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By God He Speaks
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06-30-2020 09:41 PM


The camera fades inside the locker room of Kris The Hammer Von Bonn as he prepares to get ready for Wednesday Night Warfare, and his one on one match with the Wizard. His Manager Antony The Jerk is seated beside him.

They are both told that the camera is going live to the XWF Universe. Suddenly they stand up clapping.

Kris sits down but Antony remains standing.

"Well, well, well, looked who crawled out from under his rock? Look who decided to show up, and give my client, at least a little attempt of what is going to be a great match, for my client at least."

"You still crapped the bed Wizard. Big time. It stinks big time of failure. And I don't know why Mastermind ever wanted a match with a stink bum like you at Leap of Faith when he could have easily just put his hand up for the Leap of Faiith main event match. Oh wait that's right. They, the so called powers that be, aren't letting any previous participants in to this years Leap of Faith Main event, which of course isn't true, because some previous participants, who have gotten to the top of the XWF, will squirm their way into the match."

"Mastermind was in it last year, and was the second to last participant to reach a briefcase. We all know Ned Kaye won the briefcase, and lucky him. But hey that was last year and this is this year, and Mastermind will be meeting The Wizard in a match at Leap of Faith, to settle the score."

"But you Wizard are acting like it's all Mastermind's fault for what he did to you last Warfare. That you didn't do anything to provoke him did you? Yet you provoked him majorly over the month, and you expected him to sit back and take it. What a fucking fool you are. Well by making what looks like a half-assed attempt of a promo because you missed last week, you want us to feel sorry for you as well. It's not going to work shit head. Because none of us feels sorry for you. Mastermind doesn't, I don't, I know Melanie doesn't, and least of all, your opponent coming up. Take it away, Kris."

Antony sits down, and Kris stands up.

"From your promo, you don't look well, Wizard! Does that mean you want me to take it easy on your sorry ass? Because I'll let you in on a little Geheimnis? There is no fucking way I am going to go easy on you, you sorry excuse for the doppelganger of a monk. You are no monk. You don't shut up. You don't pray. You're just an imposter who as had very good luck for wins."

"You have a sore head Wizard? By the time I'm through with you, you'll have more of a sore head. You're going to wish you should have a headache.... no, make that a migraine..... no make that concussion..... because you will find yourself in the middle of next week come our match. And I foresee it now, that you will be pleading to say 'I Quit' because the pain will be so severe, you're going to wish you never.... ever... took on Mastermind and his Misfits. "

"I'm done telling you what I am going to do to you, Wizard. I'll show you my actions. And better yet, you are going to have an insight into what is going to happen to you at Leap of Faith. Hope you are going to get over yourself pretty soon, I hope you stop feeling sorry for yourself pretty soon because come our match. I WILL BE THE ONE TO MAKE YOU SAY 'I QUIT'. Then everyone will see how weak you really are."

"Because at the end of the day, I am your judge and jury, and when I'm through with you, you will be executed and you aren't going to like it. My hammer will be the gabble, and when I bring the gabble down, so will your sentence be carried out. If you don't believe it, then watch this."

From his pocket, Kris takes his hammer out and throws it at the camera. It hits the camera and the camera falls over. Antony gets up and both he and Kris laugh and disappear out of shot. The camera then fades out.


'Does a Hammer make a noise
while it is in flight?
It certainly does when
it find it's Target!'


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