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Part Time Michael McBride
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Whiskey, Cigars and guns.

XWF FanBase:
Hardcore, psycho fans

(cheered for breaking rules and bones; excessively violent; creative with weapons)

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07-14-2020 10:35 PM


In-Ring Name: Michael McBride

Wrestler's Real Name: Michael S. McBride

New to XWF or a returning roster member?:Returning

Wrestler Date of Birth:5/20/1979



Hometown:Wicklow, Ireland

Personality: Over years, McBride has calmed down and became a free spirit. The man has came to the point of not giving a single fuck and just enjoys life as it comes. He tends to be random at times.

Looks Description:


Pic Base, if any: Michael Fassbender

Strengths: The Luck Of The Irish. Tends to be lucky when the time calls for it.
i.e. Dodging an attack that would do major damage or making that crucial tag to turn the tides. Stuff like that. Have fun with it.

Weaknesses:Women and Booze

Entrance Theme Music: Lords of Iron By Antti Martikainen

Special Entrance (if any):

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
1. Suplex
2. DDT
3. Belly-to-Belly Suplex
4. Diving Elbow Drop
5. Boxing Punching combo

Trademark Move(s):
1. Semtex Suplex
2. Iron Suplex
1. T-Bone Suplex
2. Snap Suplex

Finishing Move(s):
1. Wicklock
2. Celtic Clothesline
3. Banshee's wail
1. Kurt Angle Style of Ankle Lock
2. Clothesline From Hell.
3. Double Underhook Brainbuster

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:

Additional notes:

XWF Achievements
1x Hart Champion
2x Xtreme Champion
1x Television Champion
2x Tag Team Champion w/ Peter Gilmour-Purebred Killers
Quadruple Slam Champion
[Image: svR0kd1.png]
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