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Who da hell are you?
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Atara Themis Offline
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06-30-2020 06:25 PM

...thought this was the 24/7 Hallway, not catering.

Since I'm here. Can I get a grilled steak soft taco, a black bean burrito, and one quesadilla?

[Image: CtJfzWx.png]
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Hanari Carnes Offline
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06-30-2020 06:46 PM

That was good........of all of the bean jokes I have heard.......that's up there.........with the best..............


It is the hallway. It's not a kitchen, or a bedroom, you aren't barefoot and although a little heavier than I like em, I am pretty sure you aren't pregnant. You do know this is a title belt, not a vacuum cleaner, right?

I appreciate the effort, but if you're gonna be offensive, come a tad bit harder next time.

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