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French Fries and French Love
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06-30-2020 09:41 PM

ooc: sorry if this is long and gets DQ'd for it I loved writing this story. It brought me back to me old fan fic days. Might see some more in the future. ENJOY!

The scene opens on a bright moonlit night in the city of Paris, France. We see the moon is full and shining bright in the dark sky as the camera shows cars and buses roaming the streets of the city of love at a reasonable pace as people of all ages and sizes walk the streets at the same pace.

We see the Eiffel Tower is lit up as people take pictures around and away from the historic landmark. It is such a lovely night. What could go wrong?

The scene shifts to the streets of the city as we see a young man and a woman walk down the street hand in hand. They seem very much in love or just on a date, we are not sure. The man is in a black shirt and pants and is around 6 feet as the woman has her blonde hair down to her shoulders and wearing a nice red blouse with her boobs popping out. She must love the attention.

They walk for about 10 minutes down the street and they talk randomly. Suddenly, the man turns into a dark alley as he looks at his date with a smirk on his face. They go into the alley and begin to make out. It starts to get hot and heavy as we hear the woman moan in ecstasy and the man sliding his hands up and down her body. He then picks her up to straddle himself over her. The woman grunts as she must be waiting for him to pleasure her. But that is not the case as he begins to unzip his pants and then with his other hand begin to slide his hands up the woman's skirt. The woman grunts more and tells him "NO NO". The man is persistent and thrusts himself on her smashing her back into the wall. The woman screams as the man starts to fuck her. She continues to scream but nobody can be heard.

The man finishes as he cums all over her skirt. The woman falls to the floor crying as she was just raped. The man then picks her up and smacks her in the face. The woman begins to cry as the man seems pleased of what he did.

Man: Your were good mon cherie but I don't need you right now.

The man then flips out a sharp knife from his pocket and looks like he's going to stab or kill the young woman. The woman screams as the man gets closer to her. But still nobody can hear her cry for help. The man gets closer and slides the blade under her legs. He has a evil look in his eye.

Man: I'm gonna have fun cutting you up.

The man then cuts the skirt as we see the woman's privates exposed. She pleads with the man to stop and let her go but the man is persistent in doing more damage. He gets closer and looks to finish the job but we see a RED FLASH and then a card hit the man right in the face. The man stumbles but doesn't go down. Just then, out of the shadows we see Remy Leboux or Gambit for you comic book nerds out there appear. He is in his trademark leather jacket with his stick and his hair is perfect. He comes over and looks at the woman who is trying to recover from her attack. The man slowly gets up and looks at Remy.

Man: Who the hell are you?

Remy: You know who I am mon frere. Why do you do this to this poor woman. Ma'am are you ok?

[i[ The woman nods her head as she is still crying as we see a bruise appear on her right leg. She grabs her skirt and proceeds to hide in the shadows of the alley. The man smirks then looks at Remy. [/i]

Man: What are you her boyfriend? Get out of here you freak before I cut you up.

Remy smirks wickedly as he looks at the man flash his knife. He then motions for the man to bring it and the man begins to charge at him. But Remy sees the move and uses his stick to trip the man. He then begins to twirl his stick in the air and awaits the man to get up which he does and gets angry. He charges again but this time we see someone come in the way and drive him down to the ground with a vicious version of the Gilmour Cutter. Wait, it's PETER GILMOUR! Where did he come from? Peter comes into the shot wearing a black shirt and pants and his hair is down. He just caved that man's face into the dirty water and gook that was on the ground. The man looks to be knocked out. Peter then looks over at the man.


Peter laughs wickedly as Remy comes over to the woman who now comes out of the darkness.

Remy: Chere, you sure you ok? Can I take you to the hospital?

Woman: No I can go by myself. Thank you both for saving me. That guy was a real creep. Why can't I find a good man here in France?

Peter: Because you haven't met two sexy beasts like us. Let me take you to the hospital. I'll make sure you are ok. I'll protect you.

Woman: Ok, since your cute and all I'll go but don't try anything funny I'll kick your ass.

Peter: Oh don't worry about me mon cherie I don't do that kind of thing. I like to get to know my women and then if they like what they see maybe we'll get it on. But since you were attacked I don't want to risk that so let me take you to the hospital to get checked out. You already had a rough night. You go on ahead Remy, I'll catch up with you later.

Remy: Auvoir mon ami.

Remy leaves in a flash as Peter looks on. He then begins to walk with the woman towards the hospital. Along the way, they talk and try to get to know each other. The woman says she is a lawyer and just moved to France from the US. Peter mentions he is a wrestler for the XWF which intrigues the young woman. They walk for about 10 more minutes and the woman then puts her head on Peter's massive shoulder. Peter obliges with his arm around her making sure she seems comfy. Peter smirks wickedly. What is he plotting? They continue to walk down the street and then turn a corner.

