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Lacklan already finds out who's managing her
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07-12-2020 11:50 AM

"Mmmm, mmm, howdeh folks. So there's this rumor going 'round that people on the xwf website saw Sarah Lacklan eyeballing my Manager profile less than an hour ago. I saw it too so I know it's true."

"I'm thinking this confirms reports that she's already received notice that I have been assigned as her manager and guaranteed winning ticket for the LoF match Ruby won't be winning. Why else would she just sit there starin' at my manager page all day? With this news not coming out of my first round Realtime Promo, Sarah will be more than able to comment on it right away if there's any error to this breakin' story. Mmmm I can't wait for that promo. She don't need to be afraid to confirm this to the public."

"Howdeh Sarah... it's me, Greggo. I felt those eyes on me today, gurl. I know you got the same memo I did about us being assigned together for LoF; they just don't trust Ruby to get the job done for you so I'm the backup backup plan. I got your back. Let's show them what we can do together at Lips of Faith."

"To the others in the LoF briefcase match, just say goodnight now because even if you stop Ruby from helping Sarah win, you won't be stopping me from guaranteeing my client's victoreh. Suckaz. Eat our shit."

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