these roads and trying to prove yourself to anyone who'd watch. How could I ever have been a threat to you?

Because i am just that good at what I do.

I am the personification of perfection, and no matter how hard you try, I always get the last laugh. I may be pretty, Mandii, but I am a hell of a lot more petty than I am pretty. You've found that out. I've stood toe to toe with some of the best this roster has had to offer, and I have held my own. Win, loss, or draw, Jenny Myst is talked about. My matches bring ratings, and the matches you and I had? Holy hell, the Neilson Family was ready to build a statue outside headquarters with Vinnie Lane's face on it. We tore the house down and somewhere, deep down inside my petty heart, I respected you. I respected you because no matter what I did to you, you always got up and asked for more. I would like to think that you felt the same way about me. But you didn't. You rotted away inside because you couldn't do what you had done so many times before to so many other women couldn't squash me. You couldn't get rid of me. I wasn't afraid of you. As I gained more and more confidence with every match I fought in. That is why taking the Bombshell Title from me was so important to you, wasn't it? It was your crowning achievement in your rivalry with me. You didn't want the Bombshell Title, you just didn't want me to have it. You even laid it down before you left, when you very easy could have just given it to me. But'd never do that. Fuck Jenny, right? No Mandii, fuck you. Fuck you.

The entire time you thought you had checkmate on me, I was playing you like a fiddle. While your career was spiraling, stuck in a never ending back and forth with me, I was climbing the ranks and establishing myself as the most dominant female on the active roster. Madison Dyson was ten times more of a pain in my ass than you were, Mandii, and she used to knock me around the ring like a rag-doll...but eventually, I beat her. Then I beat her again. Bombshell Title, X-Treme Title, General Manager of Savage....all while you were fighting on the midcard and under MY thumb on Saturday Nights.

What did Madison call me that one time? A "Window licking real doll"? I mean, THAT's a good insult. You've never come up with anything half as creative.

Because you can't. Everything is so dark and brooding with you. So brutal and straight to the point.

You pull no punches, I'll give you that. But Mandii, despite all these negative things I am bringing up about you, I could have forgiven all of them. Chalk it up to being part of the business, a competitive rivalry...hell, we were on the same roster in both SEE and RLF and did we tear each other apart? No. We kept our distance. We were both champions, individually, and making names for ourselves. So what happened?

This place is toxic, we all know this. This place brings out the worst in people, but I just never thought you'd stoop to that level..........

[Image: FLfpc6C.png]

The engine roared as she raced away. Her beaten and ravaged body could still feel the abuse she had just suffered. She felt her hands shaking as she gripped the wheel, her foot moving effortlessly over to the clutch. There was a long stretch of highway she needed to navigate, and if she was lucky, she'd be in New Mexico in a few hours. That is if they didn't catch her first.

The sunglasses she had stolen covered her black eye but the pulsing sensation in her lip.....she figured she knew what that meant. She didn't want to even look in the rear view, not because she didn't want to see her split lip but because she didn't want to look back at the place that turned its back on her. She only had maybe an hour before they realized she was gone.

Reaching down, a shaky hand looked for a cigarette pack on the seat. Her right wrist still had the bolt and chain from the shackle that used to tether her to the bed. She moved in her seat and it creaked. She shuddered as the sounds of the bed springs she had become to accustomed to came racing back into her head at an even faster speed than the car was going. She felt sick to her stomach. She could still feel them inside her. She gagged as she felt it drip out as she shifted positions.

She found a pack of Marlboro's on the seat, but it was empty.


The gas gague was just over half. There was no way she would make it to New Mexico with a half tank, especially at this speed.

But she couldn't slow down, she couldn't risk being caught.

All she had was hope.

After another 20 minutes of driving, she noticed a gleaming light on the horizon. It was the shine of the black paint from the van she knew all too well. Three other cars sat there, too. Her eyes darted around for a place to go off the road.

But over that rough terrain, in a sedan? She'd pop a tire for sure.

She had no choice.

She took a deep breath and hit the gas again. She held her breath as she barreled forward, slamming into the black van with all the force the 120 mph could muster. She felt her chest hit the steering wheel, her face slam off the air bag as her entire world came to a violent halt. Then, silence.

Was she dead?

Oh god, please let her be dead.

After a quiet ringing, and a floating feeling, she was sure she was in heaven..............until she was quickly wrenched back into hell.

A fist of a strong, burly man grabbed her hair and pulled her out. Her knees scraped the pavement as she was dragged from the wreckage. Her bra-and-panties only, her skin felt the sun beating on it in parts that it wouldn't normally. A sharp pain hit her kidney's as the taser was forced into her back. Her face hit the gravel, and another set of hands lifted her up. She barely noticed the doors to the van open, but woke back up to full capacity when she hit the hard steel grate floor. The doors slammed shut and her world was darkness again.

