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08-01-2020 04:38 PM

[Image: ZhnFvoI.gif]

The scene opens to an expansive Las Vegas home.

[Image: MwsTYD3.gif]

In the studio where the interview will be taking place, we see Jenny sitting, facing the camera.

[Image: u7EARDa.jpg]

Jenny: "Welcome everyone to The Queen's Court live from her actual court, here in North Las Vegas! We're a 10 minute drive and an hour walk from the luxurious and infamous Las Vegas Strip, and I am here at my home recovering from Leap of Faith before I head to Edmonton for Savage! I appreciate all the love and support from all of my minion's out there, and I will be back in action soon! But for episode one, I had to start it off with a bang. The guest I have tonight was a guest I previously had on my show a couple of weeks ago, but we were rudely interrupted. So, without further ado, I bring to you, my guest for the evening, all the way from New York City....................


[Image: drIz9e5.gif]

Jenny: "So....Ned.....things have been a bit crazy around the XWF lately, haven't they? You came back to be on my show, and I appreciate that, but it seems like someone is doing their damndest to keep you around. Have recent events changed your plans at all?"

Ned is not nearly as cheerful as he was in his last appearance, his expression downright threatening to a degree. However, he visibly attempts to keep his calm while answering.

Ned: Despite that someone's attempts to goad me, no, that isn't my plan. My word means something and I intend to keep it that way. But God, is right now more tempting than ever to come back full force.

Jenny: You are not the only one who has had some issues. You saw my match at Leap of Faith, someone attacked me from behind when I had Atara dead to rights.

And I promise you, this interview is going to be fun! There will be nobody interrupting this one, I promise you that.

She smiles, though it is tough to tell if it is sarcastically or not.

Jenny: "So what did you think of the Pay Per View?!"

Kaye's demeanor lightens a bit as he nods.

Ned: We definitely could have come out of Leap of Faith looking a little better. But that aside, I think Leap of Faith was absolutely stunning. My buddy Big D got a big win, although he's definitely getting back to that fiery demeanor back from his debut in the company. Andrew Logan with a huge first showing in the XWF, props to him, for sure. Lacklan coming back and doing what she typically does. Some more... unpleasant faces making a return. Fantastic matches all the way down the card. I just know it's gonna get a ton of replay buys from those who missed it because it is must-see wrestling all the way through.

Jenny: Okay. Ego question. What did you think of my match with Atara?

Ned: Great match! I wasn't really looking forward to a 90s retread of bra and panties for the second fall, but you made sure that didn't last too long, so thank you for that. I'm also ecstatic to see the new Shooting Star Championship and I have to give props to Atara for getting to be the first to hold that title.

Jenny twists her lip into a snarl and rolls her eyes.

Jenny: So, Ned, since you aren't back full time, why did you fly to Tokyo? I know it was a great Pay Per View overall, but you weren't booked. That is a long flight just to have a stare down.

He stays quiet for a moment, mulling over how best to word his answer.

Ned: I wasn't there to stare at Chris. I was there to make something very clear to him, but unfortunately, it seems he anticipated my arrival. Honestly, I think somebody must've tipped him off, but I don't know who. Point is, I was there to send a message to Chaos and pay him back, so to speak, for his recent actions towards me.

Jenny: We'll get to those, but I don't want to harp on it just yet. I want the XWF world to know about you, Ned Kaye, as a person. Take us through your life. Why did you get into wrestling? What made you want to choose this as your profession?"

Ned: Well, I wasn't really the most athletic kid. I was more into video games, comics, all of that stuff. Growing up in Brooklyn, my family mostly lived comfortably, but never prospered. I didn't get along at all with my brother who viewed me as a favorite. Didn't have too many friends. My Mom tried her hardest to help me find my voice and get out there, but there's only so much she could do. And Dad...

He trails off, taking a deep breath and staring at his feet for a moment.

