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Focus on Alien Hunting among other things
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07-28-2020 03:59 PM

15TH JULY 2020

After the events of the Main Event which saw The Universal Champion Shawn Warstein, throw our leader, Mastermind, around that massive Glass cage, and then through the Glass cage, and then the Wizard and his gang almost attack him whilst trying to recover, the rest of the Misfits made our way out to the Arena to confront them.

As we saw them off and went back to the locker room, Mastermind looked to be in a state of shock as he wasn't talking.

But I felt the adrenaline of being out there and facing off with The Wizard and his gang of inbred wannabes.

Melanie and new girl Scarlet were hollering away, enjoying the moment too.

MELANIE: "That was soooo crazy, that bitch was drunk,"

SCARLET: "Not drunk but wasted, she was a weirdo,"

I hear Mastermind say something, but wasn't sure what it was. He was mumbling.

MELANIE: "Not as a weirdo like me,"

"No you take the cake,"I say to Melanie "But I have to admit, you make it fun to be around,"

I hear Mastermind try to say something again, but again it's like mumbling sounds.

I can tell Antony is a bit worried about him, but we weren't on his wavelength. We were still on a high.

Then Mastermind seems to grow more agitated and he seems to ask something like 'Who are you?'

I looked across at Mastermind to see no one standing around him, except the medic. Antony starts asking what was that or something, and Mastermind seems to think we are all watching him and he says nothing

I then say "I can't wait for Leap of Faith, we are going to destroy the Wizard,"

And then that's when all hell breaks loose.


ANTONY: "No, what?"

MASTERMIND: "No, I don't want you guys at Leap of Faith,"

The room goes quiet, as Mastermind blurts out he doesn't want us at Leap of Faith. I'm appalled to be frank, to hear that. Was he tripping on something? Is he joking? Did he have too many hits to the head whilst in that Glass Cage?

ANTONY: "Why wouldn't you want the Misfits at Leap of Faith?"

MASTERMIND: "Where were you guys tonight?"

ANTONY: "What do you mean?

MASTERMIND: "Are you just going to keep asking with a question?"

Whatever he was on, he sounded not like the normal Mastermind. He sounded confused and in a lot of pain. Considering what he had gone through that was only natural, but the fact he didn't want us at Leap of Faith, wasn't natural,

ANTONY: "What's going on with you?"

MASTERMIND: "Just answer the fucking question?"

ANTONY: "What question?"

This was starting to get ridiculous

"Where were you guys tonight?

I decided it was time to step in. "We WERE there,"

MASTERMIND: "NO, you guys came far too late once The Wizard was in the ring,"

Melanie decides that she would also chip in, {oh boy)

MELANIE: "But you didn't want us out there because there was a glass cage with you and Shawny inside. We would have been stuck on the outside. So that's why you didn't want us out there,"

I had to admit that made perfect sense, for once. Then we all saw Mastermind grab his head. He was clearly struggling.

MASTERMIND: "No for fucks sake. Afterward. When Shawn sent me through the glass, and I was lying there, and I was at the mercy of both Shawn and the Wizard. So I will ask again.... Where were you guys?"

Once again I piped up, "We were trying to find the right time to get out there,"

Looking back on it, that was the wrong question to ask. It just started him off again, in the wrong direction.

MASTERMIND: "The right time? The right time? The right time would have been straight after Shawn sent me through that fucking glass,"

ANTONY: "Calm down,"

Antony telling Mastermind to calm down made Mastermind ten times worse. He struggled to get up.

MASTERMIND: "Don't tell me to fucking calm down,"

We all saw Mastermind, who clearly wasn't right grab the side of the bed to keep his balance. Antony went to help him but Mastermind ushered him not to by holding up his hand.

MASTERMIND: "You guys were late, you left me exposed to both Shawn and the Wizard, and then luckily the Wizard told Shawn to fuck off, but then I was left alone with the Wizard. I needed you guys out there."

SCARLET: "We did get out there,"

MASTERMIND: "Fucking late, you guys let me fucking down. You guys failed big time."

Mastermind was really angry, I never heard him talk like that before.

ANTONY: "Now hold on a minute, I know your hurting,"

Then he started yelling louder.... no, really yelling."

