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07-30-2020 06:15 PM

[Far removed from his encounter with Sophia, and his daughter, he managed to bail himself out of the jail (or in this case, they let him out due to covid-19); and he ended up back in Maryland in his bungalow, as he’s in his shorts and t shirt, switching channels in his shitty futon. As he flickers through different channels, his phone goes off and he looks at the caller id. He picks up the phone, and is munching on a bag of Doritos that is shaped like Sarah’s ass.]

Some Guy: “Hello, who dis speaking to Some Guy In XWF?”

Sophia: “Hello Tommy, it’s me Sophia!”

[Tommy wanders his eyes, as he mouths the words “shit” and continues to speak to her.]

Some Guy: “Oh hey yo, Sophia… so… you got out of the hospital? Are you covid-19 negative?”

Sophia: “Yes and Yes!… i’m actually heading back home to New York, are you okay there by yourself?”

Some Guy: “Uh yeah, i’m good… so longs you are alright i guess, i hope you have a safe flight or train ride back there. I will talk to you later, goodbye.”

[Before she even can say anything, he hangs up the call. With a smile on his face, he takes his cheap, rusty old VR Headset and puts it on his head. As he lays on his futon, his vision gets a bit blurry and his mind takes him to white room, where he is dressed up as Neo. As soon he walk down the white hall, he see’s a door and it opens into a castle bridge area. As he looks across the area, he see’s a cage where he see’s Sara Jay locked in a cage. Then before Tommy walks to the bridge, he see’s Bowser standing in his way.]

Tommio-Guy: “Get out of my you fracking turtle… i need to save the princess of Pornus-shroom Kingdom!”

Bowser: “Nope… you don’t get it do you?”

Tommio-Guy: “Whatcha talking about, Bowser? What do you mean I can’t get her off your clutches from your twisted castle bridge?”

Bowser: “You aren’t the one Some Guy, you’ll never be the one. Even if you manage to pull that axe down, and burn me in the flaming hot pit of lava… you’ll never be the one. You need to learn that, you’ll never be accepted in your own world.”

Tommio-Guy: “Oh-ah shut-ah up-ah!… Tommio-Guy will pull down that axe at the end, and burn you in that pit of lava.. you piece-ah shit-a!”

[]As soon Tommio-Guy tries to run to the axe, Bower lifts him up in a chokehold and slams him on the bridge. Tommio-Guy tries to bodyslam bower, but was too thicc as fuck to lift up and he backs away from him. Bowser then starts to exhale his breath, and spits out fireballs. Somehow, he jumps and ducks most of them. Then Tommio-Guy looks at the timer that read “099” in the corner of his eye. Then Bowser jumps into the air, and the world freezes…]


[Then it becomes all static and funky, then it shows Tommy strapped in a chair with duck tape in his mouth, with one light over him. He then hears the words “FREAK”… “KILLER”… “NOBODY”… as it loop in his mind, he closes his eyes to wake himself up, but opens his eyes to this beast…]

[Image: giphy.gif]

???: “Hello Tommy, we finally meet again; don’t you remember that time you managed to be buried in the ground? How they manage to not find your body… and how you manage to show back up with gifts to all? I know you don’t remember all that. But i do, and when i was watching within your spirit, i knew right away that you are just a man with a mindless way of thinking. You were way better with a grungy outlook, not this wanna be wrestler who strives for people to accept you. You are a freak Tommy, and you know it… these fans know it too. But one day, you will become The Freak and unleash it to the ones who stand before you, but for now… i’ll leave you alone in your own childish mind of being accepted…”

[Then the beast snaps his fingers, and Tommy comes back to the castle as Tommio-Guy, but the timer ran out, and he falls into the pit of lava. Then Tommy quickly takes off the VR headset, and tosses it on the floor. He then gets up from his futon, and walks to his bathroom, as the scene cuts off abruptly.]

[Image: ConfusedHairyGoral-size_restricted.gif]

How it feels to be in VR….

“At this point, even my own conscious is telling me that I am no good, not something to have in your own fantasy, right? I mean, i’m glad that everyone in my life is alright and all that shit so, it’s time for me to be all happy and shit. So i managed to dust off my VR and just had myself a dreamy trip of being in a Mario game; hell i practically manage to play most of the series even up to the latest game, when you aren’t doing anything in the ring like me, you would rather play a video game to pass the time. I wouldn’t claim to be a gamer, but uh… once i got that controller in my hands it’s a fucking wrap, the world is practically just a sea of noise and irrelevance.

But also on the same time, it’s a scary thought to think that your own imagination can play tricks on a person. I guess my Freak personality ended up rearing his ugly head; but maybe at some point, if i see myself into the inner dark conscious…i’ll go there if i have too.

But i won’t go there, unless you make me…

Until then, the Freak shall slumber in the bayous of Texas….

Speaking of slumber, where have Gage and Scott slumbered off into?...

Did they slumber themselves off due to their time in Leap Of Faith?...

Did the slumber themselves in a bar somewhere?...

Or did they slumber away from France, which seems like the case to me…

Well, either way those two are going to get personal wake up call from me in that ring. They aren’t willing to wake themselves up and record themselves doing their day to day activities; which i somehow normally do on my spare time, when most people would much rather watch a Drezdin match on a loop until they mark out. It seems to me that i’m not much of a threat to them, which seems like a good thing.

Fine, i’m no threat to the average man…

But damn well can be threat to your egos in this place…

How would it feel to be known as the one guys who took the loss against a man who proclaims himself as “Some Guy In The XWF”? I know it’s not something to have that dishonorable mention in one of your guys career in the land of missed opportunities and general degree of being dictated on how well you sling merch, and sell those tickets with charisma. I mean, if you take look at my time here in XWF, you’d both be surprised how much i’ve made a dent in this place of missed opportunities and got away with SO much stuff that most censors wouldn’t show on television.

So fellas...


Stay asleep within your own fragile egos, and don’t even bother showing up to France, because if one of you guys do… well, it looks like i’m gonna Coup De Grace one of you or BOTH of you back into the shadow realm of missed opportunities, and misery...


On se voit deux clochards paresseux dans cet anneau!”

[Image: Tommywish.jpg]
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