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Magic is Cool
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07-29-2020 04:55 PM

I don’t pretend to understand the complexities involved with a foreign law detaining a man for crimes allegedly committed in another country, but I do understand the powers that the Golden Potato bestows upon me. Gifted to me by Shane years ago, it was only recently that I managed to unlock it's true potential when I hid it in my ass to prevent Greggo and that cowboy guy who fell off the face of the planet from taking it from me.

Those powers in this very moment will prove themselves to be most useful.

We find Graves cuffed to an interrogation table as two American FBI agents enter the room. One of them leans a cross the table, a manilla envelope in his hand.

Agent Johnson: "We've got you now you son of a bitch!"

Graves just smiles as he slightly wiggles his ass, unleashing the power of the Golden Potato

Micheal Graves: "You've got nothing cause I've done nothing! He says defiantly.

Agent Johnson: "Keep telling yourself that, because the pictures in this envelope say otherwise!"

Micheal Graves: "Bullshit, you're bluffing!

Agent Johnson: "Does this look like a bluff!?"

The agent opens the envelope and spreads the photos across the table.

Agent Johnson: "What the hell!?!"

Through the power of the Golden Potato, all of the pictures that once contained evidence of the unspeakable things that Graves has done with children are all gone! In their place, pictures of Big D wanking it to his own reflection. Agent Johnson turns to the other Agent.

Agent Johnson: "What happened to the evidence!?!"

His query is answered with a shrug before both men leave the room in a huff.

Some time later, Graves is seen walking out of the Japanese police station as those Agent douches look on angrily.




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