Why? Oh why couldn't she just be dead.

[Image: ugOOX3l.jpg]

I come back here, and I am actually doing big things. I have the hottest and highest rated talk show on the planet. I was a captain for War Games, and I am genuinely doing good. You come moping on back, and what is the first thing you do? Attack me at Leap of Faith and cost me the match with Atara and subsequently the Shooting Star Title. All those months we spent kicking ass in our own lanes, and now all of the sudden you want to bring back the past? I had forgotten about you, Mandii, I was ready to let you go. You just couldn't forget about me........

I tried to wrap my mind around it. I spent many bubble baths and drank many bottles of wine trying to figure out why you would do what you did. Why now? Why after all this time of relative peace? Then, it all made sense.

You and Chris......

Those times, those instances. The time he came to the ring to make the save, but didn't hit you. The time he tried to spear you, but speared me instead. Hmm, convenient. The times he told me not to worry about it, to move on from you, to let it go. All the times he told me to "let him handle Mandii". He's been handling you, all along, hasn't he?

I should have known this. You were jealous of me before, you wanted everything I had wanted my fame, my looks, my title.......only fitting that you'd want my man too. I just thought he had better taste in women. I mean, hell, he had to go to the most exclusive and expensive club in Vegas to find me. He could have gotten someone like you at the bar of a bowling alley.

You two have been in cahoots for some time now. This entire time I have been fighting to get out of the shadow he cast over meant so much to me to get out from under him. Apparently, when I was getting out from under him, you were getting under him. It was everything to me to make something of myself, and now I feel like there is egg on my face. I....ugh.....makes me sick to say it now but....I loved him. He was the only man in my life that I truly trusted. Boy was I stupid there, eh? Sarina warned me way back in SEE about him, but I didn't listen because I was smitten. Now, I'll be honest, I can handle a breakup. But this wasn't a breakup, this was a full on affair with a another species. Everyone wonders why I acted the way I did on Savage? Why the hell do you think? Who wants to be embarrassed that way on TV? So Mandii......let me just tell you this. You made the wrong move. Your biggest mistake was your own jealousy.

I will step into that cage and I will take out all of my frustration on you. All of my rage. All the belittlement, all the feeling inferior, all the times I called him up excitedly to tell him about my day and got one word responses. All the times he "couldn't talk", and I know why now. Mandii, I am going to take it all out on you. Every bit of pain I have felt since 2016. You can beat me, break my bones, burn me, drown me, stab me, hell I don't care what you do to me physically, but damnit don't ever mess with love. All those times he told me he loved me, told me to quit wrestling because he wants to settle down and have a baby..........

All lies.
All your lies.

I am taking it all out on you.

Win? Mandii, I don't want to win. I don't need to win. I'll save that for Madison and the title. You, bitch, I just want to hurt you. I just want to cover you in blood and leave even more scars on your ugly body. Beating me means a lot to you because you've always thought that mattered to me. Beating me makes you feel like you've gotten one up on me. Pin me or leave the cage, Mandii, I don't care. IF you win......we're both going to feel the effects from this for a long time. I left you bloody with a baseball bat last time........and that was just business. Now, you crusty cunt, now, its personal.

And Ash Quinn? My Chemical Romance called they want their eyeliner back. When I first saw you, I thought to myself 'That's not emo, that's called Borderline Personality Disorder'. It turns out I was right, because you went out of your way to talk shit about me, then when the little red camera light came on, you haven't said a word. You wanted to face someone, I gave you the open invite. We traded pleasantries back and forth and I'll be honest I was excited to get into the ring and scrap with you. Now, I'm not so much. Like every other new girl to come here, you're just a disappointment. This is a three woman race to the top and I am currently sitting on the throne.'re harvesting the potatoes in the field outside. You are insignificant in the overall effort and you're going to get a wake up call, a rather rude wake up call, when you step into that ring tomorrow night. They couldn't have dealt you a worse hand. You probably go to checkout lines just to scan your wrists to say that you're worth something, but you always come up worthless. Do yourself a favor and don't show up tomorrow night. Let Mandii and I finish this.