Ned: Dad could only be home so often. He had to work a lot. So, with really only games, comics, books, and school, I had a lot of likes, but not a passion. Not until one night, when Dad was home, where we watched an episode of XWF Monday Massacre. I was nine and, while my Dad made sure I didn't catch any of the really questionable stuff, it caught my attention and from that moment forward I was hooked. I would still have to deal with bullying and abuse from my peers, even once I started shooting for the indie scene, but I knew deep down wrestling was my passion. I've tried to step away from this business. Look at "real jobs," but they just don't make me happy the way wrestling does. And throughout all the hardship, the personal tragedies, the doubt, I've always known that my place is in the ring. And I think it always will be.

She smiles, shifting the direction of the questions to a more jovial tone.

Jenny: What's your favorite color?

Ned: Orange. Blue might be more associated with me, but I've always sought to kindle a flame within me, metaphorically speaking, so orange speaks to me very personally.

Jenny: What's your favorite food? Mine's sushi. But I'll never turn down a good chicken salad!

Ned: Chicken Parmigiana, no doubt about it. I don't head into Manhattan often, but when I do, it's almost always to celebrate a big win with some of the best food on Earth from Little Italy.

Jenny: "I know your relatioship with your late father is a complicated one, but if you could say one thing to him now what would it be?"

Kaye adjusts himself in his seat, the question clearly striking at his core.

Ned: One thing...

He leans forward, placing a hand over his mouth as he stares off into space for nearly a dozen seconds.

Ned: I know we didn't always see eye to eye or even see each other, but I love you and I miss you and I'm going to make sure you're remembered. For the right reasons.

Jenny: "How's the love life, is there a special lady in the picture?"

He chuckles, shaking his head slightly. He instinctively grabs the ring hanging off of the necklace he's wearing.

Ned: It's pretty nonexistent, not that I've been trying. After what happened with my fiance, I just haven't been able to put myself out there like that. I've thought about it, but I'm just not ready to let go. I guess I'm kind of "broken goods" in that sense.

Jenny: "You flew all the way out here to Las Vegas to my home studio to talk to me. I appreciate that, but with my chaotic past, and after what happened on Savage, I am surprised. Why did you decide to help me out with my show?"

Ned: Would've driven if I could. The way I see it, regardless of your past and the way you hold yourself much differently from myself, your show is important. It benefits the wrestlers here, it makes for entertaining television, and it's also a new foray for yourself. I support all of that, so I'll do what I can to assist in your show being successful, even if the most I can do is give a good interview or two. Besides, if Cataclysm and D are willing to trust you, I see no reason why I can't.

Jenny: "So Chaos may be bat shit crazy, but he is like an evil genius. I doubt anyone tipped him off, he probably just expected you to do what he would up. I just wanna warn you now, he will not stop. If you choose war, you may be in for more than you bargain for."

Ned: "Typically, I would heed the warning. But I'm not an idiot. Chaos is dangerous. Conniving. Intelligent. But he is not all knowing. The man wronged me before he even got an answer. There's only two routes from this. He either returns what he's taken from me and my family or he is going to be the first to discover what a real war with Ned Kaye is."

Jenny: "That being said, are you comfortable telling us exactly what that photo was that they interrupted my show with a few weeks ago?"

Ned pauses, his voice taken a tone of pained disgust.

Ned: "It was a picture of my father's remains... in a Chaotic Inc. t-shirt."

Jenny's mouth drops.....

Jenny: "But....your the hell........"

He stays silent for a moment.

Ned: "They dug up my father, Jenny. The fact that I didn't do everything out of my way to pound your ex into a pulp is because I'm not willing to stoop down to his level. He has this one chance to cease this little campaign to torment me and my loved ones. After that, no more generosity. No more patience. It's his move."

Jenny looks at Ned horrified.

Jenny: "Well, Ned.......unfortunately, he isn't my "ex". I have residency at his Florida Condo, I still stay with him, I still....." Jenny pauses a moment, "sleep with him. If anyone knows how manipulative and power hungry he is, it's me. He is still part of my personal life, but I think you see why I had to separate from him in my professional life. B.O.B gave me a fresh start, and the Chaos era is over, at least for me. He has a God complex. Theo and Vin really messed him up when they took Gabe Reno's side and turned against him, and we all saw how that turned out. He is a broken man, and even more dangerous than ever."

