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Saturday Night Savage 7/11
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07-11-2020 07:53 PM

[Image: LKNS3dh.gif]



Liam Roberts
- vs -
Crazy* Steve
- vs -
The Jester
- vs -
Jim Jimson
Fatal Four Way

Griffin MacAlister & Jake Avery
- vs -
Mikah Castile & Melanie "Crayzee" Childs
Tag Team

Hanari Carnes©
- vs -
The Wizard
- vs -
Gage Gannon
Xtreme Rules Triple Threat

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles ©
- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page (w/ Robert "The Omega" Main)
Three Stages of Hell
Optional: Robert may do a single 1K RP

The camera suddenly starts to buzz and static fills the screen. Crackles and pops fill the ears of the listeners in the arena and at home. A voice overtakes the static in a distorted loop making the voice sound almost demonic.

Voice: Pain. Pleasure. Touch me. Fill me. End me.

The uncomfortable language continues on loop until the screen quickly shows the distorted image of this man.

[Image: Scarecrow-From-Batman-Begins.jpg]

A moment passes of this image until it starts moving almost hypnotically. The voice continues, but this time it is clearly coming from the moving image.

Voice: You may have heard of me. You may have not. Tonight I will educate you. Look back into your mind, you will see that I have always been there. The constant nagging thought, "Am I good enough." You may deflect with your rampant machismo so your "fans" see you as more than you are. Daddy or Mommy or Sissy or Bro didn't love you enough so you get your kicks from the people. I am the one who will remind you all of who you really are. I know what it's like to subdue your own dark energy. It is not healthy. The Wraith knows.

The Wraith's visage becomes more distorted.

The Wraith: I was once like you all. Pretending to be bigger than I was. You may call that irony now, but I do not claim to be a god. I am a mere spectre of your existence. I only challenge those you want to grow and prove they are more than a talking head on a store bought body. You owe yourself and the people that much. If you feel that you have been living that lie, then please come to me. Allow me to create a vessel for that plagued soul and we shall test you. Do not be afraid, duality is a part of human life. When you are ready...come find me.

The video feed cuts out swiftly with a high pitch tone until it returns to the regular broadcast.

HHL: "... What the hell was that!?"

The Jester starts in the ring.

Carzy Steve comes out singing the lyrics, he's pretty good too.

Liam Roberts comes down to the ring looking to kill somebody, how fitting.

Jim comes out with a sign saying "Kill all Dolphins" people come out with him handing out Dolphin Rape Awareness Month, pamphlets, making sure that people know, just how evil dolphins are.

Liam Roberts
- vs -
Crazy* Steve
- vs -
The Jester
- vs -
Jim Jimson
Fatal Four Way

All four wrestlers are now in the ring, and they are eyeing one another from their respective corners.

The bell rings, and the match is now underway.

No one dares move. They all keep an eye on each other.

PC: "Stale mate. Come on some one do something."

HHL: "Give them a chance."

The Jester walks towards Carzy Steve. They both start laughing crazily. Jim and Liam watch on as their two opponents try to outdo one another with crazy laughing. Just as The Jester is about to win the dual, Carzy Steve hits him with an uppercut, and The Jester stumbles backwards towards Liam.

HHL: "There you go, no more stalemate. The battle has begun,"

As The Jester stumbles back towards him, Liam hits him with a DROP KICK.

The Jester stumbles forwards after the heavy kick, and he stumbles straight into a SPEAR from Carzy Steve.

PC: "Do you think that was pre planned team work by Liam and Steve?"

HHL:"Hell no, these four don't look like they can pre plan anything."

Carzy Steve stands up, yelling he got one over on The Jester. That's when Jim Jimson attacks him with a flying HEADBUTT.

Both go down. Both stand back up quickly, as Jim takes a step backwards. It's like the Headbutt never did a damn thing to hurt Carzy Steve.

PC: "Wow just wow."

Steve lunges at Jim, and hits him with an elbow to the face. Jim stumbles backwards into the ropes and uses the ropes to stop his momentum. Steve starts to walk towards him.

Only Liam hits him from behind with a FLYING BODYPRESS.

They both go down. Jim watches on in amazement as Carzy Steve stands back up without feeling the full effects of the Flying Bodypress.

Liam gets back to his feet, and is automatically hit with a RUNNING KNEE from Carzy Steve, and Liam hits the canvas hard. The Jester somehow is getting back to his feet. Carzy Steve is doing most of the damage.

Using his timing as Steve is heading towards The Jester, Jim sneaks up behind Steve, and places him in a HEADLOCK and hits a SNAP SUPLEX.

HHL: "Action is heating up now."

Liam tries to use his advantage, by catching Jim out, and grabbing him and trying to place him in the position for a DDT, but The Jester hits Liam from behind with a DROP KICK of his own, thus Liam lets Jim go.

The Jester is then all over Liam and gets in position and successfully takes Liam down with a TORNADO EVENFLOW DDT.

He then goes straight into a cover.




Broken up by Carzy Steve. Carzy Steve pulls The Jester off of Liam, and sends him into the corner. He then helps Liam to his feet and connects with a FLATLINER, a.k.a JUMPING FACEBUSTER.

PC: "Wow what action."

Carzy Steve goes straight into a cover.




Broken up by Jim Jimson.

Jim grabs Carzy Steve, and pulls him to his feet, and rushes to the other side of the ring, and sends Steven flying out of the ring. He lands with a thud on the security railings. Jim turns around and decides what to do. Liam is in trouble hasn't moved since both The Jester and Carzy Steve took him down simultaneously. And then there's the Jester who hit the corner post very hard and is laying in a heap.

Jim walks over to the fallen Liam. Helps him to his feet and runs across the ring, and like he did with Carzy Steve sends Liam flying out of the ring, and this time he lands all the way over the security railings into the crowd.

HHL: "I don't get it. Liam was in all sorts of strife, and Jim didn't take advantage."

PC: "Obviously he wanted to clear the ring, to get a big advantage, and now The Jester is in a heap in the corner, and Jim has the whole ring to himself."

Jim walks across the ring slowly, methodically, and on purpose. The Jester is trying to get to his feet, using the corner to do so. He starts running and then hits The Jester with A FLYING KNEE TO THE BACK which sends The Jester face first and body first into the corner pole. Jim stands up, waits for his moment, and as The Jester stumbles out of the corner grabbing his chest and in a daze, Jim Jimson grabs him from behind and hits his finisher.


Jim puts The Jester in a BEAR HUG, waits 20 seconds, Jester isn't trying to fight out of it, he knows he can't, he's in a lot of pain, and he knows he is done. Then Jim finishes the move off with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX.

Jim correctly goes for the cover, as Carzy Steve is seen getting to his feet, and trying to slide into the ring when he notices what is happening.


Steve quickly up.


Steve quickly runs towards the cover.....

2 and a half........

Steve is almost there.


But Carzy Steve is too late. By a smidgeon.


All Hail The Queen from the album GRL and the hit series Queen of the South begins to hit. The arena lights begin to flash. "All Hail The Queen" comes up on the screen every time the lyric is said in the song. The crowd looks towards the still empty stage as pink glitter begins to fall from the ceiling. The crowd dances with the beat.

At about the 1:30 mark, at the words "The Greatest" hit, the voices deepens, as if being chopped and screwed, and the lights go off. Big purple letters come up on the X-Tron.

[Image: P4OI4FG.png]

HHL: It's that time again! Queen's Court is LIVE!

PC: Where did you put that Pepto, again?

HHL: Under your chair.

Pink Pyro explodes on the stage, as a pink mist fills the staging area. Jenny's music cuts in.

[Image: LFv3uH0.gif]

Jenny walks out on the stage, where white leather chairs are set up, along with a small glass table. One mic is bedazzled, the other is a regular mic.

Jenny walks out and poses.

HHL: She dressed for the occasion this week! Whoever she booked has to be really special! The Queen looks like she's going to the prom!

PC: Do they make extra strength Pepto, by any chance?

She then begins to speak.

HHL: Quiet now, the Queen is about to speak!

Jenny: As I head into Leap of Faith, clearly the alpha female on this roster, and hands down the most captivating and exhilarating name on the XWF airwaves, I just want to address the elephant in the room here. As you all may know, that is if you or anyone for that matter, actually watches Anarchy on Thursday Nights, I have formally joined B.O.B. You may ask we why? Why Queen, why? Well, its quite simple. I want to do my own thing, I want to get out of the Chris Chaos shadow, and I want to have the opportunity to be respected again. Chris only cares about Chris, and in his current mental state....personally, I love him, sure, but professionally, there just isn't any room left for little old me.

So yes, I joined B.O.B and we are going to take professional wrestling over. We are going to be a forced to be reckoned with, and we are going to turn this company on its ear!

But enough about me, I could talk about me all day! Let's talk about the number one talk show on cable TV! The Queen's Court. It has been a wild ride so far, to say the least! I have spoken with some of the top talent on this roster, all while driving ratings through the roof! I've had Robert Main and Chris Page, Big D, Theo Pryce, you name it! And I have many more to come! I want to talk to everyone on this roster, be it on Savage or at my personal studio. Tonight, however, is a first. Tonight I speak to someone we all know, someone who is near and dear to our hearts, but is not currently on an XWF roster."

