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PlaceMarker Instinct - When A Gift Is Also A Curse
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06-30-2020 11:58 PM

Twenty four hours down, twenty four hours to go, such is the tragic tale of being scheduled on-call duty at the hospital. Nathaniel stifled a yawn as he poured a cup of coffee, from a fresh pot that the nurses put out at their station and took a long swallow of the steamy libation. He was so tired, he literally felt like more of a zombie than Zane Norrison and that bothered him. Ordinarily working a 48 hour shift, didn't effect him this badly but lately, he hadn't been sleeping well. Demons from his past and those wretched skeletons clattering around in his closet, started presenting themselves as soon as he decided to turn his back on his former beliefs and attempted to travel down the road of redemption.

When his goals were set and he had plans to be the next Führer, certain cruelties and crimes were justifiable because in his mind, they had been done for the greater good but now that mass genocide and world domination, weren't his main objectives and the master plan had been abandoned. Now that he wasn't striving to accomplish the final solution. Nathaniel found himself feeling things that he never felt before. Remorse and guilt. Emotions that kept him awake at night and he didn't care for it one bit. He slept perfectly fine when he was a hate fueled Nazi but ever since he became a recovering racist, all this kindness, compassion and caring, for real about others and not an act that he put on, simply because he was employed in a hospital, was starting to take its toll.

Still, he was honestly committed to turning over a new leaf and becoming a better person for his son, Grey and that's really where his newfound sense of contrition derived from. The moment when he admitted to himself that his previous ways of thinking were wrong, he may as well have opened an internal flood gate of emotions because everything he repressed or restricted, came gushing in with overwhelming results and now, he couldn't sleep. It was a reality that he never envisioned and yet it existed, nonetheless. In spite of that factor, Nathaniel wasn't going to turn his back on his new approach on life and lose the opportunity to know his son and watch Grey grow up, so he bit the bullet and endured.

Hoping he'd eventually get some proper rest, before the exhaustion made him go insane and he wound up in the psych ward, with Brian Storm. Shit. Griffin really fucked that guy up with his betrayal.

"So is it true?"

[Image: 7KlQUvQ.png]

Nathaniel turned around, only to discover Sasha, the surgeon that he ostracized and shut out, after she did nothing but simply try to be kind to him, thus creating a rift or crack that wouldn't be repaired. She never spoke to him again after that nor did he seek her out and gradually, over time, it was as if they never shared a conversation at all. They were transformed into strangers, once more and Nathaniel, figured that was how it would always remain. Now, there she was making an actual effort, to talk to him. It was... unforeseen, to say the least and it took Nathaniel a few seconds to respond, due to being tired, coupled with the shock of Sasha's random appearance.

"Pardon. Is what true?"

"You're not a Nazi anymore?"

Nathaniel shot a glance over his shoulder at the nurses station and gave a slight, relieved sigh when he seen that no one was occupying a place within it. Then he returned his focus to Sasha.

"Yes, that is absolutely correct, I am no longer a Nazi nor do I strive to take control of the world."

"Random. What brought that on?"

Refusing to mention the topic of his blood being tainted by werewolf dna, as well as the other personal stuff that he came to realize about his past, Nathaniel replied...

"My son."

And left it at that.

"Your son prompted your change of heart? Wait. That means..."

"Yeah. I slept with someone outside the parameters of my beliefs and it resulted in the birth of my son. The more I thought about it though, the more I knew that I could never take on the role of someone that ordered his execution... there wasn't even a doubt in my mind about it, I would always opt to protect him, so I made a choice. I picked Grey over my carefully devised, master plan and discarded the entire operation completely. Dropped my two middle names too. Now I merely go by Nathaniel Idenhaus."

"Wow. I'm impressed. So what happened to the girl?"

"She's with her boyfriend, I assume."

"Damn. You hooked up with someone 'outside the parameters of your beliefs' and she was someone else's woman. I have to admit Nathaniel, I would have never expected this type of scandalous drama, from you."

"Yes, well there are times, I even shock myself."

Right after Nathaniel uttered these words, a stretcher zoomed by within a cross adjacent hallway and its arrival, momentarily drew his attention; however, when he brought his gaze back to where Sasha was standing, he found that she wasn't there. No one was there. He was alone. Quite the troubling sense of recognition to have slap you in the face, it was closely followed by an inexplicable urge to find out who was on that stretcher and where it went. So Nathaniel set off down the hall, in the direction that he saw the stretcher travel. About half-way down the hallway, he was temporarily halted in his tracks, for he could pick up Sasha's smell thanks to his acute wolf senses. And the scent swiftly sent him onward down the corridor. Until he found himself in the emergency room. A virtual maze few find their intended destination within, without a guide, Nathaniel navigated it with ease and it wasn't long before he was standing at the end of a bed, where a very unconscious Sasha lay.

