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07-28-2020 10:42 PM

We are just a few short hours removed from one of the best LEAP OF FAITH events in XWF history. It was a great night of action and the fans in Japan loved every second of the action. We saw James Raven and Theo Pryce almost kill each other and then teamed up to take out Chaos Inc. We saw Robert Main win the Xtreme Title once again, to everyone's dismay. And we saw Sarah Lacklan win the Leap Of Faith match and then cash in on FUZZ to become the first woman to win the Universal Title. Congrats to Sarah. But how long will she be able to hold it with a ton of competitors waiting to fight her? We'll see in due time.

But another match on the show was the talk of the town. It was the brutal Tag Team Title match pitting Robert Main and Chris Page taking on Peter F'n Gilmour and Chris Chaos. It was one hell of a match that could've went either way. It looked like Chaos Inc. had the titles won after Peter hit a brutal Gilmour Cutter on Main but somehow Main kicked out and then was able to pin Peter and put Chaos Inc. away to retain the belts. Their prophecy didn't really come to fruition but another event they dominated at.

But it wasn't all bad for Chaos Inc. as they took apart James Raven and Theo Pryce only to be sent to the back by the two legends. What else will these demonic men do next? We'll see on Warfare as Peter takes on Liam Roberts one on one. Can Peter get Chaos Inc. back on track? Or will they once again be humbled? We'll see this week on WARFARE!

The scene now shifts to Lyon, France the next stop on the XWF World Tour as the superstars of the XWF fly right back to the action as they travel back to France. Some of them are jet lagged from being on LEAP OF FAITH while others like Peter Gilmour are ready for another edition of WARFARE.

The camera shows people of all ages walk down the streets of Lyon at a moderate pace as cars and buses do likewise. It is a warm day in the city as the sun shines bright in the clear, blue sky. Simply amazing isn't it?

We then see Peter Gilmour walking down the street with his warrior er demon assassin Valerie Sky next to him. They are hand in hand as both are dressed in black and have their hair down. Valerie once again has facepaint on her face to disguise herself. They go down the road and then begin to talk to each other.

Peter: Well my demon princess, that was some LEAP OF FAITH eh? New champions crowned. A woman wins the Universal Title and a new title was crowned as well. Pretty fun night wouldn't you say?

Valerie: But not for Chaos Inc. my friend. You and Chris lost a chance to win the tag titles and then were bested by Raven and Theo. I wouldn't say it was a bad night for us, but we should've won those tag belts. It sucks you had to take the fall. I don't think Chris was pleased.

Peter: Me and Chris fight like warriors on Sunday night my demon. True, I took the loss for the team but we still gave those two clowns a run for their money. They can think it was easy but I assure you it wasn't. I just hope Main and Page's jaws weren't broken after I hit them with the Gilly Cutter. Be a shame for them to have to forfeit the titles due to injury. But I digress. But congrats to them but we're still not done with them. Or Theo Pryce. You saw what we did to him and Raven. we beat their asses but they had to get the last laugh didn't they? That's fine. Next time we see those two has beens, we'll put them in the retirement home next to Dr. D'Ville and guys like Hunter Ryan and Duke. But alas, we will have to wait on that.

So now we're back in France to continue this World Tour and tell me who I'm facing this week my demonic angel?

Valerie reaches into her bra and pulls out a manila envelope. She gives it to Peter and he rips it open. He grabs a picture and we can see it's none other than Liam Roberts. Peter looks at the picture and laughs. Really, Liam Roberts wants a piece of the GOD of Xtreme? Peter laughs wickedly as does Valerie and then Peter begins to speak.

Peter: Wow this guy? Liam Roberts? The scrub of the XWF? Has this guy even won a match? I mean he's tried real hard but came up JUST a bit short.

So he wants a match with me. Well who am I not to give someone an ass kicking they rightfully deserve. Liam, you dare speak ill towards me? Make jokes on me, like that's never happened before. The only joke I see is YOU my friend. You want your career to be over just like that? Well, I'll gladly oblige.

You see Liam, you may think you might win this match but in reality you will lose just like you've been losing every single fuckin week. You're a joke bro. You ain't got what it takes to be in the ring with a GOD like myself. You're a scrub man. Go back to the kiddie park and play in the sandbox with the other jerkoffs in the XWF.

You even said I could pick the stipulation didn't you Liam? Well since Vinnie is smoking his life away and Theo's still nursing his wounds after we whooped his ass again, they wouldn't allow me that chance to name the stipulation. But if I had to I wouldn't tell you until the bell rang. But I got a nice hospital bed with your name on it.

I'm going to do to you what me and Chris did to Theo and put you out for good. Like I said you ain't shit bro. You walk into the ring with the most decorated champion in this companies history. I am a fuckin' legend! I am a GOD and I am a XTREME KILLER. And that is what I'm going to do to you. I am going to kill you right in front of the fans in Lyon. It'll be worse than the French Revolution. They're going to need a forklift to carry your broken, bloody ass out of my ring.

Chaos Inc. may have been beaten but we're still the hottest thing going today and we are pissed off for what happened at LEAP OF FAITH. So come tomorrow night, we're coming to collect bodies and your sorry ass is first up. Don't try to run and hide behind Theo because he already knows what happens when you FUCK with Chaos Inc. So get ready for your burial tomorrow Liam. I'll out you six feet in the ground and let the maggots and worms eat at your rotting soul. You don't stand a chance against the KING. I'll see you tomorrow night. Come my demon.. we got some work to do.

Peter winks sadistically as Valerie does the same. The demonic duo then go down the road and then out of site as the screen then quickly begins to FADE TO BLACK!


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