HHL: Who could it be?!

PC: The better question is, do we care?

HHL: You're so negative!

Jenny: So without further ado, I bring to you my biggest, most interesting, and to be quite honest, my best looking guest yet............

Jenny: Notorious....NED.....KAYYYEEEEEE

The screen appears with the purple lettering.

Ned Kaye walks out onto the ramp.

PC: Oh my god! Ned Kaye!! Ned Kaye is here, on Savage!

HHL: She said she had a big time guest! The Notorious one is with us!!!

Ned is a little teary eyed as he waves to the crowd before smiling and sitting down. Ned is wearing a white shirt, a nice chain, a blue windbreaker and a pair of jeans. His has brand new white Adidas tennis shoes on.

Jenny sits as well, grabbing her fancy mic.

[Image: A3STxg2.gif]

Jenny: So Ned, it's been a long time since the man with the best hair in the XWF graced a wrestling ring for this company. What ya been up to? Where ya been? Why did you leave us?

Ned: Ned: Well, Jenny, before I get started, I'd like to thank you for having me and being dressed up for the occasion. I know I'm looking rather casual, but I thought the hair would be enough for most people.

Ned pauses and Jenny smiles sarcastically.

Ned: So, to answer your last question and to provide a reminder for everyone, I made a stipulation for myself that if I didn't win the Universal Title at March Madness that I wouldn't re-sign with the company. It was a decision I made while frustrated that I wasn't matching up to where I thought I should've been. I basically enforced this mental image of where on the mountain I was supposed to be, but regardless of what I did I just wasn't quite there. So when March Madness came and I lost, despite everything I had placed upon myself, it really forced me to reevaluate what I was doing. It didn't matter to me that I was able to wear out The Engineer just enough for Shawn Warstein to have a relatively smooth cash-in. It didn't matter that the company was still interested in having me as a roster member. I felt like I failed myself and that feeling kept eating at me as I tried to find something else after wrestling. However, you and I know it's never that simple. I looked into maybe putting some time and effort into getting an office job like my brother had a few months ago, but it just wasn't clicking. So, I left Brooklyn. Didn't move per say, just got my old lemon of a car and started driving around the country, training here and there. I just had to keep moving, y'know? I was so used to traveling for the XWF shows that staying put weighted on me in ways I hadn't prepared for."

Jenny: Okay, English class essay. I dig it. You just competed at Wrestlestock. Big ups for that. It is a great event, would have been better if the Queen had been there, but XWF has had me on a tight schedule lately.

So now that you're here, on XWF programming, is this your way of telling us that you are, in fact, coming back?

Ned: As much as that would delight me to announce; no. I stick to my word, Jenny, and while I would never say never, it will certainly have to be something that I earn if I do come back. Believe me, I'd love to return. It's just not time yet.

Jenny: So, as you may or may not know, I am the longest reigning Bombshell Champion in history, and I have a petition going to bring the Bombshell title back. Would someone of your status be open to signing it? And.......if you WERE to come back, what would your dream match be? Is there someone you are itching to get into the ring, or back into the ring, with?

*she slides the clipboard over towards him, biting her lip*

Ned: Typically I wouldn't indulge your ego, in fact, I'd leave that kind of stuff to Chris Chaos. But the XWF is home to some of the best women's wrestlers in the world and while I believe any one of them can easily contend for every title here, I find nothing wrong in supporting a competitive division amongst the fairer sex. And hey, maybe someone could come around and beat your record?

The Notorious One signs the petition with a smile, handing it back to her.

Jenny is beaming.

Ned: As for who I'd want to face... god, it's hard to list everyone. I'd be excited to take on the aforementioned Chaos. I owe Big D another match and I feel we bring out each other's best. I've been interested in facing Atara, especially as she's continued to stay competitive and prove herself as the second best hair that's been in these rings. Hell, I'm even ready to put some of your pals in B.O.B. to the test after seeing the impact they made. But, if I'm being honest, there's one man I want to face if I come back: Robert Main. I never got to have a rematch with him. And as he's reemerged, he has continued to be the gold standard for this business. Easily taking back the Tag Titles alongside Chris Page, winning War Games in definitive fashion, the man never once stopped being "The Omega." And while I wished it ended there, just respect for my friend and teammate, that's not the case. See, when Robert was on your show he made it very clear what he thought of Raven and Cent and myself. That we weren't there for him we he needed us. That we left him with nothing. And that cut me pretty deep. As if I didn't want to be there for him, as if he didn't have my number. Y'know, I can't say I would've been in the state to answer, but he didn't call me. Yeah, I could've done more, I should have, damn it, but I never gave up on Rob. Never threw him to the wolves, nothing of the sort. And I want to prove that to him, but I know Robert and the talk around all this is one thing, but in the ring, that's where it all gets put on the table. That's where it matters.

Jenny: What would your message be to a lot of the new talent here in XWF, being the veteran that you are?

Ned chuckles a bit, placing a hand on his chin.

Ned: I don't think I'd use that word, I mean, this would've been my second year in the company, but I do feel very acquainted with the XWF.

He pauses for a few seconds, carefully mulling over his next words.

Ned: As for those coming into the XWF, I have this to say: put in the work. This Federation is among the gold standard when it comes to our profession, so wherever you're from, odds are that the bar for entry here is close to the peak of other places in the business. Talent can put your foot in the door, but it won't guarantee success. You have to push yourself, even when you feel like you can't because everyone else in the XWF is always improving and if you're complacent, they will gladly knock you down. The XWF is the gateway to success in professional wrestling and you are the key. Make sure you're a damn good one.

Just as Jenny was about to wrap up the interview, when Eye of Chaos by Once Human hits, and the lights flicker blue and white.

Jenny: Are you kidding me?! Not a-fucking-gain!

Chris Chaos, Peter Gilmour and Hanari Carnes walk out onto the ramp, surrounding the two.

PC: I don't have a good feeling about this!

HHL: They always have to spoil the Queen's party!

PC: Ned has a history with all three of these men.......

Chaos has a mic. Hanari is holding an envelope. Peter has a tee shirt in his hand.

Chris is wearing a tee shirt with Theo's face on it, with X's over each eye. Hanari has his ring gear on and Peter has a tee with Vinnie's face, also with X's.

Ned stands up, getting into his fighting stance. Jenny looks pissed that they interrupted her show....again.

Chaos: Whoa, whoa whoa there buddy. Relax. Deep breaths. We aren't here to beat you up. That would be too easy. As you know, we are Chaotic Inc. We are taking this company over, and we are recruiting some of the best talent in this business. All three of us have been in the ring with you. We all know what you can do. We all know you harbor that hate inside you.....that you wish you could be more.....that you've been held down........

We are out here to offer you, when you do decide to come back, and opportunity to join with the top wrestling stable in the world. We think you'd look good in our gear. Plus, we all know how it feels to be on Robert Main's shit list.....and we provide you the best chance to finally get your revenge.

Ned is mulling it over. He rubs his chin, asking to see the tee shirt. He holds it up to his torso, seeing what it would look like, smiling. He handed it back to Peter, and looked at Chris.

Ned: "It's a great offer, Chris, but I'm already a part of the greatest wrestling stable in the world," He pulls up the sleeve of his windbreaker, revealing the Apex Prophecy wristband. The crowd goes wild. Chris smiles, calmly.

He nods at Hanari.

Chaos: We figured you'd say that. So we wanted to give you a little something anyway. A parting gift, of sorts. Just think about it.

Hanari hands Ned the envelope.

Chaos: Go on, open it.

Ned, skeptical at first, opens the envelope, pulling out what appears to be a Polaroid.

His expression sinks. His eyes go wide, and his lips quiver. He drops to his knees, looking at the picture.

Jenny bites her lip, concerned for Ned.

Chaos: Think about it, you know where to find us.

Peter puts the tee shirt over Ned's neck and pats him on then back. The three smile at each other, wave to Jenny, then exit the stage. Jenny looks dumbfounded but upon seeing Ned's reaction, motions the "cut" symbol.

PC: I shudder to think what was in that envelope that brought out such a response from Ned Kaye. I can't even imagine.

HHL: Jenny looks like she's seen a ghost, that's how you know its bad!

She motions to cut again as she gets up from the chair. There are a few sounds from the crowd, but the arena is mostly silent as Ned stares at the photograph and Savage goes to commercial.

[Image: P4OI4FG.png]

Savage goes to commercial.

Griffin, Avery & Melanie are in the ring from commercial. MacAlister is looking kinda fucked.

PC: Folks at home here's what you missed at home!"

A replay starts to play on the X-Tron.

Griffin MacAlister awaits the arrival of his partner...

HHL: Oh man! We heard rumors!

PC: It's Brian Storm! He's not even scheduled!

