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PlaceMarker PERFECTION...On Skates
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07-22-2020 10:01 PM

[Image: sd6zsTF.jpg]

"Yeah....yeah I'm at some gross roller rink. I mean....these places are hell on earth. I mean everyone drinks out of plastic cups, it smells like bigfoot's taint and....ugh....everything is sticky."

Jenny snarled her lip as she pulled her hand off the bench, her bedazzled phone by her ear.

"Well, I never signed up for this show, Vinnie knows I have to head to Japan for Leap of Faith. I am not sure why he took the liberty upon himself to book me in some 8th grade date night skating......."

"Yes, yes I know he's the boss but'---"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. He's just mad that his hair will never be as fabulous as mine----what the FUCK! Hold on......."

She takes the phone away from her ear.

"You jerk my foot like that ONE more time, and I'll shove it so far up your ass you'll taste my nail polish!"

She brings the phone back to her ear. "Sorry.....the people they have working at these things......

So, yeah, as I was saying....."Ruby and Sarah are similar enough that they could very well be the same, but I've heard it claimed they are not. This week I am facing Sarah Lacklan. Six in one, half dozen another. It was Ruby last week. Both are odd looking, unattractive little girls. Seems to be a trend over there in that other fed that Lane keeps trying to merge with XWF."

The worker comes back with a pair of pink skates, the only pair they had. Jenny had made it CLEAR she was NOT going to partake in this gimmick match if she couldn't have pink skates. I mean, Samuel L. Jackson wasn't going to be in Star Wars if he couldn't have a purple light saber, so why couldn't she pick her skates? She was a much bigger and more talented star than he is.

"Yeah, I guess I am just used to Savage, you know, a real show? Both are lousy at back and forth trash talk, and try to avoid shows where they'll have to respond to any form of legitimate verbal beefing. Both seem to think very childish or kiddy types of memes are really, really awesome. I mean they giggle about memes like middle schoolers at a slumber party......but that isn't even what is baffling to me........."

The worker puts Jenny's feet into the skates. She could have very easy done it herself, but she is the Queen. These people should feel privileged to be able to even touch her perfect feet. She winced a little as the worker was putting the skate on, though. She had small feet, and these skates seemed to be too small.

"What do you mean too small? I am a size 6, that's like the smallest size! I can wear a 7....these......Jesus, are these kids skates?! You are really gonna try to force the Queen to wear KIDS skates?"

The man was sweating, he seemed anxious.

"Ugh.....just, go get some more in the back.........I---hey, shut up. Look at me....."

She snaps her fingers.

"I don't care about you're inventory, go get me some skates that FIT and are SUITABLE for a QUEEN. I know you didn't graduate high school but at least earn your 8 dollars per hour......"

The man shuffled away.

"Sorry.....where was I? Oh yes....baffling to me. What is really baffling to me is both like to make it as if their little girl muscles somehow have enough "power" to legitimately compete with grown men and they don't fill in any explanations as to how said little girl would beat grown adults who are trained at this......

She took the small skates off and tossed them, rolling her eyes. Men are worthless.

"......Yeah, I know girl, I know. I mean I am small but at least I go to the gym. These two bean polls are ruling the roost over here and they look like the main course on a Jeffrey Epstein dinner party menu. I mean, I pinned Brock Lesnar. I beat women twice my size. I beat Madison Dyson, and she's got one of those Caitlin Jenner bodies........

I know girl....I know.....I see Lacklan, and the first words I can think of are Party on, Wayne!"

Jenny shares a laugh with her phone partner. The man is back with regular looking skates, albeit bigger.

"They want me to skate in some roller derby against a chick who looks like a broken Daryl Hannah sex doll. I mean literally, have you seen Sarah Lacklan?! She looks like a thumb dipped in hot cheese......"

The man stood there, holding the new skates.

"Hold on...."

She cocked an eyebrow and looked at the skate rink worker.

"I'm not wearing those."

The man shrugged. He set the skates down next to Jenny and walked away, fed up with her diva-ness. She rolled her eyes.

"Ohhhhh they are SO getting a bad yelp review....."

She picked up the skates.

"Anyway, I can't wait to get you here full time girl. I heard you're in negotiations right now with RLF. Fuck that place. Come here and team with me! It'll be fun, just like the old days....."

"Yes, yes I know I am still the RLF True Champion.....yes, I know I am so much better than Sarah Lacklan......yes....okay, well hey, I gotta put these on, I'll talk to you later. Bye girlllllll."

She bent down and picked up the skates, shoving her feet into them and tying them. When they were fully on she stood up, grabbing HER Bombshell title.....

"Lets get this over with....ugh..I look ridiculous".

[Image: hnKXqoz.jpg]

[Image: 8T581Rf.gif]
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