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Final Test
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06-30-2020 10:09 PM

The limo sat idle. The small shake of the engine could be ever so slightly felt as the pistons purred. The dark tinted windows provided enough coverage from the beating French sun for him to see what he was looking at.

Stade Velodrome, the towering modern style arena sitting in the city of Marseille, France. The white-capped open roof, the shimmering glass, the perfectly manicured plants around the entrance, the peaceful looking grey walls.

This place was about to be a war zone.

He sat there, ogling the venue like a kid looking at his favorite celebrity in person.. Looking at it like going to a sports stadium for the first time. Like when he first landed in the United States and he rolled up to the Century Link Arena in Boise, Idaho. He won that night, he beat Ezra Blackwater on that night and it was off to the races. The Rimrock Auto Center in Billings, Montana, when he won the Television Title in his second ever match. He remembered sitting outside that arena, much like this, taking it all in.

The city of Marseille was bustling, and somewhere in the distance there was a siren. So that is what ambulance in France sound like?

He was sure he would be hearing the sound of one soon.

He sat there, staring at the arena where he would soon put his body through hell. It seemed so innocent from this distance.

As he sat there, he could hear voices. Not voices from the city, but voices in his head. He could hear his mother telling him how disappointed she was in him when he brought back a bad report card. He could hear her yelling at him when he came home too late. He could still see her dress, a mango colored floral pattern that worn down and got duller over the years. His mother didn't have many clothes, and they didn't always have hot water, but she always made the best of it.

A bird flew past the arena. He admired the way it glided.

He could hear the emotion, and the pride on his mothers voice, when he won the junior fighters championship in his town and was booked to fight for the Dominican National Team. The hug, where she pulled him close to her bosom. He could still feel the fabric.

Hanari didn't take his eyes off the building. He was jonesing for a cigar, he wanted some tequila. But he couldn't take his eyes off.

The voices got louder. It was his mother again. This time he could see her as well. She ran into his room, shoving the door open with more force than he thought she was capable of. Her normally olive complexion pale white. He heard her voice telling him to hide under the bed. There were loud bangs all around, and angry voices.

Men's voices.

He remebered doing exactly what she said. He remebered getting under the bed, and covering his ears. He may have even closed his eyes at one point.

There were more loud bangs, but he couldn't make out what they were with the hands over the ears. Then, silence.

A trail of blood streaked the floor............

Shell casings sat sprinkled like peanuts on ice cream.........

He brought a shaky, bloody hand up to the window of the limo. How much blood had he lost by now?

Using his own blood he began to write on the window of the limo.

His mother was in his head again, he heard her voice clear as day. She had the voice of an angel.

"Hanari, you're never gonna be nothing unless you put your heart into it."

He was ready to actually put his heart into it out still beating if he had to......

When he brought his shaky hand down from the window he sat back and looked at the dark tint. Barely visible it read a word he had no choice but to embrace.


He could see his mothers eyes looking back at him. This was his final test. Could he be everything he mom thought he could be? Or was he just going to be another disappointment. Was Warfare going to be his finest hour, or just another bad report card?

"Are you ready?" his driver asked.

"Yeah." Hanari said. "Let's get out of here. I wanna try on a new suit for my victory fiesta. This one's got blood on it."

[Image: KEFJrc8.jpg]

"There is a lot of chatter about the upcoming Pay Per View. The Leap of Faith event is one of the biggest in our sport, and the briefcase that is pulled from the rafters by the winner has been a game changers for many of the members on this roster. There are millions who watch around the country, and it is one of the most successful and unique Pay Per Views in the business. I plan on being at that event, defending at that event, sure. BUT, I don't look too far ahead in the future. I take it a day at a time, a show at a time. I know what it means to overlook someone. I am a victim of it. I overlooked Donnovan Blackwater, your very son Az, and look what happened. I had a big head, and I looked to start a streak very much like the one I ended. I got too ahead of myself, and now he has a win over me that he can hang his hat on. Apparently, you hang your hat on it too. So I am not going to care about Leap of Faith until the pyro goes off, the smoke clears, and I have that ugly mug of Robert Main standing across from me. Until then, I am laser focused. This belt means everything to me. It doesn't just mean I am a champion, that I am a top tier guy here, but it means I am a survivor. You wanted to tell us a little story? You wanted to go into your life. Well why not tell you a little about mine?