HHL: Storm has been a bit salty over the fact that Griffin MacAlister did NOTHING in response to the heinous attack by that masked assailant a few weeks back on Warfare!

PC: We haven't even seen that man since!

HHL: Brian Storm wants answers tonight on Savage!

Brian Storm climbs into the ring and retrieves the microphone from the ring announcer. The crowd quiets as he begins to speak.

BRIAN STORM: Now Griff, we been friends for a while, and up untill that last event I thought we'd always have one anothers back. I know you're up to something, and I don't like being left out of the loop! Now start talking!

HHL: He certainly has a valid point and it'll be interesting to hear what MacAlister has to say!

Griffin steps toward Storm, motioning for the microphone. Storm rears back, ready to hit Griffin, but cooler heads prevail at this stage as Brian hands him the mic. Just as MacAlister is about to speak, a loud crackle is heard and no one can hear him speak.

PC: Technical difficulties?

HHL: It seems that way.

MacAlister realizes no one can hear him and retrieves another mic. This time, as he begins to speak, the power in the arena is cut entirely. It stays pitch black in the arena for several seconds. When the lights come on, the entire ringside crowd, every man, woman and child are wearing the Jason Voorhees hockey mask.

HHL: If it wasn't clear before, it's clear now!

PC: We're not having technical difficulties.

HHL: Just a case of some good old fashioned mind games!

Griffin retreats to his corner with a smirk on his face. A knowing smirk? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Brian meanwhile, is looking around frantically at the fans at ringside, all decked out in their hockey masks. Storm sweats profusely as he looks around. Whomever the masked man is, he's feeding into Brian's paranoia. Storm exits the ring and starts to backpedal up the ramp but turns to a rather tall fan on his left. Storm approaches the barricade and the fan starts laughing at him, only for Storm to rip the fan over the barricade and rip the mask off his face in the process. Storm then proceeds to beat the helpless fan using the hard mask as a weapon.

Security hightails it from the back but Storm isn't having it as he starts beating them up too. Soon, he dispatches the security team and returns his attention to the fans he views as taunting him with those masks.

HHL: It's the XWF! Even the fans are heels!

Storm continues to beat up fans at ringside.

PC: Someone needs to stop this!

Suddenly, the masked assailant from a few weeks ago repels from the rafters, landing squarely in the middle of the ring. Quickly, he unhooks the harness buckle and charges for the outside of the ring, quickly exiting through the ropes. Having just dispatched another fan, Storm turns toward the ring only to eat a Broque Kick to the face from the masked man.

The man in the mask stands over the near unconscious Brian Storm and looks down at him. He takes a deep breath, his chest puffing outward. The man then turns his head toward the ring and Griffin MacAlister. The man turns his body, then climbs the ring steps, hesitating to enter.

HHL: Is it finally MacAlister's turn!?

The man walks along the apron and steps over the top rope and into the ring. He and Griffin stand face to mask. Griffin smirks again, almost a smile this time. The masked Brian Storm tormentor reattaches the buckle to his harness and ascends once again into the heavens.

PC: That was a knowing look!

[Image: 033CHn8.jpg]

We go back live.

HHL: "Man, bad time for a break. I hope Todd gets fired for that one."

Mikah Castile makes her way down to the ring, looking awesome but kinda pissed.

Griffin MacAlister & Jake Avery
- vs -
Mikah Castile & Melanie "Crayzee" Childs
Tag Team

The Two Teams are now set to go for this Tag Team match.

Griffin MacAlister will go first instead of Jake Avery. Mikah Castile will go first instead of Melanie 'Crayzee' Childs.

PC: "I have to say this could be an interesting set up. The Males taking on the Females."

HHL: "It's unfair on the females if you ask me,"

The bell rings. Griffin walks straight up to Mikah Castile and starts trash talking her. And laughing at her.

For a minute Mikah Castile stands her ground, but as Griffin continues to be cocky, Mikah Castile has had enough.

She slaps Griffin, before kneeing him in the guts, before connecting with an INVERTED DDT.

Mikah Castile stands up. Pulls Griffin back to his feet, and then SCOOPS SLAMS Griffin. He just lays then.

HHL: "One would say Mikah Castile is in control now."

Mikah Castile walks straight over the other side of the ring, Jake Avery is staring at her. Mikah Castile lashes out, and grabs Jake by the hair, puts him in an headlock and drags him into the ring.

PC: "What the hell is she doing?"

Minx whips Jake Avery into the ropes and she runs to the other ropes, rebounds off them, and as they come back towards each other Mikah hits Jake Avery with a SUICIDE DIVE. She manages to put Jake Avery down on top of Griffin.

HHL: "Wow Mikah Castile is on fire now."

Melanie is clapping away to see her team mate in complete control. Mikah gets up and looks at her. She smiles and heads straight over to Melanie. Melanie puts her hand up for a high 5, and wants in to finish the job. Castile looks at her.

PC: "Now what is Mikah doing?"

Suddenly Castile grabs Melanie by the hair, and pulls her into the ring, and slaps her, before pulling her towards where Jake Avery and Griffin MacAlister are lying.
Mikah Castile knees Melanie in her stomach, she then hits Melanie with a REALITY CHECK. A.K.A Stone Cold Stunner.

Melanie drops onto both Jake and Griffin. Mikah Castile just puts her foot on all 3 bodies.





HHL: "Wow just wow, I'm speechless with what I just saw,"

Jenny, leaving the arena, pulling her suitcase. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, and she was on her cell phone.

As Jenny is about to step out of the arena, she wasn't watching, and bumped into a figure off camera.

Her phone drops.

Jenny: What the fuc----

It was Atara. Standing there, eating an apple.

Atara: Nice one.

Jenny: Can I help you? That is an $800 phone. If its broken you owe me a new pho--

Atara: "I don't owe you shit. YOU watch where I am walking and you wouldn't fumble your stuff. Kinda like you fumbled that Anarchy title shot......."

Jenny: "Don't even"

Atara: "Or like the time you were the GM of Savage....that went well. What happened? You got fired didn't you?"

Jenny: "Don't even go the---"

Atara: "Just be screw up everything you do. You can't even control your own talk show........"

Jenny hauls off and slaps Atara. The two wrestle around until security comes in to break them up.

HHL: Atara went too far there!

PC: She spoke the truth

HHL: It was too far!

Security pulls them away as Jenny yells "LEAP OF FAITH! BITCH! I AM GONNA SHOW YOU WHO THE DOMINANT FEMALE REALLY IS!!!!!!!"

Atara smiles, fighting off security. "BRING IT, AND BRING THAT FISHER PRICE BELT TOO!!"

Savage cuts as security pulls them into separate dressing rooms.

We cut backstage where THE WIZARD is staring at his phone, intently. Or, we assume his eyes are locked on the phone. We can’t actually SEE them because his face is blurred. Gotta keep that identity hidden. His wizardly robe is hanging in the corner. Edward Mof stands over The Wizard, applying some ointment to a bulging sore at the base of his neck.

The Wizard: OW! That HURTS.

Edward Mof: Stop being such a baby!

Mof slaps The Wizard on the lower back. The Wizard turns, his blurred face apparently glaring at Mof.

Edward Mof: Glare at me all you want, but I’m going to continue treating this. Otherwise you’re going to look like Quasimodo out there.

The Wizard scoffs, returning his focus to his phone. Mof applies more ointment. With each touch, The Wizard lets out an “Ouch” or “Yikes” or “Eek”. Mof just rolls his eyes.

Edward Mof: There’s no way you’re going to win if some ointment is causing you this much physical pain.

Wizard lowers his magical head.

The Wizard: Stupid Mastermind. Guy is so ate up with jealousy. Just because he can’t win a meaningful match, he has to go out of his way to try and pmevent others from having success.

Edward Mof: HEY

The Wizard: What?!

Edward Mof: That sounds like the talk of a guy who’s mind is getting mastered. Don’t fall into his trap.

The Wizard’s blurred head nods.

The Wizard: When you’re right, you’re right Eddie. It’s a good thing I have these.

The Wizard leans over, snares a bottle of pills and tosses them over his shoulder. Mof displays solid reflexes by catching the bottle. He reads the label.

Edward Mof: Whoa...where’d you get these?

The Wizard: Uhm...just some dude.

The Wizard was embarrassed to admit he stole them from the hispanic guy he elbowed earlier in the week. So, he lied.

Edward Mof: They are pretty strong. You sure you’re okay wrestling with these in your system?

The Wizard: It’s either that or I go out there with crippling pain in my neck.

Mof opens up the pill bottle and pours a few in his hand. While doing so, he feels a sense of concern and anxiety wafting from The Wizard’s pores.

Edward Mof: What are you looking at? It can’t be as important as you’re making it out to be.

The Wizard: Wrestler of the Month voting. I’m tied with the guy who beat Centurion. Voting is close to finished so if I vote for myself then I should win. However, that would look like a dick move so...I don’t know.

Mof snares a bottle of water from off-camera, unscrewing the cap.

Edward Mof: Well, vote for someone with no votes. That way you remain in a tie...or just vote for yourself. I doubt anybody would care THAT much.

