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07-10-2020 11:36 PM

Wednesday Night Warfare
Wednesday July 1ST, 2020

Replay:“Warfare comes to Brian Storm and Liam Roberts and they have come to blows in the backstage area. The much bigger and more powerful Storm has the advantage, however, as he is pounding away at Liam. Picking him up, he tosses him onto a refreshments table. Coffee, tea and crepes go flying as the table buckles. Grabbing Liam by the head he then tosses him into some storage crates. Storm seems to be in a rage here. Something has set him off.

Liam is just trying to survive as he backs away, throwing random objects into the path of the charging Brian Storm.

Liam, searching for anything he can find, grabs the coffee out of the hands of a random backstage employee and tosses it into the face of Storm. The big man yells and covers his eyes and Liam kicks him in the side of the knee, taking him down to one. Liam then takes off, disappearing off screen. The big man gets back to his feet, even more angry now. He searches every room in the back until he comes to the bathroom.

"I know you in here!" he yells. Looking under the stall he sees Liam's feet. "Gotcha!"

He kicks down the stall door and grabs Liam as he tries to crawl under. Picking him up he shoves Liam's head into the toilet, flushing, giving him a swirly. He lets go and Liam comes up out of the toilet, gasping. Storm tosses Liam face first into the bathroom mirror, cracking it and drawing a little blood. Liam is crawling out of the bathroom now, on all fours.

He beats Liam all the way out to the parking area. Liam sees his chance to escape and runs towards a nearby car, throwing the passanger out of the way and trying to get in. Storm catches him, pulling him out of the car. Liam gets a thumb to the eye, making him release, then slams torm hand in the car door. The big man yells out again, holding his hand. Liam sees the opportunity to strike and now climbs onto the roof of the car. He goes to jump off with a cross body but Storm catches him........getting him into position.........

POWERBOMB on the hood of the car.

Storm keeps him in the legs up position as the ref smacks the hood of the car.


Winner: Brian Storm”

A Few Minutes Later

I quickly walk through the backstage area with my head down because after another shitty showing I wasn’t really in the mood to talk and just want to shower and get to my hotel room so that I could bury myself in overpriced mini bar booze. I turn and walk into the locker room and the anger just over takes me, I throw the water bottle I was holding in my hand against the wall and yell at the top of my lungs


You can tell that I am trying to hold back tears and that I am defeated just ready to give up and say fuck it but I just drop down onto the bench and just put my face in my hands and let out a scream that was somewhat muffled by my hands.


Once I got that out of my system, I take just a few deep breaths trying to relax and calm my nerves. Just than I heard the door to the locker room open, I lift my head up to look to see who it was coming in and saw the most useless piece of shit of the XWF staff Steve Sayors. I wasn’t really in the mood to talk but I also knew that Steve doesn’t really take no for an answer when he wants to get the inside scoop. So I just stare at him as he slowly inches his way into the room, before he got to close, I stop him and say

That’s close enough. What the fuck do you want Steve?

Sayors looks at me and softly said

I was just wondering if I could get a few words from you?

Great not only did I just get my ass handed to me in the ring I am about to be forced into an interview.

Let me guess you want to talk about how I am a fucking joke like my father and that I don’t deserve to even have a job here in the XWF saying that I haven’t won a single match since I joined the company?

You could hear the anger still in my voice when I spoke about my father and the losing streak, I was currently in.

Not exactly, I do want to talk about this little losing streak you are one, but I also want to know what your plans are for your next match in just 10 days at Saturday Night Savage.

Just make it quick

Steve signals for his camera man to come over, he stops in front of me and Sayors who is now sitting down on the bench beside me. Sayors looks straight into the camera

Hello XWF fans Steve Sayors here, coming to you live from the backstage area of Wednesday Night Warfare and my guest tonight is none other than XWF wrestler and the son of former XWF great Chasm, Liam Roberts

Did he really need to bring up my father when introducing me, am I that much of a loser that I am only know for being Chasm’s son? I just sit there and say nothing waiting for Sayors to ask his first question.

So, Liam tonight you lost what many is saying was an one-sided affair against Brian Storm. You asked for the match against Storm so what happened out there?

That is a good question, too bad I don’t really have an answer to what happened. When I asked for the match against Storm I looked at it as a way to prove my worth but as you saw that wasn’t that case, all I did was prove how much like my father I truly am.

I close my eyes and let out a huge sigh, I just sit there in silence for a few moments before looking back to the camera

Storm you might have gotten the best of me tonight but I promise you that if I get my rematch against you that you are not going to have the easy match you got tonight with me and that I will be the victor next time around.

So Liam in 10 day at Saturday Night Savage you are booked in a fatal four way match against two XWF newcomers Crazy Steve and The Jester, as well as XWF veteran Jim Jimson. Do you think you are going to be able to overcome your lose tonight and walk out of Savage with your first win here in the XWF?

I don’t want to get too cocky and say that I am going to 100% win this match, but I will say that so far neither of the newcomers have showed me anything special or have they done anything that makes me rethink that statement, and well Jimson just sucks so I was never too worried about him.

You know what Steve I think that is all I have to say tonight and I plan on letting my wrestling to the rest of the talking for me at Savage when I walk out finally with that W that has been within my grasp, and I hope that after I win I can take this victory into Leap of Faith against whoever I might be booked against.

Ok well thank you for your time

I get up and turn my back to Steve who is still sitting on the bench

Yeah what ever

I walk towards the showers as the camera fades to black

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