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Hiya Big Guy
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Atara Themis Offline
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07-28-2020 12:39 AM

Oh no, don't get excited. Relax. Sit back and do the typical BS you do Main, I don't need a pin to take that belt. I mean, it's just point and choose for me and every champion best be on their toes.

EVERY Champion.

Sleep tight.

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[Image: WBUWkVW.gif]
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Robert "The Omega" Main (07-28-2020)
Robert "The Omega" Main Offline
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07-28-2020 01:00 AM

Robert lays down on the floor motioning for Atty to pin him...

" No?"

Robert then kicks out for good measure... He then leans in close whispering in Atty's ear...

[Image: GXe2i6U.jpg]

"Careful where you point... It'd be a shame... If something were to happen to you..."

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Atara Themis (07-28-2020)
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