Completely torn, The Wizard goes back and forth over what to do. He’s handed the pills and water. This requires removing one hand from the phone. He takes the pills, throwing his head back to swallow. In doing so, the thumb to his left hand accidentally votes for The Hired Gun.

The Wizard: NO!!

Edward Mof: WHAT?!

The Wizard’s blurred face is locked in on the updated poll, showing Hired Gun with five votes in comparison to The Wizard’s 4.

The Wizard: I voted for The Hired Gun on accident! Now he’s going to win!

Edward Mof: Well, umm, can you take the vote away and change it?

The Wizard’s blurred head turns toward the camera. Mof’s does the same.

The Wizard: Yea, right.

Edward Mof: Hmm...better luck next month, kid.

The Wizard: This is all Mastermind’s fault.

The Wizard’s magical fist rises and shakes.


The door to Wizard’s locker room suddenly opens. Wizard and Mof are startled. Edward rushes to grab Wizard’s robe, tossing it over his face, shielding his identity. Melanie ‘Crayzee’ Childs, member of Mastermind’s Misfits, pokes her head inside. Her wild eyes locate The Wizard. They lock onto him for a moment. Her head tilts sideways. An awkward silence follows. Mof moves to speak.

Edward Mof: -

Before a word can emerge, Childs unleashes a maniacal laugh that causes the room to recoil. It lasts for a few moments before her demeanor instantly re-shifts to serious. Slowly, her head moves backward, out of the room. The door quietly shuts. The Wizard and Mof are left alone, once again. The Wizard, his head covered in his robe, looks over his shoulder. Edward, leaning back, looking a bit shaken, observes.

Edward Mof: That bitch is crazy.

The Wizard cannot argue. And, with that, we cut away as The Wizard prepares to face Hanari Carnes and Gage Gannon.

Just before the Triple Threat match is to air, the camera pans to the back. Wrestler 82 is down, damn near unconscious, Xtreme Title belt nowhere to be seen.

PC: What the hell?! Someone just attacked Wrestler 82! Where is the belt?!

HHL: Just one of the downfalls of being X-Treme champ, I guess.

The camera cuts back to the arena as "The Rock Geek Theme" plays as Gage Gannon walks out onto the ramp, an arrogant smile on his face.

PC: "This WAS gonna be a huge opportunity for Gage Gannon but, with Hanari losing the Xtreme Championship to Wrestler82, it's no longer a Title match."

HHL: "It's still a pretty big opportunity, Pip; if he can knock off the former Champion and the promising up and comer in The Wizard, he'd be right there in contention."

PC: "Still not as good as a shot tonight, though!"

Gage saunters down to the ring, cockily, playing to the crowd as he does so. He makes his way up the steps and into the ring, where he waits for his opponents.

All of a sudden, the arena goes dark as a silence overcomes the curious fans.

Guile’s Theme HITS! The Wizard, instead of appearing in the ring, magically appears at the top of the ramp! He holds his staff high, above his head with both hands, jamming to the music. He performs some fairly shitty looking karate or judo or whatever the fuck with his staff before pointing it at the ring and making his way down the ramp. Upon reaching the ramp’s end, something catches his eye. He turns, spotting a blonde female in the front row...she’s giving him THE EYE. The Wizard is hesitant. He pauses, unsure of how to respond. The blonde woman (who we’ve come to know as FANNY) turns away, quickly...also appearing to be something of a socially awkward individual. The Wizard rushes toward the ring and slides in. Fanny stands up and promptly orders two giant cups of beer.

PC: I believe that is Fantasia aka Fanny...the Wizard’s #1 (and possibly ONLY) fan in the front row. Both seem a bit awkward and shy but, hey, if you ask Fanny...that’s nothing a few cold beers can’t cure!

"Danza Kuduro" hits as Hanari Carnes spins and dances his way out to the ramp in traditional latin Bachata style, the flag of the Dominican Republic on a flag pole over his shoulder and the Xtreme Championship around his waist.

HHL: Well, I think we found our belt!

PC: Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to clarify.....Hanari is NOT the X-champ anymore. I don't know what the hell he is doing with that belt!

HHL: This smells fishy

Hanari swings his hips and points at the ladies in the front row, winking and making the gun symbol with the thumb and index finger of his free hand. He spins again and walks down to the ring with a cocky head swing and million dollar smile before climbing the ring steps and getting into the ring. He heads over to an open corner and climbs to the top rope, waving the flag a few times before jumping down and looking over both his opponents.

HHL: "Don't let his recent Title loss fool you, Hanari Carnes has been on a tear as of late, and I'm sure losing his Championship is only push him harder!"

PC: "It looks like it already has, judging by the belt he stole."

Hanari Carnes
- vs -
The Wizard
- vs -
Gage Gannon
Xtreme Rules Triple Threat

The referee makes sure all three competitors are ready, taking the Xtreme Title belt from Carnes, before calling for the bell.


The Wizard and Gage Gannon immediately go for the former Champion, kicking him in the midsection and hammering away with punches. They back Hanari against the ropes, before whipping him to the opposite side. On the rebound, they use the Wizard's Staff to Clothesline Carnes so hard, he falls to the mat and out of the ring.

PC: "It's just been one of those weeks for Hanari."

HHL: "Took the words right out of my mouth, Pip."

Gannon turns his attention to the Wizard, but is cracked over the head with his magic staff. Gage backs up, grabbing his head, as the Wizard uses his magic to conjure a Steel Chair out of thin air, which he uses to smash over Gannon's head, sending him crashing to the mat. The Wizard carefully sets his staff in or of TE corners, before tossing the chair aside and covering Gage.

Hanari Carnes breaks the count by dragging Gage out from under the Wizard, to the outside of the ring.

PC: "This match was almost over before it even got started!"

HHL: "Hanari might not have a belt on the line, but that doesn't mean he's not gonna fight for a victory!"

The former Xtreme Champion tosses Gage Gannon into the Steel Steps, before climbing onto the apron where The Wizard greets him from inside the ring with a Shoulder Tackle. The shot dazes Hanari, but he manages to hang onto the ropes and stay up. The Wizard grabs Carnes' head and goes to hoist him up for a Vertical Suplex, but Hanari escapes and slips behind him. As The Wizard turns around, he's met with a Step Up Enzuigiri that drops him to his knees. Hanari then delivers another one, this time, dropping the Wizard to the mat. With one opponent down and the other on the outside, Hanari takes advantage with a cover.


HHL: "You don't see alot of people kick out of a Hanari Carnes Enzuigiri, let alone two."

PC: "You might say it was............ magical."

Hanari gets up and delivers a few stomps to The Wizard, before signaling for the end.

HHL: "Looks like he's already calling for the Viva la Republic!"

PC: "You can just tell Hanari's fired up and ready to bounce back from his Title loss!"

Carnes grabs the Wizard's arm and tries to lock in a Cross Arm Breaker, but his opponent fights to keep Hanari from extending his arm. Their struggle allows Gage Gannon to climb into the ring, bringing the very steps he was tossed into with him, and deliver a vicious shot to Hanari, forcing him to let go of the Wizard. Gannon then spreads the love, repeating the shot, only this time to the Wizard.

PC: "And that's why you never turn your back on an opponent for too long in a Triple Threat Match!"

HHL: "Exactly, this match went from being in Hanari's hands to Gage's in a matter of seconds."

Gage Gannon brings Hanari Carnes to his feet and whips him to the ropes, catching him with a Deep 6 on the way back.

HHL: "Kiss the Baby! He could be setting up for a Maleficent Divinity to end it!"

PC: "Well, he better hurry, the Wizard's starting to stir!"

Gage puts Hanari's head between his legs and calls out for the fans. Before he can hit the move, however, he's met with a Big Boot from the Wizard that knocks him backwards. Gannon bounces off the ropes and back at the Wizard, who catches him around the throat with his left hand. Right about that time, Hanari gets back to his feet and is grabbed around the throat by the Wizard's other hand. He then lifts both men up high above his head and brings them to the mat for a powerful Double Chokeslam that shakes the ring.

PC: "He just EXORCISED the hell out of them!"

HHL: "No kidding! I think I saw their souls leave their bodies!"

The Wizard kneels down and puts a hand on each man's chest for a cover, which the referee counts with both hands.


PC: "Neither man wants to be the reason this match ends; especially if they're not the one doing the pinning!"

The Wizard drags his opponents up with each of his free hands and attempts to Headbutt them into each other, only for both men to block it. They then elbow him and hit a Double DDT when he hunches over. Hanari gets up and starts barking orders at Gannon, pointing from the Wizard to the Steel steps.

HHL: "It looks like Hanari has a plan."

PC: "I think they realize they're gonna have to take out their much larger foe if either of them are gonna stand a chance."

