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Thereupon the subsequent stage: Brand new digs
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06-30-2020 02:04 PM

[Image: GzEIFSx.jpg]

You come into conscious existence, the ever faithful, yet silent, ineffective, invisible watcher and discover yourself standing in front of a house. The weather seems tranquil and pleasant and the neighborhood, appears to be quaintly suburban. The type of area where you didn't have to worry about locking your doors and everyone knew everyone. Which begs the question - why are Rebel Star and Azrael Erebus, standing in front of this structure? Why were they here at all? Turning your attention to Azrael and Rebel, you notice that Rebel seems equally confused about their placement. Rebel slowly shifts her gaze from the dwelling, over to Azrael and it is evident that she is waiting for the manifestation of an explanation... that never comes and in all likelihood won't ever crop up, not without Rebel, actually making the effort to present the inquiry anyway. This is made evident, by the impression that you get from the look in Azrael's eyes, as well as his expression. He was biding his time and awaiting her query. After several moments of silence, Rebel cracks.

"Azrael, why are we just standing in front of this house, what's going on? That guy in the mask, he didn't like break your brain with all those headbutts on the last edition of Warfare, did he? Cause this is kinda peculiar."

"No, I assure you, darling my brain is operating perfectly fine... mostly."

"So what is this? Why are we standing outside of this house?"

"Why? Ummm... well, it seems like a perfectly acceptable, place of residence and I thought we'd take a moment to admire it. What precisely do you think of it?"

"It's nice. I like it. We still shouldn't be standing on the lawn, gawking at this piece of property like a couple of weirdos. What if the people that own this building come out or return home from wherever they were previously, only to see us standing on their lawn, then what?"

A causal smirk, Azrael shuffles a bit in place.

"Oh that won't happen. Trust me. Neither option will occur."

"What do you mean? You don't have powers anymore, how could you know that?"

"Because the owners are already standing on the lawn."

Turning to Azrael, Rebel full on, stares at him and lowers her hot pink, cat's eye sunglasses.

"Wait. What? Azrael Erebus, are you saying, what I think you're saying?"

Smirk still firmly in place, Azrael's eyes meet hers and he tilts his head a bit, releasing a soft chuckle.

"Oh well, that depends... what do you think I'm saying?"

"You bought a house."

"Yes. However, I prefer to think of it as that I bought us a house."

"You bought us a house."

For a second, Rebel contemplates this knowledge that's been bestowed upon her, then removes her sunglasses entirely.

"Why? You love the city. Plus you already have your tower. Why would you do this?"

"Right. I have my tower... but now, we have a house. I dunno. It felt like the right purchase to make. We're married and it seemed like the appropriate next stage cause maybe at some point, down the line, we would want kids. I know I have five already but they're all adults, two even have their own offspring. Anyway, I thought it might be nice to have a tiny version of you and me, running around."

"You know I can't have kids, I wasn't created that way."

"There are other ways to do such things. Ones that don't involve you being the source of the whole incubation process."

"And this is what you want? Azrael Erebus - the man that came from the stars, adventurer, explorer and savior of the universe... wants to live in a house in the suburbs, with me and have a normal, average existence."

"Essentially. Yes. I mean, I don't think my life will ever be truly, normal but maybe it could be pretty darn close. Unless you hate this idea. Fuck. I jumped the gun and went in impulsively. Again. Even without my abilities, I'm still doing this sort of shit."


"I'm sorry, my love. I just had this notion that this time, I'd try my best to get marriage... right. The first time was a total disaster, so this time I wanted to do things correctly and I really believed that I did do that but if you hate the concept of living in this neighborhood and the house, I understand. We can live wherever you want. I only want you to be happy. You're literally my everything and I love you, so whatever brings you joy, will do so for me as well."

A deep sigh and a tentative breath, Azrael closes his eyes. Only to have Rebel's arms wrap around him, tightly.

"The house is perfect and so are you. I mainly didn't want you to get bored. I adore our new home though."

Azrael's eyes pop open instantly and he focuses on Rebel.


"Yes. Absolutely. I mean it, I think our new place totally rocks and I can't wait to make our house, our home."

"Me neither."

The two share a kiss and when the two star-crossed lovers part, Rebel asks quickly.

"So kids? What's the plan for that then? What are we talking about here? How is that going to happen?"

"Spoilers. Fret not though, when we're both ready to make that leap, all will be revealed. For now, lets focus on this chapter of our lives and the rest, shall come later."

"Things are always a mystery with you, aren't they?"

"Not always but where would the fun be... if one revealed everything about themselves, all at once."

[Image: 3zXoeIe.png]

"For practically my entire existence, my essence was bound with another, which was how I was granted my outstanding, ever growing and evolving, extraordinary gifts. With every ascension, I would grow more powerful and eventually, I became one of the most dominant forces in the universe. I feared nothing, in regards to my own well being and constantly dove into danger impulsively, with zero hesitation. Life was a game to me and I loved every minute of it. The control and power that I wielded was downright intoxicating. Who could blame me for indulging though? If you could do whatever you want, wherever, however, whenever and at times, with whomever you want, without worry and with nothing more than a mere snap of your fingers, can you honestly say that you wouldn't do the same?"