You see, your entire story was about how you were born on a different planet, you acquired all these powers and abilities, and now you've lost them. Now you are just as normal as anyone else. What did you say? I believe your words were "The command and supreme rule I once had is gone, I can get hurt and if I die, it's permanent and there is no coming back for this spaceman." How sad. A real tear jerker, hombre. You went on to say "Powerless, without a regeneration factor and both of my opponents, not only outweigh me by over a hundred pounds... each but along with that, they stand far taller than me too...."

Your story was a sad one. Mine....well....mine is a happy one. Fiesta! You see....mine is about survival. I never had the powers you had. I never had the ability to regenerate health. I had to take my beatings, and I sometimes they kept me down for a bit. Sometimes, I never got back to 100 percent. Hell, I may not be 100 percent now. But one thing I have always been is determined. I never relied on acquired powers, and never really had skill. I had to learn that too. I had to practice every day, countless hours in the gym and training facility. Blood, sweat and tears. I never had anything in my life, I had to go out and earn it. From a job, to a house, to food on the damn table. Nothing was ever handed. You said there was a time when you "solely relied on the wits, talents and skills that I honed on my own." Welcome to the real world. Welcome to my life. I am telling you right now, in front of the world, that I will kill you if I have to.

I am just glad I found you, ese. Everyone is looking for you. They want the legs back from the Big Bird costume. Let me ask, how was going to Warped Tour 5 years after high school? You have quite the outlandish style. It totally expresses the daddy issues and sorrows of life you have dealt with.....Like every other fucking emo. But all jokes aside, I am a survivor and I love pain. I am not sure you enjoy it quite as much. I also love the sense of accomplishment. I love doing it for my home country. I love doing it for my mother, for my siblings, but most of all.....I love doing it for myself. Love coming out here every week and proving myself. I love to win.

I am well aware that a match for this title, just one single match, is like a hundred normal matches. The strain I am about to put my body through is horrendous. The pain I am about to feel is unimaginable, but the prize is worth it. The prize of knowing that I fought an entire war myself and survived. I took on all the gladiators in the arena, and, smeared in blood, I came out the victor. I know that holding this belt will probably shorten a long and prosperous career, but to me, its worth it. Everyone says Hanari can't hold onto a title.....well, they aren't going to make it easy. I am not one of their bought-and-paid-for champions that gets a free pass until the Pay Per View. I am going to have this title on the line each and every show, plus all of the random attacks. I have had 3 pin attempts on me already! I am going to smash Mastermind's 129 day record, I am going to pass YOUR record. I am going to be the longest reigning champion in company history......but it all starts tomorrow night. Without tomorrow night, none of it will ever come to fruition. So, hombre, get ready, because Hanari Carnes is ready and willing to die before he loses this title.

Apollo 13 Said:"I have no aspiration for death."

Chico, I wish I could say the same.

"That brings me to Peter Griffin Gilmour. I think I pretty accurately portrayed the human embodiment of failure known as Peter Gilmour in my last promo, but let me just say........goddamnit, Peter, you look like your mother let you try your first beer through an umbilical chord. You look like you were home-schooled and still got bullied. I bet your teacher fucked you, too. Wouldn't surprise me, Peter. I can't take someone seriously whose beard looks like its made up of the hairs that he waxed off his tits. You can fight, and will fight, but you won't, and don't win. Ever. Peter I am coming for blood. You may be "Chaotic Inc" now, but that doesn't impress me. Consider this your initiation. Consider this your first assignment. Maybe if you are a good little boy and take that beating like a man, I won't break your arm.

I'll save that for Apocalypse now over there.

I know this means a lot to you. Every match means a lot to you. It must be tough being Peter Gilmour. Getting your hopes up every week only to have them shot down time and time again. I know that being wanted, accepted, and respected is a big thing for you, but it will never happen. Your days of being a champion are about as far gone as Barney Green's. The so called "God of X-Treme"...Peter you're lucky to be the "God of Dairy Queen". You don't know who you are or who you truly want to be. You don't know where you sit in this game called life. Let me be the one to fill you in in a way you will understand.

Violence. Pain. Bloodshed. Torture.

Peter, this one is gonna get ugly and I am gonna love every second of it.

Viva la Republic!
Viva la Dominicano!
Viva la Hanari Carnes!

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