Gage reluctantly does as Carnes suggests, picking up the stairs and waiting for the Wizard to get up. As he does so, Hanari walks over and picks up the chair from earlier and waits with Gannon. The Wizard slowly gets to his feet, only to be sandwiched between a chair shot AND the Steel steps. He falls backwards through the second and top rope, all the way to the outside. As soon as he does, the other two competitors immediately turn on each other, swinging their weapons simultaneously. The much larger steps win that one, knocking the chair into Hanari's face, sending him to the mat.

PC: "This is a huge opportunity for Gannon, he needs to hurry up and finish Carnes while the Wizard's still down!"

HHL: "If he can pin the delusional former Xtreme Champion, it'd certainly skyrocket his career!"

Gage Gannon brings Hanari Carnes to his feet and puts his head between his legs, once again attempting his finisher. As he goes to hook one of Hanari's arms, the former Champion escapes and wraps his legs around Gage's arm, attempting to bring him down for a Cross Arm Breaker.

PC: "That reversal keeps Hanari in the match, but can he finish it right here?"

HHL: "I don't know, it looks like he's having trouble bringing Gannon down!"

The two men struggle, with Carnes attempting to lock in his hold and Gannon trying to stay out of it. Just as it looks like Hanari might have it, the Wizard runs in out of nowhere and nails the former Xtreme Champion with a Codebreaker.

HHL: "HOCUS FOCUS! The Wizard seemed to appear out of thin air to hit his finishing move!"

PC: "He's still got Gannon to worry about, though."

As the words leave Pip's mouth, the Wizard grabs Gage Gannon and tosses him over the top rope, before covering Hanari Carnes.



PC: "What a magical win for the Wizard!"

HHL: "You said it, Pip, he certainly looks as though he may be ready to compete for that belt Hanari stole from the REAL Champion."

Hanari rolls over, and asks the ref to give him the X-Title. He refuses, but Hanari snatches it from him.

Just then, security is on the ramp, trying to hold him back, but 82 breaks through!

PC: "Wrestler 82 is up! And he's coming for that belt!"

82 hits the ring, Hanari turns into a tackle from 82, who begins to reign down punches on the former champ. Hanari rolls him over as well as the bell begins to ring.

HHL: "This one is gonna get ugly! Hanari attacked 82 backstage and the new guy is here to get him some!"

Just as 82 has Hanari down with a DDT in the center of the ring, and has the belt in his hands, he turns around.


[Image: AJRQRgs.gif]


PC: "MY GOD! Chris Chaos just came through the crowd and damn near broke Wrestler 82 in half!!!!!!!!"

82 is down, holding his ribs. Chaos goes under the ring and grabs a small sack. He rolls back into the ring, just as Hanari is up.

Hanari lifts 82 up and Chaos flattens him with a massive spine buster.

Hanari lays the belt across the chest of 82 as Chaos open the sack.

It's a Robert Main tee shirt!!

HHL: "It's a Robert Main tee shirt! What in the hell?"

They put it over the face of 82. Hanari has a mic.

Hanari: "Have fun with Main at Leap of Faith, chicano."

He drops the mic on the chest of 82 also, as the two of them leave the ring, Hanari's music playing.

PC: "It was a set up! All a set up! Hanari didn't wanna face Robert Main at Leap of Faith! I think he lost the title on purpose to avoid facing Main!"

HHL: "Are you really surprised?! It's Chaotic Inc we're talking about, after all."

Hanari and Chaos back up the ramp, 82 laying in the ring with the belt across his chest and Robert Main's tee shirt over his face.

The Wizard is hobbling to the back, reaching for the rising contusion at the base of his neck. It seems to have only worsened as a result of the violent battle against Carnes and Gannon. He stumbles for the barricade, reaching out and using it as an aid.

Female Voice: WOOO!!!

A loud, drunken shrill sends him staggering back against the ring apron. Upon refocusing, his eyes catch a glance of Fantasia. She’s on her feet, eyes shut, cheering like a maniac. One half-full cup of dark beer is in each hand. A cluster of empty cups are at her feet. The woman is wasted.

Fantasia: WIZARD! WIZ! WIZZZ!!

Taken aback, as any sane or sober person would be, The Wizard moves slowly, keeping a safe amount of distance between himself and the barricade. Fantasia leans over the barricade spilling beer and, nearly her cleavage.


A small child gets in Fantasia’s way. Her eyes open, as wide as they can given her mental state, she spots the child and offers it some beer. At this point, XWF security steps in, snaring Fantasia and dragging her from ringside to, presumably, the parking lot.

PC: It appears as though Fanny indulged the liquid courage a bit too excessively. Hey, it happens. Gotta admire her enthusiasm, though.

With a shake of the head, The Wizard staggers up the ramp, showing the wears and tears of X-Treme battle.

Atticus White places a hand on The Wizard's shoulder which causes him to jump a little, White shakes his hand.

ATTICUS: "Congratulations on a well-earned victory, Wiz, can I call you Wiz? Shame however you didn't take home the Xtreme title so in return. After Leap of Faith, you have earned yourself another shot at the title for any time you choose with whatever stipulation you want."

Wizard stammers for a moment but White claps his shoulder and begins to walk away.

ATTICUS: "No need to say anything, well done tonight, looking forward to your second chance."

Atticus then begins to make his way to the ring as Savage cuts to commercial.

PC: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for what could be one of the biggest contract signings in XWF history!

HHL: "That's right, not only is Big D's Internet Championship gonna be on the line at Leap of Faith, his Savage career will be, as well."

PC: "BUT if Big D manages to defeat Atticus White's representative, he will become.............." *GULP* "Co-General Manager of Savage!!! That means he would be our boss!"

HHL: "I don't even want to think about it, Pip."

"X-Men Theme" by Powerglove hits over the PA system, sending the fans into a frenzy. Big D walks out onto the ramp and hoists his Internet Title high above his head, patting the plate as he does so.

PC: "Big D's been a proud Internet Champion thus far, but I get the feeling his biggest challenge awaits him."

HHL: "No doubt about it, with so much on the line, Atticus' representative certainly has to be someone he can trust."

PC: "Is it you?"

HHL: "No, Pip, it isn't me."

Big D makes his way down the aisle, giving fans fives and showing off his Title, before sliding into the ring where some nice office chairs and a table await him. D heads over to one of the corners, where he climbs to the second rope and holds his belt in the air to a roar of cheers. After a bit of showing off, Big D hops down and heads over to the table, where a microphone awaits him. He picks it up, but doesn't speak right away, rather, choosing to take in the moment.

HHL: "Big D knows this could be the last time he ever steps into a Savage ring, he wants to cherish it."

PC: "Well, he should focus on winning, then, and not what could happen pending a loss."

Finally, Big D puts the mic to his mouth and speaks.

D: "There's alot of people out there who expect this to be my final appearance on Savage............"

The arena fills with boos as Big D smiles and nods.

D: "Well, I'm not one of them!!!!"

The fans erupt into a chorus of cheers.

HHL: "There ya go, Pip."

D: "I don't know who I'm facing and, quite frankly, I don't give a shit! It could be Jenny Myst, Sarah Lacklan, or even MeFisto for all I care; the end result will be the same!"

The hot crowd continues to cheer on the Internet Champion.

D: "This is the opportunity of a lifetime for me, a chance to not only pick up a big Pay-per-view victory, but also help shape the foundation of this company as a whole!"/blue]

The crowd cheers at the prospect of Big D being in charge, but it's quickly ruined by the sound Atticus White's theme music, causing their tone to immediately switch to boos. Out onto the ramp walks the Savage General Manager, flanked closely. hind by none other than the XWF Head of Security, Little Feather.

HHL: "Is he Atticus's pick???"

PC: "Wouldn't be a bad one, he DOES hold a recent pinfall victory over the Internet Champion."

HHL: "True, but we both know the circumstances behind that 'win.'"

PC: "Still counts, Heather."

The two men make their way down to the ring, where they climb up the steel steps and inside the squared circle. Atticus arrogantly struts over to a free chair and sits down, Little Feather standing directly behind him. They stare down D, who doesn't seem to give a shit, rather laughing at the mere sight of them.

[blue]D: "I see you brought your lapdog, Atty......."

The fans join Big D in laughter, but it doesn't affect Atticus. He continues to glare at D, a slight smile forming at the side of his mouth.

D: "Is he gonna actually fight fair this time?!"

Still no response from White, who leans back in his chair and puts his hands behind his head. Big D seems rather confused by his unusually casual attitude.

D: "Did you get into my secret stash backstage or something? Smoke a little bit of the peace pipe with Little Feather before you came out here?"

Atticus shakes his head, joining the audience in laughter. Finally, he leans forward and picks the other mic off the table before speaking.

ATTICUS: "You'll have to forgive me, D, it's hard not to celebrate the fact that tonight's gonna be your last night on Savage."

Big D nods his head in amusement, clapping for the GM as the fans let him have it.

D: "On the contrary, Atty, you're gonna be seeing ALOT MORE of this face after I kick Little Feather's ass!!!!"

ATTICUS: "There's that good ole Big D confidence we've all grown to know and love!.......... it's just too bad it's all unfounded. You may have managed to sneak your way into a few Title reigns here and there, but they've ALL slipped out of your grasp before you could even grab hold of them! And don't get me started on your pay-per-view record........."

