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07-27-2020 03:28 PM

[The scene opens up to him in New York from his previous trip to japan with the former Wrestler82. We see him in the hospital, where he’s outside of the area where people do their checkpoints, as he tries to get through one of the nurses pushed him away from the door.]

“Hey what’s the point of pushing me out of the entrance way?”

“Sir, we aren’t allowing any outside visitors to see anyone, plus you don’t have your mask on, and aren’t properly maintaining six feet! So you can’t be here.”

“I was told by one of my ex-girlfriend sister to come here, i just got off a long flight from japan to get here, i need to see my ex right now.”

“I’m sorry sir, we can’t allow visitors at this moment, unless you are grantees permission by her close family members.”

[Tommy then pulls out his cell phone, and walks away from the entrance way. He then dials up Amiee, but it went straight to voicemail. He tries once more, and managed to hear from her.]

“Hello Amiee, its Tommy.”

“Oh uh Tommy, hey… uh… i can’t speak to you right now.”

“Really? I just got to the hospital to see your sister, and the nurse won’t let me in. So, are you in there or what?”

[Tommy then hears a faint cough in the background, and was worried. He then paces back and forth at the courtyard.]

“Who’s in the back coughing? Are you in that hospital with Jonee?”

“Uh… wha— YES it is. Okay i will have them call you up, i didn’t want you to see her like this.”

“Like wh…”

[She hangs up the phone on him, and he goes back to the entrance way, with his mask on this time. The nurse checks his temp with contactless joint over his forehead, and it read “83.4 F” and she lets in in. He then talks to the receptionist, who has whole plexiglass in front of her.]


“Jonee Courtes”

“Oh okay.. let me search for her.”

[As she boots up her computer, she types in that name and Tommy was getting a bit anxious, then about ten minutes later, she hands him a piece of paper underneath the glass opening with her room number on it. Tommy then heads to the fourth floor, where everyone is in a hazmat suit, then one of them immediately comes up to him to stop him from going to Jonee.]

“Sir, this is the covid-19 unit you aren’t supposed to be up here. There aren’t any visitation rights as of 2:30pm today.”

“I was here due to one of my friends sister telling me about it, i just came off a long flight from japan, and i need to see her. Can i please go to the room?”

“No, you need to leave this area or else i will have to call the NYPD on you for trespassing this restricted access. So you only have…”

[Tommy then grabs one of the doctors hazmat suit and shakes them with violent force, he almost ripped off the helmet of the suit until Amiee came out in her pink hazmat suit.]


[As soon hears her voice, he lets the doctor go, and he runs off. Then Amiee gives him a men glare, and she hugs him. Then they both go to the room to see Jonee, who was asleep. She was on those ventilators to breath through, which made Tommy cry inside. He then tries to go up to her, but Amiee pulled him back.]

“Tommy, you can’t go near here…”

“Why not?”

“We got the results of the test and she..she..she…”

“She has corona right?”

“How did you know?”

[Tommy doesn’t even bother to respond to her question, and break her hold, and he goes up to Jonee, who’s still asleep. As he looks over her, he noticed her eyes slowly waking up to his face. She slowly extends her hand out to him, and he hesitantly grabs it. She then starts to coughs really bad, and tries to speak to him through the breathing mask.]

“i’m i’m sorr -COUGH- sorry for not telling -COUGH- you this.”

“Look Jonee, whatever happened in the past is the past, i know you will pull through this situation. When Amiee told me you were in the hospital, i had to immediately come back in New York to see you.”

“-COUGH-… shit, i didn’t know you care fo -COUGH- r me that much, with all… -COUGH- shit i put you through… i didn’t -COUGH-..”

“No need to say any more Jonee, even when you left me out of our kids life, i knew that it was for the best. So, I hope she’s taken cared of by someone who isn’t us.”

[Then suddenly, Amiee carries their two year old daughter in the room, with her little mask on her face. Amiee hands the child over to him, and he couldn’t look at her face, but as soon he locked eyes with her he starts to smile, as his little one started to wiggle herself off of him.]

“Amiee, i’m shocked she’s even remember my face… why did you bring her here in this environment?”

“I had no baby sitter on standby, plus i couldn’t leave her alone in the house. I just wanted to bring her to see her mother, and you… that night, she told me bring her, so you can see her. This was all before i had to drive her to the hospital.”

“I don’t know what to say…”

[Then his daughter started to cry, and he hands her back to Amiee. He realized he seen enough, and leaves the room. Then he see’s two NYPD cops at the hallway, and they come up to him. They placed cuffs on him, and they take him outside of the hospital, and tossed him into the cop car. They drive away from the hospital, as the scene fades off.]

