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Bloody Forest (Mandii)
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07-19-2020 02:30 PM

They believed that the bodies found in the forest were suicide victims. They used those bodies to try and prevent others from committing suicide but…only one percent were from suicides. The thick trees kept those more sensitive to the sun’s rays safe as they used the legends of the forest to hold the Japanese club. Across the world, those who didn’t try their chances with the humans held their own tournaments. Fight clubs if you will. All walks of the supernatural world participated if their forms could hold it. Some of the Ghosts and Demons used humans stupid enough to walk into their forest instead of hunting for prey. The deeper one walked into the forest, the louder the cheers got from those watching the current fight.

With her speed, Mikah made quick work of her opponent. The borrowed body would never last long even with the Demon’s powers. He was limited by his age and the fact he borrowed a human. Her claws tore out the man’s throat from behind and she smiled as he fell to the ground. Black, shapeless smoke floated from the body and Mikah looked at her bloody hand as the entity moved toward the stands. She had been on a roll ever since her plane landed in Tokyo. The lack of…fulfillment she had gotten from her tag team match had done nothing but fuel her rage and desire. She had expected more from Griffin at least, having fought him so many years ago. He was normally a tough opponent but….he hadn’t delivered and she made easy work of her supposed teammate and opponent. It annoyed her but she was able to scratch something of an itch at the arena.

Cracking her neck, Mikah looked over at the entrance to the arena where she expected some other ghost possessed body would enter…but she didn’t expect what stepped out of the shadow.

“The Devil’s own Daughter. This will be fun.” Mikah growled, a bloody smile on her lips.

[Image: 8xpNjmb.png]
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07-20-2020 03:00 PM

A breeze blew through the forest forcing my hair to wrap around my face covering the smirk. I lowered my head as the smirk faded from my face and I stepped closer to Mikah.

"More like his number one pain in the ass."

My words were cold, emotionless, and barely audible thanks to the yelling. It's funny to me that supernatural beings, ones who claimed to be better than humans, still found enjoyment in similar pass times. Violence is something everyone from all walks of life enjoys watching even if they won't admit it.

"So are we going to just stand around and small talk or can we skip that part and get right to the beating each other up for fun?"

I smirked once again before darting for Mikah and sending my fist into her gut. I have to admit, watching her double over for a moment brought a smile to my face. I knew one little hit wouldn't do much because I knew Mikah, if you really wanted to start a party you needed to piss her off first and that's what this was.

Before she could get a hit in I felt my body grow with heat and arms change to wings. Barely dodging her counterpunch, I flew above the tree line and called down to her.

"What's wrong? Scared of a little sunlight?"

I knew it wouldn't take her long to get around the obstacle but just like with regular wrestling, you have to make the fight interesting and everyone loves a little trash talk.

"Come on Mikah, did you think I would make this easy? Come get me!"

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