Picking up her chart he scanned it over and as he did this, he became submerged in dread. Sasha had been in a car accident and things looked grim, based on her chart and yet, she was all alone. What the fuck was going on? Nathaniel cast his eyes to the left and then to the right, observing nurses scrambling and scattering around to other patients, like mice that consumed their weight in Red Bull and then looked back at Sasha. This was a situation where time was of the essence and still his pager sat silent, which meant the nursing staff was swamped. They were so overwhelmed, they didn't even notice Nathaniel and he was located, right at the end of Sasha's bed. In this scenario if something didn't happen fast, Sasha would most assuredly die. A thought that momentarily stirred up another emotion, that Nathaniel never experienced before. Doubt. And it forced him to do something incredibly rash and impulsive. He reached out and scratched her. Instantly, passing on the curse, whilst simultaneously saving her life.

[Image: V3XFG5c.png]

"Tomorrow night on Warfare, I have been assigned to meet The Hired Gun, within the ring for the Main Event. Currently, The Hired Gun is the Hart Champion, he took the belt off Centurion and I have to admit, I've never laughed louder or longer at the outcome of a match. I only wish I could have witnessed it in person and seen the look on Centurion's face, after he was crushed by The Hired Gun. Oh my god. After all his boasting and bragging, acting like he was this tremendous, relentless threat and he's bested by The Hired Gun. That's just priceless. Really. And now, he's vanished. Disappeared off to some remote, location where he can allow himself to forget his failure and sulk, like a small child or a woman."

"My guess is that he's shacked up in a cheap motel with Geri Miller, smoking pot, fucking and collecting stds like there's no tomorrow and without antibiotics, that's exactly how it'll be for the both of them. There will be no tomorrow. From superstar to syphilis sufferer, how sad. Not to me but I'm sure someone will be upset... or not, I don't really care. The only thing that bothers me is that I didn't get to curb stomp that smug, sack of shit into unconsciousness, before he assigned himself a death certificate by banging Geri Miller. Which had to have been deliberate. He must be willingly committing suicide. Only a moron wouldn't realize she was diseased, I mean... come on, every time you pass her in the halls, you're hit with the stench of wet, rotting garbage, fish and stinky cheese and she's wearing clothes, imagine the repulsive tidal wave of odor that would hit you if she was naked with her legs spread on a bed, in front of you. Ugh. Utterly repulsive."

"Enough on that putrid, stomach churning, topic. Time to talk about the matter at hand and things to come. On the next edition of Wednesday Night Warfare, I take on The Hired Gun in the Main Event, for ownership of The Hart Title. To be honest, I'm not a hundred percent familiar with The Hired Gun, beyond his most recent accomplishment. I know that he's not very fond of titles and he's fiercely loyal to Shane Carver but I can't really knock him for the latter because when Shane called me in to aid him in his endeavor, I complied. Which is when I encountered The Hired Gun for the first time, in a meeting at Shane's place, where we discussed future plans. After that I didn't go out of my way to communicate with him, just because we have a common ally, doesn't mean we gave each other friendship bracelets and make it a point to text each other, every free second we get. We're not Robert Main and CCP. In fact, if I wasn't in this match against him, I more than likely wouldn't be speaking about him at all. He is irrelevant to me and inconsequential in my daily life."

"I'm a busy surgeon, saving lives everyday, I can't have my thoughts occupied with the inane, irrelevancy of The Hired Gun, he simply isn't worth the space inside my head. That being said, that will not stop me from placing my full attention on him, when I march to the ring and take him on for the Hart Title. Since I didn't get to obliterate Centurion in the ring, everything I planned to do to him, I'll have to do to The Hired Gun. Oh and we're talking some legendary, bone crushing, skull shattering destruction. I aim to make certain that he cannot walk or even crawl from the ring, after his loss. If he's even conscious after our battle, guaranteed he'll be coughing up blood, hemorrhaging internally and suffering from multiple concussions. Heads up to management, if you do not have an ambulance on stand-by and doctors on hand, he's going to die. So you should probably prepare for that, lest you want to lose a Hired Gun but hey, there is two of them, right?"

[Image: VADiENp.jpg]
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