Covid-19 is a bitch, it smells like Sarah’s booty on Greggo’s Toilet.
“Catchy slogan huh? I know imma catch heat for acknowledging Greggo and Sarah’s business partnership, shit maybe if I could have i would have jumped on that Leap Of Faith, and finessed myself into becoming the Universal Champion in one night…nah, fuck all that. Much rather remain in the low key and away from the spotlight. Don’t want to pull a Buzz, and Wuzz myself into a hiatus. Oh wait, yeah i just realized i’ve been out of the game for some time now.

Even though Reggie didn’t win his belt back (and lets be real, that belt isn’t worth the endless kickouts), and managed to reform his outlook in this place, i managed to support him like how JB supported me since last year. But here is my own personal downfall of not supporting someone who isn’t in the company, and my baby mama Jonee.

From that moment i saw her in that bed, and seeing my own two year old daughter from Amiee, i knew right then i have to understand that things are way beyond my control. I had no idea she contracted the disease, and had no idea when i’d see my own kid, and no idea figuring out the time zones from Japan to New York. By the time i got to the place, i thought it as nightfall, knowing it was afternoon.

My encounter with the doctors, they aren’t worth bringing up so they all can kiss my blackest whitest ass, and the police didn’t need to be involved with my personal shit. So now, fuck the police and the hospital that wouldn’t give me any time to see her properly, i had to go through all the bullshit, just to see her laid out with that ventilator that is scared like a motherfucker (thanks President Trump!) among the covid 19 patients who may have it terribly worse, then she does.

But honestly, it is what it is. Now onto my other excursion for Warfare, this time i’m going to France. Now, i honestly should have just stayed out of the ring, and hid myself from the company after my last Triple Threat on Anarchy. As you all seen it, was getting ganged up on every minute of the match until JB had to even the odds out just a little. Now this time, i’m all alone against two other guys who are way more popular than i am. To be honest, i think that i’m cursed to be face two or more people; it’s like i’m a magnate for either 3 way or 4 way dances, but it saves me from putting in much work as the others scrap amongst themselves like pack of rabid dogs in a dog fight.

Now, the two dogs who i’m having to face is Gage Gannon and Scott Charlotte. These two guys have SO SO SO SO much star power, it’s ridiculous; it’s like these two are bound to be headlining these shows, while i’m just some guy in the XWF. You know, it’s quite pitiful that the powers that be are really wanting me to cut these guys established momentum, and have them face the music of not being great at what they can do. Ugh, its so hard to play the bad guy… but hey somebody gotta do it.

It something i have to do, for the sake of just being bad guy. I can easily weasel myself out of the match, and let these two guys have at it. Because once both of them are worn and laid out, i’ll just pick up the pieces and take advantage after that point.

So Gage Gannon, i know that you are just an established man in the rankings of being a somebody in this place, but to me; you’re nothing more than a man who has an entanglement with being all flashy and no substance. I watched your stuff before, and man you are way too over the top with your antics. I know you are supposed to be taken seriously and all that, but nope… you just make yourself look like a man who came out of clown college, who masquerades as a wrestler by trade. Look, i can’t knock the hustle of a man who likes to clown around, but that isn’t gonna get anywhere here.

Scott Charlotte, the man who came back in his burlap sack and became a creepy man. I think he had prior history with this place, the best i can come up with is “The Wraith” who likes to play with fire (or burn people with them i don’t fucking know nor care of the specifics). To me, he sounds like a modern day knock off of Kane, just without having to tombstone people on the ramp like if it’s 1998 or something. Charlotte, you managed to get yourself back on track with this shit, and i’m shocked you managed to revive your career in XWF. When in reality, you’d be better off in the mental asylum with the wackos like yourself; when i see you in that sack, i just want to rip it off and burn it. That how i feel about you, a man who’s hiding from himself. You can run and hide with yourself, but i will expose you for how pathetic you are in the grand scheme of things.

To the Great Gage and Wraith Scott, don’t be fooled by my calmness and laid back attitude, i can get mess if I like too and make sure you both look into the mirror and ask yourselves… “why am I still living?”… “how am i still in xwf?”… “how am i be able to take out a man who’s just some guy in XWF”… and other various questions. As much like to joke around and say that i won’t be involved in this triple threat..

heh heh…

I WILL MAKE IT A CHALLENGE FOR MYSELF TO FLOOR YOU BOTH WITH A HIDEYAFACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT RING…and maybe pin the both of you or submit you with with my Fetish Lock at the same damn time…but, i don’t know though, we’ll see how it plays out by the time that bell rings.

I’ll be in the corner…”

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