Oh, by the way, why the fuck does your hair look like a damn parrot feather? Grow up and realize your role here. I remember weird ass girls like you in junior high that presented themselves that way because they knew their personality wasn't enough to make any lasting friends. I'd bet there's more cuts on you than the current government budgets on public services and health care. You don't need any more. If ever there was a poster girl for taking anal in a kids play park after finishing a bottle of cider this is it. I'm sorry sweetheart but it's gonna take a lot more than light body modification, ridiculous drag makeup and regular "half-assed" suicide attempts to overcome the flashbacks/memories of you stepfathers penis in your mouth. Trust me, I'd know. You aren't a glimmer of hope, Ash, you're a beacon of despair. They still make girls like you? I thought your type went extinct around 2006. Although, if Tim Burton ever decides to make a biopic on the Olsen Twins, you're bound to get an audition, but wrestling just isn't your thing.

Mandii, I saw how happy you and the new boo were the last few weeks. Glowing, jubulant. You have the beautiful smile of a nervous chihuahua ready to bite. You know you made a decision that is going to have lasting reprecussions, and those reprecussions......are.....well, me. Chris isn't capable of love. He isn't capable of loving anyone but himself or anything but that stupid fucking title he keeps whining about. He will discard you like a used makeup rag when he gets what he needs out of you, and you will finally understand just how worthless you truly are, because you don't have the same backup plan. You're putting all your cards in the Chaotic Inc basket, and when that fails like everything else he does, you'll be left with nothing but that stupid overbite and a your own failed reflection in the mirror. I am the QUEEN, and I am going to prove it once and for all. This is it, Mandii, this is the last time we do the tango. After this, you can have him. I refuse to let you control my life the way he did. You're what almost looks like. Almost attractive, almost smart, almost worth your time, and almost as successful as Jenny Myst.

And for those watching at home.....Whatever you guys do don't zoom in on her face, it's horrifying.

Mandii I am going to make you even uglier on the outside inside that cage. But no matter what I do, no matter how brutal I decide to get, nothing will ever be as ugly as you are on the inside. I just hope, for your sake, Chris can still look at you afterwards. He tends to be shallow that way. I am done crying over this, over you. You brought this burden on yourself and now you will have to live with it.

How do you want to be remembered?

God that sounds even dumber than I thought it did.

[Image: ue42oyq.png]

Jenny sat at the round table inside the ropes of the smokers section. She had a lipstick stained glass of wine next to her, and was using her right hand to scribble the word MANDII on a piece of paper with a ballpoint pen. She had pressed down so hard it created a whole in the paper, bleeding through to the desk below, and every movement of the pen ripped the paper even further. Her shaky left hand brought a Camel Crush cigarette to her mouth.

Sarina Hazard, her best friend, ducks under the ropes while holding her Monster Energy Drink. Her big circle headphones visible under her blond locks, she sees Jenny and sits down, removing them.

"Come on champ, we gotta board soon......"

Jenny didn't look up from the paper.

"The last time I was here, it was right after my 'father' died out in that desert. I was sexually assaulted in front of him by the men he sold me to.....then they put a bullet in his head. All because he renigged on the offer........the offer of me. He told me I could be so much more, he tried to protect me."

Sarina removed her headphones, and put a hand on Jenny's right. She stopped her from scribbling the name.

Jenny looked up, a tear in her eye.

"His last words to me was that he believed in me, but, back then, I didn't even believe in myself. Chris was the only man in my life that made me actually WANT to be better........the only man I ever trusted........"

Sarina sighed, looking at Jenny.

"You know what you have to do."

"I hate this place. Fucking Detroit, there's always a layover in fucking Detroit. The damn planes don't even want to come to this hellhole."

There was a boarding announcement over the PA system.

"The last time I was here......another goddamn layover.....I was on my way to Washington DC for Leap of Faith 2018. I had a match with Madison Dyson that X-Treme rules match. Anything goes."


"...........I made her tap out. Nobody ever makes Madison Dyson tap out. I kept her down for a ten count back in 2017, and I made her tap at the Pay Per View. It was, in my mind, a greater victory to beat her then than when I first beat her. Nobody believed in me then, and she was the better wrestler, to be honest. But I wanted it more. I wanted it more because it was personal. We tortured each other, but I, in the end, wanted it more. But I didn't want to win. I wanted to hurt Madison. I was so thrilled the first time I beat her, because I could say that I beat her. By that point, she had made it personal. I wanted to hurt her, and hurt her I did. Mandii has NO IDEA what I am capable of when I don't give a shit about a win, when I am just out for blood---"


"We've got to go hun, we've waited in this dilapidated cess-pool long enough. I wanna hear all about it....tell me on the plane, you'll have a long flight."

"No....." she blows out some smoke.

"I wanna let this one simmer. I wanna let it out tomorrow night."

She ashes the cigarette and chugs the wine.

"Crazy thing is....I don't even smoke."

The two leave the area and head towards the boarding dock.

[Image: MDJgzDE.gif]

[Image: 8T581Rf.gif]
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