The hospital is a few feet away and they go inside. The woman tells the nurse behind the counter that she was just raped. The nurse gets her name which is Lacy and she fills out some forms and waits for someone to see her. Peter stays with her because he's such a good man. After about 20 minutes we see someone come up to them. It is a doctor and he talks with Lacy about what happened. She mentions she was raped. The doctor then looks at Peter, thinking it might be him. Peter shakes his head no. The doctor then begins to lead Lacy to a room so she can get a rape kit taken. She stops and turns to Peter.

Lacey: Thank you for saving me Peter. You're such a good guy. Not like the others I've met here. Are you staying here in Paris?

Peter: Only for a few days then we go back on tour. Why do you ask?

Lacey: Maybe we can hang out and talk some more.

Peter: That sounds nice but I am a married man. Maybe we can just go out as friends.

Lacey: Ok sounds fair. I really want to get to know you more. So how about Wednesday?

Peter: No can do mon cherie. I have a match but maybe I can invite you to watch and after we can maybe go for a nice walk just like we did tonight. How's that?

Lacey nods her head and then goes over to hug Peter. Peter seems taken back by her emotions and slowly hugs Lacey. She then goes with the doctor to get checked up. She waves to Peter as he does the same as he turns to leave the hospital. Peter goes down the street walking back to his hotel smiling from ear to ear.


Peter continues down the street as we begin to FADE TO BLACK!


Peter: So we're finally here. Warfare tomorrow night as I go into a triple threat match with Azrael Erebus and our NEW Xtreme Champion Hanari Carnes. It should be one hell of a match as it is in my domain, XTREME RULES. Now I might be at a disadvantage since me and my friend Chris Chaos went to war last time on Warfare. I'm still a little banged up as you can see. But that won't stop me from beating the shit out of Hanari and Azzy. Let's talk about them shall we?

Azzy my good man you're up first. I'm glad you said something. I thought you would pussy out and leave it up to me and Hanari. But glad you could join us. I do remember our match back then. It was one of the most sickening matches of my career. Blood, SHIT and PISS match and you beat me and buried me in that crap. It took me days to fully get clean. Had to shower at least 4 times a day. I'm never going to do that again trust me.

But Azzy, as much as I respect you, I have to destroy you. I'm coming to Warfare with a mission and that is to hurt and mame you and Hanari. I'm going to do whatever it takes to win and I'll show you that what me and Chris did to Theo was only a warmup. We're going to take over this place and make management apologize for treating us like shit. Like I said, sorry you have to be the one to get taken to the Xtreme but I'm not going to let you stop me. So I hope you bring your best because I'm bringing mine.

Hanari mi amigo, I come to you. You seem pretty confident in winning our match don't you chico? You come out here gloating and parading your new Xtreme Title around like a trophy. I applaud you on how you got the belt. You took the opportunity and ran with it and now you are the champ. But alas, I now have to beat you to get back what I wanted for so long. I want that title around my waist for the 14th time.

You call me a goon and that my ego is only God-like. I am no goon. I'm the Xtreme Icon chico. I'm going to take you to my realm and beat you and take that title and show you that I am what I say I am. You can call me an egomaniac, a retard, anything you want. Fact is, you're nothing but a stupid pendejo!

You say I'm a midcarder. Bitch how many main events have you been in? I don't think a lot so you lose right there. I can back up what I say I can do. Sure, I may lose and get exposed and shit but I am still the face of this company. I never needs management's help to get title shots. I would've earned them easily. I never needed Theo, Vinnie and even Shane's help and if they get off on my complaints then so be it. I strive to be the best I can be and the ICON I already am. You got the Xtreme belt and I want it back.

You bring up a match from 2019 when me and you were in a match with Ned Kaye and yourself then bring up another match where it was Mr. Kennedy and Brother McBride and you mention I lost. So what? You made me tap out to your lame as fuck finisher. Big deal. I'm still better than you and I am going to prove it tomorrow night by beating the shit out of you and Azzy.

You think you're going to face Robert Main at Leap of Faith? Fat chance. When I win that title, it will be me versus him one more time and I assure you we will give the fans what they want. A full out fight to the death! And this time I will beat Robert Main and end his and Chris Page's run here in the XWF. That is the match people wanna see not you versus Main which is a total mismatch. Main is going to destroy you and get back the Xtreme Title. Don't think it will happen. You wait and see.

YOU are gonna send me to early retirement. Bitch, please. I've heard people say that for the past 13 years. Never gets old. Talk a big game but I still come out fighting even if I lose. I never give up, even if you say you made me say I QUIT. I never uttered those words in my life so SUCK MY DICK.

I'm going to beat the both of you and take back my title where it rightfully belongs. So get ready to be bloodied and battered. Get ready to be taken TO THE XTREME because tomorrow night, Daddy is getting his baby back. See you both in the ring.

Oh and Theo Pryce.. me and Chris will see you and Vinnie real soon. ;)


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