D[interrupting): "Hey! I won War Games last year!"

ATTICUS: "Oh yeah? is that why Sarah Lacklan was out there celebrating with Vinnie like she was the Captain?! If you want a pitiful half point for that, you can have it because you failed miserably at Leap of Faith AND Relentless; which is a damn shame, because there was quite a bit of hype surrounding you after you won the Xtreme Championship........ but that's just it, D, all you are IS hype! It's why you'll always be a Tournament semi-Finalist as opposed to WINNER. You can blame Blackwater for Lethal Lottery, or throw a tantrum because the man who beat you fairly at March Madness went on to lose; but at the end of the day it's YOUR fault for never being good enough. Ned's not the reason you lost the TV Title, neither is the towel, it's all YOU!!!!! Sure, you can beat Gilly, but who hasn't? That's not an accomplishment, and it's certainly not something to hang your career on! If anything, that should only tell you how pathetic your career has ACTUALLY been!"

Big D does his best not to show it, but Atticus White's word clearly strike a chord in him. He wipes the sweat from his face and holds the mic up to his mouth.

D: "Ya done?"

Atticus cackles, realizing he's gotten under Big D's skin. He holds out his hand, palm up, gesturing for D to speak his piece.

D: "I've been fighting authority my entire life, not just my career, but my fuckin' LIFE!!!! In high school, I refused to read 'The Color Purple' because the teacher had the nerve to hand me a book with sex scenes in it after rejecting one of my project ideas because it was too 'inappropriate.' I have no fear, Atticus, whether it's for you or any member of the roster; I will look whoever's standing across from me dead in the eyes and bitch slap them so hard their momma feels it! That's what it takes to get to the top, and that will never NOT be my ultimate goal! Knock me down 7 times, and I'll get up 8!!!! Nobody expected me to knock off Bobbi London, and yet here I stand! You can trash me all you want, Atty, I can take it.......... I HAVE been taking it my entire career. There's been plenty of Atticus Whites in my life, and I expect there'll unfortunately be many more. But do you know what they all had in common? Not a single one of them could keep me down forever, eventually Big D comes out on top! You may think you've had the upper hand thus far, but come Leap of Faith, you're gonna find out you've been playing checkers while I'VE been mastering chess. You're merely a pawn in my game, and I'm about ready to sacrifice you so that I can become King!!! And that ain't no story.............."

Big D holds up the microphone so the audience can finish his catchphrase.


Big D slams the mic on the table and speaks loud enough for the cameras to capture.

D "Now where's that fuckin' contract?!"

Atticus motions in front of him at a piece of paper next to a quill and some ink, which Big D questions.

D: "What the fuck is this? We signing the Declaration of Independence or somethin'?"

ATTICUS: "It's elegant! Not that you'd know anything about that!"

Big D shakes his head, dipping the quill in the ink before scanning over the document, reading pieces aloud.

D: "Singles Match........... Big D......... Mystery Competitor.......... Internet Title............... Savage co-General Manager.............. I gotta hand it to you, Atty, this seems pretty fair."

Atticus smiles, nodding his head in appreciation of the compliment. Big D does one last quick look down before signing on the dotted line and tossing the quill down as the crowd goes wild.

HHL: "Well, we've got one signature, now we just need Little Feather's and the match will be official!"

PC: "Are we sure it's Little Feather, though?"

Big D slides the contract towards the Head of Security, grabbing the mic as he does so.

D: "These part few months have been wonderful for you, haven't they Little Feather? A pinfall victory over yours truly, the Redskins potentially changing their name, and now a shot at the Internet Champion.........."

Atticus White stands up, holding his hand out to stop D.

ATTICUS: "You have it all wrong, Big D, Little Feather isn't out here to sign the contract, I brought him here to protect me from YOU............"

HHL: "What the............?"


Big D turns around, only to get sprayed with a spew of Poison Mist. He grabs his eyes in agony, allowing Graves to kick him in the gut and set him up for a Graves Consequences.

HHL: "How is this even possible?! He looked like he died on Anarchy!!!"

PC: "I don't know, but if THAT'S what Big D has to deal with, he can kiss Savage, AND his belt, goodbye."

The Dark Warrior drives Big D through the table, laying him out completely as the fans begin to throw stuff into the ring. Atticus and Little Feather clap for Graves, who picks up the quill and contract before kneeling down by D. He grabs the side of the Champion's head and holds it in place while he uses the quill to cut his forehead open. Blood trickles down Big D's face, which Graves uses to sign his portion of the contract to the horror of the live crowd.

HHL: "So much for elegance.........."

Michael Graves grabs the Internet Championship and holds it above his head, as Atticus lifts his other arm up. After a moment of this, he tosses the belt on the fallen Champion, before climbing out of the ring. Atticus and Little Feather follow, glancing back at the carnage they've caused.

PC: "Almost makes you feel sorry for D................ almost."

HHL: "Graves has been calling D out for months, ever since his temporary retirement following March Madness. He must see this as a way to finally get his hands on the man who refused to answer the call.

PC: "It certainly adds an additional layer to Leap of Faith, that's for sure."

”Ladies and Gentleman the following contest is a THREE STAGES OF HELL MATCH for the XWF TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!”

”Introducing first the challenger, he’s lead to the ring by his tag team partner ROBERT “THE OMEGA” MAIN… he is “CHRONIC” CHRIS “THE ALPHA” PAGE!

The house lights dim to darkness as white strobe lights start to flicker all over the building with a spotlight hitting the top of the ramp displaying the XWF World Tag Team Champions Cataclysm standing in the midst of a thick white smog.

”It was just two weeks ago Chris Page and Shawn Warstein put on a clinic for over sixty minutes and now here tonight he finds himself in prime position to leave Savage as the new XWF Television Champion.”

Upon seeing Page and Main at the top of the ramp we see Robert has the both of the tag titles, one slung over each shoulder as Chris unbuttons his black trench coat revealing strapped around his waist is the “XWF CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP”.

”Correction, Canadian Champion.”

Chris and Robert start to make the walk towards the ring as we see Chris remove the Canadian Title from around his waist as he raises it high in the air for all to see on his walk to the ring.

”He did bring the Canadian Title! Where the hell did he get that?!?!?!

”The man personifies Professional Wrestling in every sense of the word.”

”Stop jock riding homie.”

Chris and Robert reach ringside where they bump fists before Chris climbs up on the ring apron taking a look out across the venue before stepping through the ropes and walks towards the official who stands center ring with a large ring that’s attached to a cable from the rafters. Chris demands the Canadian Title be hung on the ring. Initially the referee refuses but quickly changes his tune as he’s intimidated by Page; The official hooks the Canadian Title on the ring.

”And his opponent….”


Twenty midgets with sparkers in both hands held as high as their little arms can reach, line both sides of the entrance ramp. The sparkers ignite as Thunder Knuckles walks past them, the TV Title around his waist. Once Thunder Knuckles is down to the ring he rolls under the bottom rope and in one movement he pops up to his feet. With his back turned towards the camera, he raises his right fist in defiance. As soon as his fist goes up, counterfeit xbux with Thunder Knuckles' face on them fall onto the crowd.

”I never get tired of the midgets!!”

”Thunder Knuckles not showing any signs of intimidation as he hands over the Television Championship to the referee.”

The referee then attaches it to the large ring with the Canadian Championship and the ring is pulled up 15 feet above the ring.

”Let’s run this down real quick for the uninformed. Stage One is a Wrestling Match while Stage Two is going to be a Fall’s Count Anywhere Match…”

”And the Third Stage if needed will be a Ladder Match.”

”Let’s not forget Thunder Knuckles attached the 15 Minute Time Limit to each fall. If there’s no winner in the 15 minute time limit that particular fall is a draw and only benefits the Champion.”

Page and TK stare across the ring from each other as the referee calls for the bell.

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

[Image: 8K9Z08s.png]

Thunder Knuckles ©
- vs -
"Chronic" Chris Page (w/ Robert "The Omega" Main)
Three Stages of Hell



Page hollers out at TK.


TK responds by flipping Page off which draws a smirk and a nod from Page as he comes out from the corner meeting TK with a lock up where they jockey for position before Page takes a back waist lock before hoisting TK up in the air and planting down on the mat on his chest. Page quickly floats over into a front face lock before paintbrush slapping TK across the back of the head! Page pops back up to his feet as TK reaches his knees where he’s met with a crotch chop from Page!

”Certainly nothing but disrespect from Page to Thunder Knuckles.”

TK gets back to his feet where he charges towards Page who takes him down with a drop toe hold before transitioning into a side headlock. Page cranks down on the head of TK as the referee is in position asking him to give up. TK starts to work his way back to his feet where he drives several forearms into the ribs before backing Page up against the ropes where he fires him across the ring, Page bounces off the near side ducking under a clothesline from TK while taking a second back waist lock only to be met with a reverse elbow from TK to the jaw before he scoops Page up and slams him down to the mat! TK follows up by dropping an elbow across the chest of the challenger where he makes the first cover of the contest.