MASTERMIND: "NO..... No, you fucking don't know how much I'm hurting. I'm fucked! I'm sore! Things are happening to me that I can't explain, and I am seeing and hearing things, and I can't get rid of this noise that's inside my fucking head. The worst thing of all though you guys were late, you guys are never late, but you were tonight, and that is such a massive let down."

Then Scarlet tried stepping towards him to help him. But he stopped her just like he did Antony. This was so intense.

SCARLET: "I think you just need to sit down,"

MASTERMIND: "I don't want to fucking sit down, I just want to get out of here,"

ANTONY: "Then let's go,"

Then we see Mastermind spin around and confront Antony. He was in no man's land by this time.

MASTERMIND: "I don't want you guys anywhere near me. I don't want you guys at Leap of Faith. I want you guys to leave me alone. And I want you guys to fuck off. Stay the fuck away from me."

I couldn't believe what I heard. We then watched him stumble towards the door, weakly force it open, and disappear outside the room. He slammed the door behind him. We were all speechless.

MELANIE: "What the fuck was that all about?"

SCARLET: "He can't be serious?"

ANTONY: "He's serious all right."

MELANIE: "What are we going to do?"

ANTONY: "He's not in the right frame of mind, he just needs to cool off. We just need to let him do that. What we do now, is return to the States and I want you guys to get back into training. Scarlet, you have your debut match on Anarchy coming up too so you need to prepare for that."

SCARLET: "Yes sir,"

{i]I look across at Antony[/i] "You can't be serious?"

ANTONY: "Of course I'm fucking serious. I'll sort Mastermind out, but without any of you guys there. Now lets get our gears and get out of here,"

Although he wasn't showing it, I knew Antony was concerned. While Mastermind was heading who ever fuck knows where, we had to head back to the States. But a little bit of me was disappointed with how Mastermind treated us. I lost a little bit of respect for him that night.



The camera fades in to the video conference room at the Mafia Gymnasium. and it shows Kris standing in front of the camera. Antony was seated behind him. There was no sign of Scarlet, Melanie or most of all Mastermind.

Kris seems to stand there stuck with something to say, so Antony gets up and walks beside him.

ANTONY: "I hope you guys liked what went down at Leap of Faith. We fooled everyone into thinking that the Misfits were breaking up. Mastermind will be telling that side of the story when he takes on his next match, but he's gone back to New Zealand for a quick catch up with his family.

"Now as for Kris here. He is taking on his next two matches on Warfare. Both in quick succession. We will talk about the Battle Royal during our last promo as the rules state, but we will talk about his first match, and that is against Azrael Erebus."

The name of his opponent seemed to wake Kris up from his stupor.

"That's right Antony. My first match on Warfare is against Azrael Erebus. The former champion of champions. I say former because you seemed well past your prime as of the last year or so. What was he again, Antony?

Antony looks at his list.

ANTONY: "He's a former 2-time Uni Chump, former 2-time tag team chump, 2-time x-treme chump, former television chump,"

"What about the Hart title?"

ANTONY: "No.... he's lucked out on that."

Kris starts laughing.

"When was the last time he held a title?"

Antony checked his notes again.

ANTONY: "Let me see, it says here.... 21st June 2014. That's all I can find but he did win the Bombshell Championship in 2017 before it got fazed out. That's his most recent one yet."

"I'm sure he'll explain himself to us in his rebuttal promo. I so can't wait to hear that story. The story is lately he's a loser can't get anything done. Maybe a win here or win, but no titles. For a so called Alien, he needs to be on his game always. But he must have been stuck, here on Earth for too long, his powers of winning are evading him.

"That is why I am going to win this match. That is why I'll be showing the XWF how easy it is to beat the once unbeatable Azrael and that's by bringing the Hammer down on him, and ruling that his time is almost over. Azrael, I'm your judge and jury, and when I give you that sentence you are going to wish you moved back home. So be a good boy and just phone home, so that your people can come and pick you up."

Both Antony and Kris start laughing.

ANTONY: "That was a good one, Kris. E.T. phone home. Azrael phone home you need to be picked up."

"I know right."

Suddenly Kris and Antony stopped laughing and they looked seriously at the camera.

"I'm coming for you Azrael, so you better be prepared."

Antony and Kris walk away from the camera, and it fades out.


'Does a Hammer make a noise
while it is in flight?
It certainly does when
it find it's Target!'


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