"Although, it wasn't always a selfish existence, I used my abilities for the good of others as well and did my best to aid those in need. However, over time I grew cocky and careless, believing nothing would ever change and no one could ever truly, snuff out my fires or clip my wings, so to speak. Yet that was a fool's perception. Several months ago, I had my abilities revoked and now, I am not so different than anyone else here on Earth, save for the fact that I was born on another planet and there are certain aspects that differ from my genetics, to that of a human. The command and supreme rule I once had is gone, I can get hurt and if I die, it's permanent and there is no coming back for this spaceman."

"Still I wasn't born with powers and there was a time, when I solely relied on the wits, talents and skills that I honed on my own. Not only to survive but to also win a war, liberate my planet and become a savior to my kind. Warrior's blood has been coursing through my veins, long before I bound my essence with a Gaia and now, I must once again return to those ways in order to thrive and survive."

"By the sanctioned gods, I will not fail nor shall I quit. No matter how many times I fall or get knocked down as long as I can get back up, I will rise and I promise you, this man from the stars will prevail. I may be bruised, bloodied and beaten in the process but I will never be broken... no, I'll die long before that happens and to let you all in on a little secret, I have no aspiration for death."

"Which brings me to the XWF and my upcoming match against Peter Gilmour and Hanari Carnes."

"On the next edition of Wednesday Night Warfare, I'll be stepping into the squared circle to take part in a triple threat, X-Treme rules match."

"Powerless, without a regeneration factor and both of my opponents, not only outweigh me by over a hundred pounds... each but along with that, they stand far taller than me too. I'm also fairly certain I have a concussion from what that jackass in the mask did to me on the last edition of Warfare. Yet here I go, into the fray once more, fearless and forever ready to fight, in spite of the enormous odds that are stacked against me. Ha! Bring them on, I say. I can't wait. The more, the better. What better way to get back into the swing of things, than taking on such an opposition."

"Speaking of my future adversaries..."

"This is not my first encounter with Gilmour. It's been quite awhile since I faced that man in the ring but the events that transpired during our brawl, are not easily forgotten. One of the most memorable bouts, by far, due to its revolting nature, Peter Gilmour and I took part in a 'buried alive in bodily fluids' match. Similar to when Theo Pryce buried John Madison alive in shit to become the King of the XWF, this match kicked it up a notch by including additional elements into the mix. Everything and anything that could escape a body was incorporated and I buried Peter alive within that foul concoction. It was beyond disgusting and thinking about it now, still makes me want to retch. Years later, simply speaking on the subject, still compels me to take multiple showers. But that's mine and Gilly's past and the only time, we've ever previously encountered each other in the ring."

"As for Hanari Carnes, I have never shared a ring with the man. Friend or foe wise. My son Donovan, beat him last year for the Television title but personally, I have never clashed with Hanari. With that being said, I still know the contender that I will be up against and I am well aware of his history here, within the XWF. He is the current X-Treme champion. Annex to that he's also a desperate, opportunistic, spotlight seeker that will bite, scratch and claw his way to fame, doing anything and everything to make it to the top. Naturally, he had to eventually reach it and achieve something, the only question that remains is for how long? Records indicate that Hanari isn't all that great at maintaining his hold on a title."

"Technically, I have had my share of the same misfortune but that is counterbalanced by the fact that I am still the longest reigning singles champ, to date. You can laugh and point out that I'm grasping at my past for validation but come on, it's 2020 and no one surpassed that record? No one? My reign as TV champ ended in 2014 and there hasn't been a single, solitary individual that could eclipse that record? Why? One could argue that the competition is better now but that merely sounds like an excuse. Also there are folks that rolled through here, that I wrestled in the past. So what's the deal?"

"Veraciously, I don't really give a crap but I will tell you this... that is why I take most criticism from the competition here, with a grain of salt. Until one can do better and transcend what I have already accomplished, why would I do anything else?"

"Nonetheless, I will enter the ring, with the mindset to take my opponents down, by whatever means necessary and I intend to repeat that concept until I am physically unable to do anything further. If I succeed in the end and achieve victory, bully for me but should I fail, that won't stop my trajectory and terminate my desire to fight. What sort of warrior would I be if I permitted my ambition to be executed so quickly? No. As long as I can stand and I continue to intake oxygen. As long as I'm alive. I will sally forth into battle. Until I can do no longer. What can I say, that's the way I am. A true born fighter to the bitter end."

[Image: ybmVXWb.jpg]

2x Universal Champion (First reign was less than a day though, lol. Due to Sebastian Duke cashing in his briefcase.)
2x Tag Team Champion
3x Triple Tag Team Champion
1x Television Champion
2x US Champion (Title retired during my second reign as champ.)
2x X-Treme Champion
1x Bombshell Champion
2x HMW Champion
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