Page pops a shoulder up off the mat. TK reaches his feet where he starts stomping down on Page before he reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he rocks him with a series of right hands backing him up into a neutral corner where he then starts stomping away at the midsection of the challenger! TK hurls Page across the ring sending him smashing into the buckles, Page comes out of the corner and into a back body drop from TK but before TK can capitalize we see Page roll out to the floor under the bottom rope. Robert Main comes over helping Page to his feet.

”Page rolls out to the floor breaking the momentum Thunder Knuckles was building.”

In the ring TK bounces off the far side charging across the ring where he leaps over the top rope with a Tope Suicida on to Page as Robert gets out of the way! TK pops back to his feet on the floor where he reaches down picking Page up and hurling him back into the ring. TK slides back into the ring and is back to his feet where he reaches down picking up Page where he takes him back into the ropes shooting him across the ring, Page bounces off the far side as TK ducks his head and is actually met with a DDT spiking from CCP!

”Page with a quick counter after that flurry by Thunder Knuckles.”

Chris starts to work his way back to his feet where he picks the Television Champion up off the mat before driving him back down into the mat with a Samoan Drop followed by a cover.




TK escapes the near fall as Page starts hammering him with right hands to the forehead! The referee lays the count to Page who stops at four before reaching a vertical base. He reaches down picking TK up off the mat where he laces him across the chest with a knife edge chop that echoes throughout the building. Page follows it with a second and harder chop across the chest which brings an open handed chop to Page followed by a forearm to the jaw before finalizing with a Side Russian Leg Sweep!

”Thunder Knuckles has turned it around!”

Thunder Knuckles rolls out to the ring apron where he gets to his feet and starts to climb the nearest set of turnbuckles. TK climbs up to the top turnbuckle where he eyes Page who lays on the mat. TK leaps off the top turnbuckle looking for a Flying Elbow drop! Page rolls out of the way at the last second sending TK crashing down into the canvass!

”The ring general that is Chris Page saw that coming a mile away.”

Chris stands to his feet where he picks up TK latching on to a back waist lock before delivering a German Suplex, Page rolls through picking both himself and TK up off the mat where a second German Suplex is delivered! He doesn’t release the grasp as he rolls through picking himself and TK up off the mat where a third and final Release German Suplex to TK folding him up like an accordion ! Page pops up off the mat where he measures TK who starts to push himself up off the mat and as he does Page drives a boot to the midsection doubling TK over and from there Page positions and under hooks the arms before delivering a thunderous PAGE PLANT to TK! Page rolls over the Television Champion making the cover hooking the near leg.





”Chris Page is up one to none on Thunder Knuckles! Now we move into Stage Two, the Falls Count Anywhere match!”

”Thus far Page’s predictions are true and now it’s TK that must win or last fifteen minutes with CCP with no rules and pinfalls counting anywhere.”

Miss Fury walks out onto the stage as her troops follow close behind. The members of BOB line up, Broken Money Oswald and Micheal Graves, who for some reason is dressed up in his old Wraith attire to her left, and Jenny Myst to her right.
([Image: wraithmini.jpg])

Miss Fury: "I'm sure that many of you are wondering why BOB has decided to leave the confines of Anarchy and interrupt tonight's proceedings."

PC: "You're damn right we do!"

Miss Fury: "It's simple. Robert Main presents an unfair advantage for Mr. CCP, and that just doesn't sit well with us!"

PC: "Oh yeah!? So BOB suddenly cares about the rules!?"

HHL: "Would you shut up and let the woman speak!?"

Miss Fury: "Thunder Knuckles, as you are well aware, you are a priority signing for BOB. That's why TONIGHT, we're going to show you JUST ONE of the advantages that would come from joining BOB. Page, Main, tonight the advantage falls to Thunder Knuckles!"

Miss Fury tosses the mic behind her and leads her small army down the ramp to ringside, where they inhabit 3 of the 4 sides of the ring!

PC: "This is ridiculous! Atticus White can't possibly be considering allowing this to happen?"

HHL: "Are you kidding? Do you really think BOB is going to give him the choice!?"

The members of BoB walk down to the ring as Robert simply laughs at them. They take their place on one side of the ring with Miss Fury pounding on the mat to get behind TK.


Chris looks at the foursome in the corner of TK at the members of BoB before looking over at Robert where he shrugs.


”Here we go with Falls Count Anywhere and it looks like Thunder Knuckles has some friends at ringside.”

Page comes forwards as TK is starting to get to his feet and is met with another boot to the midsection where Page looks to deliver a second Page Plant! TK counters with a back body drop and it’s Page who pops back up off the mat where he’s clotheslined over the top rope and out to the floor by TK at the feet of the members of BoB! Broken Money and Graves immediately start to pounce on Page with kicks to the downed challenger which brings Robert around the ring where Fury and Myst cut him off with a pair of steel chairs! Graves and Broken Money back away from Page as Thunder Knuckles rolls out to the floor. He reluctantly looks in both directions before stomping down on Page!

”Such a weird situation at ringside with BoB as Thunder Knuckles takes control.”

TK picks Page up off the floor before taking him and hurling him into the ring post where he bounces face first off the post! TK makes the cover!




Page kicks out as Myst and Fury dare Robert with chairs in hand.

”Robert has kind of be rendered defenseless as the numbers are stacked against Cataclysm.”

TK is back to his feet where he reaches down picking Page up off the floor where he hurls him over the barrier and on to the concrete floor! TK comes over the barricade followed by Graves and Money. TK doesn’t realize the members of BoB are behind him as he charges forward looking to punt kick Page in the temple only to have Page throw his head up at the last second! Chris gets up and snatches a beer from a fan hurling it into the eyes of TK as he spins around! Page turns catching Money blocking a right hand and counters with one of his own sending Money sailing back into Graves creating a little distance as he turns and charges towards TK blasting him with a running forearm dropping the champion.

”One has to wonder how long this is going to last because regardless if Thunder Knuckles knows it or not he’s got some backup.”

Page tosses a kid from his seat before folding it up and he sizes TK and as TK starts to turn around Page looks to blast him in the skull only to have Graves snatch the chair and allows TK to connect with a boot to the midsection before hurling Page into a concrete wall. Main has had enough and burst through Myst and Fury and heads towards the security railing when suddenly he’s blind side by…


CHRIS CHAOS and PETER GILMOUR attack from behind as HANARI CARNES reaches ringside with a smirk on his face. Chaos and Gilmour hurl Main into the ring where they slide into the ring after him. In the crowd TK is taking Page up a down isle and up towards the concourse! TK hurls back through a black curtain spilling him into the concourse of the building where fans circle around both men while TK snatches a full trash can where he smashes it over the skull of Chris Page!

”We’ve got a fight in the concourse AND a fight in the ring!”

Back in the ring Chaos sets Main up for Gilmour who delivers a GILMOUR CUTTER to Robert Main! Chaos starts stomping away at Main before he and Gilmour pick Robert up and hold him by both arms! Carnes charges forward with the Xtreme Championship blasting him in the skull and busting him wide open!

”Chaos Inc. is making a statement with one half of the Tag Team Champions!”

Back up at the concourse TK is shown nailing Page with a running knee! He makes the cover on the challenger!




Page kicks out!

”It seems like for now this is back to one on one with Thunder Knuckles and Chris Page while in the ring Carnes is doing a number on Main!

Back in the ring Carnes is hammering away at the open wound of Main!

”Carnes is making a statement as well as Chaos Inc.”

Back on the concourse TK is nailed with a low blow from Page before violently being driven down into the concrete with a spinbuster slam! Page reaches his knees where he happens to look up at a television monitor that’s showing the action in the ring and its then that he sees the three on one attack on Robert Main. Page gets to his feet where he pushes through the fans and makes his way back into the arena where he runs down the stairs to the floor seats and then to the barrier and when he jumps over the barrier he’s whacked across the back with a chair shot from Myst!

”This is freaking insane.”

Carnes has Chaos pick Main up and send him sailing over the top rope and out to the floor. He gives instruction to both his compadre’s as they exit the ring picking Robert up and carrying him off towards the back while through the crowd TK emerges clutching his junk as he reaches the barrier where he climbs over while both Myst and Fury back away. Page reaches all fours before stepping up to his feet where TK comes up from behind locking in the XBUX DREAM!

”The sleeper is locked in!!

Page tries to fight it but TK has it snitched in deep! Chris swings wildly as he desperately tries to free himself before dropping to one knee and then to a seated position on the floor. The referee asks him to surrender but he’s slowly fading away. The referee raises the arm of Page and it falls to the side! He raises it a second time and again it falls to the side! He raises for a third and final time and releases it and it falls to the floor!!



”And we’re knotted at one fall a piece as we’re now set for the third and fall stage, the Ladder Match!”

”And from the looks of it Thunder Knuckles is going to start this stage with a HUGE advantage.”