She bites her lip, shifting in her seat a little closer to Ned.

Jenny: "While you are here, and we aren't on a time restraint given to us by a cable television network, may I tell you a little bit about my father?"

Ned: "Go ahead."

She hesitates a moment.

Jenny: "I didn't know my real father. I was in an out of foster homes most of my early life, but as a young teenager I was adopted by a couple in North Las Vegas. The man I called "Dad" or "Daddy", at the time, was your prototypical business man. He drove a fancy car, had a nice house, his wife, or "Mommy", was a Stepford housewife who kept the place tidy enough, I suppose. This man had his demons, though. He touched me from a young age, but he never meant anything by it. He was "checking" me, told me it was for my safety and it was a dangerous world out there for a girl. He provided everything I needed in life so I didn't think much of it, he was very convincing. If only I knew what was coming. You see, those "checks" were something far more sinister. He had his demons, addictions. My "welfare checks" were not for my safety, but for my value. When I was 16 he sold me to the mob to pay off gambling debts. His "baby girl", sold off to be an object of toxic masculinity so that he didn't end up buried in the vast expanse of the desert. When I wasn't the good little girl he told them I was, and I fought, and eventually escaped.....they came after me. I spent almost a full year on the run from an entire city run by the mob. I became a stripper, as many damaged girls with daddy issues do. It's where I met my bestie Sarina. Long story short, they found me. They kidnapped me from the club, brought me out to the desert, and I was forced to watch them kill my "father". Then they had their way with me, all of them, right there in the desert dirt. When they left me bloody broken and bruised, the last image I saw before I passed out was my dead "father".

Biting her lip again, a single tear in her eye, she speaks again.

Jenny: "So I understand how hard it is for you to see them do that to a dad who was actually good to you. Hell, even with all the crap he pulled I would still be horrified if they did that to him. It's low, probably the lowest thing ever. So, I am here to tell you that anything you need from me, I am willing to do what I can to help."

Sniffling a bit, she looks at Ned.

Jenny: "I don't want to take up too much of your time, how about a few more rapid fire questions then you can be on your way?"

Ned frowns, nodding, having paid close attention to her story.

Ned: "Thank you, Jenny. I might not like your boyfriend one bit, but you've no ire from me. It takes a lot to share that. I'll gladly answer a few more."

Jenny: "Chocolate or Vanilla?"

Ned: "Chocolate. Especially in milkshakes."

Jenny: "Dog or cat?"

Ned: "Cat."

Jenny: "Ahhh......a pussy fan huh........." she pauses.

Jenny: "Sorry, bad joke."

Jenny: "What do you look for in a woman?" She raises an eyebrow, crossing her legs to face Ned.

He rolls his eyes, being somewhat taken aback by the next question.

Ned: "I-uh... I haven't really thought about it. She'd definitely have to have a kind heart. Not weak or timid, but compassionate."

Jenny: "And finally......tell us something about Ned that very few people know that you think you want the XWF community to know about you.

Ned: "I actually keep a lot of journals with me that I don't mention. It's just a habit I was suggested by a school counselor back when. I write down practically all of my thoughts and one day I would love to compile that into a book. Just to let other people see that I'm not all that different."

She smiles, but there is something different about this smile. "Thank you, Ned, for coming out and doing this. It will air tonight live on XWF TV!" Ned gets up, as does she, and they pull off their lavaliere mics. They shake hands, and Ned is ushered out by her intern staff to the back entrance where his limo transportation to the airport is parked. She has an almost sad look on her face, which perplexes Ned after what he felt was a pretty successful interview. As he stops to use the bathroom, he notices a pregnancy test in the garbage. Walking back out into the main foyer, she is staring blankly out the window.

As his limo rolls away, he notices a black truck pull into the driveway of the large house, with Florida plates that said CHAOS. He punches the window as the truck's doors open and the feed cuts.

[Image: GDUlTD1.jpg]

[Image: 8T581Rf.gif]
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08-01-2020 06:26 PM

Post has been edited. Ned's last answer is now in there.

Sorry about that Ned!

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