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06-30-2020 07:27 PM

Howdy folks, after that last match our hometown hero is sitting by the old fire pit, wondering who that masked fellow was that attacked everyone. Everyone, except for his best friend Griffin and will that masked asshole attack again during his next match, against Liam Roberts? Also why didn't Griffin jump in and help? bRian would have aided Griffin if the roles were reversed but that's the thing, there was an opening for the masked man to ambush Griffin and he didn't do it. The masked guy didn't do anything to Griffin, at all. Why?

None of it made any sense and bRiaN is a little sore about what went down and will need some time to work it all out in his head. bRian also thought it might have seemed like they knew each other. Yeah, he sure had a lot of thinking to do, so naturally he is getting high and drunk to "clear" his mind. bRiaN knows that he will have to have some words with Griff about the whole thing but he wants to do so....when it is a bit less fresh of a wound. He is also trying to think about his next opponent in Warfare, Liam Roberts.

Alas after half a bag of smoke and a fifth of Apple Jack Daniels, our hometown hero is seeing Jason masks everywhere! He hears an owl in the tree by the pit and when he looks up to admire it, the owl looks like he's wearing a Jason mask! bRiaN could not believe his eyes! He falls out of his seat, jumps up and grabs a rock to throw at it but then he hears another noise. He quickly turns to see Lily, coming towards him but when she gets to him, he looks down only to find her also in that damn mask. This causes him to trip and drop down onto the ground while backing up. Right after the fall, he hears yet another sound by the bushes, near the creek and pulls out his Tennessee toothpick and firmly grasps the handle as he slowly approaches the bushes, dramatically pulling back some shrubs in time to see Cookie's tail.
"Thought you were a masked attacker there girl" bRiaN laughs as he spins her around to see the mask again, on her!

bRiaN instantly jumps up to his feet, grabs his phone, and calls his fiancé.
"Baby I think something is wrong, I need you out here by the creek, by the pit ASAP please." Luckily she is not far but when she arrives, you guessed it, she is also wearing the mask. bRiaN did not bother to explain, he just asks her to watch the place and tells her that he has to do something. Then he jumps into his truck, and speeds off, finally arriving at his destination, the ol' family psych ward, he parks and calmly walks inside, greeting the secretary at the desk with a smile. "Hey Pearl." " Oh hello bRiaN, I don't recall anyone from your house being brought in today." "Pearl my dear, it finally happened! I'm gonna need a bed by the tv room." bRiaN nervously laughs.

[Image: MGuHcoZ.png]

"Liam Roberts, I don't know too much about you but this will be our first match and I look forward to it, if only to get a break from the psych ward drama. Maybe after the match, we can go back to the ward where I'm staying, and take over the tv room. Cause this is a job for me and nothing more, so I don't see why we can't be friendly afterwards. I'd say we could share some smoke and drinks too but sadly that isn't allowed. Oh well. At least there's tv. See you Wednesday night Liam Roberts, and may the best man win."

"As for that masked fellow, I hope you're watching this cause I have a message for you. If you are planning to attack, I'll be ready for it and you will not get the best of me again. No sir. You will not."

[Image: eSXKFMS.png]
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