TK releases the Sleeper Hold as Page slumps to the floor. Miss Furry screams for TK to pull out a Ladder. TK has already thrown the ring apron back where he pulls out a Ladder and slides it into the ring. TK slides into the ring where he reaches his feet and grabs the Ladder!

”Thunder Knuckles is on the verge of retaining the TV Title!!!”

TK sets the Ladder up underneath both belts before he starts to climb while out on the floor Page is shown pulling himself up and into the ring as TK is half way up the Ladder! TK reaches up but isn’t high enough up the Ladder so the steps up another rung with his fingertips touching the gold before being yanked down a rung by Page! Chris lands a clubbing blow across the back of TK before climbing up the Ladder before positioning himself where he powerbombs TK from the Ladder down to the mat!

”Page keeps the match alive!!”

Page works his way back to his feet where he folds up the Ladder and takes it back leaning it back against a neutral corner. He turns his attention towards TK who is on the mat. He reaches down picking TK up where he rocks him with a European Uppercut rocking TK backwards before he takes TK and sends him sailing towards the corner and crashing into the Ladder! TK bounces off the Ladder and into a front waist lock. Page turns with his back towards the Ladder. Page then hurls TK over head with a Release Belly to Belly Suplex into the Ladder!!

”That’s going to leave a mark for sure!”

Page is back to his feet as he sizes TK up who struggles to his feet while clutching at his lower back. Page drives a boot to the midsection before delivering a second PAGE PLANT!

”Page is going to do it!”

Chris gets back to his feet and makes his way over to the Ladder. He pulls it out from the corner where he then sets it up underneath the titles. TK is laid out as Page starts to make the climb up the Ladder!

”Page is making the climb!”

Page is climbing midways up the Ladder as he continues to climb. He reaches up taking a hold of the Canadian Title with one hand and the TV title with another when suddenly Michael “Wraith” Graves spring boards off the top rope and on to the opposite side of the Ladder where he takes the head of Page and smashes it into the top of the Ladder! Graves does a sunset flip over the top of the Ladder with a sunset powerbomb to Chris Page driving him violently down into the mat! Money is shown sliding into the ring where he reaches down picking Page up off the mat where he holds him by the arms as Graves gets up of mat and folds the Ladder up.

”The BoB faction is hell bent on making sure Thunder Knuckles retains his title!”

Graves charges towards Page looking to smash him with the Ladder! Page slips out of the way causing Graves to smash Money with the Ladder sending him spilling out to the floor! Graves drops the Ladder and spins around where he’s met with a boot to the midsection before being PAGE PLANTED on the Ladder! Suddenly Jenny Myst climbs up on the ring apron where she springboards off the top rope only to be caught in midair and set down on the mat where he plants a lip lock on her!

”Pastor Page is livin’ a life of sin!”

Chris hurls Myst over the top rope and on top Miss Furry before spinning around and eating a superkick from TK who just manages to get to his feet!

”Page might have just lost some teeth!”

TK positions the Ladder flat on the mat before turning his attention back towards Page where he comes forward picking Page up off the mat where he positions him for an Alabama Slam! TK turns towards the Ladder before delivering the Alabama Slam on to the Ladder!!

”That was damnedest Alabama Slam I’ve ever seen!”

TK lays Page across the Ladder before making his way towards the ropes! He steps out to the ring apron before scaling the nearest set of turnbuckles! TK stands up on the top rope looking down a prone Page on the Ladder! TK leaps off the top rope looking to deliver a Flying Elbow Drop! Page rolls off the Ladder causing TK to crash down on top of it!

”Thunder Knuckles took a chance that didn’t pay off!!”

TK rolls off the Ladder as Chris Page is show pushing himself up off the mat and back to his feet. He looks down at TK and then at the Ladder. Page reaches down picking up the Ladder before setting it up in front of a neutral corner. Page starts to climb the Ladder as TK is laid out as Chris climbs all the way to the top of the Ladder standing up on the very top of the Ladder itself!

”What the hell is he thinking here?!?!”

Page sets sail off the top of the Ladder where he looks to deliver a massive Diving Headbut that’s on target!! Both Page and TK lay on the mat with the referee powerless to do anything but look on. After several second Chris starts to push himself up off the mat and back to his feet before staggering back to the corner that houses the Ladder. He folds the Ladder up before positioning it under the belts.

”Thunder Knuckles isn’t moving!!”

Chris starts to make the climb up the Ladder!

”There’s nobody standing in the way of Page grabbing those belts! We’re about to witness the rebirth of the Canadian Pure Rules Championship!”

Page reaches the half way point and continues to climb. He reaches the top of the Ladder where he reaches up grabbing the Canadian Championship where he pulls the title from the ring! He reaches up grabbing the Television Title …


Page pulls the title down!

”We’ve got a new Champion!”

”Chris Page has just become the new XWF Television Champion!”

”Canadian Champion you mean!”

Page holds up both title belts as he sits on top of the Ladder! The referee is shown speaking with the time keeper before he addresses the ring announcer.

”Ladies and Gentleman, the referee and time keeper have informed me that Chris Page retrieved the Television Championship AFTER the fifteen minute time limit had expired; thus the Ladder Match is a DRAW.”

Page is heard screaming out “BULLSHIT” before he starts to come down the Ladder.

”If what they’re saying is true then…”

”Thus still XWF Television Champion… THUNDER KNUCKLES.


Page argues with the referee who stands firm on his decision before Page drops him with a Code Breaker! Page pops back up to his feet where he takes both the Canadian and the Television Title and as he looks to exit the ring his attention is draw to the XWF-Tron as his last name is called.


Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour have Robert Main held by both arms in the back somewhere near the loading dock.

”We’re going to make this simple for you.”

Hanari Carnes continues.

”My boys Chris Chaos and Peter Gilmour want Cataclysm at Leap of Faith for the XWF Tag Team Championship, and if you don’t accept we’re going to end Robert here and now… and if you do accept… we’re going to end Robert here and now!”

Carnes delivers a step up Enziguri to the temple of Main! Main crumbles to the ground as Carnes looks down at him.

”That’ll teach you to speak about the Xtreme Championship!”

Chris exits the ring with both belts and hurries his way up the ramp where he disappears behind the curtain. A camera catches Page as he comes through the curtain and takes off running towards a downed Robert Main as Chaos Inc. all get into an awaiting car and peels out as Page kneels down checking on his tag team partner as Saturday Night Savage leaves the air.

As the music plays, the camera cuts to the back.

82 is standing in the back, wincing and holding his ribs. He has a fire in his eyes.

82: HANARI! You sniveling little coward. You didn't wanna fight Robert Main, so you set me up? Couldn't just leave well enough alone and take your loss like a man! Well, now I am going to make your day a whole lot worse! At Leap of Faith I WILL be facing Robert Main for the X-Title, but SO.....WILL....YOU! That's right, its gonna be a triple threat now, and best believe I am gonna get me some! Your plan backfired, chico, and Robert Main and I are going to make sure you don't leave Tokyo in one piece!

Don't believe me?!

Just ask the boss.......

The crowd cheers as Vinnie Lane steps onto the screen.

Vinnie: Yeah dude. It's for real. Triple Threat, and Chris Chaos is banned from ringside!

The crowd cheers as Vinnie gives a thumbs up, flashing his pearly whites.

Vinnie: Good luck, dude!

82 smiles a wicked grin as Savage goes off the air.

Special thanks to

Big D
Scott Charlotte
Jenny Myst
The Wizard
Sebastian Duke

And everyone that RPed this week

[Image: V3i33MC.png]
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That was fucking bullshit, why can't I fucking win a match? I was against two useless rookies and Jim fucking Jimson and still, I couldn't win. FUCK!!!

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Thunder Knuckles is walking backstage shaking his head.

Godamn... Fucking... Draw... SHIT!

Thunder Knuckles walks past and notices a weeping Liam Roberts.

Hey.... It's you! Chasm's kid, right? I saw you out there! Losing to the rawest most uncut pure fucking entertainer on the fucking planet! Next to 'Ol Thunder Knuckles, of course. Jim "The Jim" Jimson! Greatest HeavyMetalWeight Champion fucking EVER! At least it wasn't a fucking draw. Keep your head up! Oh shit, kid! Maybe, Yeah, you can join up with those BoB fuckers. They won't leave me the fuck alone! Every Godamn time they're around I get a fucking draw. Fucking ass-hats.

Thunder Knuckles pulls out a sharpie and signs Liam's shirt.

You owe me TEN xbux for that, by the way. Take it, easy, kid.

Thunder Knuckles walks off shaking his head.

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(07-11-2020 08:20 PM)LiamRoberts Said:  That was fucking bullshit, why can't I fucking win a match? I was against two useless rookies and Jim fucking Jimson and still, I couldn't win. FUCK!!!

Heyyyyyy, Liam how's it going. I see you wiped that strawberry jam off your face. It's nice to know that you found a napkin, I'm truely proud of you, kiddo.

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Ooc: TK had a blast, we def will do this again.

[Image: ChrisPage1.png]

[Image: fMJwa5h.png]

With Robert "The Omega" Main

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